Casein Known for their versatility and array of capabilities. And they can be reworked or layered repeatedly and be used for underpainting.

Shiva paints are tested according to ASTM D-4236 standards.

Helpful Tips for Caseins
  • Choose a rigid, non-oily surface to work on
    Establish correct drawing and value patterns
    with a thin underpaying
  • Dilute Caseins with water to make washes
    and transparent glazes
  • Casein colors, especially reds, oranges, and
    yellows, tend to shift after drying
  • Lighten colors by adding more water or brighten them by adding powdered pigment
  • To correct an overly dark area, cover it with a more opaque layer of a lighter color
  • When working on a gessoed panel, correct any errors with an eraser or a 1:9 ammonia and water mixture

    Casein Information:

    Casein Paint Sets

    Caseins are quick, making them unexcelled for beginning artists to use. Casein paint sets can be used on most surfaces making them ideal for craft projects and alternative paint mediums such as wood. Since Casein paintings can be varnished they are ideal for use for art projects that will be subject to the elements

    Casein Colors

    Casein is a quick-drying, paint made by using a milk-based binding agent. Casein color pigments are probably the oldest paint medium known to man, used by Byzantine, Roman and Renaissance artists including the Old Masters.

    Casein colors are known for being versatile, able to be used for a variety of effects from opaques of oil to thin watercolors. Casein has exceptional color that dries to a matte finish that allows pigments to become resistant to moisture and is more durable.

    Casein Paints

    Casein paint is an ancient medium that is versatile and quick. There are many applications to this durable medium.

    Casein paints are especially useful to the do it yourself decorator or furniture refinisher as it is moisture resistant and bright and colorful. Perhaps casein paint is the material you have been looking for.

    "Casein is a magical, invigorating natural medium that is made with the same care I put into my paintings....."

    Much of John Molnar's work explores the impact of modern forces on our landscapes and depicts a countryside and way of life that is quickly disappearing in North America. Often taking several months to complete his larger works, the John seems to invite the viewer to step into his paintings and feel the grass, the trees, the water, or even the weathered surface of an old building.

    At his recent solo show, Molnar says his clients were particularly drawn to his works in casein and thinks "the special qualities of casein are what make me stand out from the crowd."


    "Casein is alive and well and it is a beautiful medium. It is versatile. It can be thick and textured like oil paint 01 thin and transparent like watercolor. It can be burnished to a soft slieeti or glared for a high gloss. It responds to your needs as an artist. The versatility of casein is amazing."
    Robert Tanenbaum


    "I've used Caseins for over 30 years because I love the unique velvety opaque and translucent visual qualities it offers. On many of my paintings...!" Stephen Quiller

    "You could also give caseins a try. They're a milk based paint that dries to a matt finish, but can be buffed to a shine with a soft cloth. Casein varnish can also be coated over a finished painting to give it extra gloss.

    "Caseins can be used with water or a casein thinning medium to use them like watercolors.

    "I enjoy caseins for their ability to mimic some of the best features of oils, acrylics and watercolors, depending on how you use them, with the unique ability to have a nice matte finish. They're also relatively affordable (about the same price as acrylics).

    "Currently, I am only aware of one company that makes casein paints... Shiva. The paints are high quality and can be used on a wide-variety of surfaces. They're available online...

    "At this point, I've never met another fantasy artist who uses caseins, which really surprises me. They're really worth giving a try!"

    ~ A.M.A


    Q. How does Casein differ from other media? What are its advantages?

    A. Casein differs from other media, yet it shares many of the same characteristics, which make it a very versatile medium that lends itself to many techniques.

    Casein has the wash capabilities of watercolor, the smooth opacity of tempera and gouache, and the richer textures of oils and acrylics.

    Unlike oils, Casein is a clean, water-soluble medium requiring no strong solvents. And because it dries quickly, it's possible to lay en a glaze and move onto the next stage within a few hours instead of waiting for clays, or even months, for oil glazes over oil to dry.

    Acrylics can become gummy and resinous unless you buy retarders and mediums. It can also gum up your brushes, making fine detail hard to achieve.

    Casein Colors
    What are casein colors?
    Casein is probably the oldest paint known to man. This paint is made using a milk based binding agent and it dries quickly. Casein is known for being very versatile and it dries to a matte finish. Caseins are very resistant to moisture and are very durable.

    Casein Paint Sets
    When should I use casein paint sets?
    Caseins can be used on most any surface. Caseins dry fast and they can be varnished. This makes them ideal for most any craft project, especially ones that will be exposed to the elements.
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