GREGG KREUTZ: Mastering the Portrait "The Painting of Rose" Art Instruction (DVD)

GREGG KREUTZ: Mastering the Portrait

This is a must watch for artists of all types!

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Narrated by award winning artist Gregg Kreutz, GREGG KREUTZ: Mastering the Portrait "The Painting of Rose" Art Instruction (DVD) is a video exploration of Kreutz's artistic craft. This video will allow you to discover the world of an artist, and observe the creation of a stunning portrait as Gregg brings his work to life. 

Gregg Kreutz is the star and narrator in this video. He provides a wealth of insightful and prosaic information to his viewers.

Mr. Kreutz engages in a profound discourse with the viewer. He describes each motion he makes, the array of colors he employs, and why and how he paints in each place. Gregg narrates just about everything as he does it, and while he does so, he provides the watcher with his measured reasoning and boundless knowledge.

GREGG KREUTZ: Mastering the Portrait "The Painting of Rose" Art Instruction (DVD) transports you to another place. You may already know that Gregg was a student of the renowned painter, David Leffel, who is well-known for his classic works in the timeless style of Rembrandt and Vermeer. This video was actually made in Leffel's studio in the vibrant and colorful New York City. While Gregg talks about his work, the ebb and flow of the bustling city can be heard, including the hum of the passing New Yorkers.

Gregg is an amazing instructor who leaves nothing in dark, illuminating the art as he goes. His technique gives a unique view of how art and portraits are really made, as well as the importance of each step in the process. In the course of the DVD, Gregg explains his artistic process eloquently, concisely, and thoroughly. There is even a camera focused on his palette to allow the viewer to see exactly how he mixes and uses his colors.

Gregg spends a considerable amount of time showing exactly which colors he plans to use and explaining the idea for his painting. He begins first with the creation of the head. After that, he segues into the creation of shadows and the background. Perhaps the part that most artists will find both thrilling and helpful is the way he adds lighting to the painting. It's incredible to watch as his work begins to glow with vivid intensity.

It will come as no surprise that Gregg Kreutz is an award-winning artist. His list of accolades and accomplishments is long and prestigious. Mr. Kreutz received three prestigious awards from the Washington Square Exhibit. He has also received an award from Allied Artists, an award from Knickerbockers Artists, and many more awards that grant him recognition as the extraordinary artist he is.

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