Oil Painting Instruction

The right oil painting instruction kit will help any aspiring artist perfect the craft. Each tutorial offers easy-to-follow steps taught by leading professionals in the industry.

Students can learn lessons on these topics:

  • Important portrait painting secrets shared by Burton Silverman
  • Plein air painting techniques as used by Ian Roberts
  • Still life painting as shown by Gregg Kreutz and David A. Leffel
  • Composition of picture-perfect scenes as taught by various professionals

Anyone can learn how to recreate nature scenes and use the right brush strokes to create realistic-looking faces. Likewise, painters can find out the right way to paint flowers, streams, mountains, trees and fruit regardless of experience level.

Some courses provide an entire series of lessons. Each session usually lasts from one to two hours, and users can conveniently review the same points over and over. No longer do you have to watch someone paint on television and miss the steps!

Video and DVD oil painting instruction teaches artists new ways to compose paintings. Learn from the masters and become an expert just like them!

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