The Shilluk: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)

The Shilluk: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)
Learn about the Shilluk and the wonderful accomplishments one man achieve to form this tribe like no other!
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Product Description:

The Shilluk: Disappearing World revolves around a story about a man called Nyikang who conquered a strip of land located on the Nile River. This 1975 film reveals how he united various groups who were living there into one. The group became known as the Shilluk. While their territory is currently part of modern Sudan, the Nikykang Empire still govern from the royal capital of Pacodo.

You will gain adequate knowledge about the reth and how the reth give tribers purpose. You will get to capture what measures the tribe takes when a reth dies.  The film will allow you to see how different villages dedicate themselves to collecting a variety of materials for reth’s coronation ceremony. In the film, you will notice a group of preparing to hunt antelope for their skins for the reth to wear.

The way the Shilluk, hunt antelope is very unique.  They row a cone along the Nile until they reach the shore of where the antelope breeds. There they hunt antelope for skins for the installation of a new reth.

You will also get a glimpse at their Ceremonial March. The Shilluks’ Ceremonial March entails ten days of symbolically reenactments of Nyikang’s political organization and conquest.  During this part of the film, you will learn and understand why the Ceremonial March is important to the tribe.

At the burial site of the late reth, his widows pay homage. Then later people dance and sing while preparing for the initiation and introduction of the new reth. Once this part is done, chiefs will have the opportunity to speak their minds to the new reth for the first and last time. Why not step into the mind blowing world of the Shilluks, you will be astounded by the amazing accomplishments one tribe achieved.

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