Hadzabe: The Forgotten Tribe-The Last Hunter (Enhanced DVD)

Hadzabe: The Forgotten Tribe-The Last Hunter (Enhanced DVD)
The series of documentaries detailing the final hunter discusses the lives of Hadzabe, a tribe the world has effectively forgotten about.
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Product Description:

Tanzania is the home of the tribe known as the Hadzabes and is only a 30 mile trip from the town of Olduvai Gorge. The Gorge is where the Hadzabes live as their ancestors have lived for well over 10 thousand years. The Tanzania goverment had attempted to pastoralize The Gorge but the Hadzabes have always been able to resist the process. Missionaries also tried to ensure that they were baptized but the people of the tribe where able to avoid this. The nomadic lifestyle this tribe has lived for many years has been maintained even though a rise in alcoholism has occured as has the loss of the grounds the tribe uses for hunting purposes.

Paula Polacious is the maker of this documentary and she has given viewers a window to the indiginous nature of todays' people. The tribal chief reveals with viewers the tribe's customs regarding childbirth, hunting and foraging. It is also revealed that though administrations tried to make the tribe more modern they did not succeed. As part of the Last Hunter series, this documentary provides a very informative look at the people of the Hadzabe tribe.

This documentary boasts the following features:

  • an enhanced DVD video quality
  • a run time of 47 minutes
  • a copyright date of 2012
  • the closed captioning optional feature for viewers with hearing problems

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