The Sakuddei: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)

The Sakuddei: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)
The Sakuddei: Disappearing World enhanced DVD will help you to gain a personal understanding of Indonesia's Sakuddei people, providing a solid means for you to learn about their archaic and egalitarian lifestyle.  
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The Sakuddei people, an indigenous culture living among Indonesia's Mentawai archipelago, date back 3000 years, all the while escaping the influences of other cultural generations' modern evolution. Because of this lack of exposure to modern culture, which persists all around them, the Sakuddei, known as the "Flower Men of Indonesia," have remained sheltered within the dense jungle of Siberut.  Even though the current Indonesian government influences their people into a more modern means of living, the Sakuddei people have fought peaceably against familiarizing themselves with anything having to do with Western culture.  This ongoing and steadfast refusal has caused this culture of people to remain egalitarian in their philosophy of equality among each other. There is no warring among themselves or other nearby tribes and the competition for "jobs" does not exist.  In turn, peace presides within and among the seven animistic families for which the Sakuddei people consist of.  These people are also very in tune with that of nature and their combined environment, believing that spirits reside in every living thing around them.  They respect and commune with their environment.  "The Sakuddei: Disappearing World" is a film that introduces its viewers to the ways of these indigenous people and compares the sheltered Sakuddei with Sakuddei who have exposed themselves to Western culture and common Westernized practices within the area.  

The Sakuddei: Disappearing World

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-547-8
  • Run Time: 53 Minutes
  • Copy Right Date: 1974
  • CC

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