Many Moons away from Home-The Last Hunter (Enhanced DVD)

Many Moons away from Home-The Last Hunter (Enhanced DVD)
Join Documentary film maker Paula Palacios as she returns on location where a child has been named after her.
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Palacios Films, founded by documentary filmmaker Paula Palacios, produces films that demonstrate universal themes in locations all over the world. This particular film depicts natural circumstances suffered by an indigenous population in Tanzania. Most isolated tribal communities can point a finger at some outside cultural influence in aiding the disintegration of their way of life, but some experience the natural process of being phased out with no real tie to some exterior other. Palacios is returning to Tanzania to meet her namesake, but her experiences during that month are the real story. The indigenous population, the Hadzabe, are a hunter-gatherer community who are encountering modern, but also indigenous, threats to their way of life. The story begins with the hunt for meat needed for the baby-naming feast. Meat is scarce and because the Hadzabe do not adapt to change, their demise has begun. Internal strife unravels the group from within; women are dying because the men are not productively hunting. One hunter returns with alcohol and marijuana, but no food. The biggest issue seems to be their competition with farming communities that are taking more and more land and water away from them and wild game. Palacios eventually procures a goat for the women to perform the ceremony, but the group is forced to subsist on fruit when no game has been found. The hunting party passes farms during their hunt and leaves many animals unmolested. The hunters return to the village days later with a substantial amount of meat for everyone, but their decreasing lands are now being jeopardized by seizure for conservation lands for the Serengeti National Park.

Many Moons away from Home-The Last Hunter

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-629-0
  • Run Time: 47 Minutes
  • Copy Right Date: 2012
  • CC

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