The Mursi: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)

The Mursi: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)
Two Ethiopian tribes, the Mursi and the Bodi, establish justice when conflict arises between their people.
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When someone has issues in the 21st century, whether it is concerning jobs, accidents or even disputes with the next door neighbor, there are courts, judges and mediators who enforce the laws and attempt to bring solve the situation. This enhanced DVD shows how two ancient tribes in southern Ethiopia, the Mursi and the Bodi, settle their disputes.

For thousands of years these two tribes have been neighbors along the Omo River. This does not imply that they have been “peacefully” living next to each other, but they have found a way to settle their problems that will astound you! This documentary shows the tribes in open public debate and their manner of deliberation. Their techniques have been working for thousands of years, so they may be able to show the rest of the world a better way of handling its grievances.

The filmmakers on this DVD explain how this primitive culture handles subjects as significant as war in open public debate that uses no chairman and does not vote.

 Each tribe is treats the other with respect - they don’t interrupt, they never shout down at each other and they allow every man to share their words and opinions. Democracy has not even accomplished this!

Justice must prevail in a civilization in order for the peoples to progress and move forward. Is it possible that modern society could learn from a disappearing world?  This 52 minute documentary is a part of the Disappearing World series, and as the other documentaries in the series, it will captivate you and your family throughout the entire DVD.

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-546-1
  • Run Time: 52 Minutes
  • Copy Right Date: 1974
  • CC

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