The Kwegu: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)

The Kwegu: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)
A documentary on The Kwegu is part of the Disappearing World series that explores the actions of the Kwegu group, which consists of cultivators and hunters.
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Product Description:

The Kwegu group has a very tumultous relationship that results in much fueding between the Mursi and the Kwegus. Though the Mursi group far outnumbers the Kwegus group, with the Mursi group consisting of 5,000 and the Kwegus group only consisting of 500, they go head to head regularly.

Services are provided to the Mursi population by the Kwegus population. These services include metalworking, gathering honey and ferrying. In thanks the Mursi population provides the Kwegu group with security. When the Kwegus are the victims of attacks they are defended by the Mursis. They also defend the group's cattle, as these animals are very important to them. A lack of cattles means that Kwegi group members cannot get married or have children. This is part of the bride price rituals of the group. Though both groups benefit from the relationships they have with each, the relationships are in danger of fading. As the Kwegu group has already been severely depleted the rate of birthd within the group are dropping. Marriages between people of different races are more acceptable in the group now than they were in the past. This had led to the gradual absorption of the Kwegu group into the Mursi group. The story of the two groups is one part of the Disappearing series on DVD. The features of this documentary include:

  • an enhanced DVD video quality
  • a run time of 50 minutes
  • a copyright date of 1982
  • close captioning is available for viewers of the DVD who are hearing impaired

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