BURTON SILVERMAN'S "Breaking The Rules" Art Video: My Friend Wes (105 minutes, Oil) DVD

BURTON SILVERMAN'S "Breaking The Rules" Art  Video: My Friend Wes (105 minutes, Oil) DVD
We would recommend Burt Silverman's BREAKING THE RULES in oil. This is the demonstration he did with his friend Wes. In it, Burt resizes the figure. He rubs the oil paint on the canvas and draw with a pencil. He does the most unusual things very easily all the time keeping up a continual monologue about the process. He makes you feel so comfortable with the idea of using paint and the way he uses it is the same for oil, pastel or watercolor. It doesn't matter what you use.
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BURTON SILVERMAN's Breaking Rules Art Instructional Video: My Friend Wes (105 minutes, Oil).
MASTER THE ARTS in your own home.

These offerings of art videos with master painters and sculptors gives a unique opportunity to the serious art student. With an over-the-shoulder view, the student is right there while technique is demonstrated and discussed by the artist as the work is being created. Close-up views and intimate comments add to the experience. It is a personal workshop with the additional advantage that it can be repeated as often as desired. Professionals acknowledge no other such comprehensive course with such a wealth of information exists apart from an extended course at a major art school.

Unlike other video offerings, Burton Silverman and the other Master Artists in this series' videos are filled with such a quantity and quality of material, it is as if one is being individually tutored by the artist. The video offers close-up shots, personal narration by the artist, and the ability to repeat significant elements at will. Each video shows the complete development of a painting or a sculpture.

In this video, the artist starts the painting with a neutral wash over which he loosely brushes the position of his sitter. In the beginning Burton explains what it means to be a portrait painter, the difficulties, objectives and purposes.
He is always full of anecdotes and insights into the painting process, making this total demonstration video that much more enjoyable. From the loose drawing, Silverman rethinks the figure’s position and correct the size. He makes one feel totally comfortable about making corrections. You can see every stroke that is made, every color used clearly, and listen to what this artist is thinking.

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March 30, 2012

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