The Original "9000 Series" Brushes

Richeson Synthetic 9000 Series brushes are some of the best synthetic brushes in the world. Made from the highest quality raw materials, these synthetic brushes are almost as good as natural brushes, and they are built for performance. They can be used for harsh painting techniques and are very durable even after several uses. They are easy to work with and offer a fast response. Made with high quality nickel plated ferrule, they are an excellent option for artists of all backgrounds. These synthetic brushes work perfectly for watercolors, acrylic paint, casein paint and have a wide range of other applications.

The World Famous 9000 Watercolor Brushes!

The brush that makes the painter want to paint and makes the beginner a painter.

{Please note: Watercolor Brushes can be used for Oils...}

Back in 1987, The Jack Richeson Company introduced the market to the fabulous "9000" Brushes. They were a whole new way of making brushes. That brush has been the foundation of a whole new breed of brushes. The idea of mixing various thicknesses of synthetic fiber and doing it with consistency was sheer magic. This Series has been a tremendous success. The "9000" Series still remains the workhorse of the line. Its historic fine snappy point and its ability to carry great volumes of color have kept it an industry leader. This original version has 7 different types of pointed synthetic fibers blended to create a marvelous artist tool. It is the perfect tool for the "Professional" and the perfect price range for the student. The flat design is a must for the watercolor painter. Dry, the brush is full. Wet it comes to a razor edge and at the same time carries a tremendous amount of color. The brush has a silver seamless ferrule and a beautiful black handle with gold and yellow trim. The ferrules on the 9010 flat are a round base up to 1" and the larger sizes are a folded flat base

Synthetic 9010 Flat Series SYN BLEND SPALTER

Flats are becoming more important all the time for the serious watercolor painter. For years large flat brushes could not be made because the animals that provide the hair were small and did not produce hair that was long enough or strong enough. With the coming of synthetic fiber the whole brush industry changed. We can now manufacture a flat brush as wide as 4" with a hair length of more than 2". This allows us to design brushes to meet the needs of the artists rather than to design around the limitations of the raw material.

One of the beauties of the new fibers is that the brush can be made very full with the ability to carry a great deal of liquid, yet still not flood out all over your work. The new fibers allow us to make a brush that will come to a razor edge for fine lines or cut in work.

Synthetic 9000 Round Series

These short handled rounds will hold plenty of watercolor, gouache, casein or acrylic, and release paint, smoothly, giving the painter perfect control.

"My students are always looking for that "magical brush" that can give them details from small areas to large areas. I can confidently recommend the 9010 flats and 9000 rounds." Joseph Fettingis
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