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Art Videos
Why would I use an art video guide?
Many respected artists have made videos instructions on how to paint, sculpt, sketch, and more. The art videos are sometimes filmed in front of a live workshop audience. These art videos allow you to play and re-play those parts that are especially important to you or ideas that require further study. It's like having your own portrait clinic available to you whenever you want!

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From one our our Art Instruction Video Producers:
Dear Fellow Artists,
I don't know if I have suggested this before, but here's a trick I learned some time ago; you purchase a cheap video player to keep in your studio or the area where you work. Then, after you have viewed the videos once or twice, you can play them in the back of your studio and listen to what the great masters have to say while you paint. I do this all the time and it really makes my work better. Not only does it remind me of their many hints and secrets, but it feels like the teacher is in the studio with me and ...I just paint better. It is also helpful to have a video player in your studio for any bored or restless children who may pose for you....or adults...
Good painting…and drawing.


Famous Painter Films

Professional produced. These Art Instruction Videos have a tremendous following

Detailed Lessons from master painter Daniel E. Greene.
This is like attending a workshop, only you can stop, pause and replay/review at any point as you like. All in the comfort of your own art tudio or art nook!

Daniel Greene's methods, techniques and teaching skills are 2nd to none! Alegend in his own time.
Includes portraitures in oils and pastel, as well as a DVD on color theory & 1 on drawing.
Best-Seller at the Portrait Society Show in Washington. Received very high marks from the artists at the show!

Stephen Quiller workshops on DVD available too!
Learn Stephen Quiller's personal color theory including how to use who own invented Color Wheel!

The Complete Water Media Workshop:

Mastering Color & The Plein Air Experience:

A workshop lesson set in the stunning Rocky Mountains!

Wende is Daniel greene's wife and a master artist in her own right!
Filmed in front of a live workshop audience, this 130 minute video explores:
  • Lighting, positioning, and using photography
  • A drawing demonstration
  • Oil color mixes for portraiture
  • Working with models
  • Explanation of values and contrasts
  • Answers to questions about materials
  • and many other critical topics.

Available on VHS or DVD.

Sauce (Pronounced sau-ooce)
A 100-year old Russian art media, now brought back. You must try it.
Best-Seller at The Portrait Society Show in Washington. Received very high marks from the artists at the show!
Sauce is unlike any other medium! Sauce Sticks have been described as a cross between conte and pastel.

With Bob Ross: Host of Television's Number one Art Show, The Joy of Painting Series. The getting started video will take you through the Bob Ross method of wet-on-wet of painting in oil color.
Bob is a delight!

TV's other Most Popular Art Teacher - Susan Scheewe
Produced by: Martin/F. Weber

Tom Lynch Videos and more...

Choosing Instructional Videos
How do I choose an instructional video?
If you are searching out instructional videos for your child you may be overwhelmed at all the videos available. Instead of becoming overwhelmed just ask yourself a few questions.
  • What kind of paints do you want your child to start with? Oils, watercolors, acrylics?
  • What is your child interested in painting? (Landscapes, portraits, etc.)
  • Does your child have any knowledge that he or she will bring to the easel? Or, is your child a beginner?

Knowing the answers to the questions can narrow down your search and lead you to the right instructional videos.

Drawing Videos
What type of artists could benefit from drawing videos?
Drawing videos are a wise investment for any budding artist. Drawing keeps an artist fresh and creative and it heightens observation skills and hand-eye coordination. Sketching and drawing will enable a budding artist to learn how to transfer what they see to paper.

Instructional Video Benefits
Are instructional videos worthwhile?
If you cannot afford private art lessons for your child, you should consider instructional videos. Instructional videos will take your child through the art process step-by-step just like he or she was with their very own private instructor. The great thing about instructional videos is your child can rewind and repeat a lesson as often as needed until a technique is mastered.
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