A Conversation with Margaret Mead—From NBC's Wisdom Series (Enhanced DVD)

A Conversation with Margaret Mead—From NBC's Wisdom Series (Enhanced DVD)
Though this material is dated, the information is invaluable and greatly relevant to current concepts and concerns, as Mead's conjectures were ahead of her time.
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Renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead, expresses a much needed perspective on how the west erroneously perceives other cultures and explains the dynamic of cultural ethos, the emotional temperament of a particular group that changes from group to group. Mead posits situations in 1959 that have come to pass in the 21st century, proving the necessity of pure and unbiased anthropological thought and application. According to Mead, the biggest detriment offered to the world by the west is the real attempt to transform the entire world in its image in the name of betterment. Her advice to best nullify this perspective is to apply standard study practices to all societies in the context of the society itself, instead of a comparison to American norms and mores. For example, instead of focusing on the societal advantages of polygamy in a significant number of populations the world over, emphasis is placed on monogamy as a more civilized and culturally mature practice. Globalization has spread such biased notions as race superiority based on skin color and the importance of capitalism at the expense of human existence. Technology is causing downsizing in employment and economic upheaval is rampant. Inventions are negating human participation in life and discouraging human interaction. With all of these faults, perhaps Mead's most crucial point is America's peculiar endorsement of the individual and how it is counter-productive to human survival.

A Conversation with Margaret Mead—From NBC's Wisdom Series

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61733-975-2
  • Run Time: 29 Minutes
  • Copy Right Date: 1959
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