Pastel Painting Instruction

No matter your level of skill, you will find something to add to your palette with our wide range of instructional books and DVDs. We’ve collected materials that provide step-by-step insights into many areas of painting, from landscapes to portraits to light and shadow. You can select the artists you admire and the subjects that capture your inspiration. The true artist is both a lifetime teacher and student of the craft and keeps adding to their portfolio of skills. Whether you’re a budding painter or a highly experienced painter, you’ll find something of interest in our collection of instructional materials.

We’ve priced these valuable teaching guides to allow you to build an entire library for use over and over. Take a few moments out of your studio time and then return to apply the lessons you review at your convenience. If you also teach art or wish to, you can learn something from how these artists share their skills in printed and digital form.

Enhance and add to your skills with our instructional materials

Pastel Painting Our selection of Pastel Painting videos is a cut above the rest! Learn how to paint with pastels from talented artists such as Richard McKinley, Bob Rohm and Daniel Greene!
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