Other Instructional Materials

Other Art Form Instructional DVD / Videos for artists include lessons by Bruno Lucchesi’s Sculpting in Terrocotta, Janet D’Esopo’s Art Instruction and Margaret Carter Baumgaertner’s Art Video. Bruce Blitz helps people learn how to draw cartoons, and Arnold Grummers teaches students how to make paper.

  • Construct a realistic statue of a famous person.
  • Make cartoons come alive by giving them distinct facial features.
  • Produce handmade, decorative paper.
  • Experiment with new paints and materials.
  • Learn how to apply each tool and technique for effects.
In addition, aspiring creators can learn how to paint pretty designs on China Porcelain and experiment with cutting mats into offset, oval, single, V-groove, gothic and more. Exploring different mediums can inspire originality while creating unique works of art. Students often apply the methods used in these instructional videos to come up with something entirely new.  

Using Other Instructional Materials can open up an entirely new world of creativity for aspiring artists. 

Sculpting & Other Art Instructional DVDs Includes Other Instructional Materials DVDs on sculpting, cartooning, papermaking, painting on china, and more!

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