Silver Brush Sets

Silver Brush was established in 1991. Creating first-class products that have been recognized as the premium implement for artists of every level. Students, as well as professionals, will be delighted with the elegant design and sleek modern grip of these sophisticated brushes. The brushes are durable, which allows the artist to have better control over their project.

Silver Brush Sets are used by professional artists who have created stunning portraitures using oil and acrylic paints.

Many salons across the world use Silver Brush Sets because of their precision quality. The accuracy that these sets can offer is perfect for detailed work.

You will be able to feel the difference in your work with the use of a Silver Brush Set. You will return to these brushes again and again because of their durability, comforting feel and precision craftsmanship.

Silver Brush has been creating superior brush sets for decades that will make you feel like one of the masters as you glide the firm, glossy-handled brushes across the surface of your canvas.

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