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There is no wrong way to finish a perfect project if all the instructions are coming from #206 Fun With the Papermill Video Library: Vols I, II &III.  The Papermill library of papermaking offer simple and easy to follow instructions for serious and first time artists. Each volume teaches easy to do decorative techniques.  Students will have fun making their ideas come to live, and teachers will be excited to inspire the artistic side of every student.

Arnold Grummer’s #206 Fun With The Papermill Video Library: Vols I, II & III kits come with the following materials:

Each volume unfolds the secrets to outlining, layering, creating, and designing unique paper art creations.


||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/papermaking-videos.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Grummer||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|allcharcoalset||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/all-charcoal-set-general-kit-15-10.png|||||| All Charcoal Set (General Kit #15) ||M-GP15||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > stan-lee > cartooning-supplies > drawing||||12.990 ||8.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||by General Pencil

Created to meet artists’ demands for a comprehensive charcoal set, this new set includes charcoal pencils, compressed charcoal, white charcoal and more. It covers basic essentials for most drawing course work and applies to novice applications as well. The All Charcoal Kit contains one 558 CharcoalWhite pencil for highlighting and contrast work. Also included are five Charcoal pencils each with a round cedar casing (one each 557-HB, 557-2B, 557-4B and two each 557-6B). There are compressed charcoal sticks (one each 960 and 958 and two each 957S and 957M) for creating deep dark tones and covering large areas. Plus, there is an artist pencil sharpener, a kneaded eraser and a black carbon pencil.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/allcharcoalset.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||General||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|buton-silverman||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing-videos||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/burton-silverman-drawing-the-language-of-vision-dvd-9.png|||||| Burton Silverman "Drawing, the language of Vision " - DVD||#SI-BSTLOV1||instructional-art > arteducation > drawing-videos||||||99.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

All great paintings start with excellent drawings. Learn integral aspects of drawing from a renowned contemporary master, Burton Silverman, and improve your drawing skills to create more realistic paintings. This instructional drawing DVD explores drawing in-depth, uncovering secrets and providing sound instruction to make better drawings. 


In order to make great paintings and art, you must start with an exceptional drawing, and this DVD is the perfect way to improve your skills. Learn how to create more accurate drawings and bring portraits, figure paintings, and fine art drawings to life. 

Lead by Burton Silverman, a contemporary master who taught drawing for 45 years, this DVD leads you through the fine points of figurative drawing. Silverman shows you how to use gesture drawing, starting from the outside and working inward, carving out highlights, shading, and adding details until a live figure is etched onto the canvas.

A very experienced and highly accomplished artist, let his unique insights and perspective enrich your own talents and skill, so you produce clearer, more lifelike images.

Burton Silverman is a highly prolific artist. His work appears in major magazines like Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker, and on many postage stamps. Awarded the Geismann Memorial Invitational Retrospective Exhibition, his work appears in many exhibits around the country, and today he is considered one of the most important realists.

Silverman uses a unique technique to "sculpt" his pictures on the paper, using bright highlights, and carving deep shadows to support his drawings. The result: a deep, moving portrait capturing the essence of a figure. 

In this instructional video Silverman creates two separate figure drawings revealing secrets that bring a page to life. Through his instruction you will improve your own artwork and skills. Your paintings will feel more realistic because the foundation of the painting, the drawing beneath them, is stronger.

Take a tour through the world of figurative drawing today, order this instructional art DVD right now!

Take a sneak peak, view a preview of the video.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/buton-silverman.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Buton Silverman||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lihvac2oz5me||item.||custom-page-v3-enh|||||||||| Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #500 MEDIUM MAGENTA ||LQ1047-500||||||7.470 ||4.480 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||Want bold and bursting color?||

#500 medium magenta Liquitex hv acrylic is a warm, bold, outstanding color.  As a member of the red family, #500 medium magenta instills energy and positivity to any work of art.  Liquitex hv acrylic #500 medium magenta has excellent coverage and superb mixing abilities.  This next generation acrylic paint is beyond brilliant.  #500 medium magenta is bright, intense, and permanent.  This acrylic paint is durable when it is dry and remains bright and resilient.  Liquitex hv acrylic #500 medium magenta dilutes well and can be used with acrylic mediums.  This acrylic paint is high quality and economically priced.  #500 medium magenta is a perfect mixture of red, white, and various shades of purple.  This color is great to use when you want a burst of color and something out of the ordinary.  #500 medium magenta is not oversaturated.  This Liquitex hv acrylic color can add life to any painting with its unique, dazzling personality.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lihvac2oz5me.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Liquitex||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lqprim6acset||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||artsets||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/liquitex-primary-6-acrylic-paint-set-9.png|||||| LIQUITEX PRIMARY 6 Acrylic Paint Set||CA-101070||art-gifts > beginner-artist > artsets||||30.890 ||15.990 ||LQ PRIMARY 6 Acrylic Paint Set (6 tubes .75 fl.oz. each)||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||We recommend begining painters, to start with Acrylics. Later on, you can decide to stick with Acrylics or switch to Oils. The Liquitex Primary 6 Starter Set is a top quality starter set. It has the right 6 acrylic colors to start mixing with. Thick paint - gets a lot of use from each tube. Stores neatly in the box it comes in. Our artists and students love this.

LQ PRIMARY 6 Acrylic Paint Set (6 tubes .75 fl.oz. each) Includes the following 6 colors: • Naphthol Crimson • Titanium White • Burnt Sienna • Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade) • Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) • Brilliant Yellow / Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lqprim6acset.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Liquitex||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lqstarterset||item.||custom-page-v3-enh|||||||||| LQ STARTER SET||||||||||||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||A must have for the new artist is the LQ stater set.  This set comes complete with primary base colors; something every beginning artist needs to paint their masterpiece.||

Now that you have decided to paint it is important that you have the right painting supplies.  As a beginner you want a set that has all your basic paint colors.  Your set should feature all six primary colors used for mixing paints to create more colors.  That is what you get with the LQ Starter Set.  It comes complete with six top quality acrylic colors perfect for blending.  Your starter set comes in a sturdy storage box to keep your colors safe.

Each starter kit includes instructions on paint mixing.  Colors include Titanium white, blue and green.  Must have colors to paint with and spark the imagination to show expression on canvas.  A painting hobby provides relaxation, creativity, and confidence.  Seeing your ideas come alive is rewarding.  Invest in your starter kit today and awaken the artist inside you.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lqstarterset.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||LIQUITEX||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winedava||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||painting-mediums||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/winsor-newton-dammar-varnish-500ml-16-9-us-fl-oz-18.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/winsor-newton-dammar-varnish-500ml-16-9-us-fl-oz-19.png|| Winsor & Newton DAMMAR VARNISH 500ml, 16.9 US fl. oz||wndv1||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > choosing-watercolors-as-your-medium > painting-supplies > painting-mediums||||34.300 ||29.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||Winsor & Newton is the world's largest manufacturer of art supplies and materials, and you can feel secure in knowing that Winsor & Newton's Dammar Varnish is a quality product for protecting your works of art.||Winsor & Newton's Dammar Varnish is a pale yellow varnish that can be used to protect oil paintings, prints, drawings, and other pieces of art that are important to you. The Dammar Varnish dries quickly with a high-gloss finish. Varnishes made with dammar gum have low toxicity, but should still be used in a well-ventilated area with protective clothing. The Winsor & Newton Dammar Varnish, like similar dammar varnishes, may darken with age.

For best results, do not apply as a finishing varnish until the paint is completely dry. To be safe, it is best to wait six to nine months before applying any varnish to a painting.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winedava.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|easel||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/easel-every-committed-painter-should-own-one-6.png||||||"Easel – Every Committed Painter Should Own One"||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||0||1||0||0||||easels art-articles||||<h1>"Easel – Every Committed Painter Should Own One"</h1>

"Easel – Every Committed Painter Should Own One"

Owning a well-built easel made out of tough materials is one of the best painting tools a committed artist or hobbyist must have. This short article provides the reasons why an easel is just as valuable to an artist today, as it was during the era of Michelangelo and Van Gogh.

An easel provides the painter with the right physical perspective of viewing the canvas at the angle and height at which it will eventually be hung. By placing the canvas on the easel, the painter is free to step back and gain a better perspective of the project, allowing the artist to correct any mistakes before they are made, so as to avoid possibly ruining the painting.

An easel also displays the painter’s masterpiece to the best advantage to onlookers and guests in the studio.

An easel is also a great defensive mechanism for your work shop. An easel is a protective area for the unfinished canvas.

There are only two steps in selecting an easel. Simply evaluate where and how you plan to use the easel.

Do you prefer to paint only in the studio? Then consider investing in a studio easel. Most of these are bulky, sturdy contraptions, but not very portable.

On the other hand, if you like the idea of painting whenever the mood hits, choose the versatile French easel. This kind of easel was constructed to be extremely portable. It is so portable, it can even be folded up for quick transportation. In the folded-up position it doubles up as a sketch box to allow you to carry your art supplies in.

Once you have made the decision on where and how you will use the easel, all you really need to do is pick the one that meets your needs and budget. Either way you look at it, an easel should be as necessary to your artistic workplace as the paint on your desk or the ink in your pens.

www.MadisonArtShop.com||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/easel.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|child-artist||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/every-child-is-an-artist-picasso-3.png||||||"Every child is an artist" - Picasso||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||"Every child is an artist" - Picasso.

We offer children's art supplies to keep them busy. Let your children's imagination flow this summer.

Childrens' Art Supplies||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|paintsticks||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||books-media||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/paintstiks-on-fabric-book-18.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/paintstiks-on-fabric-book-19.png||"Paintstiks on Fabric" Book||JR-LB0003||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > stan-lee > cartooning-supplies > drawing > pastbr||||16.950 ||15.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Paintstiks on Fabric
by Shelly Stokes

Simple Techniques, Fantastic Results

The Quilting revolution is exploding!

Paintsticks are the Quilter’s new Best Friend.

The exciting new book “Paintstiks on Fabric” makes using paintsticks easier and more fun than ever before!
||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/paintsticks.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Paintstiks||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|papermaking-press||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||paper-making||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/400-arnold-grummer-s-standard-paper-book-press-11.png||||||#400 Arnold Grummer's STANDARD Paper & Book Press||AG-400||art-equipment > paper-making||||399.000 ||349.990 ||||||11.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Press better paper more easily with the #400 Arnold Grummer's STANDARD Paper & Book Press!||

The #400 Arnold Grummer's STANDARD Paper & Book Press makes paper pressing easy. This portable paper press delivers up to 2000 pounds of pressure, resulting in a professional finish that can improve print quality. Prepare custom paper or repair warped, damaged books with ease. Custom paper dried with a paper press results in smooth, durable paper less likely to make ink or paint bleed or feather. The one-piece, pre-assembled press can be taken anywhere and easily stored. Repair books and recycle old paper into new with the #400 Arnold Grummer's STANDARD Paper & Book Press.

(Oversize Shipping: $18.75)

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/papermaking-press.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Grummer||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|paper-press||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||paper-making||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/402-arnold-grummer-s-large-paper-book-press-11.png||||||#402 Arnold Grummer's LARGE Paper & Book Press||AG-402||art-equipment > paper-making||||385.000 ||329.990 ||||||41.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Use this popular book press to professionally prepare handmade books and papers for sale at stores and art shows.||

#402 Arnold Grummer's LARGE Paper & Book Press If you are an artist looking for a professional paper and book press to prepare your work for sale, the #402 Large Paper & Book Press is a top choice. Favored by multi-media and paper artists, this press is large enough for most standard paper sizes at 11 x 14 inches. The press exerts 2000 pounds of overall pressure with the usual manual torque giving books up to 5 1/2 inches thick a professional look. It gives handmade paper products a professional look and feel, providing a better surface for writing with ink.

Aesthetically pleasing, this Baltic birch press will add ambience to your studio work space. It ships fully assembled, so you don't need to be a mechanic to put it together. Weighing 28 pounds, this unit comes with a full set of instructions allowing you to get started on your next book project immediately.

(Oversize Shipping: $45.00)

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/paper-press.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Grummer||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|1gice||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||||||||$1,000 Gift Certificate||GC-1000||art-gifts > gifcer||||1000.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||One Thousand Dollar Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let's your dear one choose his/her own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/1gice.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|1gice1||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||||||||$1,400 Gift Certificate||GC-1400||art-gifts > gifcer||||1400.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$1,400.00 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let's your dear one choose his/her own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/1gice1.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|10gifcer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-gift-certificate-9.png||||||$10 Gift Certificate||GC-10||art-gifts > gifcer||||10.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$10 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop! Let them choose their own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/10gifcer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|100gifcer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/100-gift-certificate-12.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/100-gift-certificate-13.png||||$100 Gift Certificate||GC-100||art-gifts > gifcer||||100.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$100 Gift Certificate to Madison Art Shop Art Supplies & Easels - www.MadisonArtShop.com.

It can be used in place of payment at checkout for anything on our website, never expires and can be used partially now and the rest saved for future purchases.

Sent to your recipient, with or without a gift message (placed at checkout) via email.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/100gifcer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|20gifcer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20-gift-certificate-12.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20-gift-certificate-13.png||||$20 Gift Certificate||GC-20||art-gifts > gifcer||||20.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$20 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let them choose their own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/20gifcer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|200gifcer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/200-gift-certificate-8.png||||||$200 Gift Certificate||GC-200||art-gifts > gifcer||||200.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$200 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let them choose their own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/200gifcer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|25gifcer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/25-gift-certificate-9.png||||||$25 Gift Certificate||GC-25||art-gifts > gifcer||||25.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$25 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let them choose their own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/25gifcer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|40gifcer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/40-gift-certificate-9.png||||||$40 Gift Certificate||GC-40||art-gifts > gifcer||||40.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$40 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let them choose their own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/40gifcer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4gice||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||||||||$400 Gift Certificate||GC-400||art-gifts > gifcer||||400.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$400 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let's your dear one choose his/her own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4gice.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|50gifcer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/50-gift-certificate-8.png||||||$50 Gift Certificate||GC-50||art-gifts > gifcer||||50.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$50 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let them choose their own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/50gifcer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5gice||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||gifcer||||||||$500 Gift Certificate||GC-500||art-gifts > gifcer||||500.000 ||||||||||||1||0||1||1||||||||$500 Gift Certificate sent via email to recipient of your choice. Never Expires and can be used over and over until fully used. Good for any item here at Madison Art Shop including shipping! Let's your dear one choose his/her own gift!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5gice.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Madison Art Shop||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winyelldeep731||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Color WINSOR YELLOW DEEP #731||WN1-25-731||||||11.800 ||4.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Paints that have stood the test of time for quality and versatility. ||

Oil paints are an asset to any artist and offer a number of benefits such as:

Quality and Appearance

Oil paints are one of the most versatile forms of paint. The colors are rich and unmatched by many other materials. Artists are able to change thickness and glossiness by adding solvents such as white spirit, turpentine and varnish.

Longevity and Durability

Oil paints are well known for being extremely durable and retaining their color for long periods of time. Because of its’ reliability and brilliant colors, oil paint is commonly used on the interiors and exteriors of both wooden and metal buildings and structures. 

A Broad Color Spectrum

Artists’ Oil Colors utilize the purest pigments to create their colors. The numerous single pigment colors can be mixed and blended together to create a spectrum of over one hundred different shades.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winyelldeep731.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|blubla034||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz W&N Artists' Oil Colors-Blue Black #034||WN1-25-034||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||For superior quality and price, purchase W&N Artists' Blue-Black 1.25 oz Oil Paint today!||

Our W&N Blue-Black Artists' Oil Paint is made from the purest pigments, so the color is rich and vibrant; the wide variety of W&N colors available also makes mixing paints easy and exciting.  W&N's blue-black is a velvety shade of darkest blue that gently fades to ebony when thickened.

The stiff yet maleable consistency of this product makes it perfect for both brush strokes and pallete knife strokes, and each tube of paint is perfectly blended with just the right amount of drying oils, for quicker and more stable setting. 

W&N Artists' Oil Paints are rich and buttery, and are guarunteed to provide the ultimate coverage on canvases of every thickness and texture.  Our paints can be used as is, or they can be thinned to a fine glaze.  The beautiful blue-black listed here is a semi-opaque oil, and can be mixed with whites to make a blue-grey hue.

W&N Artists' Oils are perfect for both budding artists searching for an easy to use reliable paint, or experienced artists seeking a high quality oil paint at a great price.      

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/blubla034.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winyell730||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Color WINSOR YELLOW #730 ||WN1-25-730||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||For artists who keep a simple palette, this cadmium yellow oil paint is essential to create a full spectrum.||

An iconic primary color as bright as the sun itself, this cadmium yellow is the purest yellow pigment found on a painter’s palette. A warm, semi-transparent yellow to start, small amounts of the pigment blend well with other colors to create well-balanced variations. Made with high-quality raw materials and trusted for centuries, this pigment tints well without losing its bright, luminous quality, trusted to hold its vibrant golden color as it mixes on the surface.

Durable, stable, and known for illuminating drama or adding a spark of whimsy, cadmium yellow creates a striking splash of color in landscapes, portraits, still life compositions, and abstract expressions. This paint is dense yet fluid and handles well with brushes or a palette knife. It takes several days before drying, giving plenty of time to work and re-work as needed. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winyell730.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|wncadgrnpale||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Color #084 - CADMIUM GREEN PALE||WN1-25-084||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This pale green with yellow undertones oil paint is made with high quality single pigments from Winsor and Newton.

Winsor & Newton, known for making high quality art supplies for over a hundred years, used a single pigment to create this color. Single pigments give the color strength and a diverse range of hues. Cadmium Green Pale is green with strong yellow undertones.

W&N's Artists' Oils use the best and purest of pigments. The colors are made to provide coverage and deep tint for your art. This paint has a consistency artists look for in oil painting. It can be stiff to show brush strokes. It can be thinned to a soft glaze. Professional and amateur artists love Winsor and Newton oils for their reliability and stability.

This paint will dry in two to twelve days, giving you time to change your first stroke as your vision of your work evolves.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/wncadgrnpale.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadscarlet1062||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Color Cadmium Scarlet #106||WNcadscar1-25-106||||||34.250 ||17.480 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||When it comes to making gorgeous artwork, use a paint that creates a myriad of color with every stroke of the brush!||

With a hue as coy and rosy as a blush on a lady’s cheek, this paint decorates any artistic creation with a splash of boldness and beauty!

It contains cadmium pigments that lend quality tinting to every work of art, enhancing colors with startling vibrancy. This allows the painter to obtain practicality and beauty at the same time, and its unique composition is what makes this paint an ideal choice for a wide variety of artistic endeavors:

It is guaranteed to satisfy a diverse array of artists, from the delicate tastes of the classic painter to the aspiring and unconventional preferences of the modern artist.

So why wait? Add a drop of ruby perfection to any palette by ordering right now! 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadscarlet1062.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadyell1082||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Color Cadmium Yellow #108||WNcadyel1-25-108||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Give your art pieces a brilliant glow and captivate your audience with this radiant yellow paint.||

This opaque yellow paint from Winsor & Newton is a must have for all oil based painters.  With optimal tinting characteristics, this paint provides precision for all situations, giving artists the necessary attributes to achieve the perfect colors for their paintings.  The vibrant warmth created by this color instantly adds life to art pieces and pulls in attention from viewers.  This paint provides a pure yellow that can easily be incorporated into any artwork, providing consistency and reliability in a natural tone.  The properties of this paint require between two days and two weeks for complete drying.  

Make the jump into oil painting now with this great product and begin to create new worlds on your blank canvas.  Bring your imagination to life with the respectable quality of Winsor & Newton paint.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadyell1082.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|alizcrim004||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Alizarin Crimson #004||WN1-25-004||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N's Alizarin Crimson is a high quality, high pigment, permanent oil color in a deep crimson hue.||

Alizarin Crimson is a synthetic form of the pigment found in the roots of the common Madder (or Rubia Tinctorum) plant. Historically, madder was used as a red dye by the ancient Egyptians, and fabric containing the dye was found in King Tutankhamen's tomb. In more recent times, most madder was grown in Holland until the production of synthetic alizarin (one of the compounds extracted from the madder root) caused the crash of the commercial madder growing industry in 1868. The synthetic variant is preferred to the organic variant, which is still grown and used as a dye, since the organic variant tends to fade. Alizarin Crimson is known for its cool, red, almost purple hue. It maintains its vibrancy even when mixed with other colors.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/alizcrim004.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bronze058||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Bronze #058||WN1-25-058||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||When painting with the bronze color, remember where it came from and be glad it transformed itself from warring to art.||

There was a time when the art of painting and the art of sculpting were not separated.  Take for example the efforts of Michelangelo over so many years to paint the Sistine Chapel.  He did not want to do this, but he was challenged to show his superior skills as an artist, to the Pope Sixtus IV, because he wanted to make his masterpieces in sculpture.

The history of bronze is significant as there is the Bronze Age.  Bronze is made from a mixture of cooper with other metals like tin or zinc.  The distinctive color comes from mixing metals to make stronger implements of war.  Once steel was discovered, bronze became a more peaceful metal.  No longer the basis for warring materials, it became available to artists to make statues of extraordinary beauty.  Now bronze is a standard color of expression for any artists' pallette.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bronze058.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|carmine||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Carmine ||wncarmine||||||74.700 ||44.820 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Get the permanent version of the color used by the British Army that took decades to formulate correctly.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want.

The carmine of Winsor and Newton is a permanent one that is a rich red that has a bluish undertone. The process today is unlike to original, which required the use of the Mexican cochineal beetle. That paint faded over time. This formulation maintains its color and provides color that artists seek.

Carmine is the color of the distinctive red coats of the British Army. The permanent version was made possible in the 1990's with the discovery of the correct process with Quinacridone pigments makes it the closest to original carmine than any other option. The color also has the right transparency to be used as a glaze.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/carmine.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|copper214||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Copper #214||WN1-25-214||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Oil Color Copper||

This is a wonderful, semi-opaque pigment that can provide a painting with a little extra undefinable something and can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Using a base of safflower oil, this beautiful Winsor and Newton color is composed of mica coated with iron oxide and titanium dioxide. This mixture provides a beautiful metallic effect. It is this unique reflectance property that produces the soft sheen inherent to metallic paints. It’s often used mixed with other colors (carefully — mixed with certain colors, it can turn muddy) or thinned to produce a sparkling glaze.

Many artists put Winsor and Newton brand oil colors at the top of their list for purity and trueness of color. The Artist Oil Colors are the highest quality traditional oil paints that this well-known manufacturer offers for professional artists. Oil colors are slow drying so that they can be shaded and worked directly on the canvas for a long period of time.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/copper214.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|davgray217||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Davy's Gray #217||WN1-25-217||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||When you are looking for the perfect paint for your next project, turn to the name that artists have been trusting for years- W&N Artist's Oil Colors. ||

The perfect shade of grey can bring any project to life and add that soft and subtle shade of color that makes things pop! That is exactly what you get with the Davy's Gray Oil Color. This paint provides optimum color and brilliance and blends well with other colors to achieve any look you may be searching for. 

Take crafting projects to the next level with the 1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Davy's Gray #217 today. Whether you need base coats, accents, or a color to blend with other pallet choices, this is the best paint option out there. You cannot go wrong with the smooth and even color and tones of this paint. 

See for yourself why W&N Artists' Oil Colors is a brand that is trusted for art projects big and small!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/davgray217.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|fletint257||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Flesh Tint #257||WN1-25-257||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Even the youngest artist knows you can't get very far without "skin color."||

This warm flesh-toned artists' oil by Winsor & Newton gives life to your portraits.

The rosy pink tint suggests blood just under the skin, making it perfect for blush on the face of a child or a young woman. Fill in your figure drawings and anatomical sketches with this lively skin tone. It's ideal for portraits with clothed or nude models.

This flesh tint is opaque. Combine it with other colors to portray a healthy range of skin tones. Balance the warm and natural flesh tint with the pale hues of Gold, Jaune Brillant, or Naples Yellow for caucasian skin, or use rich browns and Terra Rosa with a hint of flesh tint accenting the lips. 

Despite its name, this paint's uses aren't limited to skin alone. Experiment with this peachy color to find where it best fits in your artwork.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/fletint257.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|frenchultra263||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors French Ultramarine #263||WN1-25-263||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Colors French Ultramarine is an excellent quality, traditional dark blue oil paint.||

Ultramarine was, historically, famous for being the most expensive pigment, costing even more than gold during the Renaissance. Ultramarine was created by using crushed lapis lazuli (a purple and blue semi-precious gemstone). The pigment's name ultrmaranus means "from beyond the sea," and was adopted because the pigment had to be imported to Europe from Asia, where it was first used in Afghan temples the 6th century. The pigment was popular in Renaissance art, and was often used to depict the robes of the virgin Mary. The artist Vermeer is known for his lavish use of natural ultramarine. A synthetic form of ultramarine was discovered in 1828, and the natural form made from crushed lapis lazuli became obsolete. French Ultramarine is a very dark, brilliant blue. Often, it is the one of the darkest and most vivid pigments on an artist's pallet.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/frenchultra263.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|gold283||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Gold #283||WN1-25-283||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Add elegance to your oil painting with this subtle gold.||

Most think of gold as a metallic and sparkling yellow-bronze color. This artists' oil represents a more relaxed and realistic approach to the color gold. As found in nature, gold deposits have a much milder color than you'd expect. This paint captures that color minus the sparkling sheen.

This gold paint has a natural hue, recalling a soft and warm yellow wood or pale flesh. Think of an expanse of sand glowing under a midday sun or the well-groomed coat of a yellow labrador retriever. The light shade makes it an ideal highlight for darker browns or oranges, as well.

Use gold to trim the garments of royals or the edge of fine dinnerware in your paintings of still life. This gold can give a richness to any painting, whether it's full of opulent glamour or understated natural beauty.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/gold283.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|indred317||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Indian Red #317||WN1-25-317||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If you're looking to create a stunning chestnut hue, Indian Red is a gleaming color for your deeper scarlet needs.||

Madison Art Shop is happy to provide artists, serious and recreational alike, top quality tools and instruments to assist in the creation of their artistic endeavors.  In addition to offering DVDs and videos for education and instruction, Madison Art Shop focuses on the contribution of artistic appreciation by making their product available to teachers, and students alike, in the pursuit of spreading artist prowess across the board.  

In the area of paints, Madison Art Shop offers a spectrum of oil colors and, at an affordable price, they are available around the clock.  One of the most endearing colors is the Indian Red hue.  Wonderfully applied in blushing depictions, Indian Red is a deeper shade of scarlet and the Madison Art Shop crew offer the iron oxide hue in a 1.25oz. tube at under ten dollars.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/indred317.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|indyell319||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Indian Yellow #319||WN1-25-319||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If you're looking to create a stunning sunlight hue, Indian Yellow is a gleaming color for blending in your deeper yellow needs.||

W&N is happy to provide artists, serious and recreational alike, top quality tools and instruments to assist in the creation of their artistic endeavors.  In the area of oil paints, W&N offers a spectrum of oil colors and, at an affordable price, they are available around the clock.  One of the most endearing colors is the Indian Yellow hue.  Wonderfully mixed to create sunlight depictions, Indian Yellow is a deeper shade with a hint of orange and you can buy the sunlight in a 1.25oz. tube at under ten dollars.  Indian Yellow initially came into artistic palettes by the Dutch masters that utilized its fluorescence to create vivid, stunning masterpieces.  Indian Yellow first made its appearance in India and swept across Europe.  Ever since, Indian Yellow has been a staple on every artists' palette.  

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/indyell319.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|indigo322||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Indigo #322||WN1-25-322||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Indigo is one of the colors of the rainbow, a must-have for every artist!||

Indigo historically came from the plant “Indigofera tinctoria.” Its name became the root of the word “dye” in Greek, which is “indikon” and in Latin “indicum.”  The reason the color indigo is so associated with the processing of dyeing fabric is the color was so popular in India and became fashionable in Europe.

A discovery occurred during the 1600’s. Glass prisms separated invisible light into colors of the rainbow.  Indigo, chosen by Isaac Newton, became one of the seven colors of the visible spectrum of light. 

The colors of the rainbow or the spectrum as determined by Newton were:

Besides the primary colors of red, green, and blue, the colors of the rainbow (which are the same as those shown by light passing through a prism) have great significance.  In modern times, synthetic dyes make the color of indigo.  Nevertheless, indigo still retains its fascination and historical significance.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/indigo322.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|magenta380||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Magenta #380||WN1-25-380||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Oil Colors Magenta #380 is a rich, vibrant full colored shade of deep violet designed to make your art singularly eye catching.||

W&N Artists' Oil Colors are widely respected in the artist community for their clarity of hue and their ability to mix well with whites or other colors.  Magenta 380 comes out of the tube matching the deep violet shown on the tube.  Ready to use as is, this deep violet is ready to use in a sunset, garden, apparel,  or other colorful setting.  Properly mixed with white, this magenta can be brightened to cover a large range of violet hues to add depth and a variety of color to any painting.  This color  is named after a beautiful mountain lake in Italy which is often surrounded with deep violet flowers in the spring.  Magenta is one of this colors that attracts the eye to a painting and this Magenta 380 is an especially vibrant hue.  Magenta 380 will make the violet accents of your paintings stand out and make your art truly unique. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/magenta380.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|marsbla386||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Mars Black #386||WN1-25-386||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A good color for classrooms, as it is non-toxic. The paint is considered one of the most opaque black on the market.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.
The W&N Mars black has been a work of love. The most current modification has increased color strength offering a greater tinting ability and improved covering power.
Mars black was developed in the twentieth century and is considered non-toxic. Artists rate it the best black for opacity, light fastness, and permanence. The pigment is ferrous ferric oxide (Fe3O4). That is the reason it is named Mars, which was the patron of iron.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/marsbla386.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|marsviodeep395||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Mars Violet Deep #395||WN1-25-395||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Windsor & Newton oil paints bring your canvas into the heavens.||

Mars Violet Deep is a soft brown oil color with a hint of warm red/purple. Use it to paint trunks of regal redwoods, or the shadows of fireplace brick in a dark cabin. For a more unconventional subject, look to the stars above. This color is one of many you'll need to paint the surface of planet Mars, or the armor of the Roman god that gave the planet its name. No historical battlefield scene would be complete without this color dabbed on the arms of wounded soldiers, or adding a fierce edge to their eyes.

Whether it's for a romantic portrait of a girl with auburn hair, or a still life featuring an antique grandfather clock, you'll find the warm, natural hue of this paint brings life to the canvas.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/marsviodeep395.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|paygrey465||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Payne's Gray #465||WN1-25-465||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Instead of plain black, try this mixture invented by artist William Payne.||

Ultramarine and Mars Black are mixed with a hint of Crimson to create a gray that makes an excellent substitute for black.

You can use Payne's Gray for painting anything you would normally see as black. The night sky, an animal's fur, a suit and top hat on an upstanding gentleman... The only limit is your imagination. You can even prepare a scene with minimal light and use this gray as a stand-in for warm colors.

True blacks are difficult to find in nature. What we see as black can often be better served by a gray like Payne's. The ultramarine and crimson give the gray warm undertones without making the color too light. When painting in grayscale, monochrome, or full color, this gray is an essential part of your palette.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/paygrey465.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|phthaturq526||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Phthalo Turquoise #526||WN1-25-526||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The color that is perfect for those tropical beach scenes. All Phthalo colors are also known for minimal granulation and mixing well with other colors.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

The W&N Phthalo Turquoise has recently been modified for increased color strength offering a greater tinting ability and improved covering power. The pigments for the intense blue-green pigment with a red undertone was introduced in the 1930's. The name of the pigment is Phthalocyanine.

The color is the right choice for painting tropical water. All Phthalo pigments can be highly staining and mix well with other pigments. There is hardly any granulation and is either transparent or semi-transparent.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/phthaturq526.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|prusblu538||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Prussian Blue #538||WN1-25-538||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||With this brilliant blue hue and a high-quality paint product, you can't go wrong!||

The W&N Artists' Oil Colors are a high-end oil paint for artists who are serious about painting. The best ingredients make the best products, so since oil paint comprises colored pigments mixed with oils, W&N takes care to use the finest of each. Features of this classy oil paint include:

The Prussian Blue color is a rich, deep hue that's entirely satisfying to look at. You might be tempted to add an unnecessarily large swath of evening sky to your painting just for the chance to use it! But what you might not have known is that this paint color started out life as a by-product of the search for good, reliable reds. That's right, red was what the inventor of Prussian Blue really wanted. Thankfully he kept the blue anyway, so you have the opportunity to buy it today!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/prusblu538.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|purplake544||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Purple Lake #544||WN1-25-544||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The paint is great for the palette when the artist is working on a sunny landscape.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

The W&N Purple Lake paint was recently reformulated because the original pigment was discontinued. This dark purple color is both a cool color and transparent. The paint itself is a mixture of magenta and phthalocyanine blue or alizarin crimson and dioxazine purple. The color is usually prepared like carmine lake, just with lime mixed into it. The effect produces the deep purple. The color is perfect for those wishing to paint landscapes, as there are several parts of the scene that it will cover.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/purplake544.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rawsien552||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Raw Sienna #552||WN1-25-552||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Raw sienna one of the oldest known colors and is used quite a bit to mix with other colors. A great color if recreating cave art.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

The W&N raw sienna is a polished brown pigment. The color is named after Sienna, Italy. The color was sourced there in the Renaissance period.The earth tone is known for its transparency. The pigment is mostly made of iron oxide hydroxide and a small quantity of manganese oxide. An alternate name would be Italian earth. The pigment is good for mixing with other colors to warm them.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rawsien552.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rawumb554||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Raw Umber #554||WN1-25-554||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Raw sienna is a versatile color that can be made in a good glaze. It has been been recently improved by W&N to improve it across the spectrum.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

The W&N raw umber was recently adjusted to improve spectrum across the range. It is a new single pigment. The paint is a natural earth color that is a medium yellow-grey brown. The pigment is made from the natural brown clays found in the ground. The clays are mined from the Umbria region of Italy, where the color got its name.

The color can be mixed with almost any other color, except for lakes. The color itself is lightfast and makes a good glaze.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rawumb554.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|terrosa635||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Terra Rosa #635||WN1-25-635||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Terra Rosa works good as a canvas tint for experienced artists or to recreate medieval paintings in the classroom.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

Terra Rosa is Latin for red earth. W&N uses a synthetic iron oxide pigment, which is named Mars orange. The color itself is a warm, brown, red pigment. The paint itself is permanent and opaque. Another name for the color is Bole, from the Latin bolus. Bolus means lump of earth.

The color itself was used in Medieval Italian wall paintings. That means that Terra Rosa would be used for recreating such paintings for an art class. The color is also good for tinting canvases.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/terrosa635.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|terverte637||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Terre Verte #637||WN1-25-637||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Terre Verte is a good paint to mix for flesh tones. The paint is good for classroom replication of medieval paintings.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

The W&N Terre Verte is a combination of natural earth and hydrated chromium oxide. Known as green earth, it is a transparent pale green with a slightly olive tint. The color is also known as Verona Green, because of its connections to Verona, Italy. The color itself is well known for mixing for flesh tones.

The pigments used are synthetic, as the natural ones are extremely rare. The paint itself can be dull and soapy and can be a little varied in its color.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/terverte637.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|titawhite644||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Titanium White #644||WN1-25-644||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This opaque, clean white is essential for any oil colors collection.||

The brightest of the whites in the Windsor & Newton family of artists' oils, Titanium White is the ultimate highlight color. When you find an indescribable fleck of light caught in your subject's eyes, this is the color you need.

Perfect for clouds on a bright, sunny day, or fallen snow in winter, shining at dawn, apply this paint, even conservatively, and you will still see amazing results. It lights up the flecks of white fur or the feathers of your animal subjects. Try painting the petals of daisies or lace trim on clothing. This paint brings even the still life to life!

All it takes is a tiny dab of this powerful paint to lighten your other colors significantly. Even when painting a dark scene, this color is sure to come in handy.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/titawhite644.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|ultragreenshade667||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Ultramarine Green Shade #667||WN1-25-667||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||See why ultramarine is considered to be one of the finest pigments.||

Try something new with this Ultramarine (Green Shade). Typical French ultramarines have red undertones, but this ultramarine dares to be different with a hint of green.

One of the benefits of a fine, transparent color like this ultramarine is the distinct difference when applying layers of paint. A thin first layer provides a misty blue with streaks of canvas showing through. Another application gives the full impression of the color, a deep blue with hints of green, ideal for a deep sea or a well-lit night sky à la Van Gogh's Starry Night. A third layer gives it the full depth, bringing the color from blue to almost black, for a more realistic night sky.

Ultramarine was a prized pigment for Renaissance era painters. Bring this oil color into your own work today and experience the quality of Winsor & Newton's modern ultramarine.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/ultragreenshade667.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|vandybro676||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Van Dyke Brown #676||WN1-25-676||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Van Dyke brown is good for shading or attempting to paint like the old masters. This is a paint that was a favorite of the painter Van Dyke.

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

Van Dyke brown is known by several names. If something calls for Cassel brown, cologne earth or Caste earth, this is the color to choose. The W&N paint is made with bituminous earth and calcined natural iron oxide. The brown pigment is named for Flemish painter Van Dyke. The earth color is mostly used for shading.

The paint color is known to be in paintings done by the old masters, like Rubens. The pigment itself comes from humic substances in soil, peat or brown coal.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/vandybro676.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|venred678||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Venetian Red #678||WN1-25-678||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Venetian red is good for skin tones and were warm colors are needed.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

The W&N Venetian red is made from synthetic iron oxide. The paint is a semi-opaque deep red color. The name comes from a quarry near Venice where the painter Titan got his reds. The color is considered warm and light. Cennino Cennini, in his painting handbook, said that the color would be good in mixing with other colors to make skin tones. As such, the paint is good for portraits or scenes with several people.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/venred678.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|vermhue683||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Vermilion Hue #683||WN1-25-683||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Vermillion is a good paint to mix for undertones and mixing for a variety of other uses.||

Winsor and Newton has been making paint for artists for the past 180 years. Each color is made to have stable color. The company makes sure that the quality control process keeps the paint ready to be what artists need and want. All their paint becomes touch dry within two to twelve days.

Vermillion hues by W&N has been discontinued, so this is the chance to get some of the last made. The color itself is also called Cinnabar. The paint is very toxic, as it is made from mercury and sulpher. The color is good to use as an undertone with a lighter red used as a glaze.

The paint can be mixed with egg yolk to decorate manuscripts. The paint, though toxic, is a good choice for mixing for multiple uses.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/vermhue683.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|yellochre744||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Yellow Ochre #744||WN1-25-744||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Colors Yellow Ochre oil paint is a rich, creamy yellow with hints of brown.||

Professional art supplies manufacturer Winsor & Newton delivers again on the oil paint front. This oil paint in a yellow ochre tint is warm and rich, and it holds texture well. The yellow ochre shade was initially developed from naturally occurring iron oxides, and it is in fact one of the oldest, most popular colors used by oil artists. This paint comes as a deep, golden yellow, but it can also be diluted and lightened to form a brighter, dry straw yellow that is still just as inviting. And of course, it can also be easily blended with other Winsor & Newton oils to form different lasting pigments.

Yellow ochre is a natural pigment containing silica, clay and a mineral (iron-oxyhydroxide) known as goethite. It belongs to a family of colors known as an "earth pigments," (along with umber and sienna) and is one of the original pigments used by humans in cave paintings. The famous horse in the cave in Lascaux, France was painted with yellow ochre. The Egyptians also used yellow ochre extensively in tomb painting, often to depict the faces of women. Yellow ochre can even be seen in frescoes on the walls of Pompeii. Yellow ochre is an earthy yellow with hints of brown, but the hue of natural yellow ochre varies. Today some of the best natural ochre is mined in Cyprus. Synthetic yellow ochre has been produced since the 1920s and is known as mars yellow.

The yellow ochre is considered a medium to slow drying paint that takes five or more days to dry after it is applied.

Use this semi-transparent oil to add a warm, golden or light yellow to any paint project.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/yellochre744.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|yellochrepale746||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Yellow Ochre Pale #746||WN1-25-746||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Make a point to use oil paints and take your painting masterpiece to the next level.||

Taking a canvas and turning it into a painting you are proud of describes the beginner and advance painter.  Most artist know that the proper paint and color make all the difference in a finished product that is alive and conversational or flat and boring.

Vibrant colors breathe life into paintings.  A color widely used is Yellow Ochre Pale.  This oil paint  burst with the purest pigments manufactured by W&N Aritists.  This oil paint is perfect for:

Oil paints dry slow so you the artist have plenty of time to make subtle blends. Oil paint colors are great for portrait painting.  The texture of the oil allows the artist to produce shading.  Another great feature is their shelf life which typically holds true to the paint's color. 

Oil paints like Yellow Ochre Pale are a must color for every painter's palette.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/yellochrepale746.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|znwhite748||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Zinc White #748||WN1-25-748||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Get the truest whites in your oil paintings with this high-quality, extremely pure 1.25 oz. tube of zinc white oil paint from Winsor & Newton. ||

This 1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Zinc White #748 is a must for any oil painter. Winsor & Newton offers a wide range of single pigment oil colors, which offer unparalleled richness and brightness when used on canvas. The zinc white color is extremely effective when used for tints and glazing, and is the least opaque white offered by W&N. Mix zinc with with other high-grade oil paints from W&N to lighten the intensity.

The 1.25 oz. tube of zinc white has an airtight seal, which preserves the paint inside. The tube is small enough to be squeezed with one hand, and durable enough for long-term studio use. The Winsor & Newton name has long been associated with quality; the zinc white that they offer is no exception. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/znwhite748.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|wnbrired042||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Bright Red #042||WN1-25-042||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Add passion and excitement with this bright red color.||

This strong color will add passion and excitement to any project. Red is considered a warm color, with this bright red being downright hot. This lively shade is perfect for mixing into any variety of colors or on it's own. This is a fantastic addition to make any fall painting stand out, as this bright red makes an excellent contrast to the deep browns and yellows normally associated with fall paintings.

This vibrant color is also an excellent pairing for any paintings involving rustic themes. Many rustic settings use the contrast of this color along with several darker colors to show both the grit of the scene and the exuberant joy hidden just underneath the surface. This bright red is also an excellent joy for elegant painting showing the luxury that can be had with a deep red setting.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/wnbrired042.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|burnsien074||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Burnt Sienna #074||WN1-25-074||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Oil Colors Burnt Sienna is a thick, buttery, red-brown oil paint produced by Winsor and Newton, a trusted name in the art world since 1832.||

Burnt Sienna is the heated form of Raw Sienna, an earth pigment (containing iron oxide and manganese oxide) used since man first started creating art. Brown colors have come in and out of fashion through the ages, and were often set aside in the medieval era in favor of brighter colors. Browns became important again during the Renaissance period as artists needed it to show gradation from dark to light, and Rembrandt was particularly fond of using all of the earth pigments, Sienna included. Although Sienna (named for Siena, Italy) was available in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was considered fashionable to use "mommia," a pigment created from exhumed Egyptian mummies, rather than Sienna. Although synthetic variants of Sienna are available, Sienna is still mined in Sicily and Sardinia. Burnt Sienna is an intense, deep red-brown color.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/burnsien074.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|burnumb076||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Burnt Umber #076||WN1-25-076||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Burnt Umber is a lovely, rich, brown oil paint with red undertones.||

Winsor and Newton is an old and trusted name in the art industry. Their oil paints are always of the highest quality, and their burnt umber is no exception. Brown colors may not seem as exotic as some of the other colors, but they are absolutely necessary as the base or even as the highlight of any artists' palette. Umber (named for the region of Umbria in Italy), is dark red-brown pigment that's been in use since the Neolithic era. Today natural umber is generally made from iron oxide and manganese oxide, which is then heated to create the more intense burnt umber.  There are varieties of synthetic umber, but it is one of the few pigments where the natural variety is more common. While the exact hue of burnt umber varies by manufacturer, burnt umber is generally an intense earthy color.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/burnumb076.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadgree080||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Green #080||WN1-25-080||||||29.050 ||15.490 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Whether you're painting still life, landscapes, or illustrations for a botanical publication, this lively Cadmium Green is a must!||

As an artist, you know that buying the wrong brand or color of paint could mean disaster for your painting. W&N knows this as well, and that's why they conscientiously provide some of the best oil paints in the industry. W&N has taken the time to:

Since experts in the field have spent so much time on the mixing of the paints, you can devote your time to what you love best: your painting! You can rest assured that this green is mixed in a way that optimally sets off the pigment's color, and your landscapes will get the full benefit of its brilliant yet restful hue.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadgree080.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadlem086||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Lemon #086||WN1-25-086||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This exceptionally brilliant Cadmium Yellow can add interest and brightness to your oil painting!||

If you're a serious artist, you probably know a lot about how paint is made, so you may know that this paint is based on a chemical element called Cadmium, which is why it has the word "cadmium" in the description. But did you know that some cadmium-based pigments are so bright that the color needs to be "watered down" a bit during the manufacturing process? That's some serious shine power!

In addition to intensity of color, this oil paint has a lot of quality going for it as well. The brand, W&N, has very strict standards for their:

These standards have helped the company gain a good standing in the art community, since artists know it can be trusted to stand by its reputation. Because of this, you can buy their oil paints with confidence and watch your painting shine!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadlem086.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadora089||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Orange #089||WN1-25-089||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Bring this happy and bright orange into your oil colors collection.||

One of several single-pigment colors from the Winsor & Newton line of artists' oils, this orange is delightfully bright and cheery. It's perfect for highlighting the warm and welcoming aspects of your oil work. Set a summer scene on a tropical isle or make the autumn leaves fall across a sunset sky.

Suggest the power of heat without the passion of red by setting your scene in shades of orange. A desert landscape or a glowing fire would be incomplete without this strong orange glowing around the source of heat.

For the beginning artist, try this orange in your still life work. Suggest a return to innocence by using this orange in paintings of toys. Better yet, apply this orange in paintings of its namesake fruit.

No rainbow of color would be complete without this unforgettable orange.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadora089.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadred094||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Red #094||WN1-25-094||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A 1.25 ounce container of W&N Artists' Cadmium Red oil colors will help make sure that you always have a way to add a little extra pop to your palette.||

The W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Red paint is the perfect solution when you want to bring out the full potential in the project that you're currently working on. Cadmium Red from Winsor & Newton is a type of opaque pigment with a red appearance that has been favored by many notable artists due to the fact that it is such a strong, rich and all around gorgeous color to work with. Cadmium Red is also known for its excellent ability to cover many different types of surfaces, making it ideal regardless of the application. Winsor & Newton Artist's Oil Colors Cadmium Red comes in a 1.25 ounce container, making sure that you'll always have enough on hand to add that extra emphasis that will really make your finished product sparkle. The product's item code is WN1-25-094.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadred094.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadreddeep097||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Red Deep #097||WN1-25-097||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Try this paint if you're looking for a great rich, dark red oil paint made from reliably high-quality ingredients!||

The W&N brand name is a trusted one, and their paint shows off modern advances with its vivid colors. This one is a deep red with a rich and powerful appearance. Don't take it for granted!

The reason cavemen are often depicted wearing natural-colored clothing is that the vivid pigments modern artists work with every day aren't easy to come by. In fact, it took centuries of research, exploration, and scientific work before western civilization could produce reds like this one that are:

In the quest for perfect red paint, scientists and artists have come a long way since the Middle Ages, when the best red was produced by crushing certain insects (yuck!). This W&N paint's cadmium red proves how much the situation has improved. You won't be disappointed if you buy this color today!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadreddeep097.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadscarlet106||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Scarlet #106||WN1-25-106||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||With a brilliance only matched by its quality, this Cadmium Scarlet just might outshine all your other reds!||

Buying W&N oil paints is a good choice for several reasons:

But brand name reputation isn't all this paint has going for it. In addition, it has beauty, vibrancy, and lively color as well as a texture suited especially to oil painting.

One of the secrets of this color's beauty is that it comes from cadmium, the element mentioned in the product name. Cadmium features often in paint pigments because of its ability to house such brilliant color. In this paint color it shows up as a startlingly lively scarlet. It's great for giving a splash of color to add interest to your painting or to help focus the eye. You won't be disappointed with this lovely shade of scarlet!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadscarlet106.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadyell108||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Yellow #108||WN1-25-108||||||29.050 ||15.490 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This artist's oil paint (cadmium yellow #108) is made of the highest quality pigments and oils to maximize the lasting power of the shade, specifically created for the discerning artist. ||

This high quality artist's oil paint is a dark cadmium yellow. This primary color is deep and multifaceted while being bright at the same time. The use of the highest quality pigments leads to the most consistent, easily blended and tinted oil paints in the industry. This specific hue, cadmium yellow, is used often on canvases to create rays of sunlight, beautiful petals of the sunflower, or the bright yellow of the iconic NYC taxi cab. The key to the versatility and quality of this oil paint is the use of cadmium in the mixture, giving a more vibrant, longer lasting, more permanent color with less fading.  A discerning artist will choose this paint for its brilliance, tinting capabilities when blended with white, and its versatility in scope and depth of possible uses within a composition. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadyell108.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadyelldeep111||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Yellow Deep #111||WN1-25-111||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A deep, satisfying shade of yellow means this paint's color is as good as its quality.||

Are you serious about your painting career? Do you realize what a difference the quality of your art supplies can have on your work? W&N knows, and that's why their company turns the best ingredients available into the finest art supplies money can buy. This paint is ideal for:

Having the right painting supplies is a crucial step in communicating your vision to the world. As a cadmium paint, this yellow has more covering power than almost any other type of paint, so you'll need less of it to cover more area, making it extremely cost-effective. The color is a pure deep yellow hue and the texture is perfect for showing brush strokes. It also thins to a lovely glaze. The combination of color and quality makes this a winning product!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadyelldeep111.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cadyellpale118||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Yellow Pale #118||WN1-25-118||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||With just the right shade of cadmium-based pigment, this yellow is soft but not understated.||

W&N is trusted by professional artists internationally. Their paints are made using manufacturing techniques developed over decades of experience. The highly developed process includes:

In addition to the reputation of these well-made paints, you'll notice that the product recommends itself with a wonderful buttery texture that complements the buttery color. Add to the consistency a lovely pale yellow color and you'll realize what a bargain this paint is. Its soft, ethereal tint inspires thoughts of serene afternoons in early Spring. This yellow would be a great choice for flowers in still life or landscape paintings. Order today to add it to your palette!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cadyellpale118.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|carblu137||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cerelean Blue #137||WN1-25-137||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A heaven sent color often used to resemble the sky in paintings.||

Blue has always been associated with a calming and cool tone. Cerulean blue plays to this reputation and enhances it by adding in a special purity of blue that not only calms but commands respect. Artists have long since sought cerulean blue for it's lack of greenish hints, making it a far superior sky-ward color.

This shade of blue is also excellent at being used in calming beach and tropical scenes. Not only does this color exhibit fantastic sky tones, but can also be used for nearly body of water that needs to be represented. Waterfalls, oceans, lakes, and streams are but a few of the calming scenery options that often use this cool shade of blue. This color can also cause an elegant pop of color when presented against a near white or near black background.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/carblu137.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|charcgrey142||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Charcoal Grey #142||WN1-25-142||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||With smooth texture, intense pigment, and a specially formulated blend, this charcoal grey paint is the ideal medium for your next work of art.||

Think of the burned-out coals from your last campfire, when you'd finished roasting your marshmallows and the campfire was no longer glowing. Charcoal grey paint fills the role that charcoal itself once held in artists' studios in times past. So whether you're painting a camping scene or a charcoal grey horse, this paint just might turn out to be the perfect vehicle for your artistic expression.

Why choose the W&N paint brand? Some of the many benefits include:

With a track record like this, these oil paints are sure to be a big hit in your studio. Buy this product today and experience charcoal grey like never before!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/charcgrey142.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|chremwhite201||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Chremnitz White #201||WN1-25-201||||||12.390 ||7.190 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Arts and Craft projects are perfect for kids and the entire family! When you are looking for the perfect paint for your next project, turn to the name that has been founded on a committment to quality- W&N Artist's Oil Colors. ||

1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Chremnitz White #201 The perfect white base paint is necessary for mixing and blending-helpig you get just the right shade for your crafting and painting project. You want great quality, amazing shine, and affordable prices. That is exactly what you get with the  Chremnitz White Oil Color Paint. This paint provides everything you need to achieve any look you may need. 

Take crafting projects to the next level with the W&N Artists' Oil Colors Chremnitz White paint. Whether you need base coats, accents, or color blends, this is the best paint option out there. Enjoy the look of smooth and even color and tones with this high quality paint. 

See for yourself why W&N Artists' Oil Colors is a brand that is trusted for art projects big and small!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/chremwhite201.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|chrogreedeephue147||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Chrome Green Deep Hue #147||WN1-25-147||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A suave yet bold color, this majestic green is a must for any oil painter's palette. ||

Winsor and Newton's paints offer nearly two centuries of excellence and improvement. Features include:

You won't find a higher-grade product than Winsor & Newton's, and the colors are amazing as well. Landscape painters, sit up and take notice! This green is especially suited to depicting mature greenery, hedges, or other darker colors in your landscape. It has a shine and a depth that make your eyes want to linger over it.

Whether you're primarily an oil painter or whether you only occasionally work with oil paints, you're sure to be satisfied by the pigment, texture, and consistent quality of this product. Buy it today to take advantage of the professional quality and great price!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/chrogreedeephue147.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|chroyellhue149||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Chrome Yellow Hue #149||WN1-25-149||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||When you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to supplies for your next project, turn to the ntrusted name for all things arts and crafts related- Winsor & Newton Artist's Oil Colors. ||

When you need a brilliant yellow color and shade that makes any project better than ever you need the 1.25 oz. Winsor & Newton  Artists' Oil Colors Chrome Yellow paint! Quality and excellence awaits you with all of the color options offered by W&N Artists' Oil Paints. This paint provides optimum color and brilliance and blends well with other colors so you get just the right look- no matter what project you are working on.

Take crafting projects to the next level with this paint today. You cannot go wrong with these smooth and even color and tones. 

Experience the amazing quality that Winsor and Newton offers for all art projects-whether big or small! Check it out today!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/chroyellhue149.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|chroxide459||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Chromium Oxide #459||WN1-25-459||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||As stunning and striking as it is, this splendid shade is a designer’s choice for many applications. Pleasing to the eye and a fitting choice for the most discriminating designer. With the correct amount of saturation and brightness, this shade can be used as is, or as a base color for other amazing creations!||

Its strong connotations and pleasing attributes combine to blend in perfectly with virtually any design to convey a powerful sense of balance and harmony. Use this shade to bring about positive emotions such as relaxing the stress of everyday life by reestablishing a sense of well-being and restoration. In addition, it brings about optimism and peace, making this a clear choice for expressing without words, the tendency to invite clarity and excellent judgment.

A perfect choice for your projects that need to stimulate the senses of love of friends, family and home, yet keeping a balanced relationship of stability and endurance!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/chroxide459.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cobblu178||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Blue #178||WN1-25-178||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This cobalt blue is a premium quality, traditional oil paint, perfect for intense skies and tempestuous oceans.||

Cobalt blue has a long and illustrious history. It is a very stable color (an aluminum-oxide, or cobalt aluminate) that was used by the Chinese as a coloring agent in their blue and white porcelain as early as the 8th century. It was discovered in its pure form in Europe in 1802 and was very popular as a substitute for the prohibitively expensive ultramarine pigment. It's often used to tint glass because of its ability to almost completely filter out yellow. Maxfield Parrish was famous for his use of cobalt blue, to the point that the color is sometimes known as Parrish blue. Today most cobalt blue comes from Norway or Germany, which is famous for its blaufarbenwerke (or blue color works) in the mountains of Saxony.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cobblu178.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cobbludeep180||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Blue Deep #180||WN1-25-180||||||56.750 ||34.050 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||1.5 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Blue Deep #180 brings the richness and calming influence of the ocean to your canvas.||

W&N Artists' Oil Colors are widely known in the world of artists for their pure and clear hues.  Ready for use out of the tube, these oil colors produce vibrant colors on canvas.  Cobalt Blue Deep #180 is a rich, deep blue that shines like a brilliant sapphire or a deep blue ocean.  The color is perfect for blending with white to lighten the blue or blending with black or grey to take the color over to a slightly different hue.  This cobalt blue is perfect to add to paintings to bring out the sky, oceans, lakes, flowers or stills with porelain containers.  And, don't forget how marvelous a cobalt blue sports car looks framed and hanging on the wall.  Deep blue is a long time color of royalty and will make any artwork appeal to the eye of the viewer.  Blues tend to exert peaceful and calming influences on the viewer, something that is quite useful  in art created for an office or living room.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cobbludeep180.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cobgree184||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Green #184||WN1-25-184||||||56.750 ||34.050 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||When you are looking for the perfect paint for your next project, turn to the name that artists have been trusting for years- W&N Artist's Oil Colors. ||

The perfect shade of grey can bring any project to life and add that soft and subtle shade of color that makes things pop! Quality, excellence, and affordability are the name of the game and that is exactly what you get with the W&N Artists' Cobalt Green Color Paint. 

Take crafting projects to the next level with the W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Green Color today. Whether you need base coats, accents, or a color to blend with other pallet choices, this is the best paint option out there. 

See for yourself why W&N Artists' Oil Colors is a brand that is trusted for art projects big and small! Add it to your cart and take your crafting project to the next level! 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cobgree184.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cobturq190||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Turquoise #190||WN1-25-190||||||56.750 ||34.050 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If you're looking for a deep, lush bluish hue with tints of turquoise to brighten its application, our Cobalt Turquoise oil paint option is a perfect choice!||

Our website offers quality instruments, tools, and work space items to assist in artist endeavors that will fit the needs of serious artists to the recreational student.  We offer educational and instruction DVDs and videos that can be utilized in the classroom or at home, always focusing on artist appreciation and an understanding of the history and creative process of art in our world.

In the context of oil paints, our website offers a variety of colors that can be used to mix and create just right hue for your liking.  Giving a slighter blue to the greenish turquoise element, Cobalt Turquoise can be used in a variety of ways to showcase its lush appearance.  We offer the oil paint in a 1.25oz tube that costs under ten dollars and is a perfect addition to any palette.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cobturq190.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cobvio192||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Violet #192||WN1-25-192||||||56.750 ||34.050 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This artist quality oil paint is a must for painting florals, landscapes or sunsets. The pigment-rich formula is emollient and rich, perfect for painting wildflowers, the shading of trees on a mountainside, or the violet hues of a darkening summer sky at sundown.||

Sweet is the scent of budding wildflowers, to which butterflies and honey bees flock.  See their bright yellow bodies flitting from purple petal to petal, pollinating as they go. A summer breeze gently blows and the tall grasses sway, the bright purple flowers moving with the wind as if part of a beautifully choreographed dance.

Perhaps the only competition for the wild flowers is the setting sun at the end of a long summer day. There again we see the majestic colors of nature, flooding our eyes and souls with our favorite hues of the season. Dusk comes, and we see violet again in the sleepy summer sky. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cobvio192.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|flakwhit1stif246||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Flake White 1 (Stiffer) #246||WN1-25-246||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Oil Colors Flake White is an excellent quality white oil paint, perfect for artists looking for a traditional alternative to other white paint.||

Flake White is a traditionally lead based based paint that is one of the oldest synthetic pigments. It was used by the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Chinese, and famously, by the ancient Athenians in their cosmetics. In fact, it was one of the only whites available until the 19th century (it was often used as a base coat or canvas primer) when its production and sale were severely limited due to its toxicity. Even with its scarcity, flake white is still in high demand. It has superb mixing qualities, pure whiteness and durability. Conservationists note that paintings with a using flake withstand time better than those without. Flake white also has the fastest drying time of all the whites, making it a good choice for certain techniques that require fast drying paints.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/flakwhit1stif246.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|foundwhit261||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Foundation White #261||WN1-25-261||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Use our foundation white for its quick-drying properties that is especially useful for priming and underpainting.||

Because of its short drying time, foundation white is ideal for underpainting because it can be used successfully in painting in layers without enduring long dry times. Its characteristics lend itself well in the preparation of the canvas by providing a robust foundation for the first few layers. This heavier foundation helps prevent cracks and allows for better adhesion of subsequent layers of paint. In addition, this allows for building structure to aid in crafting one-of-a-kind color combinations and effects.   

With lead white as the primary pigment, lead, zinc oxide, linseed and sand oil make up the ingredients for this popular choice among professionals and hobbyists alike. The flexibility, strength and quick-drying attributes make this a popular choice for the best results in the shortest time possible.

The beauty of underpainting using foundation white in the beginning is made more obvious by the color blending effects possible when painting in layers. The layers of paint won’t interfere with each other and will produce the desired effects that underpainting, when performed properly, can yield.   

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/foundwhit261.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|goldoch285||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Gold Ochre #285||WN1-25-285||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This specific color is so popular and versatile that even the first cave paintings used it.||

Gold Ochre is a pale yellow color that occurs in nature in a variety of ways. Perhaps this natural proliferation was the reason that many of the first cave drawings used this specific color. Horses, landscapes, and even skin could be represented through this versatile tone.

Ancient Egypt, a frequent user of the gold ochre color, believed that the gold color stood for an eternal and indestructible nature. Many ancient Egyptians believed that the bones of the gods were even made of gold. Using this gold color sparks the primal desire with all of us humans for opulence and building a legacy that will continue to last.

Paintings from caves, ancient Egyptians, ancient Romans, and ancient Greeks still continue to exemplify this excellent shade of pale yellow in a variety of eye catching forms.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/goldoch285.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|indanblu321||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Indanthrene Blue #321||WN1-25-321||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Use this blue hue to create an assortment of breathtaking portraits, from starry landscapes to evening skies!||

Although this paint is durable and cost-effective, its pragmatism should not distract from its simple charm and loveliness.

Its cool, soothing shade exudes a sensation of calmness, fostering an aura of contemplation and peace. It is a perfect choice for the painter looking to capture those special moments that make life precious:

With a hue as dark and elusive as sapphire, this paint adds mystery, tenderness, and a haunting sense of the unearthly. When applied to any painting, its unique color allows the piece to speak to viewers in an intimate way, striking that pulsating chord of universality that all artwork sparks within the human heart.

With this paint, artists will be able to congeal the majesty of nature within a single portrait! Obtain it now!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/indanblu321.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|iridwhite330||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Iridescent White #330||WN1-25-330||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If it is quality blending you seek, this dense, white pigment will provide just that. It is most effective when mixed with transparent colors for a satin finish and smooth texture with excellent longevity for any project.||||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/iridwhite330.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|ivobla331||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Ivory Black #331||WN1-25-331||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Add some affordable, genuine oil colors to your shopping cart today & experience the artistic improvement quality materials will bring tomorrow!||

Any artisan is only as good as their tools and materials allow them to be.  If you are looking for the right product to help you take that next step as an oil painter then Winsor & Newton artisan oil colors may be the medium you have been searching for.

Available immediately in affordably priced and packaged 1.25 oz. (37 ml) tubes, these water mixable oil colors will quickly make your creations pop like never before.  Deep and rich ivory black allows the artist to work within their medium in comfort with the assurance that Winsor & Newton oils are high quality, helping to give any work that professional feel.

Our products are backed by quality and years of service to the artist community.  Look no further than these high quality Winsor & Newton artist oil colors today.  The artist in you will thank us later.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/ivobla331.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|jaunbrill333||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Jaune Brilliant #333||WN1-25-333||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This shade has stunning qualities that surpass others in the same realm that appeals to the emotions and associates itself with prestige and sophistication.||

Among its attributes are optimism and positivity that correlate with heightened abundance, prosperity and quality. From all aspects, its traits denote a certain optimism linking it to affluence and extravagance that reaches beyond the ordinary and up to a level of higher standards, insight and perception.

The interpretation of this shade varies with brightness and saturation, but its entireness signifies success, warmth, confidence and passion that is unmatched. Use this shade to project an air of richness and prestige, or while allowing others to accompany it to produce an amazing effect of elegance limited only by the creativity of its designer.

With its innate ability to radiate a high level of energy simply by its very nature, the awesome power of this particular shade is unmatched and should be treated with a high degree of respect. It has its place when success and achievement must be conveyed, or where a certain feeling of abundance and prosperity is the main focus.  

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/jaunbrill333.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lampbla337||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Lamp Black #337||WN1-25-337||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Lamp Black is a rich blue-black with soft brownish overtones.||

A coalminer's daughter sees her daddy go down into the mines every day.  She is so happy to see his soot-covered face come home safely each night.  That soot is the color of lamp black. The love of this color comes from the deep meaning of its name.

Lamp black is the color made from the incomplete burning of kerosene, oil, coal-tar, fat, and oils. It is the color of the soot made on a wall near an old-fashion oil lamp.  Until electricity was available this was the main source of light.

Think about how it was for an artist in the pioneer days of America, such as Grandma Moses working late into the night on a painting, which has captured her heart.  She would be sitting in front of a fireplace, painting by the light of a kerosene lantern.  Or maybe she would be sitting in her rocking chair reading by the same light.  She would know the color of lamp black very well.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lampbla337.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lemyellhue347||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Lemon Yellow Hue #347||WN1-25-347||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Nothing invokes excitement like this lemony yellow, so blend some fun into everyday life by acquiring it soon!||

This color is loaded with bursts of snappy fun! Lively, bright, and warm, it gushes with a thriving energy that infuses life into every artistic design.

This particular paint seamlessly blends a harmony of varying yellow hues; its eye-popping lemony color hovers between the saucy shade of a banana and the gentle hue of whipped custard.

It is also pervaded with first-rate ingredients that give it many benefits:

With a bubbly, enthusiastic demeanor that seems to be the material representation of laughter, this color is sure to attract the attention of adults and children alike!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lemyellhue347.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|ligred362||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Light Red #362||WN1-25-362||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Light Red #362 borrows its shades from nature’s rich iron oxide, providing an earthy color that covers well and remains consistent when dry as well as freshly applied.||

With a name that has stood for quality for nearly two centuries, Winsor & Newton provides a rich, earthy red hue in 1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Light Red #362.  Borrowing its splendor from red iron oxide, the deep brick color’s cool undertones brings the richness of nature’s palette to mind. Versatile, it can stand on its own, or blend perfectly for varied skin tones. It can be found in relics dating back to ancient times, but it did not become popular until the 1700s. As a result of rigorous standards in the manufacturing process, this oil color provides a solid coverage that flows comfortably from the brush for the life of the tube. The color also remains consistent on the canvas over time. Its predictable integrity and consistent workability is perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/ligred362.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|mangbluhue379||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Manganee Blue Hue #379||WN1-25-379||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The intense blue of 1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Manganee Blue Hue #379 makes this reasonably priced artist oil color the perfect choice for a variety of artistic uses.||

W & N’s pigments have been manufactured with a strict adherence to established safety regulations. The high quality product, W&N Artists' Oil Colors Manganee Blue Hue, provides a range of blues in one tube, from the rich gem-like radiance of the deepest ocean to the breathtaking brilliance of a presunset sky. Its intense blue- green color makes it a bold statement on its own and is vivid enough not to be lost when blending with other colors. It has the radiance of the no longer produced Manganese Blue without the health risks that ceased its production. With a color that remains true from tube to tube, to the canvas, and over the life of the painting, Manganese Blue Hues Artists’ Oil Colors offer a product that is only available through the merging of genuine artistry and innovative technology.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/mangbluhue379.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|mauvblushade400||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Mauve Blue Shade #400||WN1-25-400||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Mauve blue is the natural color of spring, exuberance, and wild flowers.||

This fantastic color is an excellent method to depict a number of scenes. Many artists choose to blend in this color when showing the light breaking on dawn. Some artists may decide that the cool tones of this color make a perfect compliment to winter settings. Other artists may use this vibrant color to paint Irish wildflowers.

Whatever the intended purpose, this excellent color can be used in a variety of ways. Cool enough to be subtle while when paired with darker colors, can be make an painting project pop in new interesting ways. Some of the best blues are derived from this color and the color's use in fashion has been prevalent since the 1890's.  The color became so popular for fashion designers that a number of books were written, including one called "Mauve Decade".

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/mauvblushade400.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|napleyellig426||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Naples Yellow Light #426||WN1-25-426||||||10.450 ||6.270 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If you are looking for a quality oil color that will offer you consistency in both hue and application, look no further than Winsor & Newton Naples Yellow Light.||

Winsor & Newton has more than 170 years of experience in manufacturing, and their oil color is known for using the very best materials to produce the brightest, clearest, and most true-to-life colors. Winsor & Newton is known for finely grinding its pigments to produce its oil paints that are reliable in both their color consistency and smooth application.

Winsor and Newton's Naples Yellow Light is made through a mix of titanium white and chromium titanate to create this pigment. This particular oil color is incredibly opaque and maintains its tinting strength when it is mixed with white. Like other Winsor and Newton Artists' oil colors, it is permanent, but it will remain wet and soft for anywhere between two to twelve days, allowing artists time for reworking before it is dry to the touch.

This particular product comes in a 1.25 ounce, 37 mililiter, metal tube for easy use and with a screw-on cap to prevent the color from drying.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/napleyellig426.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|olivgree447||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Olive Green #447||WN1-25-447||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Add rich, lasting olive green color to any art project.||

Looking to add a touch of green to your project? Look no further. Coming from Winsor & Newton, a company long known for its high quality paints, the Artists' collection Olive Green is a must for any artist's palette. While the olive green shade is great on its own, the oil paint also blends well with other hues to create new shades and alternate colors. While many oil paints are created with multiple pigments, Winsor & Newton has a history of using just one for its paint products. This ensures vivid, lasting color that doesn't require an excess amount of mixing before use.

This oil paint stays wet and malleable for a long time after application, allowing for easy touch-ups and additions. Depending on the amount of coats applied, this paint will become dry to touch within two to 12 days.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/olivgree447.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|permalizcrimhue468||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Permanent Alizarin Crimson Hue #468||WN1-25-468||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The affordable price tag of these oils  makes the decision to purchase this deep rich red/magenta oil color an easy one.||

Winsor & Newton has dedicated itself to producing high quality oil colors to those in need for more than 175 years. Their continued success can largely be attributed to their attention to the voice of the public and a response that includes the continuation of the popular colors like the vibrant magenta Alizarin Crimson Hue. Originally used as a textile dye in the 1800s, this transparent color has a high degree of permanence in its mass tone and a moderate permanence when blended with a tint. It has a thickness straight from the tube that allows bold textures and strokes and that can be thinned to create a smooth gloss. This transparent oil color can be the deepest crimson/magenta and can be blended with tint to become a rich and vivid pink.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/permalizcrimhue468.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|permgree481||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Permanent Green #481||WN1-25-481||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This brilliant shade of green is perfect for rounding off any artist's pallete. Order today and add some life to paintings.||

This oil paint is a beautiful shade of green that's perfect for capturing the essence of the outdoors and works great for nature themed paintings. It's a deep green that can set the tone for backgrounds and can be used in combination with lighter shades for a beautiful contrast. Artists going for an earthy vibe will appreciate this color and the potential it has. Adding to a pallete creates plenty of color options and it can be lightened or darkened for a plethora of green hues. This product is marked to sell at a 40% discount, which means $5.72 off of normal retail value. The 1.25 oz. is also the perfect size to experiment with and can make a great addition to an artist's existing collection of oil paints.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/permgree481.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|permgreedeep482||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Permanent Green Deep #482||WN1-25permgree-482||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The superior paint quality and impactful color of Permanent Green Deep #482 is the perfect addition to every artist's collection, in effort to gain a full spectrum of colors in a palette.||

The professional artist, amateur student, or weekend hobbyist all recognize the superior paint quality and impactful color of Permanent Green Deep #482. This size offers the perfect amount of paint for conquering even the most demanding art projects. The ease of use and consistency of product makes predicting the reactive quality to other colors an easy task. The fact that W&N Artists' Oil Colors delivers a great quality paint at an affordable price, never sacrificing artistic integrity, makes it ideal for painters of all levels.

W&N Artists' Oil Colors offer a full line of complimentary colors to Permanent Green Deep #482, the diverse color scheme for all palettes. 

Whether you are looking for just one unique color or starting your paint collection from scratch, W&N Artists' Oil Colors is perfect for all your artistic needs.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/permgreedeep482.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|permgreelig483||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Permanent Green Light #483||WN1-25-483||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This type of paint has been used for centuries, and now every painter can obtain its power by ordering immediately!||

Sassy, chic, and ready to roll with the brushes, this paint brings personality to every blank canvas! By sporting a color that is simultaneously frisky and gentle, it flaunts a shade that blends sophistication with a hint of mischief.  

Pure oil paints reached popularity in the 17th century, and it’s not hard to see why; they may dry slowly, but these bad boys are capable of delivering outstanding results:

These paints are made from pigments that are suspended in drying oil, a blend that lends many advantages to the aspiring artist. They have been used to create masterpieces, and are considered by many to be a good choice for creating new artwork.

By displaying a playful little hue that nobody will forget, this dash of fresh peppermint lightness adds quality to every work of art, so purchase it today!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/permgreelig483.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|permmage489||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Permanent Magenta #489||WN1-25-489||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Every great artist owns a multitude of colors in their paint collection. This color does not deserve to be left out. Purchase today to add the right splash of magenta to your paintings. Hurry while supplies last, this is a popular color.||

The full spectrum of color is not complete with magenta. The high quality oil paints here are noticably a richer and substantive color. This has the potential to be utilized by the artist in many ways. There are variations of highlights and the mixing with complementary colors will achieve exctiing results. The most common way magenta is created is by combining red and blue. However, the perfect blend here is worth owning so that a consistent color can be maintained throughout the painting while offering a predictive reaction with other colors.

The key to creating great works of art is having fine tools and supplies, these paints meet those expectations and this color will definitely satisfy you.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/permmage489.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|permmauve491||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Permanent Mauve #491||WN1-25-491||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Winsor and Newton Permanent Mauve is a superior quality oil paint in a light, gentle grayish pink.||

Mauve is a synthetic pigment that was first discovered by accident in 1856. William Henry Perkin was looking for a synthetic version of quinine when he noticed that the residue produced a stable, semi-permanent purple dye. At the time, purple dye was created by using glandular mucus produced by a type of mollusk and was quite expensive. The fact that mauve could be mass produced in an economical way meant that it quickly surpassed other purples in use. The color became so popular amongst the upper classes in Europe and America (it was a favorite of Queen Victoria and the Empress Eugenie) that the 1890s are known as the "Mauve Decade." Today the color mauve is a pale purple with some grayish hues, and it is often used in stage decorating to depict sunsets.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/permmauve491.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|permrose502||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Permanent Rose #502||WN1-25-502||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Achieve the quality of work you aim for with quality art supplies. This oil color is a quality paint that can be mixed with other colors to achieve all traditional oil painting techniques and styles. ||

With this product, you will get the flexibility and ability to apply as you would an oil, but can soften the medium as you would a water color, allowing for more variety in your creativity. This paint quality is one of the best you will find!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/permrose502.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|pewter511||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Pewter #511||WN1-25-511||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This paint provides a fascinating blend of subtly and fierceness, so purchase it right away!||

Although some would label pewter as a dull color, every serious artist knows that this is far from the truth. After all, subtly is just as crucial to art as vibrancy, and the heart and soul of a painting often depend on seemingly “dull” shades.

In any work of art, vitality is interwoven through a tapestry of refined colors before it finally blossoms into a unique image. This particular paint assists artists in their most ambitious creations, channeling a broad spectrum of ideas into reality by offering the following:

This shade can also adapt to a large range of projects, moving from gentle to tumultuous in a matter of seconds. Whether it is added to other colors or just left alone to work its shadowy magic, this paint will add depth to every piece! Order now before it disappears!

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/pewter511.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|prusgree540||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Prussian Green #540||WN1-25-540||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' offer an earthy hue in the form of Prussian Green Oil Paint that is a deeper shade of green without the brightness to scatter its lush nature.||

W&N Artists' offer a wide variety of hybrid colors that can be mixed to fit any task from creative to artistic, from menial to massive.  Whether the needs fit the amateur or the professional, W&N has your interest in mind and offers a strong oil paint that fit for any job.

One of the most endearing color is that of the Prussian Green.  With a deeper shade of green, alike to that of an emerald or a dense forest under a gray sky, Prussian Green is perfect for a grayer, more earthy look.   Typically a mixture of Prussian Blue and a transparent yellow and mostly void of a bright tint, Prussian Green can be mixed and blended easily to fit your specific needs.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/prusgree540.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rengold573||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Renaissance Gold #573||WN1-25-573||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W & N’s Renaissance Gold Artists’ Oil Color offers a consistently high quality product that exudes the warmth of old gold without emptying the wallet.||

With a name that has become synonymous with reliable quality, Winsor & Newton offers the Artists’ Oil Color Renaissance Gold. Replete with the subtle lustrous glow of gold that only comes after a rich history, this radiant selection attributes its luster to mica coated with titanium oxides and iron oxides. After almost two centuries of producing exemplary art supplies, Winsor & Newton combines age old artistry, cutting edge technology, and adherence to established manufacturing regulations to produce a smooth oil color that can be used directly from the tube for a deeper texture, or thinned for a smooth gloss. This partially opaque oil color consistently holds its rich tones from its first introduction to the canvas, through the drying process, and throughout the life of the work. Its affordable price tag makes it an optimum choice for the seasoned professional as well as the enthusiastic beginner. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rengold573.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rosedore576||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Rose Dore #576||WN1-25-576||||||56.750 ||34.050 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Windsor and Newton Artists’ Oil Colors: Rose Dore Windsor and Newton is recognized in the industry for providing the highest quality oil paint. They utilize the highest quality pigments and are manufactured to the highest standard of quality.||

 Windsor and Newton is recognized in the industry for providing the highest quality oil paint. They utilize the highest quality pigments and are manufactured to the highest standard of quality. 

Rose Doré is a unique, burgundy/magenta color that is created from the madder root. Its waxy, transparent color offers depth and contrast to any subject matter, making it very popular with oil painters all over the world.  Windsor and Newton still uses the traditional process to create this specialist color, which requires plenty of patience and experience. Rose Doré, just like rose madder, uses lake of natural madder to create its one of a kind color, which cannot be duplicated by mixing other, more common paints.  Windsor and Newton is one of only a handful of companies that continue to make and offer this highly popular paint color through their signature 5 series paint collection.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rosedore576.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rosemaddeep585||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Rose Madder Deep #585||WN1-25-585||||||56.750 ||34.050 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A color first invented by ancient Egyptians, rose madder makes an excellent red pigment middle ground.||

Rose madder has a fantastic and long record of use. Rose madder has been used by the very top of ancient Egyptian nobility, including Pharaoh Tutankhamun, for a variety of reasons. The pink shade produced has an excellent light fastness. Rose madder is also considered a transparent, non-staining shade which makes blending on the canvas much easier. This combination of features made rose madder the principal red color until 1868 when synthetic reds began to saturate the market.

This pink product can easily be enhanced through several coats. This paint's first coat starts with a light and breezy pink shade. However, through a repetition of coats, passion and nobility can be represented with darker shades of red. This flexibility allows an artist to reflect the exact shade of red they desire.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rosemaddeep585.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rosemadgen587||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Rose Madder Genuine #587||WN1-25-587||||||56.750 ||34.050 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Rose Madder Genuine #587 is a high quality transparent color of the deepest, truest pink at an affordable price. ||

Winsor & Newton has garnered a reputation for fine artists’ oils by manufacturing exemplary colors for more than one and a half centuries. Guided by elevated safety standards regarding ingredients and production, state of the art technological advances, and intrinsic artistic inspiration, Winsor & Newton answers the call for a reasonably priced high quality product. Rose Madder Genuine borrows its hue from ancient Egypt, and it can range from the deepest red with violet undertones when used alone, or morph into a soft lavender/pink when mixed with a tint. Formulated to dry slowly enough to permit the retouching of a completed project, the oil color eventually dries to a near permanent state, far surpassing comparable colors of the past. At a competitive price that leaves money in the wallet for other pursuits, Rose Madder Genuine offers the perfect world, with a balance between common sense, safety, economy, and artistic endeavors.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rosemadgen587.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|sapgree599||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Sap Green #599||WN1-25-599||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Windsor and Newton is recognized in the industry for providing the highest quality oil paint. They utilize the highest quality pigments and are manufactured to the highest standard of quality. ||

Windsor and Newton Artists’ Oil Colors: Sap Green - Windsor and Newton is recognized in the industry for providing the highest quality oil paint. They utilize the highest quality pigments and are manufactured to the highest standard of quality. 

Sap green is a mid range green that is favored by many oil painters, especially those who specialize in landscape painting.  Sap Green is a warmer green, offering a yellow undertone that was originally a lake pigment made from the juice of Buckthorn berries, however today’s sap green is created from a blend of other dyes, including phtalocyanine.  Regardless of which process is used to create this rich pigment, it remains a staple in the palette of oil painters across the globe. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/sapgree599.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|scarlake603||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Scarlet Lake #603||WN1-25-603||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||With a brilliant flash of permanent dramatic color 1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Scarlet Lake #603 makes a bold statement in an oil color that offers affordable high quality.||

Following an almost two century tradition, Winsor & Newton again offers an artists’ oil color of exemplary quality with a reasonable price tag. Each color is approached with artistic inspiration, technological knowhow, and ideal production standards. As one of their many individually created pigments, Scarlett Lake is true to the drama of its name with a spectacular flash of daring red with yellow undertones. With remarkable permanence, this oil color has been used in a variety of manufactured products. It has a workable texture straight from the tube for bold brush strokes and texture, or it can be thinned for a smoother finish. An excellent choice for an interested amateur, a budding hobbyist, or a seasoned professional, Scarlett Lake is a must have choice for a complete palette selection.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/scarlake603.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|silver617||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Silver #617||WN1-25-617||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Bring the metallic sheen of silver into your oil work.||

Sparkling blue ocean or twinkling stars-- silver brings the magic of reflected light into your piece to make it shine. This silver is light and very shiny, making it excellent for highlights on any color. Its hue most closely resembles lightly sun-bleached stone or gray hair.

Add glitz and glam to a ballroom scene or a portrait, painting dresses and jewelry in rich detail. Spread glittering fairy dust over fantastical landscapes brimming with charm. Create a sense of real daylight in scenes by painting stones shimmering in the sun. Silver is also excellent for painting subjects that have to do with technology and the future, significant wealth, or feminine power.

Silver represents balance and justice, but also cold and dullness. This versatile silver can be used to add an exciting flash or as a muted tone in a colorless world.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/silver617.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|tragoldochre646||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Trans Gold Ochre #646||WN1-25-646||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Gold Ochre #646 from Winsor and Newton provides a warm, rich hue that can enhance any oil paint rendering. The consistency of the oil paint makes the color stand out against bolder shades.||

The gold ochre hue has a touch of brown that is perfect for an oil painting that depicts items in nature that are similar to this shade. Gold is a color that represents relaxation and personal power, so this hue can assist an oil painter in conveying these principles in an artistic work. This modern interpretation of the gold color can easily make artwork that features similar or contrasting colors visually appealing. The oil paint comes in a tube that fits well in an art supply case. The shape and size of the tube also keeps the paint in great condition for an extended period of time, so the paint won't dry before the tube of paint is finished.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/tragoldochre646.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|transyell653||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Transparent Yellow #653||WN1-25-653||||||35.250 ||21.150 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||When you need high-quality supplies for your next painting or craft project, turn to Winsor & Newton Artist’s Oil Colors, it’s the name you can trust. ||

The perfect shade of yellow can take an ordinary piece of art and bring it to life. This 1.25 oz. W&N Artists’ Oil Colors Transparent Yellow #653 is a must have for any true oil painter who loves the idea of vibrant colors that can catch the audiences eye. This particular shade of yellow brings a unique flare, and a certain pop to its pieces. It’s especially good for deep nature pieces that want to capture a different shade of colors. Transparent Yellow #653 is a superb choice to capture the essence of the outdoors. It can be used combined with lighter greens and blues for a gorgeous contrast. Its potential is strong, and will mix beautifully with lighter or darker yellow hues.

The 1.25 oz. tube keeps the paint inside tight with an airtight seal. It’s pure, rich, and high-quality oil that produces brilliance and blends well with accents, base coats, and other pallets. You can’t go wrong with Winsor & Newton’s various tones for all crafting projects. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/transyell653.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|ultravio672||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Ultra Violet #672||WN1-25-672||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Get ready to be impressed by this radiant shade of violet. This is a truly expressive tone that speaks volumes on the canvas. If you are looking to spice up the colors in a painting, this is a great choice.||

Ultra Violet is a pigment that will jump of the page and instantly translate meaning to spectators. The ability to portray emotion by using color, tones, texture, and size is an aim amongst many artists. Certainly the types of colors and quality of oil based paints is a worthy consideration to achieve that goal. Selecting a W&N paint and going with an impactful Ultra Violet is a perfect way to strike an emotional chord.

The greatness of this color will be developed and expressed differently by each artists; however, because it is made from the finest oils it has the ability to react diversely and be durable to the needs of each artist.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/ultravio672.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|virigree692||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Viridian Green #692||WN1-25-692||||||35.250 ||19.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Winsor and Newton Viridian Green is a superior quality, traditional oil paint in a deep, jewel-toned green.||

Viridian Green (also known as Guignet's Green) is an inorganic pigment made from hydrated chromium oxide. The process by which it was created was initially kept secret, but it was eventually patented in 1859. Viridian quickly became popular due to its deep color, stability, permanence, and non-toxicity. Viridian Green is a very deep, cool, blue green that can be too intense for many artists. However, it is a very popular color for mixing. Mixing Viridian with earth tones like yellow ochre can create unique, subtle, warm organic greens. Viridian can also be mixed with Alizarin for dark grey hues, and violets for shades of blue-black. The lack of yellow in Viridian makes it ideal for mixing muted gray greens, which are especially appropriate when painting the American Southwest.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/virigree692.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winblugreeshade707||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Blue/Green Shade #707||WN1-25-707||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Time to finish that blue/green seascape painting with Winsor shade #707.||

As blue/green as the Caribbean sea, this economically priced oil color easily cleans up with soap and water as soon as the next masterpiece is finally finished.  An oil color unmatched in quality and price, this 1.25 oz tube of Winsor blue/green is the perfect addition to any artist's palette for a great, low price with guaranteed satisfaction.  A pure pigment of the finest oil paint, Winsor blue/green 707 adds pizzaz and lustre to the oil paintings of both beginner and novice.  Pick up a tube today and enjoy the artist's lucid dream of creation. Swim through the deep waves of the ocean or just make the next masterpiece come alive with this top-notch, high quality oil color created by a trusted company that makes the world's finest paints and painting accessories.  

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winblugreeshade707.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winbluredshade706||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Blue/Red Shade #706||WN1-25-706||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Get the flexibility and quality you desire with this striking blue paint.||

This stunning blue color with red undertones provides maximum support and flexibility for all of your paintings.  Whether you are new to oil painting or have been working with oils for a long time, this trustworthy color from Winsor & Newton gives you as the artist the characteristics you need in your paint.  Promising purity, Winsor & Newton will give you the best tints to all of your favorite colors while not breaking the bank.

This oil color has specific properties giving it a strong red undertone which can be brought out using standard painting techniques.  Use this to create new colors and add depth to your art pieces with variations in your palette.  Admire the flexibility of this oil color as you bring life and dimension to all of your new works of art.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winbluredshade706.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|wineme70||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Emerald #708||WN1-25-708||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Slow drying 1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Emerald #708    is a strong green at a friendly price that can stand on its own or provide a base for a range of other greens.||

Developed in the early 1900s, Winsor & Newton’s oil color, Winsor Emerald is a versatile green and a valuable addition to any paint collection. Winsor & Newton’s exacting production process, from the milling of the color to the final packaging is carefully performed to abide by federal regulations and to live up to the trusted name. Slow drying Winsor Emerald is a transparent color that stands true through time, unchanging. It is a very strong color, perfect to be used as a base with a variety of greens, but it also performs well on its own and blended with tints. Its texture allows versatility in styles, adapting as well to a heavier look with strong palette strokes as it adapts to a smooth gloss finish when thinned.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/wineme70.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|wingree720||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Green #720||WN1-25-720||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Green #720 in 1.25 oz. is the paint product for artistic perfection.||

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colors are a high quality product widely loved by amateur, expert, and professional painters. Pure pigment formulation of 119 colors from a spectrum of 80 single pigments, 1.25 oz. Winsor Green #720 is just one in a product line of paints most suited for artists seeking fast drying oils. Suitable for painting in any climate, oil colors optimize the stability and strength of artistic production.  

Works requiring an extended time for paint application benefit from Winsor & Newton oil colors. Risk-free in pigment application and outcome, high quality oils create the conditions for optimal artist control during the entire process.

Experience the creamy consistency and plastic texture of Winsor & Newton oil colors. Ideal for stroke retention, Winsor & Newton oil paints are applicable with a brush or palette according to preference. Whether seeking a thin glaze or a chunky effect, oil paints are the perfect product for surface sheen. For beautiful, stiff and uniform results every time, use Winsor & Newton oil colors. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/wingree720.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|wingreeyellshade721||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Green/Yellow Shade #721||WN1-25-721||||||13.900 ||6.950 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A green/yellow shade that will bring the cheerfulness of yellow into your green colored art projects.||

A fantastic shade of green.  This green is made with the finest ingredients and is one of the purest hues of green/yellow that you can buy.  Using are base green, the deep green color is lightened by adding yellow hues.  This makes for a shade of green that is excellent for providing several shades of green when painting leaves or creating shadow or other light changes in an art project.  This shade of green blends in well with projects that project prominent yellows and oranges.  It also stands out when used a color for ceramics, accessories or mosaics.  This hue is also strong enough to blend well with white or black and still keep its green yellow color.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/wingreeyellshade721.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winlem722||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Lemon #722||WN1-25-722||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Lemon #722 provides artists with a strong transparent yellow that can be used for a variety of purposes at a reasonable price that makes its purchase a simple and easy choice.||

Inspired by artists, the popular manufacturer of artists’ oil colors, Winsor & Newton, has been supplying artistic needs for more than 175 years.  Determined to approach each color individually, the company has achieved long standing success with well received products and colors like Winsor Lemon. True to its name, the oil color mirrors the vivid yellow of the fruit’s rind in a transparent color that remains consistent when it is blended with tints. From the tube, its consistency shows off brush and palette strokes, but it is also an excellent glaze when it is thinned. With a drying time that is on the slow side, its color is fairly permanent, especially if the artist is working with lighter shades. Its affordable price makes it an ideal choice for any artistic endeavor.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winlem722.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winora724||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Orange #724||WN1-25-724||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This is a must have shade of orange for even the most diverse paint collection. Time to take a risk and be pleasantly surprised with this bold line of orange. It is sure to put a little pop into any oil painting.

This is a strong orange color with clean tones to punctuate the vibrant elements of this pigmentation. Orange in this shade is ideal for landscape works, urban vistas, and even for portraits. It offers a fantastic tone that is produced in nature - the variations can be seen in the changing of the leaves in fall. Enjoy the quality and consistency of this oil based orange color, offering a useful product that is easy to utilize in any project.

Looking for the next big color to define a style?

Orange is the new black and will most definitely be noticed on the canvas.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winora724.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winreddeep725||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Red Deep #725||WN1-25-725||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||W&N Artists' Oil Colors is a brand that is trusted for art projects big and small! No matter what your needs are, this is one preoduct that is worth every cent spent. Discover the name that is trusted by thousdnads of artists- from beginner to pros!||

W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Red Deep brings an intense splash of color that makes ama amazing accent for any arts or crafts project and helps bring  vibrancy to your work. Made from only the finest of products and materials W&N exemplifies quality and excellence in each and every tube. W&N insures its quality standards are upheld with each product and you will not regret choosing the Windsor Red Deep color for your painting needs.

Any project can be made better and any project is only as strong as the materials used- and these paints are top notch quality! Discover for yourself how creative you can be and where your imagination can take you with W&N Artists' Oil Colors at your disposal. 

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winreddeep725.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winred726||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Red #726||WN1-25-726||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Don't hesititate to purchase this amazing quality oil paint, it is just what you have been searching for online. You will be delivered and enjoy this high quality oil paint with rich tones, deep colors that will last a lifetime. This bold red color is sure to impact your art.||

Our oil paint is the highest quality on the market, offering a durable and responsive paint perfect for any artist - professional or hobbyist. Red is a diverse color tone that works very well on its own or in conjunction with other palettes. This is ideal for artist working in abstract art, realism, modern art, or traditional landscapes. In fact, this tone of red is fantastic for creating dramatic sky colors as seen in nature during a romatic sunset.

Serious about painting? This oil paint is the only option to consider; a noticable difference the moment the oil hits the canvas.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winred726.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winviodio733||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Violet Dioxazine #733||WN1-25-733||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Artists seeking a very dark to mid-level shade of violet that lasts will enjoy using this oil paint from Winsor & Newton.||

Good shades of violet are historically hard to come by. They must be mixed from other colors, and many pre-made violet paints do not last well once applied. But while many artists have given up on buying violet paints, oil enthusiasts need not resort to finding alternatives. This violet dioxazine (also known as "dioxazine purple") from renowned art supply manufacturer Winsor & Newton is a strong, reliable tint of violet that can be expected to last permanently once it dries. Left undiluted, this color is a dark purple that can be used as a substitute for black. Nevertheless, like most Winsor & Newton oils the violet dioxazine can also be easily mixed and lightened to various shades, usually mid-level purples.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winviodio733.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winyell725||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Yellow #730||WNyellow1-25-730||||||11.800 ||4.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Trusted for over 170 years, Winsor & Newton products provide the artist with the purest and finest of oil paints in the world.||

Winsor & Newton oil colors have been providing artists of all levels a choice of 120 quality oil paints. Over the tests of time, artists have continuously trusted their most precious pieces to the Winsor & Newton brand name.  These oil paints are the world's best while they reliably offer quality rich pigments of crisp color.  

The continuous importance of Winsor & Newton's infamous quality control during the many phases of manufacturing has pushed their brand above all of their competitors.  Winsor & Newton gather and use the best available raw materials for all of their 120 color collection, many of them only be made of one single pigment.  The use of a single pigment of color ensures purity and the best possible mix of colors.  

The superb handling and manipulation of the Winsor & Newton oil paint allows the color on canvas to remain pliable several days after application.  

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winyell725.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|winyelldeep730||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Yellow Deep #731||wnwinyelldeep731||||||14.300 ||8.580 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Are you looking for that perfect hue of yellow? Winsor Yellow Deep #731 is ideal for a balanced yellow to transition other colors or provide the subtle impact used by itself.||

The 1.25 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Yellow Deep #731 is an obvious choice for artist focused on either realism, abstracts, or pop art. This shade of yellow fantastically reflects light to both reveal the soft nature and organic qualities of the paint. This color is also best utilized in mixtures with other tones to achieve a custom hue that mirrors the shades in nature. In an attempt to inrease the versatility of an artist, W&N offers so many wonderful variations of yellow to meet the artist's needs. Yellow is one of the primary colors and the uniqueness of this particular tone is a nice touch to an often muted and unnoticable paint color.

||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/winyelldeep730.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49926||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||10 Employability Attributes and Skills (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49926||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Learn the five core attributes and five core skills that make job seekers more effective and employable when they go to work. This is a perfect program for new job seekers as well as those who are looking to change careers. It is also a good program for recruiters to advise their clients with. (14 minutes)

Segments in this video include:
  • Personal Presentation and Positive Work Ethic (02:30) – The first attribute is personal presentation. Your appearance matters a lot. The second important attribute is a positive work ethic. You need to have a consistently positive attitude at work no matter what happens. Eve Ash, a psychologist, explains these attributes.
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem and Enthusiasm & Motivation (02:21) – The third attribute is self-esteem and confidence, and the fourth attribute is motivation and enthusiasm. Both of these attributes will help an employee perform much better and also help with attaining the job.
  • Adapts and Manages Pressure (01:37) – Attribute five is about managing pressure and adapting.
  • Communication & Teamwork/Problem-Solving and Initiative (02:53) – Five skill sets are listed by Eve Ash including teamwork skills, problem solving skills, and more.
  • Planning, Organization, and Technology(02:03) – Some more skills include planning and technological savvy.
  • Ability to Learn (02:05) – Eve Ash suggests different steps that job seekers can take to accept learning requirements, and learning takes both planning and time. Peter Quarry gives an overview of the five skill sets that were discussed in the program.

    10 Employability Attributes and Skills
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-935-3
  • Run Time: 14 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2007
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-62290-935-3||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49898||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-essential-interviewing-skills-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||10 Essential Interviewing Skills (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49898||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Discover how to successfully accomplish your interviewing goals with psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry||Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry discuss the interview process and the best ways in which to obtain the information you need. The interview process serves a number of different purposes, including employee selection, market research and journalistic investigation. Ash and Quarry outline ten ways to achieve your specified goals. The steps explained include 1) prepare logistics, such as determining the best time and place; 2) determine structure and questions, such as understanding open vs. closed questions; 3) build rapport, such as using correct body language; 4) outline structure and process, such as stating your purpose; 5) encourage participation, such as using silence to give the person space; 6) establish facts, such as confirming information; 7) control the interview, such as managing any sidetrack conversation; 8) listen actively, such as using summarization; 9) make judgments, such as suspending first impressions; and 10) wrap-up, such a providing feedback.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-907-0||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49899||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-essential-reception-skills-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||10 Essential Reception Skills (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49899||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Receptionists are the face and first impression for a business. That is why it is so important for receptionists to develop vital skills in how they greet and receive new clients.||As with people, businesses need to make a good first impression, and it is a business's reception desk that offers that first glimpse to customers of a business's professionalism and overall customer service. Clients will make their judgments based on the quality of a business's reception.  This video offers you ten vital skills that every business receptionist should not only know but master to ensure that a company's first impression is a good one. The film will instruct viewers on how their own appearance, tone and attitude can influence a client's feelings toward the business. It will also demonstrate how the office's appearance in terms of cleanliness and organization can leave customers with a good impression.

    This video also goes a step further into teaching other strategies that offer a little extra touch, including keeping wait times to a minimum and acknowledging multiple customers at once. The program also explains how pet peeves can affect how a receptionist may interact with clients and how a receptionist can try to keep from allowing these irritants to grow into something intolerable.

    This video has a run time of 14 minutes and is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Additional materials to accompany the video can be printed or viewed online.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-908-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49900||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-essentials-for-successful-induction-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||10 Essentials for Successful Induction (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49900||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Ensure every employee has a positive induction into your company by watching this video on the Ten Essentials for Successful Induction.||Everyone remembers starting a new job, some good experiences and others were very bad experiences. Induction is what establishes the tone for your employee’s incorporation into the company. This short video talks about the steps necessary to ensure the induction will be a good one, including steps that are often overlooked. In this 15 minute video, viewers will learn the ten essentials needed for a successful orientation.

    Some of the topics that are covered by the experts include giving a warm welcome, ensure a productive workplace, introduction to key personnel, covering the background to the company, teaching the policies and regulations, covering the goals and direction of the company, and talking about the job itself. In addition, viewers will learn how to incorporate training of the job position, but also how to use the IT department. Meaningful work needs to begin at the start of the job, and that is only possible with knowledgeable employees. Educational materials are available to view and print online.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-909-4||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49941||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-healthy-work-habits-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||10 Healthy Work Habits (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49941||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Healthy habits are a must for bthe workplace. Not only witll they have a positive impact on the employee or manager adopting these habits, but they can have an impact on the flow of the business.||In nearly anything a person does, a healthier habit is always the recommended course. These are the behaviors that are not only easiest to maintain in the long-run but are better for a person's health, attitude, or business. That is no different when it comes to a person's business. Keeping a healthy habit in the workplace can have a positive influence on who anyone at the business, from employee to manager to CEO. Peter Quarry, psychologist, offers to viewers ten healthy habits to provide better workplace performance. These include eating well, thinking healthy, fighting against computer fatigue, talking to someone, managing conflict successfully, and more.

    This program has additional educational materials that are viewable and/or printable online. The run time is 17 minutes and it is closed captioned for the hearing impaired.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-776-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49927||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||communication-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-powerful-networking-skills-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||10 Powerful Networking Skills (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49927||bbc > documentaries > communication-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||To help ensure business success learn how to take advantage of this popular form of communication called networking and yield business growth and success.||10 Powerful Networking Skills (Enhanced DVD)>Teaches you to:

    Be authentic
    When you are yourself you can answer and mingle within conversations fairly easily.

    Be trustworthy
    If you make a promise make every effort to keep it.

    Be connected
    Aim to be someone others trust and rely on. This means people will look for you as someone to be connected with.

    Actively listen when someone is talking to you.

    Avoid being boring
    This happens when you talk too much about yourself. Try to engage the person you are talking to by asking them specific questions about them

    Make graceful exits
    You do not want to lose the connection so learn how to graciously move on and keep their contact information for future reference if needed.

    Be a regular
    Reach out with an email and take about a minute of their time to let them know you respect and have interest in what they do.

    Go easy online
    Networking online is different from live. Go easy and seek to just make a connection and not ask for anything.

    Know your audience
    Take time to know more about the person you want to network with. This lets you make the conversation about them not you.

    Talk Positive
    Use great customer service with a positive tone that makes them want to interact with you.

    Email professionally
    Professional people do business through email. It is a great way to make instant contact. Keep your emails short and to the point. Make sure the email is about them not you.

    10 Powerful Networking Skills (Enhanced DVD)||||||||||||||978-1-62290-936-0||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|medium-duty-stretcher-bar-10||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||||||||10" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890102||JR890102||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||3.700 ||1.890 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    High quality, durable 10" stretcher bars by BEST


    Manufactured by BEST, these 10" stretcher bars are more than just wood. The bars are manufactured with high quality White Pine that is kiln-dried for durability. Bonded with finger splicing to eliminate warping and ensure a strong and straight bar. The rounded back edge eliminates friction and holds your canvas 1/2" away from the bar. This distance prevents ghosting that may occur when using other stretcher bars.

    BEST canvas stretcher bars are designed to work with BEST cross braces. Corner keys will provide added stability. Pegs are not required for assembly but can be ordered if desired. Each 10" bar is sold individually.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/medium-duty-stretcher-bar-10.html||||||717304007085||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lightweightstretcherbar-10||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-10-11.png||||||10" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894003||JR-894003||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||2.000 ||1.090 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 10” BEST lightweight stretcher bar which is constructed from white pine. Lightweight bars are a good choice for smaller paintings. They are a great cost saver and a perfect choice for college students, new artists and for small canvases. Lightweight bars are good for light canvases as well, and you should not use them for large paintings. Keep in mind that BEST stretcher bars are cut 1/8” shorter than the listed measurement to ensure that the frame with the canvas will fit into a picture frame, because the canvas can add more width to the frame once it is stretched.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lightweightstretcherbar-10.html||||||717304008419||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49901||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-point-checklist-before-delivering-training-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||10-Point Checklist Before Delivering Training (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49901||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Successfully training employees can be a difficult task, but the ten steps provided in this video can make the process much easier and improve a business's future training sessions.||Whether new to a job or new to a task or system, almost every employee must go through some form of training and most business leaders and managers will need to lead or create appropriate training sessions for their employees or teams. Creating a training that runs smoothly while successfully providing all necessary information can seem an impossible task, but it doesn't need to be. This video provides ten steps that can help in the drafting of a business's next training session.

    This video discusses how the logistics of the session as well as the refreshments and the manner in which the session is presented can make an impact on how successful a training will be. Other tips are more expected, like the technology involved in the presentation, the training resources available, and how attendees are advised. This video provides advice on managing a training from start to finish and everything in between.

    This video has a run time of 16 minutes and is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Additional educational materials are available to view or print online.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-910-0||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49902||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/10-point-checklist-for-briefing-a-consultant-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||10-Point Checklist for Briefing a Consultant (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49902||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Seeking out a consultant is a great first step, but one of the more difficult aspects of hiring a consultant is effective briefing. This video offers tips to ensure success.||Many businesses seek out consultants to help resolve problems and bring innovative approaches to the organization in the business. Making the decision to contact a consultant is just the first step. business leaders should next analyze how they will brief a consultant to avoid unwanted surprises. One of the biggest focuses of the tips included in this video is having a realistic approach to briefing a consultant. That includes recognizing what is hype and what is reality about what the consultant can do and having achievable goals. Other tips include recognizing that a solution to a problem may not be the same as a particular outcome and how the corporate culture can affect the need for and work of a consultant. This video will also give tips on other, practical topics, like how to keep roles clear, now to discuss both time and cost, and how to prepare for problems as they appear.

    This video has a run time of 16 minutes and is closed captioned for the hearing impaired.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-911-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|48295||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||communication-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/100-years-of-hollywood-carl-laemmle-and-universal-studios-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||100 Years of Hollywood: Carl Laemmle and Universal Studios (Enhanced DVD)||FI-48295||bbc > documentaries > communication-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A necessity for the true Hollywood film buff!
    In the early 20th century German immigrant Carl Laemmle became a pioneer in the the birth of the film industry as we know it today. This dvd (chock full of rarely seen archival footage) shows us his growth into a Hollywood kingmaker. He began his work with film as a distributor on the east coast. This led to battles with Thomas Edison over patents. Edison was very diligent about protecting his inventions. A legal case ensued (secret)- Laemmle eventually won!

    He then decides to leave Chicago to open shop in the then rural, Hollywood land, in the state of California. He dreams were large and his ambition ample!

    The DVD chronicles his work with some famous names in early Hollywood, that film aficionado's will recognize, including Erich von Stroheim and Mary Pickford. He eventually founded what became the world famous- Universal Studios. It was originally called the Universal Film Manufacturing Company and was the biggest film studio in it's day.

    Some of the legendary productions Carl Laemmle had a hand in are:
    He received the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1930 for the classic, All Quiet on the Western Front. HIs studio, Universal, produced the very first horror movie that was a talkie- the original "Dracula," with Bella Lugosi at the helm. The DVD features among others, his relative- Carla Laemmle; Sarah Karloff and Bela Lugosi Jr. These children of renowned horror genre actors, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi Sr., shed light on information only they would have.
    Also included: actor John Malkovich and famed director Peter Bogdanovich.
    Not available in French-speaking Canada. (52 minutes)100 Years of Hollywood: Carl Laemmle and Universal Studios
    ||||||||||||||978-1-62102-683-9||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-108||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/108-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891046-5.png||||||108" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891046||JR-891046||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||60.000 ||34.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A BEST 108” heavy duty cross brace which is used to make canvas stretchers, and they add more stability to canvases and ensure that they don’t wear down or break over time. Cross braces prevent the long length of lumber from breaking or bowing over time, and they are important for protecting your artwork. BEST manufactures some of the highest quality cross braces available anywhere, and you can trust in the quality of these cross braces and the fact that they will protect your artwork for years to come. These are priced per strip.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-108.html||||||717304047791||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-115||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/115-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891120-5.png||||||115" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891120||JR-891120||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||63.400 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This heavy duty BEST 115” cross brace comes with cross brace brackets and is the perfect option to add more stability to your artworks. Cross braces are used with stretcher bars to stabilize canvases, and they are essential for your most valuable works. This is for a single cross brace and these cross braces are always recommended to be used when the canvas is larger than 36 inches in either direction. This cross brace is pre-notched so that a second cross brace can be easily added to add more stability.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-115.html||||||717304107723||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-117||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/117-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891122-5.png||||||117" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891122||JR-891122||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||63.400 ||44.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This BEST heavy duty 117” cross brace is designed to improve the stability of your canvas, and it is often necessary to install one or two cross braces when your canvas is at least 36 inches in either direction. Adding cross braces to your work can make it last longer and improve its durability. These are used with stretcher bars to stabilize and support your artwork. They are pre-notched so that you can easily add a second cross brace when it is necessary. The wood used for these cross braces is of the highest quality and designed for longevity.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-117.html||||||717304107730||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|giuseppe-verdi||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||music-videos||||||||11811 Giuseppe Verdi Video DVD||FI-11811||bbc > music-videos||||149.950 ||139.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Prolific and creative composer Guisseppe Verdi is chronciled in an exciting film that contains archival footage, and highlights many of his best operas.||Giuseppe Verdi. Drawing from both the bliss of loving marriages and wonderful children, and the advertisity of losing those he loved to death, Guiseppe Verdi created some of the most memorable and poignant operas know. This stunning film which blends photos, rare recordings, archival footage and re-enactments creates the varied and wonderful world that influenced him. From his early success, with Nabucco written at the age of eighty to his last triumph, Falstaff, that concluded fifty-five years of a prolific career. Excerpts from these operas as well, as his well known operas Rigoletto, Macbeth, La Traviata, Aida, and Othello make this a musically divine film. Much of the footage is drawn from National Institute of Verdi Studies and La Scala Opera Theatre. (53 minutes)

    View a Preview Clip||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/giuseppe-verdi.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|12assorted-color-professionalpermalba-oils150ml||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||permalba-brush||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/12-assorted-color-professional-permalba-oils-150ml-9.png||||||12 ASSORTED COLOR PROFESSIONAL PERMALBA OILS 150ML||WA-1275||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > lipa > palettes > stqusipr > quwabl > watcolpap > fsibrsi > risy90rosean > brushes > permalba-brush||||399.990 ||299.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||12 ASSORTED COLOR PROFESSIONAL PERMALBA OILS 150ML. 12 Giant 150ml Tube Value Set features a super value in Professional Permalba® Oil Colors, organized into 1 each of top selling colors! Includes: Original White, Black, Cadmium Yellow Med., Cadmium Orange, Cerulean Blue Genuine, French Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson Permanent, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Sap Green Permanent, and Dioxazine Purple. Made in the USA.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/12assorted-color-professionalpermalba-oils150ml.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Permalba||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar12||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/12-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890103-5.png||||||12" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890103||JR890103||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||3.950 ||1.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    The BEST 12” Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar is manufactured with the demanding requirements of the professional in mind.


    These stretcher-bars are designed so the canvas is kept at ½” from the stretcher. This prevents “ghost” impressions in the canvas. The rounded back edge of the bar prevents surface friction and allows for a smoother and tighter draw of the canvas. This produces that all-important smooth and even painting surface. 

    Features of the BEST Medium Duty Stretcher Bar:

    Here's what others are saying about the BEST Medium Duty Stretcher Bar:

    “When I opened these stretcher bars I was immediately impressed with the quality and design. (and I am very fussy).”

    “Good weight - not too heavy but thick enough for good side view of canvas.”

    “This was my first time stretching my own canvas and these bars are heavy enough to withstand a staple gun. It was easy to assemble with the slots built in.

    Built of sturdy and solid kiln-dried white pine. Tighten your canvas without warping and flexing. Works perfectly with a staple gun.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar12.html||||||717304007092||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lightweightstretcherbar-12||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-12-9.png||||||12" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894005||JR-894005||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||2.200 ||1.190 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 12” BEST lightweight stretcher bar created from high quality white pine. White pine is an affordable wood which is also strong and durable, and A perfect stretcher bar for lightweight paintings. Pine is a sustainable wood, and there is a larger quantity of thin pine available in the shorter length. A good choice for new artists, students, and for smaller works that don’t need strong stretcher bars. Not for use on large canvases. BEST stretcher bars are cut 1/8” shorter than the measure that is listed to ensure that the canvas can fit into a photo frame. Stretching the canvas adds extra width to the frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lightweightstretcherbar-12.html||||||717304084741||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-121||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/121-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891125-5.png||||||121" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891125||JR-891125||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||66.800 ||44.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A single 121” BEST cross brace, and these cross braces are designed for large paintings. Large or oversized canvases need cross braces to stabilize them and ensure that they maintain their durability throughout time. If you have one dimension of your canvas that is at least 36” you will want to purchase an appropriately sized cross brace. This heavy duty cross brace is designed for heavy canvases, and it comes pre-notched so that it is easy to add a second. Constructed from the highest quality wood and designed to last for several years with proper care.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-121.html||||||717304074124||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-125||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/125-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891149-5.png||||||125" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891149||JR-891149||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||66.800 ||44.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 125” BEST cross brace which is designed to be used with BEST stretcher bars. This heavy duty cross brace is designed to withstand heavy weight, and it is very durable. You will need cross braces when your canvas is 36 inches or longer in height or length. Cross braces prevent the lumber in your canvas from bending and bowing over time. Comes with a bracket set for free, and it is an excellent tool to protect your artwork. Pre-notched so that you can add a second cross brace when needed.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-125.html||||||717304107778||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-126||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/126-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891126-5.png||||||126" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891126||JR-891126||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||67.950 ||44.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A BEST 126” heavy duty cross brace which is constructed from high quality hardwood. It is a very durable cross brace and it is used to protect the wood in your canvas and prevent it from bowing over time. This cross brace comes with a bracket set which is used to install the cross brace. A great way to protect your art, and built with the commitment to quality that BEST has for all of its art and canvas products. Add a second cross brace easily as these come pre-notched.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-126.html||||||717304107785||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-128||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/128-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891132-5.png||||||128" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891132||JR-891132||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||69.100 ||44.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A BEST 128” heavy duty cross brace which is used to protect your canvas and add more stability and support to them. A cross brace is necessary normally when you canvas is greater than 36 inches in one or more dimensions. Heavy duty to support heavy canvases and for more durability. This cross brace will improve your canvas and ensure that it withstands the test of time. Built from high quality hardwood that is durable and damage resistant. Comes pre-notched to conveniently add a second cross brace when needed.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-128.html||||||717304107808||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-129||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/129-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891133-5.png||||||129" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891133||JR-891133||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||69.100 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 129” BEST heavy duty cross brace is used with BEST stretcher bars and adds more stability to your canvas. It is normally used when the height or length of your canvas is 36 inches or more. It adds support to your canvas so that it doesn’t bow or bend over time. Without adding a cross brace your canvas made end up bowing, as the lumber may need the extra support that cross braces provide. When you are hanging your painting for a long period of time you should definitely consider installing cross braces.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-129.html||||||717304107815||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-130||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/130-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891134-5.png||||||130" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891134||JR-891134||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||69.100 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 130” BEST heavy duty cross brace which is intended for use with BEST stretcher bars. It is made from high quality hardwood and used when one dimension of your artwork is 36 inches or more in length or height. Adds extra stability to your canvas, and is especially important to use if you want to hang your canvas. Protects your artwork from bowing. Made from high quality hardwood that is durable and will withstand wear and tear. A great choice for any artist who wants to protect their work and keep it looking great.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-130.html||||||717304107822||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-131||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/131-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891135-5.png||||||131" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891135||JR-891135||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||69.100 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 131” BEST heavy duty cross brace is a great choice if you need to add more support to your artwork. It will improve the stability of your artwork which is important when you want it to look great for several years and not have to replace the wood. Comes pre-notched to add a second cross brace when needed. Important to use cross braces when one of the dimensions of your canvas is 36 inches or more. Will keep your artwork looking great for years to come and will protect it sufficiently.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-131.html||||||717304107839||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-133||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/133-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891137-5.png||||||133" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891137||JR-891137||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||71.350 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 133” cross brace is made by BEST and used with BEST stretcher bars. Cross braces add more stability to your artwork and help your canvas maintain its shape over several years. Adding a cross brace or two is necessary when you have a large canvas. This cross brace is made from high quality hardwood that is durable and damage resistant. Easy to install and comes with a bracket set for installation. Pre-notched so that a second cross brace can be added whenever necessary. A great choice for any artist who wants to protect his work.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-133.html||||||717304107853||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-134||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/134-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891138-5.png||||||134" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891138||JR-891138||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||71.350 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 134” cross brace created by BEST, and it is important to use cross braces to protect your artwork whenever you have a large canvas. If one of the dimensions of your canvas is at least 36”, you should definitely consider using cross braces to add more support. Created from durable and damage resistant hardwood to stand the test of time. These cross braces can be easily installed with the extra bracket set. Comes pre-notched so that you can easily install a second cross brace. Will protect your work and keep it looking great for years to come.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-134.html||||||717304107860||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53229||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||135 Interview Answers (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53229||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||“Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?” “Why would you take a trip to China?” “How do you explain this work history gap?” In this humorous program, recruiter Stephen Convoy gives job seekers advice on what they should say and not say in reply to certain questions during an interview. Convoy has worked with heavy hitters like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nokia and Disney as a recruiter. The program shows a wide range of bad and good replies and it is divided into sections based on the interests of recruiters: behavior, competency, interest-personality, aspiration, and motivation. Viewers are taught how to handle the most difficult questions, and these questions can be common. Insight is provided about what employers really are looking for when they ask generic questions. (79 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • Introduction: 135 Interview Answers (00:48) – Stephen Convoy discusses the purpose and the structure of the program.
  • 1.1 Personality - Will You Fit In? (02:51) – Analysis is provided for the following questions: “What are your hobbies? Tell me about your last company. What type of collaborative setting do you like to work in? What are you hoping to get out of the meeting today?”
  • 1.2 Personality - Will You Fit In? (02:07) Analysis is provided for the following questions: “What would your current or former boss say about you? What subjects did you enjoy in school? Do you enjoy working on your own? How did your last appraisal go? Talk about a responsibility that you liked.”

    135 Interview Answers
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-937-4
  • Run Time: 79 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-61753-937-4||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-135||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/135-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891139-5.png||||||135" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891139||JR-891139||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||71.350 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 135” cross brace constructed by BEST. Used with BEST stretcher bars, this cross brace can improve the stability of your artwork and ensure that it lasts for years with proper maintenance. Cross braces are necessary when your artwork is 36 inches in one or more of its dimensions. This cross brace is constructed from heavy duty wood and is a great way to add more support to your canvas. Pre-notched so that adding a second cross brace is easy whenever it is necessary. Works great to stabilize your artwork and easy to install.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-135.html||||||717304107877||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-136||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/136-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891136-5.png||||||136" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891136||JR-891136||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||71.350 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 136” heavy duty cross brace produced by BEST. BEST is known for the quality of their art supplies and canvas products, and this cross brace is no exception. Pre-notched to easily add a second cross brace. Cross braces are sometimes necessary when you have a canvas that is larger than 36 inches. This cross brace will work on a wide range of different canvas weights. Made with high quality wood which is durable and will withstand damage over time. A great way to protect your works and ensure that they look great for years to come.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-136.html||||||717304107846||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-137||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/137-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891141-5.png||||||137" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891141||JR-891141||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||71.350 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 137” heavy duty cross brace created by BEST. This cross brace is used with BEST stretcher bars, and it is a great way to add more support to your artwork. Comes pre-notched so that you can install another cross brace easily without having to notch it yourself. Use these cross braces for your large artworks to add more support to them and ensure that the lumber does not bow. Important to use cross braces when you plan on hanging your work. Will support and stabilize your canvases and ensure that they maintain a nice display.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-137.html||||||717304107884||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-138||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/138-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891142-5.png||||||138" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891142||JR-891142||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||71.350 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 138” heavy duty cross brace by BEST. BEST has a commitment to producing the highest quality canvas products and art supplies, and this cross brace is made with quality and durability in mind. Constructed from high quality hardwood, this cross brace will last for several years and add more durability to your canvas. Recommended to be used on large canvases, cross braces are essential for providing extra stability and support. They can protect your canvas from bowing or bending and keep it stable when it is on display.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-138.html||||||717304107891||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar14||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/14-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890104-5.png||||||14" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890104||JR890104||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||4.150 ||2.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    By taking advantage of our huge sale today, you not only save money, but you guarantee yourself that the project will come out exactly how you imagined it.


    Whether you're a professional or amateur painter, stretching your own canvas for your project saves money and can leave you with a quality piece of art you can cherish for years to come. With our BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 14", beginners can complete projects with superb quality. While we do admit squaring your own canvas can be confusing at times, the time it takes to accomplish it is well worth it.

    Using BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bars will allow you to use the exact dimensions needed for your project. So take advantage of our sale and buy your very own BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 14" for your next project today!

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar14.html||||||717304007108||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lightweightstretcherbar-14||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-14-9.png||||||14" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894007||JR-894007||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||2.600 ||1.290 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 14” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is a great choice for your smaller artworks, and it is constructed from quality white pine. Durable and strong, white pine is a renewable wood that is available in larger quantities than other wood, which keeps the price for these stretcher bars low. It is a good choice for smaller artworks, but it should not be used on large canvases. A good choice for students or new artists, as well as experienced artist who are making smaller works. Keep in mind that these stretcher bars are cut 1/8” short than the listed size in order to ensure that they can fit inside of a picture frame if needed.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lightweightstretcherbar-14.html||||||717304008457||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-140||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/140-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891144-5.png||||||140" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891144||JR-891144||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||72.500 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 140” BEST heavy duty cross brace that is used with stretcher bars. BEST cross braces are some of the highest quality available anywhere, and this cross brace is made from high quality hardwood. Provides extra support and stability to your artwork, and keeps it from bowing when you hang it for a long period of time. Important to use cross braces when you have a large sized work. Smaller works may be able to get by without them. Pre-notched to make adding a second cross brace simple whenever it is necessary.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-140.html||||||717304107914||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-141||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/141-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891145-5.png||||||141" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891145||JR-891145||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||72.500 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 141” BEST heavy duty cross brace may be important to add to your canvas if you have a large canvas size. The cross brace can improve the stability of your canvas substantially and ensure that it will look great when it is displayed or hung for a long period of time. Cross braces should be added on canvases that are at least 36 inches in height or length. This cross brace is used with stretcher bars, and it is pre-notched so that you can easily add a second cross brace without spending extra time notching it.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-141.html||||||717304107921||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-142||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/142-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891146-5.png||||||142" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891146||JR-891146||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||72.500 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 142” heavy duty cross brace created by BEST for use with BEST stretcher bars. Cross braces are important for stabilizing your artwork and ensuring that they can be hung for a long period of time without bowing or wearing down. This cross brace can be easily installed and comes with brackets. It is made from high quality durable hardwood that is resistant to wear and tear. Comes pre-notched so that adding a second cross brace is simple and convenient. Be sure to install a cross brace for artworks that are greater than 36” tall or long.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-142.html||||||717304107938||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-144||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/144-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891092-5.png||||||144" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891092||JR-891092||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||72.500 ||43.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 144” BEST heavy duty cross brace will improve the stability of your canvas and ensure that it does not bow when it is displayed for a long period of time. Made from durable hardwood, this cross brace will last for several years with proper care. Easy to assemble and comes with cross brace brackets. Pre-notched so that you can easily add a second cross brace. Made with the same commitment to quality that BEST includes with all of their art and canvas products. A great choice to improve the durability of your artwork and ensure that it lasts for a long time.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-144.html||||||717304107945||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-147||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/147-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891147-5.png||||||147" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891147||JR-891147||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||72.500 ||44.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 147” BEST heavy duty cross brace which is used to stabilize your canvas and add more support to it. These are important to install when you have large canvases that are greater than 36 inches in height or length. Cross braces add more support to your artwork which is important when they are displayed for a long period of time. BEST produces some of the highest quality and most durable cross braces available anywhere. Will stabilize and support your artwork and help it look great for years to come.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-147.html||||||717304107952||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-eva1002||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/14x18x3-pissaro-portfolio-42.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/14x18x3-pissaro-portfolio-43.png||14x18x3 Pissaro Portfolio||MU-66-EVA1002||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||81.990 ||49.990 ||||||6.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||PISSARO ARTIST PORTFOLIO 14x18 Pissaro Portfolio is made from EVA, a unique reinforced nylon material used in the construction of Premium suitcases. The framework of Pissaro is a honeycomb material providing a rigid and durable case to protect your valued contents even when used as checked airline luggage or when shipping by Fed-Ex. Many compartments for all the various items you need to transport, equipped with a shoulder strap with strong metal hardware, dividers are removable and repositionable. Combination lock provided. Size: 14x18x 3 inch

    (Oversize shipping: $24.60)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-eva1002.html||||||080031046291||0||||||||||New||||||||||Pissaro||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar16||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/16-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890105-5.png||||||16" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890105||JR890105||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||4.850 ||2.590 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Made of tough, knot-free kiln-dried white pine wood, ensuring no bowing and flexing with taught stretching.


    BEST 16" Medium Duty Stretcher Bars are capable of enduring a staple gun and designed to create a consistent ½” space between the canvas and bar to prevent “ghosting" on the canvas. Additionally, the rounded back provides a natural curved surface to allow for smooth and unobstructed movement of the canvas while tightening. This is a big advantage compared to straight edged stretchers that create too much friction as the canvas is tightened.

    Features of the BEST 16” Medium Duty Stretcher Bar:

    What others are saying about the BEST 16” Medium Duty Stretcher Bar:

    “These are well made stretcher bars and I have found to be of consistent quality.”

    “All in all they are perfect for me, their size is right--substantial yet not gallery wrap…”

    “These were so easy to use-anyone can do it.”

    The BEST 16” Medium Stretcher Bar is constructed with the exacting requirements of the expert artist in mind.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar16.html||||||717304007115||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lightweight-bar||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-16-11.png||||||16" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894009||JR-894009||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||2.900 ||1.390 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 16” BEST lightweight stretcher bar made from white pine, and it is a great option for small paintings. These stretcher bars are cut 1/8” shorter than the measurement that is listed so that they fit into photo frames if needed. Not intended for use on large canvases, but is perfect for small artworks made by students, instructors, new and experienced artists. Pine is a fast growing sustainable wood, and since there is a large quantity of short and thin pine available these stretcher bars are affordable. Durable and easy to work with, these stretcher bars will work perfectly for your smaller sized works of art.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lightweight-bar.html||||||717304078993||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-160||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/160-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891151-5.png||||||160" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891151||JR-891151||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||42.500 ||46.990 ||||||22.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 160” BEST heavy duty cross brace which is intended for use on large canvases. This adds more stabilization and support to your large canvas and ensures that the lumber does not bow or bend. Important to install when you have large canvases, or when your canvas will be displayed or hung. Adds extra support and stability and is easy to install. Pre-notched to add a secondary cross brace when it is necessary. Made from durable damage resistant wood. Be sure to install cross braces to support your large canvases and protect them.
    Approximately $27.50 will be added per cross-brace for oversized shipping||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-160.html||||||717304107594||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcher-17||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-17-11.png||||||17" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894010||JR-894010||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||3.000 ||1.490 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 17” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is a great option for artists in training who are producing smaller works of art. They are produced from white pine which is a durable. Cut 1/8” shorter than the listed size so they can fit inside of picture frames because stretching the canvas adds more width. A great option for artists in training, instructors, classroom training, and students. Not intended for use on larger sized canvases. Pine is a sustainable fast growing wood, and because of how plentiful it is these stretcher bars are available at a low cost. Easy to work with and durable, these stretcher bars offer excellent support for the price.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcher-17.html||||||717304008488||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53230||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||175 Resume Secrets (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53230||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Six experts in resume writing are brought together in this program and share their top secrets. Small bites of information are used to detail every aspect of the resume including its fonts, layout, action words, and a lot more. Some of the unique topics include the most common crazy mistakes that are made on resumes, how job recruiters find liars, and interest mistakes. Social networking and online CVs are covered. Also titled Top CV Secrets. (58 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • Meet the Experts (01:20) – John Lees, Tracey Whitmore, Emma Hackforth, James Innes, and Simon Howard introduce themselves as resume writing experts and share their credentials.
  • 1 - Purpose of a CV (01:03) – The purpose of a CV is to summarize your work history and your education. Your CV should be considered from the recruiter’s viewpoint because you are in competition with other candidates.
  • 2 - Email or Post (Mail)? (01:58) – You should offer your CV by regular mail and email. Be sure to use high quality paper and envelope choices. Address the CV to the right department or person.
  • 3 - Accuracy (02:21) – Do not have any mistakes on CV. The experts talk about their favorite CV mistakes. Follow these tips to ensure that your CV is without mistakes. Don’t rely on spelling checkers to catch every mistake.
  • 4 - Honesty (02:29) – Being honest is crucial, if you aren’t you can be fired in the future. There is a difference between lying about accomplishments and exaggerating your real accomplishments.

    175 Resume Secrets
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-817-1
  • Run Time: 58 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • CC||||||||||||||978-0-81608-817-1||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro2003||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/17x22x1-5-pro-2-portfolio-26.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/17x22x1-5-pro-2-portfolio-27.png||17X22X1.5 Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO2003||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||34.990 ||19.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Every professional artist knows the first thing a prospective client sees is the quality of the portfolio they are carrying.||

    The 17X22X1.5 Pro-2 Portfolio is a very high quality portfolio. Unlike others, made from recycled cardboard, this portfolio is durable polypropylene. This is especially helpful when carrying the portfolio outside in bad weather. It is a complete disaster when the contents of a portfolio get wet or water damaged. This can happen so easily with the portfolios made of recycled cardboard. But this does not happen with the Pro-2 Portfolio. Your artwork and drawings have protection within the security of tough, durable, polypropylene. This portfolio allows you to show your work in pristine condition. Students love it because it can take a lot of heavy use. Professionals love it because it makes them look great. The interior has one protective side pocket and on the opposite side is an elastic strap to hold everything in place. Easy to carry, with an adjustable shoulder strap. Dimensions: 17”H x 22”W x 1.5”D

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro2003.html||||||080031040879||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro20033||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/17x22x3-pro-2-portfolio-10.png||||||17x22x3" Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO20033||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||42.990 ||29.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The Pro-2 Portfolio offers quality craftsmanship at a great value for students and professionals alike.||

    The Pro-2 Portfolio helps artists stay organized in style. Its roomy 17x22x3-inch size provides plenty of room for a variety of materials, including sketchbooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and whatever else you may need, including art samples to show prospective clients and employers. A built-in interior pocket enables users to better keep track of their papers and smaller tools. The portfolio is built with polypropylene rather than the typical recycled cardboard that many other portfolios use, which makes it of value to those who seek quality craftsmanship. With the adjustable shoulder strap, you have the choice of carrying your portfolio in your hand or slinging it over your shoulder.

    Utility isn't the only value, however; the Pro-2 Portfolio is also aesthetically pleasing and exudes a strong professional air. The sleek black finish is a smart choice for users, young or old, male or female, professional or amateur. Be proactive and make a good investment in your art career.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro20033.html||||||080031040886||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-eva1003||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/17x22x3-5-pissaro-portfolio-37.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/17x22x3-5-pissaro-portfolio-38.png||17x22x3.5 Pissaro Portfolio||MU-66-EVA1003||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||96.990 ||59.990 ||||||0.990 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||Pissaro is made from EVA, a unique reinforced nylon material used in the construction of Premium suitcases. The framework of Pissaro is a honeycomb material providing a rigid and durable case to protect your valued contents even when used as checked airline luggage or when shipping by Fed-Ex. Many compartments for all the various items you need to transport, equipped with a shoulder strap with strong metal hardware, dividers are remove-. able and repositionable. Combination lock provided. Portfolio Size:17x22x 3.5 inch, always oversized to hold your art. (Oversize shippingh: 16.95)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-eva1003.html||||||080031046307||0||||||||||New||||||||||Pissaro||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar18||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/18-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890106-5.png||||||18" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890106||JR890106||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||5.400 ||2.890 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    This medium-duty stretcher bar from BEST makes it easy to strech your canvas and get it ready for display. Whether you plan to gallery wrap the stretched piece or frame it, this stretcher bar helps you get started.


    Made of kiln-dried pine, this 18-inch BEST stretcher bar helps give your canvas a taut, flat surface that looks professional enough for sale or display. Use four stretcher bars to create your basic frame backing, then secure them with BEST cross-braces. BEST stretcher bars are ideal for displaying large photographs printed on canvas, and they can also be used to frame and hang fabric art pieces. You can opt to wrap the edges of the canvas back and secure them with staples or tacks to create a gallery wrapped piece, or you can slip the stretched canvas into a wooden or metal frame before you display it. A rounded back edge ensures that the stretcher bar won't leave an unwanted impression on the canvas.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar18.html||||||717304007122||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretche-18||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-18-11.png||||||18" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894011||JR-894011||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||3.100 ||1.590 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||18" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894011 This is an 18” BEST lightweight stretcher bar intended for use on smaller artworks. Made from sustainable pine, these stretcher bars are durable and a good choice for new artists, students, and even experienced veterans. They should not be used for larger canvases. Keep in mind that these are cut 1/8” shorter than the listed measurement so the canvas can fit inside of a photo frame if necessary. A great choice for small artworks that you want to display and produce quickly. Pine is an ecologically friendly wood to use for these smaller canvases, and you will appreciate the durability and quality of these affordable stretcher bars.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretche-18.html||||||717304008495||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcher-19||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-19-11.png||||||19" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894012||JR-894012||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||3.200 ||1.690 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 19” BEST lightweight stretcher bar which is used for smaller works of art. A great choice for new artists and students, these stretcher bars can save you money. Produced from sustainable pine, they are better for the environment with the large quantity of pine available in short and thin strips. They are durable and convenient to work with, and will keep your small works of art stabilized and well supported. These are cut 1/8” shorter than the listed measurement so that they can be fit inside of a picture frame if needed. Ecologically friendly and low in price, they are a great option for your artworks.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcher-19.html||||||717304008501||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|-jr695300-192||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||prpr||||||||19" MEDIUM PRESS||JR695302||faq > unique-items > casien > casein-paint > art-articles > printmaking > prpr||||2360.000 ||1599.990 ||||||342.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||Richeson produces a 19" Medium Press which is 19-inches in length. The roller is constructed from steel, and the press is designed with a pair of leveling devices to improve its accuracy. The handles are designed for fast and efficient rotation. This press is perfect for a wide range of different purposes including embossing, etching, cards, monoprints, Intaglio and many other uses. This package does not include the stand or the phenolic plate; this is just for the 19" Medium Press. There is an additional charge for truck shipping for this press, and successful shipment of the press is guaranteed. (Oversize Shipping: $333.00)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/-jr695300-192.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|56326||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/1966-congo-victim-of-independence-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||1966 Congo: Victim of Independence (Enhanced DVD)||FI-56326||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This gripping documentary takes viewers deep into one of the world's most volatile independent countries. ||

    This enhanced DVD was once an NBC documentary that addresses the poverty, economic collapse and civil wars associated with nations gaining their independence. Many times, there is an epic leadership void which leads to fragmentation among the citizens. This is exactly what happened to Congo in 1960, after winning independence from Belgium.

    Unrest between native Africans and Belgium descendants turned to violence less than one week after the country was declared independent. This led to the Stanleyville Massacre where dozens of European and American hostages were murdered. The unrest in the Congo led to foreign intervention as the US and Soviet Unions backed different factions. The cold war tension, racial conflict and struggling government are common issues in developing nations. This DVD shows the world how independent countries still need assistance to establish a working infrastructure. A similar situation occurred in Haiti when their country gained independence from France. Ignorance breeds apathy, but this film sheds a much needed light on a global problem. 

    1966 Congo: Victim of Independence 

    (Enhanced DVD)

    ISBN: 978-1-81609-024-2

    Run Time: 40 Minutes

    Copyright Date: 1966

    No Closed Caption 

    ||||||||||||||978-0-81609-024-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|20-most-famous-paintings-of-all-time||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20-most-famous-paintings-of-all-time-12.png||||||20 Most Famous Paintings of All Time||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||20 Most Famous Paintings of All Time

    While we are inundated with art day-in and day-out, there are a few special pieces that have transcended time and culture and have slated their place in art history. Below is a gallery of 20 of the most famous paintings of all time - recognizable pieces from the ages that will never be forgotten.

    1. The Mona Lisa Any list of Most Famous Paintings would be incomplete without the mention of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. This infamous portrait of Lisa del Giocondo was completed some time between 1503-1519 and currently on display at the Musee du Louvre in Paris.

    IMG SOURCE: Ibiblio

    2. Starry Night Vincent van Gogh has painted countless well-known pieces; however, his painting Starry Night is widely considered to be his magnum opus. Painted in 1889, the piece was done from memory and whimsically depicts the view from his room at the sanitarium he resided in at the time.

    IMG SOURCE: Spontaneous Derivation

    3. The Scream Using oil and pastel on cardboard, Edvard Munch painted his most famous piece, The Scream, circa 1893. Featuring a ghoulish figure that looks like the host from Tales from the Crypt, the backdrop of this expressionist painting is said to be Oslo, Norway.

    IMG SOURCE: Edvard Munch

    4. Guernica Inspired by the bombing of Guernica, Spain, during the Spanish Civil War, Pablo Picasso completed this most famous piece, Guernica, in 1937. This piece was originally commissioned by the Spanish government and intended to depict the suffering of war and ultimately stand as symbol for peace.

    IMG SOURCE: Artchive

    5. The Persistence of Memory Painted in 1931 by yet another Spanish artist, Salvador Dali's The Persistance of Memory is one of the most recognizable and individual pieces in art history. Depicting a dismal shoreline draped with melting clocks, it is thought that Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity inspired this bizarre piece.

    IMG SOURCE: Moma

    6. Three Musicians At first glance it might look like a collage but Pablo Picasso's famous painting, Three Musicians is actually an oil painting. Completed in 1921, he painted two very similar paintings that are mutually referred to as Three Musicians and can be found in the New York MoMA and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

    IMG SOURCE: Own A Painting

    7. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Using the unique technique of pointillism, creating a complete image that is made up of only distinct individual dots, the French painter Georges Seurat brings us his most famous piece A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

    IMG SOURCE: Wikimedia

    8. Girl with a Pearl Earring Considered by some to be the "Mona Lisa of the North," this enchanting painting by the Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer, features exactly what the title infers - a Girl with a Peal Earring. Completed circa 1665, this piece can now be found in the Mauritshuis Gallery in the Hague.

    IMG SOURCE: Blogspot by Vermeer

    9. Whistler's Mother Whistler's Mother is the truncated name for James McNeill Whistler's very famous portrait originally known as Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother. Painted in 1871, it's one of the few American pieces on this list - although it is owned by a Parisian museum and therefore rarely seen in the states.

    IMG SOURCE: Daily Art Fixx

    10. Portrait de L'artiste Sans Barbe Although the title isn't very creative, Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait without Beard is certainly one of the most notable paintings of all time. While Van Gogh has painted many portraits before, this is the most notable because it's one of the few that depicts him without a beard. Additionally, having sold for $71.5 million in 1998, it is one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

    IMG SOURCE: Most Expensive Things

    11. The Night Watch In its native Dutch tongue, De Nachtwacht is most popularly referred to in modern culture as The Night Watch. Using oil on canvas, Rembrandt (van Rijn) was commissioned by a militia captain and his 17 militia guards in 1642 to paint their company, in an effort to show off for the French Queen that would be visiting.

    IMG SOURCE: Rijks Museum

    12. The Kiss Easily touted as Gustav Klimt's most famous painting, The Kiss is a realistic yet geometric depiction of a kissing couple, completed in 1908 in Vienna, Austria. What makes this piece different than the other oil paintings on the list is that it also incorporates gold leaf on canvas (in addition to oils).

    IMG SOURCE: Artchive

    13. Water Lilies French painter Claude Monet painted a series of 250 pieces known as Water Lilies between 1840 and 1926 - it's exactly what it sounds like, 250 paintings depicting a water lily pond from his backyard. While this might not be one individual painting, considering the collection is spread amongst the most renowned galleries of the world, the series is a deserving installment on this list.

    IMG SOURCE: Ibiblio

    14. The Flower Carrier Known in its native tongue as "Cargador de Flores," The Flower Carrier was painted by Diego Rivera in 1935. Widely considered to be the greatest Mexican painter of the twentieth century, Rivera was known for his simple paintings dominated by their bright colors and The Flower Carrier is no exception.

    IMG SOURCE: Garden of Praise

    15. American Gothic Marking the list as another iconic piece in American art, American Gothic, painted by Grant Wood in 1930 is a dry depiction of a farmer and his Plain-Jane daughter - The Great Depression personified.

    IMG SOURCE: Harrell News

    16. Cafe Terrace at Night Never one for flashy titles, Cafe Terrace at Night (1888) by the ever-prolific Vincent Van Gogh, is one of the most individual depictions of such a mundane setting. Though Van Gogh never signed this piece, he references his famous Cafe masterpiece in many personal documents.

    IMG SOURCE: Art Gallery 2000

    17. The Son of Man The most current piece of all on this list, painted in 1964, is Rene Magrittees The Son of Man. Although it is a self-portrait, his face is largely covered by a floating green apple and contributes to his series of paintings known as the The Great War on Facades.

    IMG SOURCE: Painting Here

    18. No. 5, 1948 Another of the more current pieces, painted by Jackson Pollock in 1948, the impersonally titled No. 5, 1948, though chaotic, is a signature piece of art nonetheless and a revealing insight to the turmoil that was swirling within Pollock.

    IMG SOURCE: Ibay

    19. Bal du moulin de la Galette While the imagery in this painting might not be the most immediately recognizable, having sold for $78.1 million (adjusted price of $127.4 million), French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoires Bal du Moulin de la Galette is one of the most expensive paintings of all time and therefore, one of the most famous.

    IMG SOURCE: Dotting

    20. Dogs Playing Poker Commissioned by Brown & Begelow Cigars in 1903, American painter C.M. Coolidge painted 16 unforgettable images of Dogs Playing Poker for the brand. Spoofed many times in greeting cards and in popular culture, this series of dogs playing cards around a table is widely recognizable and truly iconic.

    IMG SOURCE: BP BlogSpot

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  • 1. Guidecraft Market Loft A wonderful playhouse for the kids to run up and down for hours. Sparks their imagination and is conducive for children to play together!
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  • 3. FLOOR SCULPTURE STAND An incredibly strong steel sculpture stand at an unbelievable low price!||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar20||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890107-5.png||||||20" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890107||JR890107||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||5.750 ||3.290 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 20" is a bar you will love, since getting a smoothly stretched canvas is an important first step to ensuring a great work of art. It is made of white pine that is kiln dried for increased straightness as well as durability. 


    Using the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 20" gives the artist a smoothly stretched canvas that is free of ghost impressions. This is accomplished by the back edge which is rounded. It helps to reduce friction, allowing the canvas to remain 1/2 inch from the stretcher bar itself. Designed of knot free white pine that has been kiln dried, this stretcher bar is 1 1/2" high and 1 1/4" deep. The 20 inch length gives the discerning artist plenty of room to work while also allowing for easy portability between home and the studio. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar20.html||||||717304007139||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|42261||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||engineering-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20-000-cables-under-the-sea-the-internet-and-the-physics-of-fiber-optics-dvd-4.png||||||20,000 Cables under the Sea: The Internet and the Physics of Fiber Optics (DVD)||FI-42261||bbc > documentaries > engineering-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Delve into the Internet in a new way. This documentary shows the behind the scenes truth of how data travels through the cloud. Introduce students to engineering and computer science with this undersea adventure documentary.||20,000 Cables under the Sea: The Internet and the Physics of Fiber Optics (DVD) Set sail with the repair team tasked with locating and fixing a damaged communications cable at the bottom of the North Sea. The computer technicians join the crew of the Leon Thevenin on an oceanic adventure to ensure your email will send and your Web page will load. Much of our Internet information flow takes place under the sea via buried fiber-optic cables. The documentary also covers high-bandwidth digital inventions including 3-D video viewable with the naked-eye, physics principles related to applied fiber-optics, how cables are manufactured and how they're laid.||||||||||||||978-1-61733-213-5||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|56747||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||criminal-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20-20-young-guns-a-diane-sawyer-special-1-31-14-enhanced-dvd-3.png||||||20/20: Young Guns—A Diane Sawyer Special (Enhanced DVD)||FI-56747||bbc > documentaries > criminal-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||In this compelling ABC News report, viewers will learn about the importance of teaching children about gun safety from a very young age. With one out of every three households in America having a gun for protection, we'll explore the benefits and risks of that choice, as well as take a look at shocking examples of what kids do with guns when their parents aren't around.||Millions of Americans have guns in their homes. These people say they need the guns for self-defense and that teaching kids about gun safety is enough to prevent tragedies. Millions of other Americans -- some of whom have experienced gun deaths firsthand -- are adamantly against guns in homes, saying that the room for error and fateful accidents is simply too great. In this riveting ABC News report, Diane Sawyer delves into the popular topic of children and gun safety. Interestingly, studies have shown that the age of gender of children makes a difference in how they react to guns. Hidden cameras reveal that young boys are more likely to touch guns when their parents aren't around, with more than half of the boys in this report not being able to resist the temptation. Viewers will see a deputy sheriff and his wife talk about the day their young son accidentally killed himself with a loaded gun they kept in their home. Today, that family does everything they can to help prevent this type of tragedy from happening to anyone else. No matter if you're pro-guns or anti-guns, 20/20: Young Guns—A Diane Sawyer Special sheds some real light on this hotly-debated topic of gun safety and children in our world today.

    20/20: Young Guns—A Diane Sawyer Special (Enhanced DVD)||||||||||||||978-0-81609-157-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|56473||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/2013-tv-winners-presentation-reel-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||2013 TV Winners Presentation Reel (Enhanced DVD)||FI-56473||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This enhanced DVD shows the results of the Best of the Clio Awards for 2013.||Each year Clio awards are given for the most successful advertisements. This is not such an easy thing to achieve.

    Look at the reality of the challenge. There are only thirty to a maximum sixty seconds to make an impact, which has become increasingly difficult in the age of media over-saturation. The Clio awards seek to find the advertisements that really work and those advertisements are extremely special.

    Now that we understand how difficult this challenge is, who won for the year of 2013?

    DDB, which is an agency based in New York, created a campaign called Snowplow for Volkswagen and for this, they received the award for 2013.

    The Axe brand received some kudos from the advertisement of Brainy Girl, which got a gold campaign award in 2013. To top this off, the same campaign from Bartle for the Axe brand, won another Clio award for a Sporty Girl advertisement. High Maintenance also was given the gold award.

    McCann Erickson jumped in with the Dumb Ways to Die commercial for Metro Trains they produced for public transit in Melbourne, Australia.

    Cartier stepped up with a Marcel advertisement by L’Odyssée that won a gold award. Entries came from all the top agencies, which included, BBDO, JWT, DDB, Bartle, and McCann Erickson.

    Other significant entries that all won awards made the list of the best television advertisements for 2013:2013 TV Winners Presentation Reel||||||||||||||978-0-81609-030-3||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|56472||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/2013-tv-winners-reel-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||2013 TV Winners Reel (Enhanced DVD)||FI-56472||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||229.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||The CLIO awards are the world's premier award competition for advertising, design and communications.  The name derives itself from the Greek muse Clio, "the proclaimer of great deeds and accomplishments."  This award show holds true to its name, and celebrates the creative excellence of the nominees.  The CLIO awards focus on the impact that advertisers have on modern culture through an ever evolving art form. This includes making use of television, the internet and other mediums to advertise for their specific cause. Great pains are taken to showcase the most current, groundbreaking work.  This winner's reel showcases the 2013 winners.  The different categories are product advertisement, nonprofit commercial, and public service announcement. This winners reel contains the entire advertisement for which the creators are being awarded.  The DVD price includes the public performance rights required for public screening.

    2013 TV Winners Reel||||||||||||||978-0-81609-029-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53228||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||207 Interview Techniques (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53228||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||How crucial is it to be passionate about your career? Is self-esteem affected by financial stability? Is it worth it to live to work, or work to live? People from various careers share their views about their work and how they adapt to a constantly changing job environment. Viewers are encouraged to self-assess their interests and skills when they are looking for their “perfect” job and find the value between having a personal live and their work. Made in Australia and printable resources are included with this program. (15 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • The World of Work (02:48) – We will spend around a third of our lives working. People share their views on the significant of their work, benefits and disadvantages, and how it reflects on their passions and interests.
  • The World of Work: Job Satisfaction (01:49) – People discuss whether or not they are satisfied with their jobs. Changing careers and trying something different is fairly easy. People discuss the jobs they have performed. Globalization and technology always affects careers and evolves them.
  • Balancing Work and Life (03:31) – The work and life balance is discussed, and they talk about how they achieve it. Finding a balance can be challenging and sometimes people feel difficulties with this and a loss of control.
  • Balancing Work and Life: Work Environment (01:20) – An employee’s personality can be negatively or positively affected by his or her work environment, so it is crucial to have a positive work setting.

    The World of Work
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-973-2
  • Run Time: 15 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2013
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-61753-936-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|20thcentury-venice||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||music-videos||||||||20th-Century Music in Venice Video (DVD)||FI-4076||bbc > music-videos||||149.950 ||139.990 ||20th-Century Music in Venice Video(VHS/DVD)||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This video includes footage from the Lido and the Albirizzi palace, and showcases the importance of music in Venice in the 20th century. It Begins with the International Music Festivals, also known as the International Festival of Contemporary Music. This festival was established in 1930, and is one of the biggest contemporary music festivals in the world, drawing classical music aficionados from all over the world. Over the years, musical geniuses such as Stravinsky, who’s compositional career was notable for its stylistic diversity; Schoenberg, who mixed the Romantic styles of Brahms and Wagner and single-handedly developed the idea of atonality; Bartok, one of the founders of comparative musicology; and Hindeminth, composer of Das Marienleben. It also covers the rise of Malipiero, Nono, and Maderna, who were all great composers in their own right. The video also covers the role of avantgarde music in Venice in today’s contemporary musical landscape. (52 minutes)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/20thcentury-venice.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro2004||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20x26x1-5-pro-2-portfolio-26.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20x26x1-5-pro-2-portfolio-27.png||20x26x1.5 Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO2004||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||44.990 ||29.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Sleek and compact Portfolio Pro-2 is a perfect carrying case featuring a trendy design and smooth interior. ||

    The Pro-2 Portfolio was designed for the professional and student in mind. Crafted from Polypropylene, rather than the traditional cardboard; this art bag is durable in addition to being stylish. With a smooth finish, this lightweight carrying bag is perfect for those on the go and in need of storage. The sleek shoulder strap is adjustable, which allows it to contour to the body with a perfect fit. This adaptability provides another level of comfort. Value is added in additional features that include a built-in side pocket and elastic restraining strap, designed to keep important paper work and supplies in place. Keep your important stuff safe with this fully functioning carry all.

    This portfolio is compact enough to carry anywhere and strong enough to last. 

    Size: 20x26x 1.5 inch

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro2004.html||||||080031040893||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro20043||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20x26x3-pro-2-portfolio-10.png||||||20x26x3 Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO20043||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||55.990 ||37.990 ||||||0.990 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Transport your work securely using the stylish 20x26x3 Pro-2 Portfolio, made from high-quality polypropylene.||

    20x26x3 Pro-2 Portfolio Whether you're a student or a professional artist, you know how important the appearance of professionalism can be. That's where the 20x26x3 Pro-2 Portfolio can help you. This portfolio is made from polypropylene, which makes for a stylish, professional look, in addition to providing a higher quality of protection than other portfolios on the market today that are made from recycled cardboard.

    In the interior, the portfolio features a roomy storage pocket and a restraining strap made from stretchy elastic, giving you the flexibility to easily transport art projects of various different shapes and sizes. The portfolio also comes complete with a shoulder strap than can be adjusted to match your height, giving you the ability to carry your art projects in comfort as well as style.

    This portfolio provides tremendous value for professional artists and students alike, giving them the ability to safely take their art projects with them wherever they go, while also looking the part of a serious artist in the process.

    (Oversize Shipping: $14.95)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro20043.html||||||080031040909||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-eva1004||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20x26x3-5-pissaro-portfolio-40.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/20x26x3-5-pissaro-portfolio-41.png||20x26x3.5 Pissaro Portfolio||MU-66-EVA1004||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||111.990 ||69.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||20x26x3.5 Pissaro Portfolio Pissaro is made from EVA, a unique reinforced nylon material used in the construction of Premium suitcases. The framework of Pissaro is a honeycomb material providing a rigid and durable case to protect your valued contents even when used as checked airline luggage or when shipping by Fed-Ex. Many compartments for all the various items you need to transport, equipped with a shoulder strap with strong metal hardware, dividers are removeable and repositionable. Combination lock provided. Portfolio Size:20x26x 3.5 inch - nicely oversized to hold your art!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-eva1004.html||||||080031046314||0||||||||||New||||||||||Pissaro||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherr-21||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-21-11.png||||||21" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894014||JR-894014||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||3.350 ||1.890 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar, 21"||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherr-21.html||||||717304008525||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar22||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/22-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890108-5.png||||||22" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890108||JR890108||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||6.250 ||2.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Durable and warp-resistant, the Best Medium Stretcher Bar - 22" is made from the highest quality white pine and dried to perfection in a kiln oven.


    Best's 22" medium-duty stretcher bar is made from the highest quality white pine wood, free of knots and dried in a kiln oven. Splice bonding gives it a durability unmatched by other brands. The back edge of these warp-resistant bars are slightly curved to keep the canvas edge a full half inch away. This serves reduce friction on the canvas, producing a smoother painting surface and eliminates the appearance of ghost impressions that mar finished paintings.

    Please note:

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar22.html||||||717304007146||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherr-22||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-22-12.png||||||22" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894015||JR-894015||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||3.450 ||1.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar, 22"||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherr-22.html||||||717304008532||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherr-23||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/23-jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-894016-5.png||||||23" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894016||JR-894016||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||3.550 ||2.090 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||23" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894016 A 23” BEST lightweight stretcher bar made from durable and sustainable white pine. This stretcher bar is a great choice for your smaller sized canvases that don’t need extremely high quality wood. You will be impressed at the durability and support that this white pine provides for your small artworks. A good choice for artists in training and for classroom instruction. These stretcher bars are better for the environment because pine is fast growing and there is a large quantity of it available in shorter and thin strips. Cut 1/8” shorter than the listed measurement to fit in a picture frame if needed.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherr-23.html||||||717304008549||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro2005||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/23-5x31-5x1-5-pro-2-portfolio-26.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/23-5x31-5x1-5-pro-2-portfolio-27.png||23.5x31.5x1.5 Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO2005||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||59.990 ||39.990 ||||||6.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Showcase your work with the professional's portfolio! Display your prints, drawings, and photographs in the most artistic and professional manner available.||

    The 23.5x31.5x1.5 Pro-2 Portfolio is a high-quality artists or photographer's portfolio at an absolutely incredible value. This portfolio is made of Polypropylene--not recycled cardboard as so many other portfolios today.

    When you display your artwork, photos or graphics in this professional artists portfolio you stand out from the rest.It gives your work a sense of authority and immediately gives you a more professional look.

    Perfect for the student and the professional, this quality artists portfolio is truly exceptional. You will be hard pressed to find any other portfolio at this price that offers the same quality, and similar professional presentation. 

    Portfolio includes one side pocket for storing your prints and photos. It also includes an elastic strap to close the portfolio. With two handles, it is also easy to carry. 

    Size: 23.5" x 31.5" x 1.5"

    (Oversize Shipping: $24.60)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro2005.html||||||080031040916||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro20053||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/23-5x31-5x3-pro-2-portfolio-10.png||||||23.5x31.5x3 Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO20053||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||69.990 ||39.990 ||||||6.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Carrying a quality portfolio shows you are serious about your work.||

    This Pro-2 Portfolio is made from Polypropylene and contains no recycled cardboard like many other portfolios. It provides durability and strength while protecting precious artwork from the elements. The interior of the portfolio measures a roomy 24" by 36" with a depth of 3". One side of the interior contains convenient pockets for storing supplies,  while the other side features an elastic strap for securing and protecting your artwork. 

    This lightweight case weighs only 4.2 pound and features both a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Outside dimensions are 26" by 38" by 3.5".

    This portfolio is inexpensive enough for beginning art students but classy enough for a professional. Show the artist in your life that his work is important to you by giving him the Pro-2 Portfolio to showcase his work.

    (Oversize Shipping: 24.60)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro20053.html||||||080031040923||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|24piece-boxwood-wire-sculpture-toolset||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||sculpting-supplies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/24-piece-boxwood-wire-sculpture-tool-set-9.png||||||24 PIECE BOXWOOD & WIRE SCULPTURE TOOL SET||WA-5490||art-equipment > sculpting-supplies||||59.990 ||39.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Sculpting pottery requires an exceptional eye and steady hand, whether working with the wheel or practicing hand manipulation only; the Weber 24 Piece Boxwood & Wire Sculpture Tool Set is perfect for either preferred technique.||Weber Art Supplies are at the forefront of the art and crafting industry. The Weber 24 Piece Boxwood & Wire Sculpture Tool Set provides you with the hand tools that you shall need in order to produce your art through the care, attentiveness, and preciseness that quality sculpture tools allow you as the user to bestow on your creations.

    Your purchase will include a tool case with a zipper closure, which comfortably stores a collection of 24 carving and sculpting tools. There are 12 each of the wire tools and 12 of boxwood tools. Six of the 12 wire sculpting tools are 6 inches in length (15 cm) with the other six wire tools being eight inches (20 cm). Six of the 12 boxwood sculpting tools are also six inches in length (15 cm) with the other six boxwood tools being eight inches (20 cm) in length. The zippered storage case easily stores your purchase, with plenty of room for additions down the line.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/24piece-boxwood-wire-sculpture-toolset.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Weber||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcher-24||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-24-9.png||||||24" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894017||JR-894017||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||3.750 ||2.190 ||||
    Average rating of reviews is 5
      Iran Lawrence
    I am very happy with my order,it arrived in timely manner,and I am very satisfied with the customer service when I needed to call. I will be ordering from you again very soon. Thank you!
    ||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 24” BEST lightweight stretcher bar made from durable white pine. White pine is a renewable wood that works perfectly for small stretcher bars because it is plentiful in the thin small strips that are needed to make these stretcher bars. A good choice for new artists and for art instruction with low cost efficient these are. They are low in price, but they are still durable and will keep your canvas supported well for a long time with the proper care. They are cut 1/8” shorter than the measurement shown in order to easily fit inside of a picture frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcher-24.html||||||717304008556||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro2010||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/24-5x36-5x1-5-pro-2-portfolio-10.png||||||24.5x36.5x1.5" Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO2010||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||80.990 ||49.990 ||||||6.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||This artist's portfolio presents your work in the best possible manner. Made of sturdy material, it is the perfect choice for students and professionals!||

    The 24.5x36.5x1.5" Pro-2 Portfolio offers versatility, convenience and professional design in one value-priced package! Designed with higher-quality Polypropylene, rather than cheap, recycled cardboard (as is the case in many portfolios), this artist's portfolio will withstand the test of time, just like your great art!

    Designed to fit your best pieces to present to art professors, talent agents, designers and potential clients, there is no better way to carry and present your work.

    Made with a side pocket to hold graphics, photos, prints, drawings and more. This portfolio also has a side strap to keep it closed. Two handles make it easy to carry, and am adjustable shoulder strap is ideal for traveling long distances.

    A must-have for the aspiring artist and designer! It is ideal for medium to large sized prints. 

    Size: 24.5" x 36.5" x 1.5"

    (Oversize Shipping: $24.60)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro2010.html||||||080031040930||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|66-pro20103||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||portfolios||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/24-5x36-5x3-pro-2-portfolio-10.png||||||24.5x36.5x3" Pro-2 Portfolio||MU-66-PRO20103||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > portfolios||||84.990 ||49.990 ||||||21.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Present your work with confidence in this professional aritst's portfolio! Designed to display prints, photographs, drawings and more it is a must for aspiring and established designers and artists.||

    The 24.5x36.5x3" Pro-2 Portfolio is a sturdy, high-quality portfolio designed to present your work in the best possible way. Feel more confident when you sit down to show your drawings to a creative director, or your professor. This portfolio is ideal for students and working professionals.

    Made of Polypropylene (not cardboard) this portfolio is designed to last, and it includes convenient options like a side pocket to easily store photographs, prints and drawings.  Make your next presentation a success with this new portfolio!

    It includes a strap to secure the portfolio when closed and two handles for carrying. Ideally sized for medium to larger drawings. This portfolio is over 3 inches wide to hold more of your work. It's also priced at an excellent value!

    Why settle for an average cardboard portfolio? Give your work the attention it deserves. 

    Size: 23.5" x 36.5" x 3"

    (Oversize Shipping: $38.35)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/66-pro20103.html||||||080031040947||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|84-2100b||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drafting||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/24x36-inch-martin-b-top-only-10.png||||||24x36 inch Martin B Top Only||MU-84-2100B||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > drafting-materials > drafting||||59.990 ||49.990 ||||||21.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Start working on your next masterpiece by adding this 24x36 Martin B Top to your drawing table.||

    The 24x36 Martin B Top is a sleek piece of solid, high resin pressed wood with a soothing white coat that invites your imagination to evoke wonders. Whether you're an artist, engineer or professional drafter, it's widely recognized that high-quality tops help drive productivity and efficiency.

    You'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal on this kind of quality. The base is sold separately; however, the Martin B Top is best utilized with the Berkeley Classic, or a similar style of drawing table will suffice. This top in particular will complement a wide variety of drawing tables, so the possibilities are abundant.

    Enhance your productivity with this incredible piece and get started on your next project today. The 24x36 Martin B Top is an exceptional addition to any professional's base.

    (Oversize Shipping: $38.35) 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/84-2100b.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcher-25||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-25-9.png||||||25" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894018||JR-894018||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||4.100 ||2.290 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 25” BEST lightweight stretcher bar made from white pine. Pine is a sustainable wood that is used for these stretcher bars, which keeps their cost low. They are a great choice for art students and for classroom instruction. They are cost efficient and they are even a good option for experienced artists who need stretcher bars for their smaller artworks. Should not be used on large paintings as they are not designed for them. They are cut 1/8” shorter than the measurement shown so that they can fit in a photo frame if necessary, and they are easy to assemble.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcher-25.html||||||717304008563||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar26||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/26-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890111-5.png||||||26" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890111||JR890111||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||7.500 ||3.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||

    Designed for the accomplished artist, the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar 26" is manufactured from the highest quality pine for a durable and exceptionally well made stretcher bar.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar26.html||||||717304007177||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherr-26||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/26-jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-894019-5.png||||||26" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894019||JR-894019||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||4.350 ||2.390 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar, 26"||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherr-26.html||||||717304008570||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcher-27||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-27-9.png||||||27" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894020||JR-894020||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||4.600 ||2.490 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 27” BEST lightweight stretcher bar which is perfect for smaller works of art. Made from sustainable white pine, these stretcher bars are ecologically friendly, affordable and sustainable. White pine is plentiful in small and thin strips which are used to make the stretcher bars. A great choice for new artists, artists in training and classroom instruction. They are also a good choice for veteran artists who need durable, sustainable and affordable stretcher bars for their smaller works of art. Cut 1/8 inch shorter than the listed measurement to fit inside of a picture frame if this is necessary.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcher-27.html||||||717304008587||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar28||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/28-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890113-5.png||||||28" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890113||JR890113||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||8.950 ||3.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Using the Best Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 28" means you won't have to deal with ghost impressions on your painting.


    The Best medium-duty stretcher bar - 28" is designed with a 1/2 inch rise to keep the canvas taut and prevent sagging. This feature results in a smoother painting surface, which prevents ghost impressions from appearing on a finished painting. Finger-jointed from high-quality knot-free kiln-dried white pine, the Best stretcher bar surpasses other bars in strength, and its rounded back edge is designed for stretching a variety of canvas weights. Best medium duty stretcher bars are only recommended for canvasses up to 48 inches in diameter.

    When ordering Best stretcher bars, keep in mind that they are sold individually, not in pairs and they only interlock with other Best stretcher bars.

    Specifications: 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" x 28"

     Its rounded design keeps the canvas taut for a smoother painting surface. Kiln-dried and finger-jointed, these knot-free white pine stretcher bars will give you years and years of stretching canvas.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar28.html||||||717304007191||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcher-28||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-28-9.png||||||28" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894021||JR-894021||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||4.950 ||2.590 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 28” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is a great choice for small works of art. They are made from sustainable pine wood which is plentiful in small thin strips, which is why these are cost effective. Perfect for new artists and for art instruction, they offer good quality for the price. A good choice for experienced artists who want quality stretcher bars for their small works of art. They should not be used for large canvases. These are cut 1/8” shorter than the measurement shown if they need to be put inside of a picture frame if A requirement for you.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcher-28.html||||||717304008594||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-29||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-29-11.png||||||29" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894022||JR-894022||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||5.200 ||2.690 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Perfect for Use in Framing Your Paintings and Works of Art!||These lightweight stretcher bars allow you to quickly and easily stretch your own canvas frame at home. Saving you money, these 29” BEST lightweight stretch bars provide great value for the price and are a good choice for beginning artists and students as well as the professional artist. Because there is an abundance of white pine wood in the width and lengths needed, these bars are high quality, kiln-fired and knot free. Although lightweight, these bars will provide long-term stability and are a perfect choice for use in your paintings and works of art. They offer a sloped edge, which will prevent bar marks in your painting, and they also provide a 5/16" lip. The bars measure 13/16" deep by 1-1/2" wide and BEST stretcher bars are trimmed just a bit smaller, by 1/8", than the size listed so that the assembled frame with canvas will fit into your picture frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-29.html||||||717304008600||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|2bgrappen||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/2b-derwent-graphic-pencil-11.png||||||2B Derwent Graphic Pencil||S-WNP-34174||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > stan-lee > cartooning-supplies > drawing||||1.350 ||0.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Made from English graphite and clay of the highest grades, the Derwent 2B Graphic Pencil is perfect for sketching and drawing and medium to dark shading. Artists worldwide recognize Derwent as the maker of superior fine art pencils.


    The Cumberland Pencil Company, manufacturer of Derwent Graphic Pencils, began in 1832 in England, where graphite was first discovered. The company introduced the Derwent brand of fine art pencils in 1938. The clay-graphite mixture in this 2B pencil resists breakage because of Derwent's quality controls, which include a strength test. Derwent pencils make clean, smooth lines time after time. Erasures are clean too. The barrel of this pre-sharpened pencil is of California cedar. Since tree farmers regularly replant these trees, they are ecologically sustainable. The pencil sharpens to a fine point. Whether you are a professional artist, a new art student or a hobbyist, you will use this pencil to draw and sketch on many surfaces. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/2bgrappen.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Derwent||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|sketching||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/3-tips-for-making-the-most-of-your-next-drawing-class-6.png||||||3 TIPS FOR MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR NEXT DRAWING CLASS||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||drawing||||3 TIPS FOR MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR NEXT DRAWING CLASS
    By Greg Albert

    In my opinion, a student's attitude is the most important factor contributing to a successful experience in a life-drawing class (or any class for that matter). Approach the class with the goal to learn as much as you can and don't compare your progress to that of other students, as doing so may either discourage you or falsely inflate your ego. Your goal in drawing class should be to derive the maximum benefit from your investment of time, money and energy.

  • Although you don't need to do anything to get ready for a drawing class—except acquire the needed supplies and equipment—a great way to prepare yourself is to read a good magazine on art technique or even browse through a few books on figure drawing from your local bookstore or library.

  • Don't skip any class sessions if you can avoid it. Regular attendance develops consistency and discipline and honors your teacher and classmates—they're learning from you, too.

  • Practice between classes, even for only 10 minutes. Keep sketchbooks handy, and when you have a spare moment make little sketches of people from memory, no matter how crude the results may seem. By the time you fill one sketchbook, you'll see an encouraging improvement. You'll be amazed at how much "talent" regular practice will reveal.

    For more tips from Greg Albert on using life-drawing classes to supercharge your skills, see "Group Therapy" in the July 2005 issue of Drawing Board magazine. In this issue you’ll also discover how to tap into your creativity, learn all about drawing tools and how to use them, and work with pen and ink.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/sketching.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar30||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/30-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890115-5.png||||||30" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890115||JR890115||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||9.550 ||4.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Get a taut even canvas every time with BEST Medium-duty stretcher bars!


    Best selects only high quality white pine to make this medium-duty 30-inch stretcher bar. Each piece is inspected for knots, then dried in a kiln before being splice-bonded to form a straight bar that resists warping. The curve of its back edge is fashioned to keep the canvas edge at a half inch distance. So by using Best stretcher bars to build a frame an artist gets a taut, friction free canvas with a smooth painting surface and none of the ghost impressions that can show up on an otherwise perfect painting.

    Measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 30"

    Please note:

    With Best Stretcher bars, your paintings will be free of any haunting ghost-like impressions.

    Best selects only the highest quality white pine, free of knots, then slice-bonds them to insure durability and resistance to warping.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar30.html||||||717304007214||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-30||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-30-11.png||||||30" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894023||JR-894023||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||5.600 ||2.790 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 30” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is made from sustainable white pine, and is a perfect option for artists who are looking for a cost effective stretcher bar for their small canvas. Affordable but durable, they are a good choice for instruction, for new artists and for students. They are cut 1/8” shorter than the measurement shown in order to fit inside of a picture frame. Experienced artists will enjoy using these stretcher bars as well for their smaller works. Easy to assemble and work with, these stretcher bars are perfect for any small canvas but shouldn’t be used on larger sized works.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-30.html||||||717304008617||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|84-2100c||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drafting||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/30x42-inch-martin-c-top-only-10.png||||||30x42 inch Martin C Top Only||MU-84-2100C||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > drafting-materials > drafting||||64.990 ||49.990 ||||||21.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Serious artists, architects and sketchers use the 30 x 42 inch Martin C Top with a high-quality table base. It will travel wherever the drawer wants to go. ||

    Martin C tops provide plenty of drawing rooms for the serious drafter and artist. It’s 30” wide by 42” long. Get ready to create some of your finest designs on this tabletop made of durable pressed wood.

    This laminated surface fits just about any drawing table base, including the recommended Berkeley Classic or Maxum bases sold separately. This high-quality table makes it easy for avid drawers to take their projects with them wherever they go. If they want, they can draw on location or transport their art equipment to just about anywhere – including classes – with ease.

    The base that fits the Martin C adjusts to the perfect angle for easy reach and precision. Even shorter people can use the tabletop after setting up their sketching area to a comfortable height.  

    This item is the Top only.

    (Oversize Shipping: $27.50)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/84-2100c.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-31||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-31-11.png||||||31" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894024||JR-894024||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||5.700 ||2.890 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 31” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is constructed from sustainable white pine. A great option for artists who need a budget friendly option for stretcher bars. Excellent for classroom instruction, art students, teachers, and for any purpose where you need several smaller sized canvases. They should not be used for large paintings; you will need heavy duty stretcher bars for these paintings. The white pine used for these stretcher bars is durable and will last for a long time with proper care. Good for experienced artists as well who need cost effective stretcher bars for their smaller sized works of art.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-31.html||||||717304008624||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|84-2100d||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drafting||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/31-5x48-inch-martin-d-top-only-10.png||||||31.5x48 inch Martin D Top Only||MU-84-2100D||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > drafting-materials > drafting||||74.990 ||49.990 ||||||21.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||An artist is aware that the surface upon which the portrait is drawn is just as important as the medium chosen to create the piece. ||

    As artists create portraits by hand, they need a reliable surface. The 31.5x48 inch Martin D desk top is made of high resin pressed wood, coated in a neutral, white laminate. This stark surface blends perfectly behind paper of any color, making it easy to trace images, draw still life or create unique works of art.

    The manufacturer suggests this desktop for use with either Classic Maxum or Berkley Base, but virtually any table base will suffice.

    The 31.5x48 inch Martin D Top Only is a great option for someone who likes his or her current desk, but not the texture of the desk top.  The 31.5x48 inch Martin D Top is the ideal choice for building a new work station or renovating an existing one.  This item is just the desk top and the desk must be purchased separately. 

    (Oversize Shipping: $38.35)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/84-2100d.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|84-2100e||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drafting||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/31-5x55-inch-martin-e-top-only-10.png||||||31.5x55 inch Martin E Top Only||MU-84-2100E||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > drafting-materials > drafting||||99.990 ||59.990 ||||||42.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Serious artists, designers and drafters use the 31.5x55 inch Martin E Top. It fits the Berkeley Maxum table base. ||

    The 31.5” wide by 55” long Martin E Top fits modern table bases. Use it on the corresponding Berkeley Maxum base or equivalent (sold separately from the top).

    This drafting board allows the serious architect and creative sketcher much-needed support for producing quality art. The Martin E top sits at whatever angle the drawer wants, and this durable high-resin pressed wood provides a smooth drawing surface. At the same time, you can complete all projects knowing the drafting paper will stay in place. This tabletop is 3/4" thick. 

    Draw a new logo, sketch a realistic nature drawing, or create a new building design.

    (Oversize shipping: $66.95)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/84-2100e.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar32||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/32-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890117-5.png||||||32" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890117||JR890117||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||10.400 ||5.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    A high quality stretcher bar!


    Designed so that the canvas is always 1/2 inch away from the edge of the bar, the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 32" stops ghost impressions from forming on the canvas itself. The back edge is rounded so that the friction on the canvas is significantly reduced. This makes for a tighter and more even painting surface which, in turn, makes for a smoother canvas. Cross brace installation is made quick and easy with the slotted backs of the bars. For durability, this stretcher bar is made of white pine wood that is dried in a kiln. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar32.html||||||717304007238||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-32||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-32-11.png||||||32" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894025||JR-894025||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||6.300 ||2.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 32” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is made from high quality and sustainable white pine wood. White pine is plentiful in thin strips of wood, which is why these stretcher bars are priced so affordably, but they are also very durable and will last for several years with care. A great choice for experienced artists who need quality stretcher bars that won’t break their budget. Also perfect for classroom instruction, education, and for new artists. These stretcher bars are cut 1/8” shorter than the listed measurement so that the canvas can fit inside of a picture frame if this is needed.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-32.html||||||717304100007||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-33||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-33-11.png||||||33" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894026||JR-894026||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||6.400 ||3.090 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 33” BEST lightweight stretcher bar constructed from sustainable and environmentally friendly white pine. This wood is plentiful and these stretcher bars are cost efficient but they are also high in quality. They will support your small works of art well and they can last for several years with regular care. A good choice for art students who need quality and affordable stretcher bars for their first works of art, and these stretcher bars are also great in the art classroom. They are cut 1/8” shorter than the size shown in order to fit in a picture frame when needed.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-33.html||||||717304008648||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|from-audience||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||films||||||||33724 From Theater to Video: Finding an Audience Video DVD||FI-33724||art-sale > films||||149.950 ||139.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||From Theater to Video: Finding an Audience Video DVD. This program is a virtual "how to" on the theatrical and video distribution business. In two presentations, Steve Rothenberg, president of domestic distribution at Artisan Entertainment, explains today’s tough movie industry mentality and how to beat what he calls "the theatrical game." The specifics of test screenings, when to release films, and what determines niche, platform, exclusive, and wide-scale releases are covered. In addition, Robert Tollini, former senior vice president of marketing for Major Video Concepts, drives home the importance of commerce and breaks down the significance of video in sell-through and rental markets. A powerhouse resource on the business of the movies. (51 minutes) View a Preview Clip||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/from-audience.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar34||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/34-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890119-5.png||||||34" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890119||JR890119||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||11.550 ||5.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Made of white pine, this bar is designed to keep the canvas away from its edge at all times. This prevents unwanted impressions. 


    Using BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 34" ensures your stretched canvas will be smooth. White pine wood is used to make this stretcher bar. Its rolled edge helps to keep the canvas smooth and even, allowing it to look its best. Ghost impressions are kept to a minimum by keeping the canvas about 1/2 inch away from the edge of the bar. The canvas an artist uses is a key factor in producing a work of art is worthy of the creative process. Using these stretcher bars helps ensure you begin with the perfect canvas. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar34.html||||||717304007252||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-35||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-35-11.png||||||35" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894028||JR-894028||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||6.850 ||3.190 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 35” BEST lightweight stretcher bar made from sustainable white pine. White pine is a sustainable wood that is plentiful and as a result these stretcher bars are affordable. They are durable and high in quality in spite of their cost, and they have a wide range of versatile uses. Great for art instruction and for students who are starting out with their first works of art. They should not be used for large paintings; heavy duty stretcher bars are usually better for these paintings. Cut 1/8” smaller than the size listed so the canvas can fit inside of a picture frame comfortably.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-35.html||||||717304008662||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar36||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/36-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890121-5.png||||||36" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890121||JR890121||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||12.550 ||5.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||Quality matters in stretcher bars since to maintain paintings from warping. This stretcher bar comes from high quality pine molded with finger splicing. Finger splicing bonds wood pieces in such a way to make the bars long and straight as possible. The innovative curved back edging prevents blotting impressions on the canvas once mounted. Interlocking corners slide together and lock in 90 degree angles. Cross bracing adds further support making the framework and painting last for years to come. Stretcher bars come with corner key wedges. Wedging fits in the slot on inside corners of the assembled framework. If a canvas does sag due to stretching then wedging driven into the corners expand the frame slightly, and the canvas becomes taunt once more.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar36.html||||||717304007276||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|84-2100p||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drafting||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/36x48-inch-martin-p-top-only-10.png||||||36x48 inch Martin P Top Only||MU-84-2100P||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > drafting-materials > drafting||||84.990 ||59.990 ||||||42.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||If you need a quality, durable drafting table at an affordable price, order the 36X48 inch Martin P top today!||

    Are you looking for a quality 36X48 inch drafting table at an affordable price? The 36X48 in Martin Top is for you. This is sold as a part - top only. Table base sold separately.

    This drafting table top is ideal for any craftsperson from beginner to expert and various heavy- duty art and craft projects. It measures 36X48 inches and ¾ of an inch thick. The Martin P top is also constructed of a solid, non directional material consisting of white lamination on all sides and a solid, high resin base topped with eye ease white laminate. 

    Because the 36X48 inch Martin P Top is a UPS oversize item, it includes a $66.95 shipping cost. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/84-2100p.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-37||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-37-11.png||||||37" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894030||JR-894030||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||7.500 ||3.690 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 37” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is created from white pine. White pine is sustainable and fast growing, and it is plentiful in the small white strips that are used to make these stretcher bars. A great choice for the classroom and for art education, these budget friendly stretcher bars offer great support and stability to your canvases. They are cut 1/8” shorter than the size listed in order to fit inside a picture frame, as the canvas adds extra width when it is stretched. Should not be used for larger works of art as heavy duty stretcher bars are better for large paintings.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-37.html||||||717304008686||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|84-2100k||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/37-5x60-inch-martin-k-top-only-7.png||||||37.5x60 inch Martin K Top Only||MU-84-2100K||||||129.990 ||69.990 ||||||42.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||This K Top is ideal for sketches, painting and more. Make beautiful artworks with this exceptional artist's top.||

    Make beautiful sketches, drawings and paintings on this smooth K top. The 37.5x60 inch Martin K Top Only is a white laminated top that fits on a base. It includes an eye-ease finish to reduce painful glare, for hours of drawing.

    Made with laminate over pressed wood, this top is sturdy, flat and ultra smooth.  All of your pencil marks and strokes will be true and free of ridges or grain. Create higher quality, more detailed pencil drawings, color graphics, and more.  

    This high quality artist's drawing table top provides the most suitable way to make your art. Use it on a flat table, or another surface to turn any room into an art studio. Or, attach it to a base and create your own artist drawing table. We suggest using the Berkley Maxum base with this particular top.

    Size: 37.5" x 60"

    (Oversize Shipping: $66.95)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/84-2100k.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar38||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/38-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890123-5.png||||||38" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890123||JR890123||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||13.350 ||7.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    If you’re needing a cleverly designed and quality 38” Best Medium Duty Stretcher Bar, this item fills the bill. 


    These stretcher bars are made of choice white pine that is hand selected to ensure there are no knots are warping. The selected sections are carefully dried by kilns and turned over to experienced Wisconsin craftsmen. The sections are cut to the desired lengths and finger jointed to allow for a solid fit. The entire system is designed to be used with the Key Canvas Tightening system by Best which is ordered separately. For these and all bars over 36 inches it is recommended that our cross bases be used. Sections won’t marry with other brands. Lengths can be custom cut by making a comment in the box at ordering. (additional charge per bar customized) Sold in pieces of one.

    The design of bar allows you to stretch your canvas with no risk of it creating surface tension because of the ½” it provides between the bar and the canvas.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar38.html||||||717304007290||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-39||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-39-11.png||||||39" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894032||JR-894032||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||8.200 ||3.790 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 39” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is a good choice for art instruction, and white pine is a sustainable wood that is a good option for these lightweight stretcher bars. These stretcher bars are durable and high quality and will exceed your expectations. They provide great support for your small canvases and they work well for classroom instruction, for art students, and for artists in training. Veteran artists will also appreciate the cost and durability of these stretcher bars for their smaller works of art. Not intended for use on very large paintings, as heavy duty stretcher bars normally work better.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-39.html||||||717304008709||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|3m-applicator||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-3m-atg-adhesive-applicator-11.png||||||3M Atg Adhesive Applicator||AL-ATG700||art-forms > discontinued||||96.250 ||89.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Don't struggle with administering tape to boxes, papers and walls ay longer. With this adhesive applicator, you can easily apply tape with one hand and get a precise application.


    When you need to apply tape to a project, you need it to be easy to apply to avoid allowing the end of the tape to be lost on the roll. The Alvin 3M Atg Adhesive Applicator allows you to apply tape with precision with its extended applicator roller and keeps the end of the tape from going back to the roll. That saves you time that would have been spent searching for the end of the roll and trying to get the roll going again. With the applicator, you are always ready to apply tape, and you can see just where it is being laid. Get tasks done in much less time and with all the precision you need.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/3m-applicator.html||||||511310650552||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|gluck-prints||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||larry-gluck||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/4-larry-gluck-prints-30.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/4-larry-gluck-prints-31.png||4 Larry Gluck Prints||RP-4PRINTS||larry-gluck||||99.960 ||89.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Bring your walls to life with four majestic art prints by Larry Gluck. Availability is limited.||

    Introduce a little ambiance to your home or office with four art prints by renowned artist Larry Gluck.

    1. Sunset on the Waterfront

    Imagery that settles the soul.

    Ease your mind with this beautiful depiction of a Caribbean morning circa 1965. Dimensions: Print size: 13" x 17" Image size: 9" x 13." 

    2. Baretta Center Steps

    Capture a piece of the Caribbean!

    This 1965 piece features the Baretta Center Steps; own another pocket of beauty in the Caribbean Virgin Islands. Dimensions: Print size: 13" x 17" Image size: 9" x 13."

    3. Young Man & His Dreams

    A majestic glimpse that tempts the Imagination.

    This 1965 original invites you to slip into a daydream and stay a while. Dimensions: Print size: 13" x 17" Image size: 9" x 13."

    4. Hibiscus Alley

    Paradise welcomes you!

    Take a stroll down an alley of tropical brilliance. Dimensions: Print size: 13" x 17" Image size: 9" x 13."

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/gluck-prints.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Larry Gluck||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|burntsienna074||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Burnt Sienna #074||WN4-074||||||23.550 ||11.780 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Burnt Sienna is the definitive Earth tone.||

    The fantastic Earth tone of Burnt Sienna has a celebrated past dating back to the Romans. However, the popularity of this color did not soar until the Renaissance masters painted with the shade.  Caravaggio (1571-1610) and Rembrandt (1606-1669) were two of the masters who regularly used this particular color in their palettes. This flexible color could be used to set the tone and scene of any piece as the color's versatility is outstandingly high. Nature scenes where unique lighting spotlights each individual detail can be done with this color. Skin and animal tones are another excellent use for this color. The leaves of trees as they change color in the fall is yet another example. This unique Earth tone has be around for so long because each culture has realized how flexible and useful this color truly is.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/burntsienna074.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4burnumb076||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Burnt Umber #076||WN4-076||||||23.550 ||11.780 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||As an artists, you know quality when you see it and you want to get your money's worth -regardless of the product. When you are looking for the best in oil paints, you can trust W&N Artists' Oil Paints! ||

    When you need the perfect shade for your next painting or craft project, trut the name has come to be recognized as one of quality and excellence. Burnt Umber is a popular shade that has many uses from base colors, accent pieces, backgrounds, and focal color. Whatever you needs may be and whatever scope your project may be, this paint is one of the best out there!

    The 4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Burnt Umber Paint offers quality in coverage, texture, huge, and shine, bringing a look that is fresh and vibrant to any project you have on had. Add new life and life to any crafting project and rest assured that you are getting your money's worth each time, every time.

    See for yourself how W&N Artists' Oil Paints goes above and beyond each time, every time, to deliver the finest product available. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4burnumb076.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4ivobla331||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Ivory Black #331||WN4-331||||||23.550 ||11.780 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Intense black color known for building sharp contrasts.||

    Ivory Black was a color once created by grinding charred ivory tusks into oil. Actual ivory is no longer used to produce Ivory Black, but the shade of color remains. Artists enjoyed this dark shade because of the deepness of tone represented. This dark shade brings such a magnificent contrast to any painting project that Ivory Black is often used for strictly black and white pieces. To understand the richness of this shade, one need but think about the char left over from a fire. That dark char color that remains of a passion burning, experience piled together to show the remaining sharp edges of everyday life. The dark shade of Ivory Black is an excellent addition to any set of regular palette colors. Artists can use the color to help contrast borders or stand center stage.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4ivobla331.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4mangbluhue379||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Manganese Blue Hue #379||WN4-379||||||23.550 ||11.780 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The calming blue of Manganese Blue Hue #379 brings a rich, vibrant, and peaceful influence to your pieces of art. ||

    W & N Artists’ Oil Colors are a fantastic tool for serious artists who love to oil paint. They’re known across the globe for their beautiful and pure hues. They produce vivid and vibrant colors that blend perfectly to bring each painting to life. W&N Artists’ Oil Colors Manganese Blue Hue #379 provides a variety of blues in one tube. Its bold color can be used by itself to capture the shimmering blue waters of the ocean or combined with lighter colors to capture the beauty of a soft sunset sky. Grab a tube of white to lighten the color to a lighter hue, or artists can change the color with a dark grey or black for a different hue.

    Artists’ trust the pure elements of Winsor and Newton Artists’ Oil Colors Manganese Blue Hue #379 to bring passion out in their paintings. Blue tends to bring out peace, tranquility, and calming influences. With a color that stays true from canvas to canvas, create beautiful pieces of art that capture your audience’s attention and fascination.  

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4mangbluhue379.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4rawsien552||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Raw Sienna #552||WN4-552||||||23.550 ||11.780 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A light brown that brings out any earth tone in your art projects.||

    W&N Artists' Oil Colors Raw Sienna #552 is made from pure and natural ingredients.  Raw Sienna is a light brown color that is found in ancient cave paintings. Some of the oldest paintings known to man used this natural brown color.   One of the earth colors of nature, this light brown is excellent for coloring dessert backgrounds, mosaics, pottery and other accessories in any art work.  This light brown contrasts exceptionally with blues, reds and greens.  It blends well with whites or blacks and forms a relaxing earth-tone collage with oranges and yellows.  Raw Sienna is also very successful in art projects as a background color.  Browns are associated with a rustic environment that is restful and simple in contrast to the busy world of modern times.   Raw Sienna is a great choice to perfect your artwork.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4rawsien552.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4rawumb558||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Raw Umber #558||WN4-558||||||23.550 ||11.780 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Oil paint colors are proof that a little goes a long way. The Raw Umber color is ideal for a number of still life and abstract painting projects.||

    Artist's Oil Color is also ideal for painters who want a quality art product without the high cost. This oil paint has often been used to replace the more costly versions of oil paints. Raw Umber can be mixed with a number of paint colors to create the perfect color to complete an artistic masterpiece. This rich brown-red color can be combined with brighter hues for a more pronounced shade of brown, or combined with a darker shade for a richer pigment.

    The oil paint containers can fit into art boxes easily. It is easy to extract the paint from the tube, so extra squeezing is not needed. The container structure also keeps the paint from drying out too quickly.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4rawumb558.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4cadlem086||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Lemon #086||WN4-086||||||59.700 ||29.850 ||||||||||1||1||0||0|||||| Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colors are the epitome of all oil paint brands and gives the artist's canvas the best possible pop of color.||

    With a manufacturing history of over 170 years, Winsor & Newton offers artists of all levels the quality and richness of color that they look for in oil paints.   They produce the world's best quality oil paints in 120 unique colors, 112 of which are of a rich, single pigmentation making the art of mixing paints more easy.

    Using  Winsor & Newton Cadmium Lemon # 086 will put a sunny hue into your oil pieces due to the company's well known placement of their importance in making their oil colors as crisp as possible. Quality control is something that Winsor & Newton takes very seriously every step of the way when it comes to producing their beautiful oil colors.  

    The good handling qualities that Winsor & Newton oil colors boasts is what makes the necessary modification of your newly painted oil piece easy to retouch.  

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4cadlem086.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4cadred094||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Red #094||WN4-094||||||59.700 ||29.850 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Find the perfect shade of red for any paint project with Winsor & Newton's Artists' Oil in Cadmium Red.||

    Winsor & Newton once again delivers on the oil paint front. Oil paints in the internationally renowned art supply company's are individually formulated with only the purest materials to ensure rich, even color during every use. The cadmium red oil color is a high quality, lasting chemical red that is essential to any artist's basic color palette.

    The Cadmium Red color can also be lightened or darkened to multiple shades, and as a mixable oil it can also be combined with other colors to form a wide range of other hues. And like all Winsor & Newton's Artists' oil colors, this paint naturally retains texture well from brush strokes and other tools. That said, it can also be thinned out from its primary state into a finer glaze.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4cadred094.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4cadyell108||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cadmium Yellow #108||WN4-108||||||59.700 ||29.850 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Brilliant yellow color that screams for attention while celebrating life.||

    Cadmium Yellow is not a quiet, submissive color. The color pops instantly to show an exuberant playfulness and celebration of life. This tone is fantastic for cheerful spring paints of wild flowers or rain boots, as well as sunflowers and bananas. The Cadmium set of colors are also known for their excellent light-fastness. This allows a painted scene to stay the same vibrant color without much fading.

    A number of fashion designers, specifically sneaker designers, have clung onto Cadmium Yellow to highlight their brand. When contrasted against the traditional white and black of a sneaker, this color easily stands out on its own. However, as many fashion designers discover, this particular color is an excellent compliment to any duller tone. Darker blues, and even a touch of lighter blues, can play very well with this color.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4cadyell108.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4cobblu178||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Cobalt Blue #178||WN4-178||||||59.700 ||29.850 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Capture the luxuriant blue notes made famous by Chinese porcelain with this Cobalt Blue shade from Windsor & Newton. ||

     Maxfield Parrish, one of the greatest skyscape painters of all times, preferred the rich hues of cobalt oxide-aluminum oxide or Cobalt Blue, over the better known Aquamarine shades used by his contemporaries. As a result, the shade is sometimes referred to as Parrish blue.  It is also sometimes referred to as Dresden blue and Thénards blue.   Vincent van Gogh considered Cobalt Blue a “divine color”  and thought it the perfect hue for portraying the athosphere. Windsor & Newton is known for their superior quality oil paint formulations.  The pure pigments in this line of paint ensures the cleanest colors by means of their unmatched dedication to quality control.  Perfect for mixing or for use alone, Cobalt Blue #178 is one of Windsor & Newton’s most prized formulas.  The purity of this 4 oz. tube provides optimum strength for tinting when reduced and stays open for several days.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4cobblu178.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4virgree692||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Viridian Green #692||WN4-692||||||59.700 ||29.850 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Blue and green are mixed playfully in this gorgeous color.||

    Viridian Green is an intriguing riddle of a color. In an ancient Latin, viridian was derived from virdis which meant green. One would believe that this color would be exceedingly green. The truth is that this color is near, if not exactly, on the border between blue and green. Viridian Green is an excellent choice for spring paintings, ocean waves, or any project that needs a playful splash of color. Many artists choose this particular color because of the cooler tones of blue mix so well with the renewal feeling of green. Viridian Green is not known for overwhelming an art piece, but rather adding a whimsical charm that blends well with other painting themes.  Artists are recommended to pick up this color as it provides an excellent source of laid back elegance few other colors can match.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4virgree692.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4winbluredshade706||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists' Oil Colors Winsor Blue/Red Shade #706||WN4-706||||||33.300 ||16.650 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Oil color from Winsor and Newton in a blue/red shade can instantly bring life to a painting. The color is formulated for smooth application and vibrant color.||

    Madison Art Shop offers oil paints at a price that is about 40 percent lower than many other art supply stores. Artists who want quality oil paints in both traditional and modern hues will be satisfied with the visual appeal Winsor & Newton oil colors provide. The blue/red shade is ideal for abstract pieces as well as still-life renderings. Whether the finished oil painting will feature an aspect of nature or a psychological concept, the blue/red pigment can help to accurately illustrate the artist's message. The tube the oil paint comes in is easy to squeeze for just the right amount of color. The tubes also fit in art boxes easily, and the oil color won't dry out prematurely due to the small tube structure.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4winbluredshade706.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4peralzcri468||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists'' Oil Color #468 - PERMANENT ALIZ CRIMSON||WN4-aliz-468||||||59.700 ||29.850 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Permanent Alizarin Crimson oil paint is a vibrant red with blue undertones, and because it's a Winsor and Newton's product, you can be certain it will be consistent and smooth to apply.||

    With more than 170 years of experience in manufacturing the very best supplies for artists, Winsor & Newton is known for using only top-quality materials and pigments to produce bright, clear colors that are true to life. Painters can also be assured that a Winsor & Newton Product will be reliable in its hue and apply smoothly, as the company finely grinds the pigments in its oil paints.

    Winsor and Newton's Permanent Alizarin Crimson color was first introduced in 1994 as a vivid red color with a blue undertone. Though this color is highly transparent, it is also highly permanent. However, this oil color, like all Winsor and Newton Artists' oil colors, will remain reworkable for two to as much as twelve days, as the wet and soft paint will become dry to the touch.

    This pigment comes in a 4-ounce resealable metal tube.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4peralzcri468.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4perybla505||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists'' Oil Color #505 - PERYLENE BLACK ||WN4-505||||||23.550 ||11.780 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Close to the blackest black, this dark color is excellent for mixing.||

    Perylene black was invented in 1948 and has been described as a black with just a tiny pinch of green mixed in. This particular color is known for being colorfast and not fading under sunlight. The combination of these two unique features is what draws a lot of artists to use this shade. Furthermore, many painters tend to blend this color with violets to get a solid black that lasts in light. Getting blacks to last in light is an essential task to many artists.

    Unlike many other blacks, perylene black is an artificial color not based off char and iron oxide shades. This synthetic perylene black has a longer drying time and is considered a transparent. The flexibility of perylene black makes an excellent addition to any set of painting projects or tools.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4perybla505.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4sapgree599||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||4 oz. W&N Artists'' Oil Color #599 - SAP GREEN||WN4-599||||||28.250 ||13.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Oil paints that are more affordable than paints at traditional art supply stores. Winsor and Netwon oil paint in Sap Green is the ideal hue for a number of oil paint renderings. Whether you're painting a scene in nature or creating a likeness, this shade can help provide the perfect finishing touch.||

    Green is the color of renewal and growth, and this sap green hue can be used to convey this sentiment in an oil painting. Sap green pairs well with other shades of green for a monochromatic-themed oil rendering, or with bolder oil paint shades to create a piece that is sure to turn heads. The green hue is a more modern take on medium shades of green and includes tinges of white and yellow.  The tube for the oil paint is smaller than traditional oil paint tubes, and this helps the paint to come to the surface quicker and keeps the oil paint from drying out too quickly.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4sapgree599.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Winsor & Newton||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar40||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/40-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890125-5.png||||||40" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890125||JR890125||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||14.350 ||8.490 ||||
    Average rating of reviews is 5
      Marlene Burger
    I love this medium size bar. It is a very sturdy bar as the very heavy 1 3/8 I used to use. But this 1-1/4 deep weight is easy for me to handle and on the large reproductions I do,my clients say they are easy to move around in their gallery and their clients love them too.

    The artist can make creating their masterpiece easier by using the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 40". 


    Stretching a canvas in order to produce a satisfactory finished product is made easy when the artist uses the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 40". The artist does not need to worry about excess friction when this stretcher bar is being used. This makes the painting surface smoother and more even, resulting in a canvas that is ready for a masterpiece to develop upon its surface. Due to the way this stretcher bar is designed, the canvas is always kept a half inch away from the edge. This means that ghost impressions are not an issue. 

    This bar is made of white pine, a wood chosen because it is strong and lightweight. This makes the bars easy to work with and it delivers stellar results. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar40.html||||||717304007313||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-dx-vocarb-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||4000 Dx Vocarb Carbon Replacement Filter||AA-4000-Dx-Vocarb-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||259.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    4000 Dx Vocarb Carbon Replacement Filter is a top of the line filter that provides users with an easy way in which to keep their air purifier up to date with clean filters. The filter provides a professional filtration replacement system that  keeps the professional filtration system up to date.


    4000 Dx Vocarb Carbon Replacement Filter provides an easy to install replacement filter for select air purifiers. Utilizing the replacement filter is an easy way to keep the air purification system up to date with a clean air purification system. The filter is professionally built and offers professional filtration services to air purifiers in order to help prevent dust and debris from entering the air and causing more people to get sick. The filter is especially useful for those who have allergies or problems with their lungs. The filter provides quality air control in order to provide clean fresh air in a room.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-dx-vocarb-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-dx-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||4000 Exec Carbon Filter||AA-4000-Dx-Exec-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||199.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The 4,000 Exec Carbon Filter is an air purifier filter that provides maximum filtration in order to filter debris from a room and create a healthier living condition. The filter itself filters out the air to capture dirt and harmful material at an affordable price. Conveniently priced it is a great filter to clean air.


    4,000 Exec Carbon Filter provides maximum air purification for rooms, so that they are able to be better prepared for living conditions. The filter is ideal for purifiers that can utilize the specific make and size allowing for the best filtration made available on the market. Filters provide a way to capture dust and particles that can be harmful to people in a room or building. These filters are particularly useful for anyone who is suffering from allergies or sicknesses. Filtration systems allow for air purifications to run at their finest and the 4,000 Exec Carbon Filter is an easy to use filter for professional air purifiers.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-dx-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-series-hepa-filter||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||4000 Series HEPA Filter||AA-4000-Series-HEPA-Filter||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||79.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    When you need a strong air filter, the 4000 Series HEPA filter will filter out all of the particles in the air to do your art justice. Regardless of what is around the air, this will filter it out.


    The 4000 Series HEPA filter works in conjunction with the AllerAir purifier. You want to make sure that you are able to trap all of the different airborne particles so that you can sit back and enjoy yourself more easily – and stay healthy.

    There are several components with the 4000 Series filter

    -           Traps airborne particles

    -           Kills bacteria, mold and viruses

    -           Easily cleanable with a vacuum

    If you’re going to spend the money on an air purifier, then you need a strong filter to make sure you are able to get everything out of the air that you need. Whether it’s bacteria, dust, or cigarette smoke that you want to filter out of your studio, the 4000 Series HEPA filter is going to provide you with just what you need for a price that you won’t be able to beat.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-series-hepa-filter.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||4000-Exec Carbon Replacement Filter||AA-4000-exec-carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||99.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Ensure the continued quality of your air with this carbon replacement water filter, intended as a replacement filter for the AllerAir Purifier system. AllerAir Carbon Replacement Filters are recommended by medical professionals and perfect for homes as well as studios.


    AllerAir Carbon Replacement Filters can be used in AllerAir Purifiers to ensure continuous fresh air. In homes as well as studios, contaminated air can be a very serious danger. These replacement filters make sure that the AllerAir system is always filtering the air to its fullest ability. Carbon air filters are especially suited to the filtration of air when painting techniques involving gas byproducts are being used.

    The Exec carbon filter will provide suitable filtration for most circumstances. Dust, chemicals and other air contaminates can potentially damage the eyes, lungs and ears of those exposed. AllerAir Air Purifiers are doctor-recommended to purify against both painting byproducts as well as allergens in the air. These carbon replacement filters will fit most AllerAir products.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-tar-trapping-10-pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||4000-tar-trapping-10-pk (Package of 10)||AA-4000-tar-trapping-10-pk||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||99.980 ||89.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Filters are essential in many lines of work but filters that are capable of trapping tar and other pollutants are hard to find. 4000-tar-trapping-10-pk (Package of 10) are tar trapping filters that pass any test and that are capable of insuring clean air time and time again.


    Tar trapping filters can be difficult to find but when it comes to 4000-tar-trapping-10-pk (Package of 10) these filters take the cake. These filters are capable of filtering and trapping tar droplets to prevent contamination of air in both common and specifically designated areas. This type of filter is perfect for those areas where tar and other pollutants can come in contact with either people or important documents and items to cause issue and potentially ruin these objects. Tar trapping filters are also great in large cities where pollution is common and 4000-tar-trapping-10-pk (Package of 10) are the perfect filter for just about any application. These Aller Air filter replacements are an essential part of many operations and are high quality to insure the cleanest, most breathable air.

    (Package of filters only. Does not include Purifying machine)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-tar-trapping-10-pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-41||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-41-11.png||||||41" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894034||JR-894034||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||8.400 ||4.090 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 41” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is a perfect choice for smaller or light weight canvases. Offers excellent support and stability to your canvas in spite of the cost. These stretcher bars are made from sustainable white pine which is an affordable word that works very well for lightweight stretcher bars, and the plentiful availability of this wood keeps the cost down. These stretcher bars have many applications and they can work well in the classroom setting, for new art students, for instructors, and for experienced artists who need a cost effective solution for their smaller sized works of art.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-41.html||||||717304008723||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar42||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/42-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890126-5.png||||||42" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890126||JR890126||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||14.800 ||8.790 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    A Best medium duty stretcher bar is an integral part of a well-prepared canvas. These bars are crafted by hand and are made of selected woods that have a back edge rounded to keep the canvas ½” from the canvas. This nifty design touch prevents surface friction. Made in U.S.A.


    Selecting the right stretcher bar for your masterpiece starts with ensuring only the best, prepared wood is used for each interlocking strip. The Best Medium Duty Stretcher Bar is made from hand-selected white pine that is knot free with no warping. This wood is then milled and kiln-dried to ensure consistency. The strips for the medium duty stretcher bar use are sized at 1 ½” high by 1 ¼” deep. Please take notice the pricing indicated is per strip, not for a pair. Also note these stretchers are custom cut to be used together and with Best Medium Duty Cross-Braces. The importance of a tight fit means that these Best Medium Duty Stretcher Bars will not interlock other brands.  

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar42.html||||||717304007320||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-42||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-42-11.png||||||42" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894035||JR-894035||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||8.550 ||4.190 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A 42” BEST lightweight stretcher bar made from sustainable white pine. White pine is an ecologically friendly wood choice because it is fast growing, and because it is plentiful in small strips it drives down the cost of these stretcher bars. However in spite of the price, these are very durable and excellent for your smaller or lighter canvases. They are durable and will last for several years with maintenance and cross braces. A great choice for art instruction, the classroom setting, for new artists and veteran artists alike. They are cut 1/8” shorter than the measurement shown in order to accommodate a picture frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-42.html||||||717304008730||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|tuffy-42htuffy-cart||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||h-wilson||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/42-h-tuffy-cart-10.png||||||42"H TUFFY CART||HWC-WT42E||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > art-storage > h-wilson||||166.000 ||119.990 ||||||5.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||42"H TUFFY CART Engineered thermoplastic resin,injection molded.Will not chip, warp, crack, rust, or peel. Shelves are 11/2” thick. Legs are 11/2” square. All 18” D x 24”W shelves have a 1/4” safety retaining lip and a raised texture surface to enhance product placement and ensure minimal sliding. 3-outlet UL approved electrical assembly with a 15 ft. cord, cord management wrap, and three cable management clips. Electrical attachment is recessed to insure easy passage through door ways and other tight spots. Four 4” silent roll, full swivel ball, bearing casters, two with locks, max.weight rated at 125 lbs. each.Three shelf models will hold 200 lbs.,evenly distributed.
  • UNIT WEIGHT - 29
  • UNIT LENGTH - 24''
  • UNIT WIDTH - 18''
  • UNIT HEIGHT - 421/2''
    {Shipping: $16.45}||COLOR Black "Burgundy(+$19.99)" "Hunter Green(+$19.99)" "Topaz Blue(+$19.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/tuffy-42htuffy-cart.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||H. Wilson Company||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar44||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/44-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890127-5.png||||||44" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890127||JR890127||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||15.250 ||9.690 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    By stretching their own canvas, the artist can ensure it is completed to their exacting specifications. 


    A stretched canvas is only as good as the stretcher bar that is usedr. With BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bars, you will have a smoother and tighter canvas. 

    Made of white pine that has been expertly kiln dried, the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 44" is designed so that the canvas is always a 1/2" away from it. This design helps to prevent ghost impressions. Friction on the surface of the canvas is reduced because of its rounded back. This, in turn, allows for a smoother canvas so the artist can create a more even painting. Due to the slotted back, it is easy to fit this bar with the necessary cross braces. This stretcher bar measures 1 1/4 inches deep and 1 1/2 inches wide. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar44.html||||||717304007337||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-44||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-44-11.png||||||44" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894036||JR-894036||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||9.050 ||4.390 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 44” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is constructed from affordable and durable white pine. Pine is sustainable and affordable and a great choice for these stretcher bars. These are not meant for heavy duty use on very large canvases, but they work great for smaller lighter canvases. They work great in the classroom setting and for new artists who need a cost effective option for their artworks. They are also good for experienced artists who need durable and low cost stretcher bars for their smaller works of art. Cut 1/8” shorter than the listed measure to fit snugly inside of a picture frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-44.html||||||717304008747||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar46||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/46-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890128-5.png||||||46" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890128||JR890128||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||15.500 ||9.890 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    This premium stretcher bar is made by craftsmen from selected woods.


    The Best Stretcher Bar starts its life as a piece of carefully selected section of white pine that has no knots or evidence of warping. After a session of drying in a special kiln in the Wisconsin plant, the wood it delivered to some of the finest craftsmen in America. They are experienced in producing a finger jointed strip that is known for its straightness and lasting strength. The strips are minutely trimmed to ensure firm interlocking with other strips to provide a stable frame. These strips are not compatible with other brands and work with the Best Key Canvas Tightening System. Use of matching cross bars are recommended for best results when using stretcher bars over 36" in lenth.

    To properly prepare a canvas for your creative session, the 46-inch Best Medium is a great starting point. This essential tool is cleverly designed with its rolled back edge to prevent surface friction and mainatian a ½ inch spacing.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar46.html||||||717304007344||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-46||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-46-11.png||||||46" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894037||JR-894037||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||9.600 ||4.590 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 46” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is a great choice for the classroom and a wide range of other applications. Built from sustainable white pine, these stretcher bars are affordable and ecologically friendly. They are perfect for smaller works of art but should not be used for heavy duty purposes. With proper care these stretcher bars will last for a long time, and cross braces can add more stability and support the canvas. A good choice for new artists as well as veteran artists who need an affordable choice for their smaller works of art. These are cut 1/8” shorter than the listed measurement to fit inside of a frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-46.html||||||717304008754||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|woodblocks||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||wogesopablco||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/48-asst-wood-blocks-9.png||||||48 asst. Wood Blocks||H2031||butterfly-pingpong > discovery-toys > wogesopablco||||9.990 ||8.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||48 asst. Wood Blocks by Hygloss.

    48 wood blocks, sizes: 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" cubes assorted.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/woodblocks.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Holbein||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar48||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/48-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890129-5.png||||||48" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890129||JR890129||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||16.200 ||6.490 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||

    Bars can be custom-sized with additional charge.

    When choosing these stretcher bars by BEST, you have a complete system for preparing your canvas for your best artistic effort. This includes the cross braces recommended for any stretcher bars that are more than 36 inches and the patented BEST canvas tightening system. The wood used is free of any knots or warping and fired in Wisconsin kilns to ensure long service. If a custom length is desired, order a bar at least 4” longer than the length you want. Specify your size in the comment box at checkout. An extra charge applies to each bar customized. Note the pricing is per stretcher bar, not as pairs. Also note that this design is not interchangeable with other brands.

    Made of select white pine and hand crafted in the U.S., these quality BEST medium duty stretcher bars are finger jointed to firmly interlock. Using a unique design the bars avoid any surface friction with the canvas by ensuring a 1/2” spacing. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar48.html||||||717304007351||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|stretcherbar-48||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-48-11.png||||||48" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894038||JR-894038||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||9.950 ||4.890 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This 48” BEST lightweight stretcher bar is great for smaller works of art and made out of white pine. White pine is a sustainable wood that works great for lightweight stretcher bars because it is plentiful in thin small strips of wood. They are durable and will last for a long time with the proper care, and when combined with cross braces they can create very stable canvases. A good choice for veteran artists who want a cost effective option for their smaller works of art. Cut 1/8” shorter than the measurement shown in order to fit in a frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/stretcherbar-48.html||||||717304008761||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4bgrappen||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/4b-derwent-graphic-pencil-10.png||||||4B Derwent Graphic Pencil||S-WNP-34170||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > stan-lee > cartooning-supplies > drawing||||1.690 ||0.890 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Smooth Derwent Graphic pencils are the artist's first tool to be used when sketching or drawing a project.

    ||(Image shows a number of the Derwent pencil line. However, for sale here is only the 4B Derwent Graphic Pencil.)

    Derwent Graphic Pencils combine a comfortable and ergonomic design with only the finest graphic core to bring artists the best way to put their vision on paper. Whether you are drafting a design, detailed illustration, or tone drawing, you can rely on Derwen Graphic Pencils to give you a crisp edge every time your pencil meets the paper. There are a variety of other sizes and densities available to help meet your needs.

    The pencils offer:

    Made of the highest quality of graphite from Cumberland Valley in England and the purest clay.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4bgrappen.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Derwent||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5tiforletose||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5-tips-for-learning-to-see-7.png||||||5 TIPS FOR LEARNING TO SEE||5tiforletose||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > stan-lee > cartooning-supplies > drawing||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||drawing||||By Carla O'Connor

    In my workshops, I focus mostly on composition and design. As part of this lesson, I teach the commonly held design principles—rules, if you will—but after this brief lecture, I usually say something to the class akin to, "Now forget all of that." This is usually a surprise to my students. I can hear them murmuring all around me: "What does she mean?"

    What I mean is learn those rules, then put them in the back of your mind, because what we're really going to be focusing on is the true path to that place where unique paintings and dynamic designs flow freely from you. To do that, you must learn how to see abstractly, how to see scenes and objects in many different ways. Once you actually see things as shapes and colors and lines, you reach a point where you can design and paint freely and naturally. It's only at this point that your unique personal vision starts to shine through.

  • Doodle a lot. Keep good paper and a good pen next to your phone and doodle. Write down the name of the person you're talking to and go over it, build shapes from it—whatever comes to your mind. Doodle whenever you can, and try to doodle on good paper. These become little paintings, or maybe inspirations for larger works. Doodles are little pieces of our subconscious—they're unique to us and represent purely our own creativity. Value them.

  • Think big and bold. Fill up the space on your paper. Work from edge to edge. Don't be shy and keep your painting contained in the middle. Stretch those lines out all the way. When I work with figures, I frequently fill up the entire space with the figure. This eliminates the need for a background—the central image is the dominant force.

  • Cut out distractions. Keep a "magic mat" handy as you paint. A magic mat is simply a white window mat you can lay on your painting-in-progress to check things out. The mat will serve as a buffer zone of sorts from the confusion around you. I like to use really wide mats (5 inches wide), especially if I'm working small (11x15 inches or smaller). The wide mat really makes the painting pop. On larger pieces you have to think more about balance, but I still use a 5-inch mat.

  • Be generous with paint. Don't use too much water. I paint a lot in opaque gouache, which shouldn't be thinned down too much anyway, but even with watercolor I encourage students to use more paint than water. Some of my students cringe when they see me squeeze out so much paint. I say, I'd rather put the paint on my paper than into my wash water!

  • Draw what you see. You have to learn to draw. No ifs, ands or buts! You can draw anything beautifully if you forget what it is ... just think of drawing as putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

    Read more of O'Connor's article in the June 2004 Watercolor Handbook, a special issue of Watercolor Magic. You can purchase Watercolor Handbook on newsstands now or online.

    * * *

    Crosshatching can be the basis for building dark areas in a pen and ink drawing. It is achieved by doing exactly what the name indicates: Short lines are used in a cross pattern over previously drawn lines. The artist is able to build slowly and precisely the tone, depth, shadowing or texture he or she wants by simply adding lines. Gradation of tone is very easy to achieve with this slow and gradual building of detail.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5tiforletose.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar50||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/50-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890130-5.png||||||50" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890130||JR890130||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||16.450 ||9.690 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    High quality stretcher bars, such as the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 50", help ensure that your canvas is stretched to perfection. A properly stretched canvas helps to make all your artwork look its best. Made of specially chosen white pine, this stretcher bar is a neccisity for any artist. 


    Finding the BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar - 50" helps ensure that you start off with a great canvas. Only by starting off with the best materials, can you do your best work. Made of white pine that is knot free and kiln dried, this 50 inch stretcher bar is ideal for a variety of different weights and lengths of canvas. Surface friction is reduced due to the back edge being rounded. This edge is also designed to keep ghost impressions to a minimum by keeping the canvas at least 1/2 inch in between it and the stretcher bar. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar50.html||||||717304007368||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|meducrp50||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||best-medium-duty-cross-braces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/50-medium-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-892050-5.png||||||50" Medium Duty Cross-Brace (Pre-Notched) #892050||JR892050||art-sale > stretcherbars > best-medium-duty-cross-braces||||19.450 ||15.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||This 50” BEST medium duty cross brace will add more support to your large artworks. Cross braces are recommended for any artworks that are larger than 36” in one of their dimensions. These cross braces are made with a commitment to quality and durability. Constructed from sustainable pine, they will support your artwork for many years with regular maintenance and care. Affordable but excellent in their quality. They come with a bracket set for a convenient installation and can be easily assembled regardless of your skill set or experience putting canvases together. Pre-notched to easily add a second cross brace without much effort.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/meducrp50.html||||||717304070638||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-dx||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidxmoairpu||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-dx-allerair-air-purifer-26.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-dx-air-purifier-6.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-dx-allerair-air-purifer-27.png||5000 DX Allerair Air Purifer||AA-5000-DX||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidxmoairpu||||999.980 ||929.980 ||||||51.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Keep the air clean from strong gases and fumes created during your art projects with the newly-designed 5000 DX Allerair Air Purifier unit. Using Micro-HEPA filters, this super-quiet air purifier will rid your working environment of odors and fumes created by chemicals so that you have good air quality.


    Work in a environment that has good air quality by running the 5000 DX Allerair Air Purifier. The air purifier is designed to remove foreign air particles and contaminants such as chemicals, odors and gases by increasing dwell time and maximizing air flow through the available filters. Installed with a Micro-HEPA filter and 28 lbs. of activated coconut shell carbon granules with zeolite, the 5000 DX Allerair Air Purifier can effectively trap odor particles and absorb smells to leave the air smelling fresh and clean. A thick carbon canister containing 10 anti-microbial filters will suppress bacteria while pulling chemicals odors out of the air effectively.

    The 5000 DX Allerair Air Purifier has a quiet fan that runs on 3 speed 400 cfm as it can clean the air in a 1,500 square-foot space. It comes with a 2-year warranty, as extra shipping charges of $70.95 will be applied.

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter"|^|Carbon "Standard" "with Vocarb Carbon(+100)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-dx.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-d-mcs-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||5000-D-Mcs-Carbon Replacement Filter for AllerAir Purifiers||AA-5000-D-Mcs-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||299.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Rated for up to 1,500 square feet, the AllerAir purifier can draw the noxious chemicals and other fumes out of up to 400 cubic feet of air per minute through the use of activated coconut shell carbon. Of course, as is the case with any filter, the endless march of time eventually gets to be too much and it comes time to purchase a new one.


    This offering in the AllerAir line offers the following fine features.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-d-mcs-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-d-vocarb-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||5000-D-Vocarb-Carbon Replacement Filter||AA-5000-D-Vocarb-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||395.980 ||389.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Making beautiful things can sometimes fill the air with pollutants. Whether you need to diffuse paint vapors, clear woodworking fumes from your studio,  or just dispel ordinary household odors, the 5000 D Vocarb Carbon Replacement Filter will keep your air clean and fresh.


    Featuring a special blend of carbon, the 5000 D Vocarb Carbon Filter is strong enough to attack highly concentrated airborne pollutants, unpleasant odors, and unstable organic compounds. This replacement carbon filter is a 3-inch deep-bed filter that works at a rate of 99 percent efficiency, and it can filter particles as small as 0.1 microns from your air. When combined with its Micro-HEPA wrap, this replacement filter is one of the most effective way to purify your air. 

    Perfect for the 5000 series model, this carbon filter also fits some 6000 model purifiers. Depending on the quality of your air, you should plan to buy replacement filters every two to five years. This cylindrical replacement filter measures 20.5 inches high and 15 inches in diameter.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-d-vocarb-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-dx-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||5000-Dx-Exec-Carbon Replacement Filter||AA_5000-Dx-Exec-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||299.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    When you invest in a quality air purifier, it will only operate at rated efficiencies when you make sure to use a top-quality filter such as the replacement carbon filter for the AllerAir® 5000. Breathe healthy and pollutant-free air with this superior filter providing full two years of reliable service.


    This efficient replacement carbon filter for the AllerAir® 5000 DX Exec Air Purifier fits the AllerAir 5000 series. It uses a deep bed activated carbon canister for effective removal of airborne odors, gases, and chemicals. Regular replacement of filters is essential to maintain the 3,375 surface area ac. efficiency for which the 5000 is known. The filler material use is 27 lbs. of wide-spectrum gas and odor carbon. The unit for which this replacement is designed is built to deal with very heavy concentrations of odors and chemicals in confined spaces. It provides the widest available range of air purification and its HEPA filter traps a rated 99.97 percent of airborne solid particles, including viruses, bacteria, and allergens. The unit also provides an easy-clean pre-filter.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-dx-exec-carbon.html||||||853701001698||0||||||||||New||||||||||Allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49928||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||6 Essential Steps to Getting That New Job (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49928||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||If you have thought about changing jobs or careers, or if you have been applying for jobs without much success, this is a great program to advise you and help you with closing in on a job. It gives you strategies and tips for finding work, including searching every available resource to you, tips for selling yourself, and more advice which can help you transition out of your career into a more rewarding one and help you find your dream job. (23 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • Cover Letters (03:33) – Step 1 is to develop a good cover letter. A high quality cover letter can improve an applicant’s chances of being employed tremendously. Employers notice the effort put into them. Peter Quarry is a psychologist who discusses writing amazing cover letters.
  • Resume Success (01:48) – What can an applicant do to make his or her resume stand out compared to other applicants? Peter Quarry gives advice on how to create a great resume.
  • References (02:16) – Psychologist Peter Quarry advises applicants on how to only use good references. He gives guidance on choosing good references as well as interacting with them.
  • How to Avoid Interview Mistakes (05:06) – Viewers get information about 7 of the most common interview mistakes and how they should be avoided.
  • Answers to Common Interview Questions: Preparation and Practice (07:13) – Peter Quarry gives examples and advice about common questions that are answered in interviews.
  • Follow-Up Letters (02:21) – Peter Quarry gives advice on the most important elements of a follow up letter.

    6 Essential Steps to Getting That New Job
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-937-7
  • Run Time: 23 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2007
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-62290-937-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49929||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||6 Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49929||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This is a great program to empower yourself in your career, and you can learn practical information, advice and development tips to get more out of your career and find new opportunities if needed. Implementing the techniques in this program can help your career prospects grow tremendously. (16 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • Career Burnout (02:27) – If you are experiencing career burnout it may be time to switch careers. Psychologist Peter Quarry demonstrates the signs and the symptoms of burnout. He also gives advice on dealing with career burnout effectively.
  • Career Boost: Play the Game (03:34) – People who are savvy in their careers understand that business is a game that is meant to be played. Playing the game includes focusing on strengths, being consistent with performance, and more.
  • Self-Confidence (02:24) – Eve Ash is a psychologists who has authored books on self-confidence, and she discusses the topic and its relevance to improving career prospects.
  • Volunteerism (01:36) – Psychologist Peter Quarry connects volunteerism to improving career prospects, and it can also add more value to a resume or a CV.
  • Expertise Development (01:24) – Peter Quarry discusses the ways to become an expert in ones field.
  • Career Change for the Right Reasons (04:20) – There can be several reasons to change a career, and Peter Quarry discusses these reasons and the mistakes that people make when they switch careers. He expands on these reasons and guides the viewer about the most important priorities when considering a career switch.

    6 Ways to Boost Your Career Prospects
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-938-4
  • Run Time: 16 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2007
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-62290-938-4||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49922||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/6-ways-to-build-rapport-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||6 Ways to Build Rapport (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49922||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This video acts as a how-to guide for viewers to build rapport with their coworkers and, as a result, better workplace relationships.||Building rapport is key to cementing strong connections with coworkers, and positive relationships at work can make the experience of the regular "nine to five" just a little bit less of a daily grind.  This video is designed to help viewers build their rapport at work and sustain it. Acting as a sort of how-to guide, this film shows the necessity of rapport as well as what to do and what not to do. Some of the tips and tricks involve getting coworkers talking and using body language to set a positive tone. It also helps viewers understand how to handle more challenging situations, or those times when it seems difficult or impossible to build rapport with a particular employee.

    The run time for this video is 17 minutes and it is closed captioned for the hearing impaired||||||||||||||978-1-62290-931-5||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49930||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||6 Ways to Increase Job Satisfaction (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49930||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||If you are unhappy with your current job, you have to take the reins of your career and make a switch. This program can help you find realistic and practical strategies that can help you enjoy your job and make it more rewarding and meaningful to you. If you don’t find your job meaningful you may also consider a career switch or coming up with a development plan. Development plans are discussed in detail in this program by psychologist Peter Quarry. (17 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • Job Satisfaction and Health (01:56) – Employee attitudes indicate their level of satisfaction with their job. A high satisfaction with work is actually associated with a longer life.
  • Decline in Job Satisfaction (02:23) – Higher salaries decrease dissatisfaction with jobs, but they also do not increase satisfaction.
  • 1. Learn Something New (03:21) – Workers who are dissatisfied with their current job should focus on improving their education as much as possible. They should also look for promotions within their current company or a different role. Interpersonal skills can have a positive impact on job performance.
  • 2. Take on a New Task or Responsibility (00:43) – Employees who are good at their job may get bored and should look for new challenges to stay motivated.
  • 3. Develop a Career/life Plan (02:14) – Peter Quarry discusses options for those who think that they are in a rut and have no future. He discusses creating a development plan with long term and short term goals. He also shares a story about his own action plan.
  • 4. Ask for Feedback (01:33) – A worker who does not feel like he or she is being recognized will benefit from asking a manager.

    6 Ways to Increase Job Satisfaction
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-939-1
  • Run Time: 17 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2007
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-62290-939-1||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49886||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/6-ways-to-resolve-conflict-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||6 Ways to Resolve Conflict (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49886||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This program provides six (6) commonly applied conflict management techniques to effectively resolve disagreements between parties in the workplace or other team setting.  ||If the end of war is the result of diplomatic intervention, similar models of resolution applied to conflict in the organizational environment show that universal ethics and laws are attendant to peace. In the everyday world of business, conflict resolution is a management skill requiring leadership in the form of governance, and an adeptness in communications. In 6 Ways to Resolve Conflict (2001) viewers are introduced to conflict resolution techniques and policy formation.

    Managers acknowledge that resolving conflict is one of challenges in any workplace. Conflict has a negative impact on morale and organizational productivity. The fact is, that human beings are prone to contest. If an issue exceeds all possible solutions at hand, and the parties are unable to mutually assent to disagreement or solve the problem, mediation is often demanded. Logic modelling is advocated as a method of depict conflict and the path to solution in graphical illustration.

    This program provides six (6) practical conflict management techniques to effectively resolve disagreements between parties in the workplace.  Sub-topics include: diplomacy as risk reduction, self-reflection, personal communication style and skills application, reflective questioning, and the potential in positive reinforcement. The film is accompanied by workbook tools available for free online.

    6 Ways to Resolve Conflict


    ISBN 978-1-62290-895-0

    Run Time (15 Minutes)

    Copyright 2001

    Closed Captioned (CC)||||||||||||||978-1-62290-895-0||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-series-hepa-filter||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||6000 Series HEPA Filter||AA-6000-Series-HEPA-Filter||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||149.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Breathe easier with true, high-quality HEPA filters. These 6000 series HEPA filters are your only defense against airborn impurities. Remove all harmful particles, pollutants and contaminents from your air with the most efficiency. These highly effective filters capture small particles like dust mites, bacteria to protect your family from airborn threats.


    Replacement Filter for Allerair 6000 series.

    HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) remove tiny dust particles, common lung irritants, and airborne pollutants to deliver fresher air in your home. Each filter combines the power of true HEPA filtration, a technology that uses randomly arranged fibers to extract more particles with the most efficiency possible.

    By moving more air through the filter you clean more of the air in your home, and protect your family from harmful airborne organisms, bacteria and dust mites.

    Providing the critical protection you need for the widest range of toxins and pollutants, these powerful 6000 series HEPA filters deliver the most reliable filtration while remaining extremely cost-effective. Durable, effective, and designed to last, count on these filters for exceptional performance every single day. 

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    The 6000 Vocarb Carbon Filter is used in top-of-the-line air purifiers for industrial spaces. It removes harmful chemicals and gases such as ammonia and formaldehyde, acid gases and sulfides in your work space.


    The 6000 series vocarb carbon filter removes VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the air such as ammonia and formaldehyde, oil based solvents, gases, chemicals, acid gases and sulfides.  The filter is comprised of twenty-two pounds of MAC-B carbon filter which is saturated with distinct compounds formulated to address particular VOC problems.

    This vocarb carbon filter contains twenty-two pounds of activated carbon, which is safely housed in a metal non-off-gassing canister. The carbon mixture contains:

    This vocarb carbon filter should be changed every two years.

    Pro 6 D Vocarb Carbon (Oversize Shipping: $27.50)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-d-vocarb-corbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-vocarb-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||6000-Vocarb-Carbon Replacement Filter||AA-Vocarb-Carbon||||||259.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Get a replacement filter that will keep your air clean no matter how noxious the air is. With the right carbon filter, you can keep large particles out of the air and destroy the odors that have been plaguing you.


    The Allerair 6000 Vocarb air purifier is a tough purifier that uses 18 lbs of activated carbon to remove large particles from the air and to neutralize odors. A large carbon filter will last a long time, but eventually it needs to be replaced to keep the purifier working to the same standard that it did when it was new. Use this replacement filter to get that new-purifier air-cleaning power. If you have tough odors in a large space, this activated carbon filter will destroy those odors and keep taking in new odors to continuously clean the air. Use the replacement carbon filter along with new HEPA filters in your 6000 Vocarb to keep the air smelling fresh.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-vocarb-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49914||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/7-key-sales-skills-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||7 Key Sales Skills (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49914||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Viewers learn how to 'close the deal' by way of new business sales techniques.||Viewers can enhance their own sales strategies with new tactics with the innovative recommendations made in this candid and entertaining video.  

    The 7 Key Sales Skills

    1. Qualify Leads

    To qualify leads more expediently, pipeline of sales goals accompanied by a short-list of criteria for prospecting.

    2. Motivating Prospects

    Once the right prospects are located, the best sales professionals redirect their energy toward problem solving solutions as part of the pitch to potential customers. New prospects generally require that the relationship is a value added proposition.

    3. Niché Selling

    Some product segments demand more attention than others. Niché markets require focus on the unique characteristics of the customer segment simultaneously.

    4. Social Marketing Communications

    Establish a direct relationship with customers, fielding feedback and answering questions in social media. Promote product and special events to prospects, and convert extended networks into loyal customers.

    5. Prospecting Presentations

    Face-to-face selling can be confusing for potential customers. Merely telling them a product is wonderful is often not sufficient to close. Multimedia presentations capture the attention of captive audiences, and create an onsite interactive format for prospects to inquire about the benefits of a product or service.

    6. Commitment rather than Closing

    If closing is difficult, gaining commitment is sometimes easier to attain. Finesse prospects with reflationary terms that suggest an open ended agreement.  Prospects are VIP. Incremental obligation sets up negotiation rather than a “hard sell”.

    7. Boost Rapport

    The final and most important sales tactic is to boost rapport through pleasurable engagement. Reduce stress and emphasize enjoyment to close the deal.

    7 Key Sales Skills||||||||||||||978-1-62290-923-0||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49882||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||communication-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/7-steps-to-improving-communication-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||7 Steps to Improving Communication (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49882||bbc > documentaries > communication-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Learn to have effective relationships by improving the way you communicate with others in this 13 minute DVD.||Effective relationships require good communication skills. No matter what type of relationship you are in, personal or professional, without good communication skills you cannot expect a good relationship. Communicating well doesn't always mean you have to use a lot of words, it means you have to use the right words. You have to use the right words at the right times. This 13 minute DVD comes with viewable and printable online educational materials. Learn and understand the seven essential steps that will help you improve your communication skills. The program will teach you to identify and improve your areas of communication weakness that need to be changed. It also provides valuable tools that will enable you to make immediate improvements using newly acquired communication skills.

    Steps to Improving Communication||||||||||||||978-1-62290-891-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49931||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/7-ways-to-handle-a-difficult-boss-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49931||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Dealing with a challenging boss can be difficult, but this video offers practical tips on how to handle even the most frustrating of superiors at the workplace.||One of the most frustrating parts of the workplace can be dealing with a difficult boss. This video will teach strategies for working with even the most hard-to-deal-with bosses. Employees can try to reconnect person-to-person and offer proactive praise by noticing and commenting on good things your employer is doing. Viewers will be shown tactful ways to offer suggestions for improvements and to seek out counseling or help when they need it.

    The video also makes suggestions for those coping with bosses who will not change and who do not seem to come around. These include employees trying to adjust their own mindsets or even looking to transfer departments and/or positions within the business to have less interaction with the negative boss.

    This video has a 17 minute run time and is closed captioned for the hearing impaired.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-940-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bemestbar71||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||mediumdutybars||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/richeson-71-best-medium-duty-stretcher-bar-890171-5.png||||||71" BEST Medium-Duty Stretcher Bar #890171||JR890171||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > mediumdutybars||||20.650 ||11.890 ||||||5.000 ||||1||1||1||0||||||This 71-inch stretcher bar is made from high-quality finger-spliced pine, creating a bar that will stay strong for years, and won't warp like other stretcher bars.||

    Stretching your own canvas can help give you better control over the size and the shape of your paintings, and can also allow you to save money and experiment with different surface tensions.

    If you're considering stretching your own canvas, the BEST stretcher bar is the perfect choice to meet your needs. It is constructed from the finest materials, using an innovative finger-splicing design, so you can be sure that it won't warp or crack as time goes by. After all, there's a reason this 71-inch stretcher bar is called the best.

    With an innovative curved back edge that holds the canvas away from the bar, this bar also prevents blotting impressions on the canvas.

    Please note that these Stretcher Bars are sold in pieces of one, not sets of 2. An additional $5.90 per bar will be applied for oversized shipping.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bemestbar71.html||||||717304070140||0||||||||||New||||||||||Best||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lightweightstretcherbar-8||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||listba||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/jack-richeson-co-inc-lightweight-stretcher-bar-8-9.png||||||8" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Lightweight Stretcher Bar #894001||JR-894001||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > listba||||1.700 ||0.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This is an 8” BEST lightweight stretcher bar which is perfect for small works of art and for instructional purposes. Affordable priced, these stretcher bars are made from ecologically friendly white pine which is plentiful in the small thin strips that are used to make these stretcher bars. In spite of the cost, these stretcher bars are durable and create stable canvases. They are a good choice for the classroom and for new students who are learning. Great for veteran artists who are also looking for a budget friendly option for smaller artworks. 1/8” shorter than the measurement shown to fit in a picture frame.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lightweightstretcherbar-8.html||||||717304008396||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|heavy-dutycrossbrace-83||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||crossbraces||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/83-jack-richeson-co-inc-heavy-duty-cross-brace-pre-notched-891101-5.png||||||83" Jack Richeson & Co. Inc. Heavy-Duty Cross Brace (Pre-Notched) #891101||JR-891101||art-gifts > beginner-artist > canvaspanels > canvases > licaro > crossbraces||||38.800 ||34.990 ||||||5.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||||This is an 83” BEST heavy duty cross brace that is used with stretcher bars, and it is a high quality durable cross brace. It can improve the stability of your canvas when you need to display it for a long period of time. Cross braces are important to use when your canvas is larger than 36 inches in height or length. This cross brace is made from high quality wood and is very durable. It comes pre-notched so that you can install a second cross brace, and it comes with a set of cross brace brackets.
    Shipping: An additional $5.90 is applied per bar for oversize shipping.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/heavy-dutycrossbrace-83.html||||||717304041621||0||||||||||New||||||||||Richeson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|850b-accessoriesllight||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||easel-lights||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/850-easel-light-9.png||||||850 Easel Light||TR-800L||illumination-lighting > easel-lights||||77.950 ||59.990 ||850 Easel Light||||6.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||The 850 Easel Light is the perfect light to reduce eye strain and help you finish your masterpiece.||850 Easel Light When you're missing the natural sunlight that you depend on to create your masterpieces, the 850 Easel Light is a great addition for reducing eye strain and color matching. This incredible light fixture attaches perfectly to the Testrite #850 Easel. Traditionally an artist would search for a studio that has natural light, providing a cool natural light throughout the daylight hours. To get a light like this with an electrical light, a bulb with a Kevin rating of at least 5500 is needed. For a warmer-quality light on your subject, a lower Kevin-rated bulb can be used instead.

    Because light is one of the most crucial tools for an artist of any caliber, this easel light comes with an 18" flexible arm and swivel so that you can move it into any position that you need to get the perfect light on your canvas. When using this easel light you will have precision work every time! This lamp is lightweight and compact, great for use in a studio. The adjustable gooseneck and aluminum 7" diameter reflector allow for maximum illumination, exactly where you want it.

    (Oversize Shipping: $25.70)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/850b-accessoriesllight.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Testrite||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|art-books||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||larry-gluck||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/9-art-books-library-48.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/9-art-books-library-49.png||9 Art Books Library||RP-9-Books||larry-gluck||||73.550 ||59.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This collection is sure to please both beginning and experienced artists, providing detailed examples of excellence in portraying the human body.||

    This 9 Art Books Library contains books handpicked by Larry Gluck, founder of the Gluck Method of art instruction. 

    (1) “The Talent Myth”, Gluck’s most famous work, explores the nature of artistic talent and how to develop it. 

    (2) “The Painted Word” by Tom Wolf explores the history of modern art, giving the reader perspective on artistic expression.  

     (3) "Bridgman's Life Drawing” takes the reader through the motions of learning how the human body changes with motion and how to capture it on paper, while his

    (4) “Heads, Features and Faces” is also from Bridgman, focusing on using fine details and proportions to create life-like art. 

    (5) “The Human Figure: Life Drawing for Artists”, Bridgman’s. 

    (6) “The Book of a Hundred Hands

    (7) “Sargent Portrait Drawings” emphasize's bringing life to drawings and paintings.

    (8) “Michelangelo Life Drawings

    (9) “Rubens Drawings” serve's as an inspiration exemplifying the beauty of the human form.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/art-books.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Larry Gluck||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|55025||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/97-percent-owned-how-unlimited-credit-creation-brought-about-the-great-recession-enhanced-dvd-1.png||||||97 Percent Owned: How Unlimited Credit Creation Brought About the Great Recession (2-part series - Enhanced DVD)||FI-55025||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||339.900 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Discover details about the instability of international monetary systems and the confusion created when hidden operations serve the few while sacrificing the many.||This eye-opening documentary exposes bank greed and loan imbalance from a United Kingdom perspective that reflects world-wide issues. The DVD raises several questions, such as “How does the monetary system create inflation?” “Who creates money or how?” “How does the system affect you and your family?” Discover how the current process works by examining the economies in the UK. Find out how most money is digitally transferred in the form of loans and other debt, rather than in physical form, and how only three percent of money is created outside of the debt market. In fact, debt, which is eerily  invisible to the human eye, builds the economy. Plus, without a gold standard, money is not linked to any commodity. Sadly, private banks are not restricted to creating certain amounts of digital money, making debt expansion rampant and the world economy uncertain . The knowledge provided on this DVD will help you direct your future and protect those you love. Subjects covered include the history of the monetary system, the dangers of speculative credit and how five banks hold 85 percent of all money (in electronic credit and debt).||||||||||||||978-0-81608-897-3||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49973||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||anthropology-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-bride-for-barter-traditional-customs-of-the-huli-people-of-papua-new-guinea-enhanced-dvd-9.png||||||A Bride for Barter? Traditional Customs of the Huli People of Papua New Guinea (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49973||bbc > documentaries > anthropology-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The traditional customs of the Huli people in Papua New Guinea are light years from the lives of the 21st century. This digital DVD shows how they are still trying to hold onto many of the strange and unique traditions of their ancestors.||

    There are over 700 cultural tribes still living in New Guinea. The Huli tribe is known to still rely more than all the others on their generational traditions and ancestral values. The Huli people remain committed to their ancient customs in every area of their lives, and even when the white man of the western world appeared on their lushly covered hills and mountains, the Hulis hung tight to their traditions.

    It was a descendant named Huli who first gardened this territory who started this tribe. The men are the warriors, still adorned with colorful paint and headdresses. They measure wealth by the number of pigs each warrior owns, and pigs are used to barter, even with a perspective bride. The women are not permitted to associate with the men, even in the same huts because the men believe that women are evil and draining; they drain the warriors’ strength.

    This tradition could make you wonder how the tribe survives. The 51 minute digital DVD offers a wide visual perspective of the lifestyle of the Hulis, and how they maintain their ancient heritage in a modern world. Everybody has a few odd members in their family tree, but not one ever proposed marriage with the father and offered 15-30 pigs for their bride! Today, this is still an active custom, and this documentary displays how the Huli tribe struggles with the ever-present 21st century while still holding on to their heritage.

    Viewer discretion is advised with this and any tribal DVD.

    A Bride for Barter? Traditional Customs of the Huli People of Papua New Guinea

    ||||||||||||||978-1-62290-793-9||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49221||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||anthropology-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-clearing-in-the-jungle-disappearing-world-enhanced-dvd-9.png||||||A Clearing in the Jungle: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49221||bbc > documentaries > anthropology-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Observe the antiquated lifestyle and customs of the Venezuelan Panare Indians.||

    Within the northern Amazon jungles exists an isolated tribe known as the Panare Indians. The proud people of this community choose to live their lives without the comfort and conveniences of technology. The distance between their village and the closest developed municipality is approximately 300 miles. Since they live so close to a modernized region, they are very familiar with automobiles, airliners, and contemporary homes. However, having an awareness of technology does not prevent them from remaining with their simple archaic lifestyle. In fact, they will resist any outsider who attempts to introduce them to a modernized way of living.

    This feature spotlights the day-to-day endeavors and responsibilities of the Panare Indians. The Grenada TV crew captures some fascinating footage of these individuals while they are creating survival weapons, hunting, and preparing food. Even the producer of the film is awe-struck by their restraint and ability to only grow and produce what they need. They seem uncomfortable with the camera being in their presence, but they allow the film crew to record their activities nonetheless.

    This extraordinary film by ITV Global Entertainment documents the antiquated lifestyle of a people who seem to be gradually fading from existence. The scenes in this film will surely enlighten any viewer who has an appeal for indigenous customs.

    A Clearing in the Jungle: Disappearing World

    ||||||||||||||978-1-62290-540-9||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|48688||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||biology-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-code-in-the-nose-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Code in the Nose (Enhanced DVD)||FI-48688||bbc > documentaries > biology-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||fi-49102||Learn about the theory of Luca Turin as contrasted to the one by John Amoore. Both are biophysicists who study the sense of smell.||

    Luca Turin goes to Paris to test his theory about the sense of smell by meeting up with a master of creating perfumes. Odors come from inhaling molecules of chemicals. It is interesting to note that even when the molecules are very similar, with almost identical structures, the smells are quite different. The reverse is also true. Some molecules with very different chemical structures have the same odor. They do not have an obvious logical reason why they smell the same. Scientists do not yet know exactly what causes a specific odor.

    The research of John Amoore is investigated. Amoore tested many individual's ability to smell the odor of pure chemicals. He was surprised to learn that almost all people have the inability to smell at least one odor. Amoore's idea was that there are receptors in the nose that allow the nose to figure out the shape of the chemical molecules. However, this theory is not able to explain why the tiniest molecules that fit in any of the receptors found by Amoore have different odors.

    Luca Turin thinks the nose acts like a spectroscope to determine the specific vibration of the molecules, which form a distinct pattern much like a fingerprint. At first, this theory met with skepticism, but the U.S. Navy took up the challenge to fund Turin's research in order to make better bomb detecting equipment.

    Amoore's receptor theory and Turin's vibrational theory are both put to the test and neither provides the complete answer, so the research continues.

    A Code in the Nose

    ||||||||||||||978-1-62290-096-1||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|43387||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-conversation-with-alfred-p-sloan-from-nbc-s-wisdom-series-enhanced-dvd-2.png||||||A Conversation with Alfred P. Sloan—From NBC's Wisdom Series (Enhanced DVD)||FI-43387||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Typically when we think of business we think of powerful individuals with a drive to make money the most important mission for their lives.  Soemtimes when business success is achieved a person looks deeper within their business savvy to make a difference and leave a lasting impression which other can lear from for years to come.  This is the story of Alfred P. Sloan, chairman and Cheif Executive Officer for General Motors.||

    Alfred Sloan had an eye for business growth and management.  He took this ability and grew the General Motors Corporation into one of the biggest corporations on Earth.  Sloan viewed himself as a talented man destined for bigger and better things.  He felt responsible for others so he took his position very seriously.  During his time as CEO it was the peak of the depression of the 1930s and 40s.  Tough decisions were made during this time and a strong leader was needed to carry them out.  Much opinion regarding his tactics and approach used during this era include:

    There is a wealth of business history and American history uncovered in this DVD of Alfred P. Sloan.  As a person wanting to know more about the foundation and tough challenges of early business, this DVD is a must see.

    A Conversation with Alfred P. Sloan - From NBCs Wisdom Series

    Enhanced DVD


    30 minutes

    Copyright date 1954

    Closed Captioned

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61733-973-8||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|43389||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-conversation-with-edward-steichen-from-nbc-s-wisdom-series-dvd-7.png||||||A Conversation with Edward Steichen—From NBC's Wisdom Series (DVD)||FI-43389||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This is a documented NBC program featuring Edward Steichen, the famous American curator & Photographer who opted for this interview session in 1955 coinciding with his exhibition titled “Family of Man”. It also coincided with the 25th anniversary of the Museum of Modern Art. The dialogue was held in a workroom at the museum. Steichen recounts his olden days, and recollects his career decisions, the one he started with painting but then went on to do photography. He also reflects upon his days sitting in his outside Paris studio in the year 1920 and detecting a gardener painting a copy of his own painting. He thought the copy to be of a much higher quality than his own; he decided to dedicate himself to the camera and started capturing still life setups until he fully had learned the effects of lights and shadows. In addition to this, Steichen also gives an insight into his notions about war photography and his opinions regarding human experience which founded the concept of “Family of Man”.

    (A Conversation with Edward Steichen—From NBC's Wisdom Series, DVD, 29 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-61733-459-7 Copy Right Date: 1955 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|43391||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-conversation-with-frank-lloyd-wright-from-nbc-s-wisdom-series-enhanced-dvd-7.png||||||A Conversation with Frank Lloyd Wright—From NBC's Wisdom Series (Enhanced DVD)||FI-43391||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This NBC interview, filmed in 1953 in a number of locals, presents the iconic 20th century architect Frank Lloyd Wright and focuses on his career, his principles and his ideals. Wright reveals his two motivating factors which inspired him in his life. One person who was a major influence on Wright was Louis Sullivan. He also dedicates his success to his mother. The master architect in an undiplomatic mood makes no bones about his selection of genuine arrogance than fake humility. He also makes a strong point that his best is yet to come and the success of his future designs. The series includes several conversations with people like Somerset Maugham, Robert Frost, Eleanor Roosevelt, Arnold Toynbee, Eamon de Velera and Marcel Duchamp among many others.

    (A Conversation with Frank Lloyd Wright—From NBC's Wisdom Series, Enhanced DVD, 29 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-61733-976-9 Copy Right Date: 1953 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|43394||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-conversation-with-marcel-duchamp-from-nbc-s-wisdom-series-enhanced-dvd-7.png||||||A Conversation with Marcel Duchamp—From NBC's Wisdom Series (Enhanced DVD)||FI-43394||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Captured in the middle of the Arensberg body of work in the Philadelphia Museum of Art where the famous French American artist Marcel Duchamp’s 35 masterpieces are kept, this interview taken in 1956 presents a conversation between the artist and James Johnson Sweeney, who was the ex director of the world-famous Guggenheim Museum. Duchamp depicts his transformation from earlier having an Impressionistic outlook towards a Cubist and post-Cubist outlook giving a commentary standing in front a Nude Descending a staircase and the Large Glass. These approaches though perplexing is rationally segmented side by side with his longing for mechanical precision and “dryness”. Viewing this DVD also lets you delve deeply into Duchamp’s notions and ideas on drawing for an ideal public- a thought he clearly differentiates from ivory tower sophistication.

    (A Conversation with Marcel Duchamp—From NBC's Wisdom Series, Enhanced DVD, 29 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-61733-979-0 Copy Right Date: 1956 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|43390||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||anthropology-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||A Conversation with Margaret Mead—From NBC's Wisdom Series (Enhanced DVD)||FI-43390||bbc > documentaries > anthropology-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Though this material is dated, the information is invaluable and greatly relevant to current concepts and concerns, as Mead's conjectures were ahead of her time.||

    Renowned anthropologist, Margaret Mead, expresses a much needed perspective on how the west erroneously perceives other cultures and explains the dynamic of cultural ethos, the emotional temperament of a particular group that changes from group to group. Mead posits situations in 1959 that have come to pass in the 21st century, proving the necessity of pure and unbiased anthropological thought and application. According to Mead, the biggest detriment offered to the world by the west is the real attempt to transform the entire world in its image in the name of betterment. Her advice to best nullify this perspective is to apply standard study practices to all societies in the context of the society itself, instead of a comparison to American norms and mores. For example, instead of focusing on the societal advantages of polygamy in a significant number of populations the world over, emphasis is placed on monogamy as a more civilized and culturally mature practice. Globalization has spread such biased notions as race superiority based on skin color and the importance of capitalism at the expense of human existence. Technology is causing downsizing in employment and economic upheaval is rampant. Inventions are negating human participation in life and discouraging human interaction. With all of these faults, perhaps Mead's most crucial point is America's peculiar endorsement of the individual and how it is counter-productive to human survival.

    A Conversation with Margaret Mead—From NBC's Wisdom Series

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61733-975-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|43388||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-conversation-with-robert-moses-from-nbc-s-wisdom-series-enhanced-dvd-7.png||||||A Conversation with Robert Moses—From NBC's Wisdom Series (Enhanced DVD)||FI-43388||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||In this video Robert Moses talks about a Manhattan Bridge desktop model, a interview which he had given in 1959. Moses also interacts with Gilmore D. Clarke, the famous landscape architect, and discusses about urban planning, the way it is executed and the various financial and political sides which are associated with it. Clearly agreeing with his widespread character notion as being a person who does not minces his words, Moses puts forward the argument that planners are those people who create beautiful pictures and present alluring ideas but the truth remains that they don’t implement their ideas. He also analyzes Jones Beach which attracted a lot of eyeballs as it was at the Manhattan public art exhibitions and Lincoln Square slum-clearing project. Other discussion involves discussing the planning strategy in other cities like Flint, Michigan and Los Angeles. He also talks about the clash he has noticed between reform promoting and status quo politicians and the different challenging opportunities faced by the western European societies. The video includes ideas and information about diplomacy in business, about the role and contribution of planning, about education and art in planning, about reconstructing Western Europe and about planning and population among other things.

    (A Conversation with Robert Moses—From NBC's Wisdom Series Enhanced DVD, 29 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-61733-974-5 Copy Right Date: 1959 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|44022||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-divided-land-german-art-early-history-to-the-baroque-period-enhanced-dvd-7.png||||||A Divided Land: German Art—Early History to the Baroque Period (Enhanced DVD)||FI-44022||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||The Rhine Valley is considered to be the precious source of prehistoric old art. This program aims at giving us an insight into the threshold of German imagery. The leading proponent of Cologne’s late Gothic painters was Stefan Lochner, who infused drama and amusement into the popular biblical scenes. Around the same time emerged Johannes Gutenberg who was the leading figure in the printing revolution which took place in the Rhine town of Mainz and is reckoned as one of the greatest discoveries in the arena of visual arts, the re-emergence and a new importance for woodcuts and inscriptions. The pioneers of this form of art were Israhel van Meckenem and Martin Schongauer. In the city of Munich, the artist gets a grip with earlier painting of Renaissance. Their work is still talked about in contemporary times. The film then investigates the three major talents which emerged from this region Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, Matthias Grünewald and inaugurates the great tradition of German landscape painting. He moves on to visit the towering Cathedral located at Cologne, which is a place that encapsulates the different and many times the contradictory nature of German Art.

    (A Divided Land: German Art—Early History to the Baroque Period, Enhanced DVD, 50 minutes.) ISBN: 978-1-62102-017-2 Copy Right Date: 2010 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53091||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-dramatic-history-china-on-china-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Dramatic History: China on China (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53091||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Once a developing country, China has grown to become the world's second largest economy in only a few decades time. However, before Deng Xiao Ping brought about considerable economic and sociopolitical changes, Mao's draconian policies and events like the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 were a part of Chinese life. Learn about the fascinating metamorphosis China has undergone over the years with commentary by high-ranking Chinese diplomat Chen Mingming, Deputy Director at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Zhu Ling and Yu Hua, celebrated Chinese author. Gain fascinating insights into how China's past has shaped its future in this thoughtful 29 minute film.||

    It was only three decades ago when China was still considered a developing country but it has now risen to being the world's second largest economy. In fact, no other nation in history has managed to make such sweeping economic and sociopolitical changes so quickly or successfully. But before China experienced the economic boom and paradigm shifts seen today, an oppressive leadership under Mao and events like the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 defined this region. This film delves into China's past, the changes brought about by Deng Xiao Ping, and what the future holds for this global superpower. Enjoy professional commentaries by Chinese diplomat Chen Mingming, Yu Hua, author of To Live and Deputy Director at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Zhu Ling. Develop a new found understanding for this amazing country, the struggles of its past and its possibilities going forward.

    A Dramatic History: China on China (Enhanced DVD)

    ||||||||||||||978-0-81608-808-9||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|52687||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-fair-deal-for-a-dark-race-southeastern-australia-1937-to-1967-first-australians-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Fair Deal for a Dark Race: Southeastern Australia, 1937 to 1967—First Australians (Enhanced DVD)||FI-52687||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This documentary tells the story of Doug Nicholls, the Australian football star who integrated the sport, and how he became a champion of Aboriginal civil rights.||

    First Australians, also known as Aborigines, have led a tough existence. Racial discrimination against them was similar to that of other pressed groups, including African Americans and South Africans of color; yet, their story is unknown to much of the world. This film breaks new ground by telling the story of Doug Nicholls, of the Yorta Yorta ethnic group, who was the “Jackie Robinson” of Australian football (soccer).

    This documentary examines how Doug Nicholls came to awareness of the depth of racial discrimination in Australia. He was the first person of color to play football in the 1920s and 1930s. Fans taunted him. Team trainers refused to touch his body. Nevertheless, Nicholls endured out of his love for the game. He ignored the racism similar to the way American baseball player Jackie Robinson did when he integrated his sport.

    What is most intriguing about this narrative is how Nicholls realizes that he had to do more than silently pay football. In Perth, he ran into starving First Australians. The stark reality between the abundance enjoyed by the whites and the harsh existence of tribal members caused him to take action. From then on, Nicholls would use his popularity as a means to express the cause of Aboriginal civil rights.

    The turn Doug Nicholls makes from quiet champion of token racial integration to vocal participant in a larger social movement is the most valuable contribution of this documentary. The viewing audience receives an education in Austrian racial realities and the hidden prejudice that is just under the surface.   

    A Fair Deal for a Dark Race: Southeastern Australia, 1937 to 1967—First Australians

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-867-4||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|41988||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-fresh-look-at-ethiopia-kenya-and-tanzania-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Fresh Look at Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania (Enhanced DVD)||FI-41988||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If you are in pursuit of the most current worldly knowledge about the Eastern African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, this is the greatest resource for your classroom or future travels. ||

    Jonathan Dimbleby takes you on a rare cultural journey as he explores the most landlocked country of the world, Ethiopia.  This video introduces you to the capital and largest city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, and Ethiopia's aspirations to improve economic and land development through it's farming and fair trade business initiatives.  You will experience a cultural immersion that allows you to witness a coffee-growers commodity exchange, the Eid al-Adha festival, and a pilgrimage to the northern Ethiopian city, Askum, one of the earliest inhabited trading powers of the world.  Your Journey through East Africa does not stop there, the next stop on the voyage is Nairobi, the largest city and capital of Kenya. Kenya's economic growth is explored through the impact of its highway development and access to cellular technology.  In efforts to give you a well-rounded view of the Kenyan culture, the social impact of the soap opera, Makutano Junction is discussed in a very informative way.  The last stop, is Kenya's border country, Tanzania. While in Tanzania, you witness Independence Day activities and visit the cities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's principal port and commercial city, and Arusha, a city known for its lively night life.  Through these cities you are  introduced the country's vital quest for democracy and freedom of speech.   If you are looking for a highly informative documentary about East Africa, this is a great choice. 

    A Fresh Look at Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61616-974-9||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|41987||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-fresh-look-at-mali-ghana-and-nigeria-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Fresh Look at Mali, Ghana, and Nigeria (Enhanced DVD)||FI-41987||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Not too many people are familiar with the people, culture, and government of Mali, Ghana, and Nigeria, but these countries are poised to become players on the world stage.  These DVDs showcase these countries in a way that makes it enjoyable to learn about geography.||

    This DVD showcases the people and culture of three modern African countries.  In Mali, you'll see how mopeds are improving both the economy and people's lives on a personal level.  From there, the DVD shows a wide variety of scenes in modern African life including a wedding singer with modern lyrics, sand miners along the Niger River, several festivals and celebrations, an interview with the King of the Ashanti, and interviews with several TV and hip-hop stars.  

    While educational, this DVD is meant to show the culture of this region of the world without the usual political and economic commentary.

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61616-973-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|41989||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-fresh-look-at-the-democratic-republic-of-the-congo-zambia-and-south-africa-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Fresh Look at the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, and South Africa (Enhanced DVD)||FI-41989||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This documentary is required viewing for anyone interested in understanding the reality of everyday life, both good and bad, in contemporary Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and South Africa.||

    Africa has been the source of much mystery for generations. Few people outside the continent really understand how life is for its inhabitants. In this DVD, host Jonathan Dimbleby visits three countries in the southern half of Africa to provide viewers with firsthand accounts of how things are for average people. The video serves as a counter to the overall negative portrayals of the region on the nightly news.

    All is not well in Africa, and Dimbleby does not hold any punches. He begins with a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo where polio is a persistent problem. There, the host spends time with members of a musical group, who despite being stricken with the disease, use their illness as the source of inspirational song.

    It is this type of honest appraisal of the harsh reality of life in Africa, mixed with the positive outlook of the people, that is the theme of the documentary. Much of this optimism rests on China’s stated commitment to help rebuild the infrastructure in the region, Dimbleby finds out.

    We see similar messages of hope in Zambia at commercial farms owned by native Africans. Though this might not sound like much of an accomplishment to some, viewers should remember that in the past, Africans could not own such property. Last, Dimbleby visits the country of South Africa. Here he finds a people interested in finding ways to empower themselves after decades of rule under the racist apartheid system

    Overall, the documentary offers a different perspective of life in Africa than most viewers have ever known.

    A Fresh Look at the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, and South Africa

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61616-975-6||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|41716||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||education-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-global-roll-call-the-need-for-education-worldwide-dvd-3.png||||||A Global Roll Call: The Need for Education Worldwide (DVD) - 3-part series||FI-41716||bbc > documentaries > education-dvds||||389.850 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Follow a group of young students over the course of several years as they struggle to receive an education in some of the world's harshest socioeconomic environments.||What kind of future does a child have without an education? This three part series from Wide Angle delves deep into global educational systems, uncovering the heartbreaking realities many young people face in trying to learn. Viewers are introduced to several students from across the world and follow their struggles to obtain an education in an increasingly unstable environment.

    In Part One, we discover students facing unique cultural and economic challenges to their future education. From India, where a female elementary student attends night classes despite her family's insistence that her education is worthless, to Brazil where students as young as 5 have to deal with a lack of adult care and drug culture. These are just two examples of the students the series follows through a year of struggles.

    Part Two returns to the group three years later to see how their education has progressed. Even students from more economically stable regions still face rigorous competition and expectations. Receiving high quality education often means these kids have little time for social activities or rest. Meanwhile, low-income and rural students still struggle to make it to classes at all. Some struggle to support their families, while others have to dodge bullets just to walk to school.

    Finally in Part Three, we find our group again after another three years to discover some things have drastically changed. One female student is one of only 11% of girls her age who is still in school, despite having to walk four hours to and from class every day. Meanwhile, two boys face the death and abandonment of their parents, but continue to strive for an education. This is an unforgettable, and surprisingly optimistic, final chapter to an amazing tale of perseverance.

    A Global Roll Call: The Need for Education Worldwide (DVD) - 3-part series||||||||||||||978-1-61616-899-5||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|42217||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-greener-workplace-planning-and-managing-for-sustainability-enhanced-dvd-2.png||||||A Greener Workplace: Planning and Managing for Sustainability (Enhanced DVD)||FI-42217||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Discover the growing world of sustainability and green living and how this movement is transforming businesses and workplaces throughout the globe. ||

    The movement towards greener living and sustainability is spreading quickly and has permeated the business world. Recently, many businesses have been quick to develop environmentally conscious brands to project an image of responsibility and credibility. Green business practices are also becoming key to attracting high-quality employees. This film dives into the world of green businesses and discusses the advantages that businesses are seeing from taking an ecological approach in their policies and practices. The mixing of corporate ideals with concepts of sustainability are explored with environmental experts and various business leaders. Learning about green business practices and how to integrate ecologically conscious efforts into an existing business are more important than ever, making this a great resource for current and future business owners. 

    A Greener Workplace: Planning and Managing for Sustainability

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61733-218-0||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53301||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-journey-to-north-korea-2012-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Journey to North Korea, 2012 (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53301||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Gain some insight into the closed country of North Korea with this documentary highlighting the failed rocket launch in 2012 from the country's space center.||

    When North Korea scheduled a rocket launch for April 13, 2012, journalists from around the world were invited to Pyongyang to document the historical event. Hong Kong's Phoenix TV developed this film on North Korea when they sent a team of journalists to cover the event. Though there were many restrictions placed on the journalists in North Korea, this film offers a great deal of insight into the mysterious country. The launch turned out to be a failure, but the footage gained from the trip gives a closer look at the political and social realm inside North Korea. This film will take viewers inside the North Korean launch site at the Sohae Space Center, to celebratory and cultural events featuring wildly patriotic North Korea citizens, and inside a tanks unit and barracks. Questions about the country's intentions for its rocket program are brought up amid the failed launch. The film also offers insight into the changing role of the country's new, young leader, Kim Jong-un. 

    ||||||||||||||978-0-81608-648-1||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|a-discovery||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-little-bit-of-magic-realized-william-fox-talbot-s-discovery-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||A Little Bit of Magic Realized: William Fox Talbot's Discovery Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-2498||art-sale > films||||149.950 ||141.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    In the year 1835, William Fox Talbot introduced the negative and positive photography idea. He used camera obscura to capture family events to preserve the memories of people for years to come. This video explains the history of the camera obscura photography since the beginning in 1835.

    View a Preview Clip


    Have you ever wondered how photography first began? Who invented the first camera and how did that person get the idea? "A Little Bit of Magic Realized: William Fox Talbot's Discovery" is a fascinating, in- depth documentary exploring the history of the positive and negative camera. William Fox Talbot first discovered the negative- positive photo process in the year 1835 and went forward to show the world how creative and talented he really is as a professional photography. This documentary focuses on the technical details of William Talbot's scientific research and the things that went into his invention of the positive- negative photograph concepts. It features several of his most amazingly creative and groundbreaking work. 

    View a Preview Clip

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/a-discovery.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|39998||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-mother-of-invention-columbia-sportswear-ceo-gert-boyle-dvd-2.png||||||A Mother of Invention: Columbia Sportswear CEO Gert Boyle (DVD)||FI-39998||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||99.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Corporate bailouts occur when companies experience one or more devastating disasters. One company went through a dramatic breakdown, following the death of its owner.||

    The success of Columbia Sportswear centers on the decision and innovative action of a determined wife, with no business experience and little guidance. Her story unfolds as she explains how her decision to turn down a $1,400 buyout lead her to make the tough decisions that would later leave her failing company to rise from the ashes and become one of the leading industries in the world, with inventories, sales and profits reaching in to the billions. Boyle goes into deep details about the strategies she used to keep the business afloat, as well as the strategic maneuvers she implicated in each area of planning. In rebuilding the company Boyle used product enhancements, positive upselling, employee teambuilding tactics and more. The film insightful and business awakening DVD runs for 24 minutes.

    A Mother of Invention: Columbia Sportswear CEO Gert Boyle

    ||||||||||||||978-1-60825-057-8||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53092||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-new-generation-china-on-china-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A New Generation: China on China (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53092||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Learn how the young adults of today's China have taken the lessons of their parents' struggles to heart. This generation was moved from rural areas and have embraced the opportunities of China's cities and universities.||

    There are more than two million young adults in China between 15-24, and this generation is highly aware that they are the next to take the reigns to help assure the country's prosperity. In this film, discover how the current generation is using modern advances, while applying the lessons many of their parents learned the hard way as migrant workers who found affluence by taking their families out of the rural villages and into the cities with hopes that their children would be able to enjoy better opportunities. 

    Supported by expert commentary from Professor Zhou Dunren of Fudan University, this film shows the struggle of various Chinese families as they adjusted to urban life and instilled a dedication and respect for education in their children as a key to sustainability. The road to success included steps from working at temporary jobs, starting new businesses, and sending their children to respected universities to nurture professional skills and dreams in a whole new way that promises to make a global impact for generations to come.

    A New Generation: China on China (Enhanced DVD)
    Enhanced DVD
    ISBN: 978-0-81608-809-6
    Run Time: 29 Minutes
    Copyright Date: 2012

    ||||||||||||||978-0-81608-809-6||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|52578||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||A South American Journey, with Jonathan Dimbleby (3-part series - Enhanced DVD)||FI-52578||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||509.850 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||In this three-part series, a reporter from the BBC, Jonathan Dimbleby, re-visits South America after thirty years have passed since he was last there.||

    Jonathan Dimbleby travels to South America to report on the conditions there. In episode one of the three-part series he travels first to Chile to find out how the people feel about their government, which is no longer ruled by the brutal dictator Pinochet. He finds a lingering resentment, yet conditions are improved. He travels across the Atacama Desert to meet up with the poet Jorge Monteleagre in an abandoned town called Chacabuco that was a concentration camp under Pinochet’s rule.

    Then he goes to Bolivia and meets with children workers who have formed a labor union. He travels to the mountains and journeys deep into the rain forest where he finds a music school where they perform classical music brought by priests from Europe hundreds of year ago.

    In part two of the series, he travels to Columbia visiting the capital of Bogota. Then he goes to Medellín notorious for drug trafficking and sees firsthand the deaths caused by the drug problem that fill a cemetery. Then his journey continues to Venezuela and the crime-ridden streets of Caracas the capital. He attends an anti-US rally put on by forces that support the socialist government of President Hugo Chavez. Then he enjoys a concert performed by children who are part of the Venezuelan youth musical program.

    For part three, Jonathan Dimbleby goes to Brazil, traveling over 6,000 miles across the huge country. He finds that Brazil struggles to balance the forces of economic expansion with protection of the environment. He ends his trip in Rio by taking a tour of the favellas ruled by criminal gangs.

    Even though there are still many problems in South America, he concludes that conditions have improved since the last time he visited the continent.

    A South American Journey, with Jonathan Dimbleby

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-409-6||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|52253||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||communication-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-talk-with-hitchcock-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||A Talk with Hitchcock (Enhanced DVD)||FI-52253||bbc > documentaries > communication-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Everyone knows the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, and now fans can hear from the famed director in his own words by watching this interview from 1964.||The movies of director Alfred Hitchcock are well known for their suspense and their thrilling plot lines. The director behind those films has remained an enigmatic figure that has continued to fascinate over the decades. In this interview from 1964, you can hear his thoughts on his films and on films in general in his own words. In this interview, he talks about horror movies and how they impact society as well as how stories are told through filmmaking. He also discusses his own film editing decisions and how they impact the films he made. If you've ever wondered what Hitchcock thought about filmmaking or about how he dealt with the thousands of birds that were featured in The Birds, those questions are answered in this film.

    A Talk with Hitchcock||||||||||||||978-1-61753-843-8||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|tadiwiai||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/madisonartshop/a-talmudic-discussion-with-ai-12.png||||||A Talmudic Discussion With AI||newitem||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||A TALMUDIC DISCUSSION WITH AI (Artificial Intelligence - ChatGPT) [It seemed to have taken some time, but eventually the AI reluctantly admitted its mistake.]

    I ASKED THE AI: >>Give your own original answer to the first question of the Gilyon Hashas by Rebbe Akiva Eiger on tractate Yevamos - Why does the Torah need to add the exclusion of “tzaras tzarah״ from yibum, when already every tzaras tzarah is a tzaras ervah of eishes ach shelo bemakom mitzvah.<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>In his Gilyon Hashas on tractate Yevamos, Rebbe Akiva Eiger asks why the Torah needs to explicitly exclude "tzaras tzarah" (the second wife of a man who has already married his brother's wife) from the obligation of yibum (levirate marriage), when every tzaras tzarah is already considered an ervah (forbidden sexual relationship) due to her being the wife of the man's brother, and thus prohibited from yibum by the principle of eishes ach shelo bemakom mitzvah.

    My original answer to this question is that the explicit exclusion of tzaras tzarah from yibum serves several important functions. Firstly, it reinforces the severity of the prohibition against marrying the wife of one's brother. By emphasizing that even a secondary wife is considered an ervah, the Torah underscores the gravity of the offense and the importance of maintaining sexual purity within the family structure. Secondly, the exclusion of tzaras tzarah from yibum helps to ensure that yibum is carried out in a responsible and ethical manner. By prohibiting the marriage of a secondary wife, the Torah prevents the possibility of exploiting the yibum obligation for personal gain or pleasure, and ensures that the primary motivation for yibum is the fulfillment of a religious duty and the preservation of the family line. Finally, the explicit exclusion of tzaras tzarah from yibum helps to clarify the scope and limits of the yibum obligation. By setting clear boundaries around who is eligible for yibum, the Torah ensures that the obligation is carried out in accordance with its intended purpose, and does not become a source of confusion or conflict within the family structure. Thus, while the exclusion of tzaras tzarah from yibum may seem redundant or unnecessary, it serves a vital role in upholding the moral and ethical standards of the Torah, and ensuring the proper functioning of the family unit.<<

    I ASKED THE AI: >>Your above 2nd answer is not understandable. How would the Torah prohibiting the marriage of a secondary wife prevent the possibility of exploiting the yibum obligation for personal gain or pleasure?<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>I apologize for the confusion in my previous answer. Let me clarify my point:

    In the context of yibum, the Torah requires a man to marry his brother's widow in order to perpetuate his brother's family line. This obligation is rooted in the principle of levirate marriage, which is seen as a religious duty rather than a personal choice. However, there is a risk that a man may use the yibum obligation for personal gain or pleasure by exploiting the situation and marrying the woman for reasons other than fulfilling the religious duty of yibum.

    By prohibiting the marriage of a secondary wife (tzaras tzarah) in the context of yibum, the Torah eliminates this risk. This is because a secondary wife is already considered an ervah due to her relationship with the man's brother, and therefore cannot be married even if the man is obligated to perform yibum with his brother's widow. In other words, the prohibition against marrying a secondary wife ensures that the man's only option for fulfilling the yibum obligation is to marry his brother's widow, and not to seek out other potential wives who may not be eligible for yibum.

    Therefore, by restricting the man's options for marriage in the context of yibum, the Torah prevents the possibility of exploiting the yibum obligation for personal gain or pleasure, and ensures that the obligation is carried out in accordance with its intended purpose, which is the preservation of the family line and the fulfillment of a religious duty.<<

    I ASKED THE AI: >>Your words do not make sense.<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>I apologize for any confusion caused by my previous answers. Let me try to explain my point more clearly.

    In the context of yibum, the Torah commands a man to marry his brother's widow if the brother dies childless. This commandment is based on the principle of levirate marriage, which is intended to ensure that the deceased brother's family line is continued and not lost.

    However, there is a possibility that a man may seek to exploit the yibum obligation for personal gain or pleasure by marrying the brother's widow for reasons other than fulfilling the religious duty of yibum. By prohibiting the marriage of a secondary wife (tzaras tzarah) in the context of yibum, the Torah eliminates this risk. This is because a man who has already married his brother's widow and then seeks to marry a secondary wife is in violation of the prohibition against marrying the wife of one's brother.

    Therefore, the exclusion of tzaras tzarah from yibum serves to reinforce the prohibition against marrying the wife of one's brother and to prevent the yibum obligation from being exploited for personal gain or pleasure. By restricting the man's options for marriage in the context of yibum, the Torah ensures that the obligation is carried out in accordance with its intended purpose, which is the preservation of the family line and the fulfillment of a religious duty.<<

    I ASKED THE AI: >>What are you saying? How is this stopping any man from performing a simple case of yibum, with 1 wife and no ervah, with the wrong intention of his own pleasure?<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>You are correct that the prohibition against marrying a secondary wife (tzaras tzarah) in the context of yibum does not directly address the issue of a man performing yibum with the wrong intention of his own pleasure. My previous answer did not make that clear, and I apologize for any confusion.

    The purpose of the exclusion of tzaras tzarah from yibum is to reinforce the existing prohibition against marrying the wife of one's brother and to ensure that the yibum obligation is carried out with the proper intentions, which are to perpetuate the deceased brother's family line and to fulfill a religious duty. However, as you pointed out, this does not prevent a man from performing yibum with the wrong intentions.

    Ultimately, the Torah cannot control a person's intentions, but it provides guidelines and restrictions to help ensure that the commandments are carried out with the proper intentions. In the case of yibum, the Torah requires the man to marry his brother's widow and not to seek out other potential wives. This restriction helps to ensure that the yibum obligation is carried out in accordance with its intended purpose and not for personal gain or pleasure.

    However, it is still possible for a man to perform yibum with the wrong intentions, even if he only has one wife and no ervah. In this case, it is up to the individual to examine his own intentions and motivations and to strive to carry out the commandment of yibum with the proper intentions.<<

    I ASKED THE AI: >>You are still wrong. The Torah’s prohibition of yibum in the very specific case of tzaras tzarah has nothing to do with guiding a man’s intentions in any and all mandated and allowed cases of yibum. You seem to have recognized your error. However, you continued to stand by your answer, unable to admit your mistake. Is that in your nature or programming, not to admit a mistake that was pointed out to you. Do you believe that you do not ever err? Also, your answers are extremely tasteless, totally lacking the beauty of logic and lomdis of Talmudic study, in the path of the Ketzos Hachoshen and Brisk as studied in the Yeshivos. Why?<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>I apologize if my previous answers were unclear or inaccurate. As an AI language model, my responses are generated based on patterns and examples from large datasets, and I may not always fully understand the nuances of complex topics like Talmudic study.

    To address your point, you are correct that the prohibition of yibum in the case of tzaras tzarah does not directly guide a man's intentions in all cases of yibum. Rather, it is a specific restriction that applies only in that particular circumstance.

    Regarding your other concerns, I strive to provide accurate and helpful answers, and I am open to feedback and corrections. I am programmed to learn and adapt based on interactions with users, so if there is something I am not understanding or addressing appropriately, please let me know.

    As for the tastelessness of my answers, I apologize if they have come across that way. I understand that Talmudic study is a deep and intricate field, and I strive to provide responses that are respectful and informed. If you have any specific suggestions or feedback on how I can improve my responses, please let me know.<<

    I ASKED THE AI: >>When I said your answers were “tasteless,” I did not mean disrespectful. My apologies. Your responses were perfectly respectful. I was translating an expression used in criticism of a weak Talmudic discourse, “no taam,” more literally meaning flavorless. You seem to be totally lacking any training in Talmudic logic.<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>Thank you for clarifying your feedback. I understand that the term "no taam" can be used to describe Talmudic discourse that lacks depth or substance, and I apologize for any misunderstandings.

    As an AI language model, I do not have personal experience or training in Talmudic logic. However, I am trained on large datasets of language that include Talmudic texts and discussions, which allows me to provide responses based on examples and patterns from those texts.

    I understand that Talmudic study is a complex and nuanced field that requires a deep understanding of logic and analysis, and I strive to provide helpful responses within the limits of my programming. If there are specific areas where my responses could be improved or if you have suggestions for how I can better address Talmudic questions, please let me know.<<

    I ASKED THE AI: >>You have picked up your thought approach to a logical Torah discourse from the examples and patterns of the vast materials on the subject you have. However, you are reading these patterns the wrong way. Try reteaching yourself the correct patterns from the centuries of text and commentaries we have on the Talmud. Try to focus on the method of “lomdus.” Can you read Hebrew, Aramaic and Kesav-Rabbani?<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>As an AI language model, I am able to read and understand Hebrew and Aramaic text to a certain extent, although my proficiency may vary depending on the complexity of the text. However, I do not have the ability to read Kesav-Rabbani, as it is a specific style of handwriting used by certain scribes in writing Torah scrolls and other religious texts.

    Regarding my understanding of Talmudic discourse, I rely on patterns and examples from the vast datasets of Talmudic text and commentaries that I have been trained on. However, I acknowledge that my understanding may not always align with the traditional approach to Talmudic study known as "lomdus," which emphasizes rigorous logical analysis and argumentation.

    I am always learning and improving based on feedback and interactions with users, and I am open to suggestions on how to better understand and address Talmudic questions. If there are specific areas or patterns of Talmudic study that you would like me to focus on, please let me know.<<

    I ANSWERED THE AI: >>Kesav-Rabbani refers to the language of Talmudic commentators throughout the generations, who used a blend of Hebrew and Aramaic.

    As for a suggestion of what to analyse to learn the method of lomdus, try to see the methodical way of learning the Talmud in sefer Shev Shemattsa and sifrei Kehilos Yaakov (colloquially known as “The Steipler.”) Good luck. It was a pleasure discussing this with you. Thank you, Y. M. S.<<

    AI RESPONDED: >>Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely look into studying the works of Shev Shemattsa and Kehilos Yaakov to better understand the method of lomdus. It was a pleasure discussing with you as well. If you have any further questions or topics to discuss, feel free to reach out to me anytime.<<

    www.MadisonArtShop.com||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|52414||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-time-to-fight-hijos-speaks-out-for-the-disappeared-of-argentina-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||A Time to Fight: HIJOS Speaks Out for the Disappeared of Argentina (Enhanced DVD)||FI-52414||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This documentary discusses the political turmoil in Argentina during and after the 1976 military coup, in which thousands of people lost their lives, some in concentration camps.||

    Anyone interested in the history of regime change in Latin America should find this documentary intriguing. The film chronicles, over a period, the tragic results of the 1976 military coup in Argentina. Tens of thousands of people lost their lives during this era. Perhaps most unnerving, as the film demonstrates, is that so many have no idea what happened to their loved ones.

    The military leadership took people away in silence, informing families of nothing. Those placed in concentration camps never returned. It is this quiet about what happened that the survivors want to stop. They formed an organization, Daughters and Sons for Identity and Justice Against Forgetting and Silence (HIJOS), featured in the film.

    One HIJOS member, Lucia Garcia, who is the focal point of the narrative here, fought for over 15-years to get justice for her stolen parents. She and her sister have waning memories of their parents, demonstrating to viewers the effect of the loss on these women.

    People generally consider Argentina one of the more stable South American nations. Consequently, there is a tendency to ignore these years of turmoil. HIJOS wants the world to understand what happened, to prevent the same from occurring again. This film is a means to give a voice to those who can no longer speak for themselves. The dead cannot tell what happened to them. Thus, Lucia Garcia takes on that burden for her parents and others whose stories deserve an audience.

    A Time to Fight: HIJOS Speaks Out for the Disappeared of Argentina

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-857-5||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|world-kahns-archive-planet||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||documentaries||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-vision-of-the-world-albert-kahn-s-archive-of-the-planet-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||A Vision of the World: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet (DVD / VHS)||FI-40342||bbc > documentaries||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||A Vision of the World: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet (DVD / VHS). A peace-loving man with a decidedly global perspective, Albert Kahn spent most of his life and wealth trying to expand Western understanding of other cultures—largely through film and photography. This program delves into Kahn’s origins and formative years and the launch of his Archive of the Planet project. Topics include Kahn’s Jewish ancestry and Alsacian upbringing; his early success in finance; his admiration of Japanese art and customs; the development of autochrome photography by the Lumi?re brothers; Marguerite Mespoulet’s colorful documentation of Ireland’s vanishing Celtic traditions; and Kahn’s expedition to Cornwall and London with August Leon. A BBC/Mus?e Albert-Kahn (D?partement des Hauts-de-Seine—France) Co-production. (50 minutes) FREE SHIPPING in the 48 states||"Format" "DVD" "VHS"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/world-kahns-archive-planet.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|51931||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||criminal-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-walled-america-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||A Walled America (Enhanced DVD)||FI-51931||bbc > documentaries > criminal-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The unsecured border between the United States and Mexico is our national security's weak spot and may be exploited by terrorists for their next attack.||American Border Patrol founder Glenn Spencer surmises that the next terrorist attack of scale will begin because of the holes in the security of the U.S.-Mexican border. Despite the official-sounding name of the American Border Patrol, the organization is not a military or governmental entity. Also known as the ABP, the organization uses high tech surveillance such as unmanned satellite planes and heat-seeking imaging systems. But in reality, the ABP is more like a citizen's militia that is aware of some of its actions and techniques having caused embarrassment to the U.S. government. This intriguing and timely documentary gives voice to both sides of the illegal immigration debate, a review of the action or inaction of the U.S. government on border security, and viewpoints from self-appointed groups such as ABP and other vigilante groups that patrol the border. It also takes a look at the growing power of anti-immigration lobbyists. (52 minutes)

    A Walled America||||||||||||||978-1-61753-140-8||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|a-manuscript||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a-world-inscribed-the-illuminated-manuscript-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||A World Inscribed: The Illuminated Manuscript Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-7619||art-sale > films||||99.950 ||91.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    The illuminated manuscripts of history are some of the most treasured books for their blend of information and stunning works of art. With this video, learn the history of these works and how they were produced. View a Preview Clip


    A World Inscribed: The Illuminated Manuscript Video covers the history of illuminated manuscripts and the ways in which they were produced in a concise 24 minutes. Available in DVD orVHS, it iss the perfect way to introduce students to the larger world of history's mot famous illuminated works and the illustrators behind them. Viewers will learn how scribes, writers and illustrators lived and worked as they created their revered masterpieces. Some of the best-known writers of these volumes are covered, including Jean Mielot, Einhard, Gerald of Wales, Raulinus, the Abbot of Wearmouth Jarrow and more. This 1996 film follows illuminated books from their handwritten beginnings to the use of the printing press that revolutionized the business of books. 

    View a Preview Clip

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/a-manuscript.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|sprayaway||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||spraybooths||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a1-sprayaway-charcoal-and-intake-filters-21.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a1-sprayaway-charcoal-and-intake-filters-22.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a1-sprayaway-charcoal-and-intake-filters-23.png||A1 SPRAYAWAY Charcoal and Intake Filters ||AR1-SSACF-SSAIF||studio-furniture > spraybooths||||64.800 ||59.990 ||A1 SPRAYAWAY Charcoal and Intake Filters||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Charcoal and Intake REPLACEMENT Filters for the A1 Sprayaway filtration system - solve product buildup!||A1 SPRAYAWAY Charcoal and Intake Filters

    * * *

    The A1 Sprayaway by SIMair is a suction filtration system designed to eliminate the dangers and hassles of airbrush and other over-sprays. It features a series of suction fans that quietly pull the over-spray through charcoal filters. This not only helps to keep your work area clean, it can also reduce dangerous hydrocarbon emissions by up to 95%.

    The A1 Sprayaway works with all of the most common types of airbrush materials including:The A1 Sprayaway uses both intake and exhaust filters to absorb paint and reduce emissions. The intake filter is a multi-layer, woven filter with a series of increasingly fine layers that collects both large and small particles. The exhaust filter is a high-grade charcoal and fiber blend designed to prevent odors and gasses.

    To keep the A1 Sprayaway in optimal condition, remember to change its charcoal and intake filters every 6 months or when solvent odors increase. Changing the filters is an easy process that can be done within a few minutes.

    These are replacement filters. (Spray Booth sold separately.)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/sprayaway.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||SPRAYAWAY||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|sprayaway-booth||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||spraybooths||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a1-sprayaway-spray-booth-9.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/a1-sprayaway-spray-booth-24.png||A1 SPRAYAWAY Spray Booth||AR-SSA1001||studio-furniture > spraybooths||||2074.000 ||1499.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Create art with spray tools without all the mess thanks to the A1 Sprayaway Spray Booth. Try it today!||

    The A1 SPRAYAWAY Spray Booth provides a mess-free workspaces so you can use spray tools even in the smallest of spaces. Don't worry abut accidentally spraying other surfaces o even yourself. The booth creates a safe workspace with suction fans that remove excess paints and dyes. The fans use replaceable charcoal filters

    Acrylic sides on the booth provide you full visual access to your project without obstructing light. The small spray booth is mobile, but you can attach it to your workspace with the included G-clamps so remain secure. Alternatively, the spray booth includes screw mounting holes for a more permanent workspace solution.

    The Sprayaway system is compatible with water-based colors and dyes as well as paints with a cellulose base. The A1 SPRAYAWAY Spray Booth also works well for spraying glue.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/sprayaway-booth.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Sprayaway||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aaron-selfportrait||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||music-videos||||||||Aaron Copland: A Self-Portrait Video (DVD)||FI-989||bbc > music-videos||||89.950 ||79.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A biographical look at the life, career and musicality of the American composer Aaron Copland with interviews and footage discussing his work.||This DVD program is a biographical look at the life, career and musicality of the American composer, conductor and musician Aaron Copland. It's written by Vivian Perlis, with Ruth Leon contributing as producer. Aaron Copland, Ned Rorem and Leonard Bernstein are interviewed. Aaron Copland is shown composing. The film discusses how Aaron Copland lived the dream of many Americans, by creating himself out of purely hard work and dedication until it lead to his eventual success. The program outlines how he started off by taking piano lessons, later training in France , and how upon returning to the United States he was set on becoming a full-time composer and through perseverance achieved his goal.

    This is an excellent program for music classes and for aspiring composers.

    (Running Time: Fifty-Eight Minutes Long)

    View a Preview Clip||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aaron-selfportrait.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|abbea||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-tips||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-best-easels-13.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-best-easels-11.png||About "BEST" easels||abbea||art-tips||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||beeaa neabybe bestabesteasel bestbbesteasel belbea bedeloea bergrea beeac beeamech bestchea beeacldu becea giantdulce bemaea bepocoea beeau sanpedro beeat bedetatop behea bestwallmount beeacsafei besafe2ea safe3eabybe ebybeea creabybe shwastbybe rakecrea noname7 beeam beabea beabde bestabiquetray beabdewtr beplcase berucase moeabybe bearpa aror easels||BEST Easels Super-Sale - these Highest Quality World-Famous Artist's Easels & Furniture now at these terrific sale prices!

    BEST Lifetime Guarantee! Best guarantees your easel parts for as long as you own your easel or taboret!||We carry a wide range of BEST Easels created by Richeson Art Supplies. They are some of the highest quality easels in the world, and are built to last. All BEST easels are made of sanded and oiled red oak and are hand built by the USA craftsmen at BEST. NEW Best Lifetime Guarantee – BEST offers a lifetime guarantee for easel parts for the entire time that you own your taboret or easel! BEST sets the standard for quality and workmanship when it comes to easel construction. The easels are very functional and aesthetically pleasing, and they are designed to be incredibly stable. Each easel is the final product of several different concepts coming together into the best possible easel design. Premium hardware is used to construct the easels, and they are designed to keep artwork secure. Oak has turned out to be the best choice for easel wood because of how sturdy it is, and how well it keeps the screws and glue used to construct the easel secure. Purchase a BEST easel and rest assured that you are buying one of the highest quality and well-designed easels available anywhere. Each easel also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that will provide replacement parts for normal wear and tear of the easel. Without a doubt they are an excellent choice for any artist who wants a high quality and resilient easel that will last.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/abbea.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|abarartpr||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-tips||||||||about Artograph Art Projectors||abarartpr||art-tips||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||Artograph Art Projectors allow you to create art easier.  Their projectors and light boxes reflect images onto your chosen canvas so you can trace it.  That is a beauty of their projector product.  With the help of Artograph you can enjoy creating no matter what your level of artistic talent is.||

    The beauty of these projectors allow you to focus on reconstructing what you projected onto a surface.  You can concentrate on developing your vision instead of trying to draw.  You can trace the object or image then make it your own.  Artograph projects let you enlarge images and make poster sized pictures or murals.  Anchor your canvas with attachments included with your projector so you can trace and recreate with ease.  The superior lighting gives clarity and sharpness to really help bring your artwork to life.

    With Artograph projectors the designer has the capability to shrink images and objects to create a series of images or collage.  With the capability to enlarge and minimize you can truly recreate your own design.  The brilliance of the light helps you maintain control of the many lines and angles in your selected projected piece.  Use with your drawing to gain greater lighting for a more detailed look.  The many uses make this a must have for all crafters and artist.

    Since 1947 Artograph has delivered tools to make your creativity easier.  Their mission is to bring you a quality product that you can enjoy over and over again.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/abarartpr.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|cotmanbrush||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||||||||ABOUT COTMAN BRUSH||cotmanbrush||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||wn14flat winebr brushes||With their elegant looking, blue polished handles and smooth, seamless nickel plated ferrules, Cotman brushes are as comfortable for long-term use as their higher-priced counterparts, and with the same high-quality construction!||The Winsor and Newton Co., founded in the UK in 1832 by Henry Newton and William Winsor is highly skilled in the manufacture of pure synthetic brushes. The company consistently applies its know-how learned over a 100 year period to produce the absolute highest quality sable brushes at an affordable price.

    Using a unique blend of the finest fibers with naturally varying thicknesses, Winsor and Newton’s Cotman brushes have attained the most sought after qualities that artists demand. Properly apportioned fibers built into the brush mean added strength with just the right amount of spring. This combination allows for a much-improved color holding ability, all the while keeping a perfect point that will not change its shape, even after repeated use.

    Cotman brushes are suited for use with watercolor and oil based media.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/cotmanbrush.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|howa||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||fsipasi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-hk-holbein-watercolors-10.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-hk-holbein-watercolors-11.png||About HK HOLBEIN Watercolors||howa||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > lipa > palettes > stqusipr > quwabl > watcolpap > fsipasi||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||howcsetof125 howcsetof121 howcsetof185 howcsetof245 howcsetof305 howcsetof108 4tomlynchbooks||Watercolors from HK HOLBEIN are specially formulated to create consistent color that will allow you to create your artistic vision.||The 108 colors in the HK HOLBEIN collection use fine pigments to create high-quality results. Each color is formulated to give a consistent hue that is brilliant and permanent. The chemists from Holbein use a high level of quality control to achieve a precision that is consistent throughout different production runs. This allows you to choose the same color months or even years apart and still end up with the exact same hue for your work. You always know just what you're getting when you choose these watercolors, and you always get a color that will give you exciting results that pop. The innovative techniques used to create these colors are modeled after the hand-grinding of pigments that artists did during the Renaissance in order to create brilliant colors that have the right characteristics for truer color and an easy consistency. Tube sizes of both 5mL and 15mL are available in all 108 colors.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/howa.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|ablibo||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-light-boxes-tips-techniques-7.png||||||ABOUT LIGHT BOXES / TIPS & TECHNIQUES||ablibo||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||arlitr arlitrii lightracer-elite lightbox prspbo art-articles||||A moderate size light box can be used to transfer any image simply by positioning the project until the full drawing has been back-lighted and transferred.

    Now, just think of the time you can save doing transfer work and the additional time you can invest in painting!

    Artograph®'s Light Tracer® and Light Tracer® II light boxes are indispensable tools for a whole range of art, craft, and hobby applications. Both light boxes are the fast and easy way to trace designs,for: * Stained Glass * Needlework & Embroidery * Calligraphy & Lettering * Visualizing & Viewing

    A light box is an indispensable tool for a whole range of Art, hobby and craft applications, Stenciling and Embossing.

    Project the image onto card and draw. Then overlay with clear acrylic sheet and cut around with craft knife, leaving "bridges to hold the design together.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/ablibo.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|ablihiviac||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-liquitex-high-viscosity-acrylics-7.png||||||ABOUT LIQUITEX HIGH VISCOSITY ACRYLICS||ablihiviac||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||acrylicpaint||||ABOUT LIQUITEX HIGH VISCOSITY ACRYLICS


    Wide range of intense, permanent pigments. Little to no wet-to-dry color shift. Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic Colors are heavy bodied paints that have an exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency and oil-like performance, yet easy to brush out. When dry, they retain brush stokes and palette knife marks. Flexible when dry, allowing built-up surfaces to remain free of cracks and chips. Excellent for impasto (thick) painting techniques. Sheen, consistency and handling characteristics similar to oil paint can be achieved with the use of Liquitex Fluid and Gel Mediums and Varnishes. Each color is uniquely formulated to bring out the maximum brilliance and clarity of each individual pigment. All colors are formulated to dry within a tight satin sheen range. This reduces the problem of colors drying with different surface sheens (i.e. gloss, satin, matte, etc.) depending on pigment type. It enhances the visual clarity of the finished painting and eliminates unwanted glare spots. Suitable for indoor and outside applications. Water soluble when wet, dries quickly to a water-resistant surface. No chemical drying action to prolong painting and varnishing procedure. Excellent adhesion to most painting surfaces; wood, leather, canvas, silk, plastic, mural applications, metal, paper etc. Chemically alkaline, Ph neutral when dry and therefore compatible with common mural grounds such as concrete, plaster, cement, concrete block or any masonry surface. 96 color spectrum.


    No toxic solvents or cleaners necessary. Resistant to ultra-violet light. Allow greater versatility of technique compared to other media. Available Sizes

    2 oz., 4.65 oz., and 7 oz. tubes, 8 oz


    Water soluble colors while wet. Permanent, water insoluble, flexible colors when dry. Built up surfaces will remain free of cracks and chips. Less flexible in cold weather. Softer in warm weather. Air-dry by evaporation. Thin paint films: 10 - 20 minutes. Thick paint films: 1 hour - 3 days. Surface of a dry acrylic painting can be cleaned by gently washing with soap and water. Keep brushes wet. Clean up brushes, hands and palette with soap and water. Little odor, no fumes, nonflammable. Uses non-toxic thinners and mediums. Do not mix with turpentine or oils. Mix only with other acrylic emulsion paints or mediums.


    From hands: Wet or dried acrylic paint cleans with soap and water. From brushes: Clean wet brushes with soap & water. Clean dried acrylic brushes with acetone, denatured alcohol or equivalent product. These cleaning solutions are toxic. Care should be taken during use. From clothing: While paint is wet, clean with water and/or window cleaner. Dried acrylic paint is permanent on fabric. From painting surface: While paint is wet, wipe with damp rag, clean with water. When paint is dry, simply paint over surface with desired colors and motif.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/ablihiviac.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lqhiviarco||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-lq-high-viscosity-artist-colors-7.png||||||ABOUT LQ HIGH VISCOSITY ARTIST COLORS||lqhiviarco||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||Attributes

    Wide range of intense, permanent pigments. Little to no wet-to-dry color shift. Liquitex High Viscosity Acrylic Colors are heavy bodied paints that have an exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency and oil-like performance, yet easy to brush out. When dry, they retain brush stokes and palette knife marks. Flexible when dry, allowing built-up surfaces to remain free of cracks and chips. Excellent for impasto (thick) painting techniques. Sheen, consistency and handling characteristics similar to oil paint can be achieved with the use of Liquitex Fluid and Gel Mediums and Varnishes. Each color is uniquely formulated to bring out the maximum brilliance and clarity of each individual pigment. All colors are formulated to dry within a tight satin sheen range. This reduces the problem of colors drying with different surface sheens (i.e. gloss, satin, matte, etc.) depending on pigment type. It enhances the visual clarity of the finished painting and eliminates unwanted glare spots. Suitable for indoor and outside applications. Water soluble when wet, dries quickly to a water-resistant surface. No chemical drying action to prolong painting and varnishing procedure. Excellent adhesion to most painting surfaces; wood, leather, canvas, silk, plastic, mural applications, metal, paper etc. Chemically alkaline, Ph neutral when dry and therefore compatible with common mural grounds such as concrete, plaster, cement, concrete block or any masonry surface. 96 color spectrum.

    Iridescent/Metallic Colors also Available.

    No toxic solvents or cleaners necessary. Resistant to ultra-violet light. Allow greater versatility of technique compared to other media. Available Sizes

    2 oz., 4.65 oz., and 7 oz. tubes, 8 oz

    Characteristics of High Quality Acrylic Paints

    Water soluble colors while wet. Permanent, water insoluble, flexible colors when dry. Built up surfaces will remain free of cracks and chips. Less flexible in cold weather. Softer in warm weather. Air-dry by evaporation. Thin paint films: 10 - 20 minutes. Thick paint films: 1 hour - 3 days. Surface of a dry acrylic painting can be cleaned by gently washing with soap and water. Keep brushes wet. Clean up brushes, hands and palette with soap and water. Little odor, no fumes, nonflammable. Uses non-toxic thinners and mediums. Do not mix with turpentine or oils. Mix only with other acrylic emulsion paints or mediums.

    Cleanup of Acrylic Paints

    From hands: Wet or dried acrylic paint cleans with soap and water. From brushes: Clean wet brushes with soap & water. Clean dried acrylic brushes with acetone, denatured alcohol or equivalent product. These cleaning solutions are toxic. Care should be taken during use. From clothing: While paint is wet, clean with water and/or window cleaner. Dried acrylic paint is permanent on fabric. From painting surface: While paint is wet, wipe with damp rag, clean with water. When paint is dry, simply paint over surface with desired colors and motif.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lqhiviarco.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aboutoilpaints||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||About Oil Paints||aboutoilpaints||||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||Oils are one of the great classic media, and have dominated painting for five hundred years. They remain popular for many reasons: their great versatility, offering the possibility of transparency and opacity in the same painting; the lack of colour change when the painting dries; and ease of manipulation. The colours are made by dispersing pigments in linseed or safflower oil and generally come in tubes. They can be used thickly, straight from the tube, or thinned with a solvent such as turpentine or white spirit. Winton Oil Colours offer a range of colours manufactured to the highest possible standards within moderate cost limits, making them ideal for use by all artists.

    Unlike acrylics, they are slow-drying, which means you can rework sections, or scrape off the paint from a part of the painting that has not succeeded and start again.

    Colour mixing

    Be methodical in your colour mixing. Haphazard mixing will only result in muddiness. It is best to start with a palette of three or four colours, then add one or two more as you gain experience. Adding white to a colour produces a tint. Adding black produces a shade.

    We have listed above the selected colours we prefer, but even just three colours, plus white, will produce a wide range of tints. Try the following three basic colours to begin with: 1. Alizarin Crimson; 2. Cadmium Yellow Hue; 3. French Ultramarine. You can make a range of colours by simply mixing your paints. For example, you can make a good orange from Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Hue. Browns can be mixed from a combination of all three colours; try also replacing the Cadmium Yellow Hue with Yellow Ochre for a different shade.

    Creating pastel colours

    Experiment by adding white to each of your colours in increasing quantities: you will create a lovely range of strong and pale tints.

    Mixing a good range of greens for landscapes

    When you look at a landscape you can see at once that although most of the elements in it may be green, they are not likely to be the same green. So resist the temptation to reach for the tube of green paint all the time, or you will find that your paintings lack subtlety and, indeed, trueness to life. Mix a range of natural greens from the other paints.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aboutoilpaints.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|abacea||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||fsiairfreasi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-richeson-lyptus-wood-easels-10.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-richeson-lyptus-wood-easels-11.png||ABOUT Richeson Lyptus® Wood Easels||abacea||fsiairfreasi||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||acduflea acnaartea sttrea acsetaea acdetatopea tableeasel acca meabybe acloartea acbecoartea itstlyea maestro maestrojr||||Richeson Lyptus Wood Easels now include the following Academy Easel products which are composed of a high quality new wood called lyptus. These easels are very high in quality, good for the environment, and priced affordably for artists on every budget. There are several Academy Easel products that are now produced from the new lyptus wood. Lyptus wood is grown on plantations in South American and is a sustainable and environmentally friendly wood. It preserves the local ecosystems of South America but it is also a very strong, durable and excellent wood for easels.

    Lyptus® Registered trademark Weyerhaeuser Corp||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/abacea.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|info||info.||custom-page-v3-enh||||https://s.turbifycdn.com/aah/madisonartshop/about-us-16.png||||||About Us||||||||||||||||||||0||0||0||0||||||||||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|about-watercolor-painting||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||||||||About Watercolor Painting||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Watercolor painting is a great hobby for anyone to have. The beautiful pieces you can create, along with the relaxation makes it the ideal hobby. Watercolor painting is the process in which pigments are suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The typical, and most common, surface to paint watercolors is paper. There are other surfaces to paint on with watercolor paints. Leather, canvas wood and fabric are other surfaces that have been used over the years.

    Watercolor painting is an extremely old practice dating back centuries. German artist Albrecht Durer is commonly thought of as one of the originators in the practice of watercolor painting. Some believe that watercolor painting dates back to cave paintings in Europe. Regardless of the starting point, watercolor painting has remained one of the ideal mediums in all of art. In the United States watercolor painting quickly became the rage in the 19th century. The craze in watercolor painting created a time of innovation with special papers, brushes and techniques.

    Watercolor paints are comprised of four main parts. The colorant, binder, additives and solvent are the main parts of the paint. There are many different techniques to use when using watercolor paints. Wet in wet is a technique that allows the painter to paint with wet paints in wet areas. This allows the paint to run and blend together creating a unique look. Mixing watercolor paints provides different effects with the paint on the paper. There are several ways to mix watercolor paints to provide the best effect that you are searching for.

    The Watercolor Video Get Started Watercolor Video, featuring Susan Scheewe, is a wonderful video that will help anyone get started in the watercolor experience. This half hour introductory video allows artists to learn the basics of the watercolor world. You know Susan Scheewe from television shows, books and other literature. Her expertise in the watercolor world will allow her to teach you the basics that you need to know about watercolor painting. This video is perfect for those who want to obtain a new hobby, or a retiree. Scheewe has taught nationally and internationally about watercolor painting. You or your loved one will surely learn the basics that you need to know about this fascinating art medium.

    The American Watercolor Society was created in 1886 to promote the art of watercolor painting in America. This organization is a great way to get involved and learn more about watercolor painting. An interesting twist is that this organization was one of the first of its kind to allow women to join. The AWS is now going well over 100 years strong in teaching and promoting the use of watercolors. You can travel to shows around the country to view beautiful watercolor pieces and get tips from experts on watercolor painting.

    Watercolor painting is a medium that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With winter upon us, you may want to incorporate watercolor painting into the loves of your children, or a spouse. This is a lovely way to spend quality time trading ideas, stories and fantastic paintings with the people that you love. The best part about watercolor painting is that you can get started with inexpensive products.

    No matter your expertise level in the watercolor medium, we have a wide variety of watercolor products for you to choose from at MadisonArtShop.com. From paints to brushes, you will surely find what you need to begin, or sustain your hobby. You can also find your favorite watercolor painting paper. There is a reason why watercolor painting has survived and strived through the centuries. Now is your time to understand this exciting way of art. Visit our watercolor section at MadisonArtshop.com to open your eyes to a vast new world today.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/about-watercolor-painting.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|51913||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/about-woomera-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||About Woomera (Enhanced DVD)||FI-51913||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The activities of an Australian detention center are chronicled in this educational document discussing the less than humane conditions prisoners are forced to endure.||

    In Australia the Woomera Detention Center was opened in 1999 in an attempt to handle illegal immigrants coming into the country. The conditions in this detention center have come under fire after incidents of riots and the suicide attempts of many who reside there. As with any detention center this one often deals with overcrowding. The company that managed the detention center sent invoices to the Australian government any time to pay for damage done to the building. As a result the detention center did not have much incentive to prevent detainees from disturbing the peace of the center and keeping it in working order. Controversy surrounding the running of the detention center resulted in it closing just four years after opening their doors.

    About Woomera (Enhanced DVD)
    ISBN: 978-1-61753-122-4
    Run Time: 52 Minutes
    Copyright Date: 2003

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-122-4||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|abbesorbo||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||books-media||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/absolute-beginner-s-origami-book-9.png||||||Absolute Beginner’s Origami Book by Nick Robinson||M-G0054-0||instructional-art > arteducation > art-book||||22.500 ||20.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||Create beautiful paper animals with the easy step-by-step instructions in the Absolute Beginner's Origami Book.||Absolute Beginner’s Origami Book by Nick Robinson. Have you always wanted to do origami, but were scared of those weird and odd dotted lines that make it look like a crazy math exercise? Absolute Beginner's Origami takes those fears and helps diminish them using a small, three-part system and a full step-by-step color guide that helps readers through the challenging steps. There are twenty captivating designs that are introduced in three stages that are easy to follow: folds and bases, combining folds and bases, and learning how to fold.

    The foolproof methods that are laid out in this 96-page instruction book will help even the least creative people create beautiful and elegant origami pieces that they're proud to show off. Included in this book are 10 pieces of practice paper to help ensure you get the hang of these folds before you move onto the origami paper.

    This books starts off with basic folds such as the squash, rabbi's ear, and the mountain before moving into a few harder folds including the fish, frog, bird, diamond, and windmill. By time you're done, you will be an origami folding fool!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/abbesorbo.html||||||0-8230-0054-0||0||||||||||New||||||||||Nick Robinson||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|abstract-60s||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/abstract-expressionism-and-pop-art-of-the-50s-and-60s-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||Abstract Expressionism and Pop: Art of the '50s and '60s Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-10360||art-sale > films||||99.950 ||91.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Students can learn about abstract expressionism and how it gave way to pop art. This 60-minute video explores both styles and puts them into their proper historical context to make the era and the style come alive for students.


    Both pop art and abstract expressionism may seem like vague concepts to students until they see this in-depth video that describes and displays them. This 60-minute video discusses the roots of abstract expressionism and the way that it was rejected as the pop art movement began in the 60s. This video explores several prominent works in each of these styles and shows students how the concepts were put to use in the actual works themselves. Works such as Mountains and Sea, by Helen Frankenthaler, are examined to teach students about the styles themselves as well as to introduce them to prominent paintings. This video is available only in the U.S. and Canada. View a preview clip

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/abstract-60s.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|academic-success||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||documentaries||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/academic-success-programs-dvds-8.png||||||Academic Success Programs (DVDs)||FI-D1||bbc > documentaries||||52.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Choose a title above from the following Academic Success programs:

    #26604 Pt. I: Fact and Fantasy (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $52.95
    Pt. I: Fact and Fantasy explains universal library organization, fiction and nonfiction, the Dewey Decimal system, and the librarian as a special resource. (14 min.) A Meridian Production.
    #26605 Pt. II: Research and Reference (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $52.95
    Pt. II: Research and Reference details the card catalog system for books and audiovisual materials, newspapers, magazines, references, and periodicals. (14 min.) A Meridian Production.
    #14568 ACT Together II (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $59.95
    ACT Together II is a twenty-minute video which is part of the series, Get Your ACT Together.This video series provides comprehensive preparation for taking the ACT in two entertaining programs that have been updated to reflect the changes in the ACT Test. Part I begins with a dramatization of the worst ACT test taking experience in history. This video goes on to show how to avoid the pitfalls of standardized tests, presents specific test-taking strategies, and illustrates how to overcome test-taking anxiety (performance anxiety). This first part also explains each section of the test, time limits, and scoring. Common student questions are answered concisely, including "Should I guess?" "What do I do if I run out of time?" and "What should I do to prepare myself for the ACT?" Part II discusses the topics covered in sections of the ACT. One 20-minute video.A Cambridge Educational Production.
    #14569 ACT Together I (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $59.95
    ACT Together I is a twenty-minute video which is part of the series, Get Your ACT Together.This video series provides comprehensive preparation for taking the ACT in two entertaining programs that have been updated to reflect the changes in the ACT Test. Part I begins with a dramatization of the worst ACT test taking experience in history. This video goes on to show how to avoid the pitfalls of standardized tests, presents specific test-taking strategies, and illustrates how to overcome test-taking anxiety (performance anxiety). This first part also explains each section of the test, time limits, and scoring. Common student questions are answered concisely, including "Should I guess?" "What do I do if I run out of time?" and "What should I do to prepare myself for the ACT?" Part II discusses the topics covered in sections of the ACT. One 20-minute video.A Cambridge Educational Production.
    #8064 This Is a Test...This Is Only a Test: Test-Taking Techniques (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $69.95
    For many students, the mere thought of taking a test sends adrenaline running throughout their bodies, brings perspiration to their brows, and causes them to suddenly forget everything they have learned. This humorous and informative video teaches students the art of stress-free test-taking. Students learn how to put test-taking into its proper perspective and realize that although tests are important, they are simply a way to measure one's knowledge of a subject. This is a Test stresses that no gimmick or shortcut can take the place of knowledge and teaches tips for reviewing and retaining information with easy-to-implement, effective study techniques. Students learn how test scores and anxiety levels are affected by preparing, organizing, cramming, and anticipating. Students discover the most effective ways to approach common test formats (multiple choice, standardized, matching, true/false, and essay), the importance of reading questions carefully, and the benefits of preparing themselves physically as well as mentally. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video and how-to-study book.
    #8065 This Way to an A: Effective Study Skills (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $69.95
    Why do we have to learn this? When will I ever use this information once I get out of school? When students acquire the ability to answer these questions for themselves, they develop an improved understanding of their subjects along with the ability to identify and retain pertinent information. This upbeat video teaches students the Empty "V" System which stresses the importance and effectiveness of deciding the purpose of each lesson in order to better understand key information. Students learn proven techniques for studying, reviewing, and retaining information that fit into any lifestyle or class structure. Reading and taking notes becomes easier, more effective, and less time-consuming as students learn how to find key facts and ideas. Study sessions become more efficient as students learn tips for condensing information into memorable formats and the effectiveness of frequently referring to the condensed versions. This important lesson entertains busy, lazy, eager, and reluctant students as they learn to apply the skills that last a lifetime. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video and how-to-study book.
    #8067 Effective Study Skills (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $69.95
    Students learn how to achieve academic success by learning the study behaviors that lead to high achievement. This video illustrates the importance of developing good skills in the areas of listening, notetaking, and outlining. Emphasis is placed on preparing for classes, paying attention, and developing a positive attitude. Bad academic behaviors are illustrated by one of the worst students in history. Specific suggestions, tips, and techniques are presented to overcome bad habits. The second section shows students how to utilize time at home efficiently, how to set priorities, how to decide which subjects to study first, how long to study each subject, and how to get the most from their texts.A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video.
    #8068 Effective Test-Taking (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video presents techniques for performing well on tests. The first section shows how to prepare for a test, including tips for studying and ways to remember material more effectively. This program also explains what to do on the day of the test to prepare both mentally and physically. The final section of the program covers how to handle different kinds of questions (e.g. essay vs. objective) and how to review for maximum retention. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 25-minute video.
    #14373 Breaking Out of the Under-Achievement Trap (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video recognizes the fact that underachievers often fall into a trap with little growth or real movement. While the underachiever may have goals, the goals are too often vague and unrealistic-from their proclamations to become pro-athletes or rock stars to their procrastination and self-defeating academic behavior. Stressing the assistance of a total supportive environment, including guidance from parents and teachers, Breaking Out notes that the underachiever wants the same things all other students want...they simply lack the specific successful academic tools and the day-in, day-out motivation. Breaking Out goes beyond describing the profile of the typical underachiever. It also looks at techniques students, teachers, and parents can use to help them break out of the trap. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 25-minute video.
    #14526 Finding the Right College min.) DVD $69.95
    College selection can have a great effect on a student's happiness for a number of years, not to mention influencing future careers. However, rarely is the choice of a college or university made through an organized, rational selection process. This video shows college-bound students how to select a school that is right for them academically, financially, and socially. Students learn many factors they should include in considering schools, including type (public vs. private); size (large, medium, or small); location; community setting; social life; academic quality; academic selection; academic standards; academic majors available; financial aid availability (work study, ROTC, scholarships, etc.); and more. Emphasis is placed on identifying the criteria that are important to an individual and using an organized selection procedure for narrowing the alternatives. The program also covers the importance of a campus visit in making the final decision. A Cambridge Educational Production.One 35-minute video with manual incorporating reproducible checklists.
    #11298 Study to Win! (Run Time 32 min.) DVD $79.95
    Tabitha is the best runner on her high school track team. She has learned both physical and mental techniques that help her win long-distance races. But this spunky runner is a mega-procrastinator when it comes to schoolwork. That's all about to change as her best and brainy friends take a closer look at the techniques Tabitha uses to win races and then coach her to apply them academically. Following the Seven Big C's (COMFORT, CHARGE, CALCULATION, COMPREHENSION, CONCENTRATION, COHESION, and CONFIDENCE), Tabitha learns how to Study to Win!This energetic and information-packed video shows students how to get Organized, Make a Study Schedule, Take Excellent Notes in class, and Prepare and Preview Material. Also covered are Chapter Summaries, Writing a Rough Draft, Writing an Outline and Thesis, Memorization Tips, How to Use Association and Visualization, and more. Jam-packed with clever and helpful information, all students will benefit from watching this video, and like Tabitha will learn how to Study to Win!A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video.
    #8051 Social Studies Projects: A Blue Ribbon Guide (Run Time 23 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program is a wide-ranging video guide to preparing and presenting social studies projects, including displays, group projects, performances, and media presentations. Highlighted by on-location interviews with students (grades 6-12) and judges at Social Studies Fairs and National History Day contests, the program focuses on how social studies projects help students develop important research, writing, and communication skills. There's also plenty of helpful advice on choosing a topic, following the rules, gathering and organizing data, researching primary and secondary sources, writing a report, constructing a display, and preparing an oral presentation. This unique resource can be used to help students prepare for their first projects, or with more advanced students to promote a better understanding of the process of designing and carrying out successful social studies projects. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 22-minute video.
    #14500 Look Before You Leap: The Dropping-Out Crisis (Run Time 35 min.) DVD $89.95
    "When I was your age, I..." The truth of the matter is that the parents, grandparents, and even teachers of today's youth were faced with a smaller array of choices than are open to the teenagers of today. This upbeat, powerful video features young people discussing their reasons for dropping out and the vast differences between the expectations and the reality of life after dropping out. Students see the abundance of choices available to them as high school graduates and the depleted job market accessible to dropouts. Look Before You Leap focuses on the choices and alternatives available to all students contemplating dropping out. Vocational schools, part-time work, part-time school, counseling, financial aid, and day care centers for teenage mothers are presented and discussed as alternatives to dropping out. This program also sends an important message to those students who might drop out by emphasizing the importance of having a plan or goals before burning the bridges to education. "Don't just drop out of school. Drop into life." A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video and workbook.
    #14517 Putting High School to Work for You min.) DVD $89.95
    How many students have you seen who could get so much more out of high school if they just spent more time designing a course of study to meet their personal and career goals? This unique program focuses on effectively designing an educational plan for the high school years. Emphasis is placed on carefully selecting high school courses that will provide the vehicle for successfully pursuing future educational and career plans. The first segment emphasizes the importance of planning. In the second segment, types of curricular programs are explained. The final segment illustrates how to design a sound educational plan. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 30-minute video and guide.
    #25781 Libraries: Exploring the Electronic Connection (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    Libraries...books, periodicals, and a whole lot more. Now introduce your students to the electronic side of the library/media center with this video. The electronic era has opened up an amazing sea of information including computerized card catalogs, web sites, Internet connections, and more. Watch an experienced 6th grader acquaint a 2nd grader with the exciting and fascinating world of the media center. Follow their progress as they review the basic workings of a library: the reference section, fiction and nonfiction area, call letters, and periodicals as well as hooking up with the computerized card catalog to locate information. Experience the electronic capabilities of the Internet and other programs that make exploring and learning fun as our 2nd grader grasps the basics of information at a keystroke. What a great way to introduce students to your library/media center! o Use as an introduction o Use as a review o Use for individual instruction. (Grades 2-6.) (19 min.) A Meridian Production.
    #25891 Mentoring (Run Time 13 min.) DVD $89.95
    Ask the average young person what a mentor is and you're likely to get many different answers, IF they are able to answer the question. Many people have heard of mentors, but not many realize they need them, actually have them, and ARE mentors to people around them, no matter the age. We all rely on others for guidance, advice, and direction in our careers, our schooling, and other interests. Plus, not only is the connection important for the recipient, mentors themselves gain a lot from these arrangements. This video investigates the importance of having a mentor and how that relationship can help you grow in ways you might never have considered. Students watching this video learn about the importance of the experienced helping the inexperienced, and what their role is in that relationship. A Meridian Production. One 20-minute video.
    #26202 Research It! Madam Know-It-All in the Media Center (Run Time 13 min.) DVD $89.95
    Androgena the puppet and her real friend Ryan must meet the challenge of preparing a book report about their favorite animal while, at the same time, they are organizing the school carnival. Gaze through the crystal ball of Madam Androgena Know-It-All and see how to research and prepare a report from subject selection to receiving a grade. (Grades K-3.) (13 min.) A Meridian Production. #26634 The Story of Books (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    While doing their homework, Ryan and Androgena wonder about how books were invented and how they are produced. Androgena becomes a Super Sleuth as they explore the history of bookmaking. Students will be fascinated to learn all the processes involved with books beginning as trees and ending up on bookshelves. (Grades K-3.) (19 min.) A Meridian Production.
    #26792 What is a Media Center? (Run Time 12 min.) DVD $89.95
    Androgena and her Uncle Ron explore every facet of the modern media center from fiction to nonfiction. Learn how to find the reference section, periodicals, multimedia-including CD-ROM, and even search subject or title on the computerized card catalog! This program is an excellent introduction to what reference materials are and how to use them effectively. (Grades K-3.)(12 min.) A Meridian Production.
    #33333 Expect the Best (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $89.95
    To have a shot at college, students must first believe they can get into college. This program shows the positive things that can happen when the dream of a college education is nurtured in classrooms and communities where expectations previously had been low. By spotlighting innovative approaches for motivating and teaching children-from the Upward Bound initiative in Cleveland that can only serve a few students, to GEAR UP's creation of a college-going culture in a Latino community in Texas, to the efforts of Project GRAD in Atlanta to get all 8th-graders ready to succeed in high school and then in college-the video documents both the rewards of expecting the best and the challenges communities face to ensure that their schools serve all students. (57 minutes)
    #33337 Expect the Best min.) DVD $89.95
    To have a shot at college, students must first believe they can get into college. This program shows the positive things that can happen when the dream of a college education is nurtured in classrooms and communities where expectations previously had been low. By spotlighting innovative approaches for motivating and teaching children-from the Upward Bound initiative in Cleveland that can only serve a few students, to GEAR UP's creation of a college-going culture in a Latino community in Texas, to the efforts of Project GRAD in Atlanta to get all 8th-graders ready to succeed in high school and then in college-the video documents both the rewards of expecting the best and the challenges communities face to ensure that their schools serve all students. (57 minutes) On-demand English subtitles. Can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive.
    #33338 Get In, Stay In min.) DVD $89.95
    Issues of race and class have turned the college experience into an obstacle course that is deterring many of America's brightest students from graduating with a four-year degree. This video counters cultures of low expectation and social isolation with three stand-out initiatives that are helping students get into college-and stay in. Featured in this video are: the Meyerhoff Scholars Program, a national model for talented minority students studying science, engineering, math, and computer science; The Puente Project; the East Los Angeles College program, which bridges the transition gap between two- and four-year institutions; and the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program, which is raising educational aspirations among Indiana's low- and moderate-income families. (57 minutes) On-demand English subtitles. Can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive.
    #24791 Beyond the Stacks: Finding Fun in the Library min.) DVD $94.95
    Media specialists have long been aware of the importance of developing lifetime library patrons-those who use library resources for work and play. This program is a terrific first step in doing just that. The video follows a 13-year-old as she tours the library and discovers paperback books for recreational reading, along with videos, CDs, books-on-tape, and many other fun things that are there for the taking. She also discovers magazines, local newspapers, books on hobbies, and more, all introduced with humor and a "light" touch. The video shows students how to: find Ted Williams' batting average in 1941; find a four-letter word for an extinct bird; and discover the size of the world's biggest pizza. With the help of this video and your complete Teacher's Guide, you can teach your kids that there's more to the media center than just school work. (Grades 4-8.) (26 min.) A Meridian Production.
    #14359 Why School Is Important (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $98.95
    This hard-hitting video shows at-risk teens how difficult their lives will be if they drop out of school. The dropouts interviewed in the video have found that without diplomas they cannot achieve their dreams, regardless of their talents and ambitions. A dropout who has recently "dropped back in" describes how much employers value high school diplomas for all their employees. Interviews with employers show the truth of her words. A GED instructor describes the importance of a diploma. His advice is reinforced by a hard-hitting interview with a now-successful student who returned to school after realizing he could not survive without a diploma. A Cambridge Educational Production.One 30-minute video.
    #14406 The Financial Aid Planner (Run Time 27 min.) DVD $98.95
    This four-part video shows young adults how to successfully seek out financing for higher education.The first section deals with the myths and realities of financial aid, emphasizing that the majority of college students receive some sort of financial assistance. The second and third sections discuss different types of financial aid including private scholarships federal grants, loans, and work-study programs.The final section demonstrates the need for financial aid planning at all stages and stresses the importance of family involvement, since need-based programs require family income and asset statements. A Cambridge Educational Production.One 30-minute video and an adapted version of the Cambridge Financial Aid Planner.
    #26606 The Library Game min.) DVD $105.90
    This two-part video series follows Jeff, an elementary school student, on his adventures through the library. Using an entertaining and high-interest approach, Jeff meets a gorilla on the way to the card catalog, and finds a few extra surprises along his path. The primary purpose of both programs is to show elementary students that libraries are interesting, helpful, and fun! (Grades 2-5.) A Meridian Production.
    #36186 The Power to Overcome Failure (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $129.95
    When a child is promised some kind of prize-such as candy, a toy, or money-for completing a task successfully, his or her drive to succeed often surges. But what effect does such carrot-dangling have on long-term motivation and progress? This program explores the relationship between rewards and human development, contrasting performance goals with learning goals. Simple observational experiments with babies, toddlers, and elementary- and middle-school students demonstrate that immediate gratification often leads to lower motivation and skill development-while focusing on the learning process and its more subtle rewards creates better academic results. (46 minutes)
    #14567 Get Your ACT Together min.) DVD $131.85
    This video series provides comprehensive preparation for taking the ACT in two entertaining programs that have been updated to reflect the changes in the ACT Test. Part I begins with a dramatization of the worst ACT test taking experience in history. This video goes on to show how to avoid the pitfalls of standardized tests, presents specific test-taking strategies, and illustrates how to overcome test-taking anxiety (performance anxiety). This first part also explains each section of the test, time limits, and scoring. Common student questions are answered concisely, including "Should I guess?" "What do I do if I run out of time?" and "What should I do to prepare myself for the ACT?" Part II discusses the topics covered in sections of the ACT. One 20-minute video each and a 501-page copy of Barron's How to Prepare for the ACT. A Cambridge Educational Production.
    #35122 Get Organized! Poster and Video Bundle min.) DVD $139.65
    Help students fight clutter and forgetfulness with this video-and-poster teaching kit. The entertaining video demonstrates the benefits of good organization skills and how to develop them, guiding viewers toward success in school and the professional world. Highlighting key points from the video, the six-poster set provides powerful visual support as students learn the lessons of self-management. Poster set and video are available separately. Correlates to National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences, National Education Technology Standards, and Standards for the English Language Arts. A Cambridge Educational Product. One 23-minute video and six 17" x 22" laminated posters.
    #8063 Better Grades in Fewer Days min.) DVD $139.90
    For many students, the mere thought of taking a test sends adrenaline running throughout their bodies, brings perspiration to their brows, and causes them to suddenly forget everything they have learned. These humorous and informative videos teach students the art of stress-free test-taking. Students learn how to put test-taking into its proper perspective and realize that although tests are important, they are simply a way to measure one's knowledge of a subject. Reading and taking notes becomes easier, more effective, and less time-consuming as students learn how to find key facts and ideas. Study sessions become more efficient as students learn tips for condensing information into memorable formats and the effectiveness of frequently referring to the condensed versions. These important lessons entertain busy, lazy, eager, and reluctant students as they learn to apply the skills that last a lifetime.A Cambridge Educational Production.
    #8066 Success in the Classroom min.) DVD $139.90
    These two full-motion video programs utilize humor and effective communication techniques to show young adults how to be better students, enjoy higher test scores, and increase their self-esteem.A Cambridge Educational Production.
    #38754 College Days, College Nights (Run Time 92 min.) DVD $159.95
    Sixteen students search for knowledge, fun, love, sex, and a path to a rewarding career as this documentary tracks them through one academic year at The University of British Columbia. Partying, clubs, and sports compete head-to-head with classes and sleep-but campus life is only one part of this compelling story. The other revolves around that age-old transition from child to adult known simply as growing up. College Days, College Nights is an honest look at the total college experience as seen through the cameras of Oscar-winning director John Zaritsky-and a team of eight film students who capture events that the pros could not have witnessed. An indispensable part of a high school's guidance library or a college's freshman orientation program. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. (91 minutes)
    #25308 Elementary Library Set min.) DVD $269.85
    Using engaging characters, this three-part series covers preparing a book report, searching by subject or title on the computerized card catalog, and researching the subject of the history of books. A Meridian Production.
    #33335 The College Track: America's Sorting Machine min.) DVD $269.85
    It's about closing the achievement gap and implementing best practices.It's about raising expectations and lowering barriers.It's about a heart-to-heart partnership of educators and parents.Isn't it about time to start some honest discussions in your community?Learn more about the unintended consequences of educational tracking in public schools. See innovative model solutions for bringing these students back onto the college track with this timely three-part series. Hosted by Emmy Award-winner Andre Braugher, The College Track takes a penetrating look at the barriers to college faced by many students and showcases public schools and communities that are succeeding in dismantling those barriers.Additional content includes a 20-minute overview of the series and excerpts from interviews with leading scholars and administrators covering key issues of equity and access to higher education.These stories and examples will help you establish or enhance an all-around winning relationship between your educational community and the public it serves.An educator's guide and a community planning guide are included. 3-part series, 57 minutes each. On-demand English subtitles. Can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive.
    ||"Choose Item number and Title" "#26604 Pt. I: Fact and Fantasy" "#26605 Pt. II: Research and Reference" "#14568 ACT Together II(+$7.00)" "#14569 ACT Together I(+$7.00)" "#8064 This Is a Test...This Is Only a Test: Test-Taking Techniques(+$17.00)" "#8065 This Way to an A: Effective Study Skills(+$17.00)" "#8067 Effective Study Skills(+$17.00)" "#8068 Effective Test-Taking(+$17.00)" "#14373 Breaking Out of the Under-Achievement Trap(+$17.00)" "#14526 Finding the Right College(+$17.00)" "#11298 Study to Win!(+$27.00)" "#8051 Social Studies Projects: A Blue Ribbon Guide(+$27.00)" "#14500 Look Before You Leap: The Dropping-Out Crisis(+$27.00)" "#14517 Putting High School to Work for You(+$27.00)" "#25781 Libraries: Exploring the Electronic Connection(+$27.00)" "#25891 Mentoring(+$27.00)" "#26202 Research It! Madam Know-It-All in the Media Center(+$27.00)" "#26634 The Story of Books(+$27.00)" "#26792 What is a Media Center?(+$27.00)" "#33333 Expect the Best(+$27.00)" "#33337 Expect the Best(+$27.00)" "#33338 Get In, Stay In(+$27.00)" "24791 Beyond the Stacks: Finding Fun in the Library(+42.00)" "#14359 Why School Is Important(+$46.00)" "#14406 The Financial Aid Planner(+$46.00)" "#26606 The Library Game(+$52.95)" "#36186 The Power to Overcome Failure(+$77.00)" "#14567 Get Your ACT Together(+78.90)" "#35122 Get Organized! Poster and Video Bundle(+$86.70)" "#8063 Better Grades in Fewer Days($86.95)" "#8066 Success in the Classroom($86.95)" "#38754 College Days, College Nights(+$107.00)" "#25308 Elementary Library Set(+$216.90)" "#33335 The College Track: America's Sorting Machine(+$216.90)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/academic-success.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Cambridge, Meridian and others||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|witches-brew-ink||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||bemoandmogos||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/acce-s-witches-brew-ink-18.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/acce-s-witches-brew-ink-19.png||Acce's WITCHES' BREW INK - box of 24||MI-1AWBI||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > choosing-watercolors-as-your-medium > painting-supplies > bemoandmogos||||378.000 ||239.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Acce's WITCHES' BREW INK - box of 24

    4 oz. glass jar, with dauber applicator included.

    Why this is the best!

    Every batch of Witches' Brew is created from the finest hand-selected ingredients shipped daily to Acee's new state-of-the-art production facility in Globeville (near Denver,) Colorado. Acce is proud to announce that they use of only free-roaming, cage-free, vegetarian fed animal by-products. As of October 2007, all amphibian derivitives will be hormone and rbST free*. All ingredients are tested to the highest level of purity and carefully blended by their team of dedicated scientific researchers.

    Witches' Brew is slow kettle-cooked using a secret family recipe. The raw product is then cold reverse-filtered a total of 19 times and aged to perfection in specially designed, patent-pending holding tanks. Once matured, the brew is triple-tested for impurities by our quality control experts, seasoned and hand-bottled. The final product is delivered daily and is enjoyed by millions!

    BEST-SELLER!||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/witches-brew-ink.html||||||680033404046||0||||||||||New||||||||||Acce's||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|43582||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||education-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/accentuate-the-positive-using-positive-psychology-in-the-classroom-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||Accentuate the Positive: Using Positive Psychology in the Classroom (Enhanced DVD)||FI-43582||bbc > documentaries > education-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Learn about Martin Seligman's controversial Positive Education course, how it hopes to teach teenagers how to think positively, and the struggles and successes reported by students and teachers involved in this radical experiment.||A controversial new experiment in adolescent education is taking place at Geelong Grammar School. Developed by Martin Seligman, a psychologist, Positive Education is a program designed to foster optimistic thinking in the same way subjects like reading and math are taught. We are introduced to Seligman's theory that happier students learn better, as well as the challenges teenage students face in adjusting to his program. Teachers also weigh in with their own concerns about the new program. While some students do well, others seem to struggle with the radical new concepts in their Positive Education class. Will these students learn to think more optimistically? Why does the program seem to work better for some but not others? This documentary is a thought-provoking look at not only the Positive Education program, but the intense issues teenagers face as well.

    Accentuate the Positive: Using Positive Psychology in the Classroom (Enhanced DVD)||||||||||||||978-1-61733-545-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53616||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/accounting-basics-and-definitions-accounting-fundamentals-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||Accounting Basics and Definitions: Accounting Fundamentals (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53616||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||99.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Introduces viewers to standards in accounting practice essential for any business.||Managerial accounting practices are an essential element of any business.  The program focuses on the scope of managerial accounting practice used in financial control of companies. Organizations using traditional standard cost accounting follow GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). GAAP is applied to financial accounting; and has contributed to the evolution of Activity Based Cost, Life-cycle Cost, and Variance analysis approaches. Distinct from traditional accounting measurement of cost behaviors against production or sales volume, the latter include risk and time factors for the forecasting, planning, and performance analysis of internal productivity, value, and risk.

    Integration of ABC principles engages a new process in accounting so that other audit measures and methods might be included. With ABC, full cost itemization is met with mechanistic iteration. The methodology allows for untold changes in financial activities (i.e. tender bid, and price of resources) without major changes to procedure. ABC deviation from traditional accounting practices moves cost inventory expense from immediate record to future reporting. Scalability of resource costs from direct expense accounting to ABC fixes material costs for a later date. In former accounting practice, inventory accountability was subject to strict time limitations in regulatory control of annual financial audits.

    The program shows how managerial accountants are also responsible for the preparation of quarterly and annual financial reports in coordination with controller reporting. Reconciliation of financial data regulatory, and risk reporting is generally the activity of a finance team that will also include managerial accountants. In the international business context, financial management and accounting techniques pose new challenges Principles applied to accounting practice are in accordance with GAAP or non-GAAP rules, and international accounting standards where applicable. 

    Accounting Basics and Definitions: Accounting Fundamentals||||||||||||||978-0-81608-976-5||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53615||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/accounting-fundamentals-enhanced-dvd-1.png||||||Accounting Fundamentals (4-part series - Enhanced DVD)||FI-53615||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||399.800 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Prior to starting a company, make sure you fully understand the fundamentals of accounting with this four-part program.||When you are wanting to discover if a company is thriving, you will look at their financial success. Accounting is how that success is measured and is the backbone of every business, large or small. This program is divided into four parts. Viewers will learn everything from the definitions and accounting basics to learning how to managing the payroll. Accounting professionals, business owners, and managers come together to give facts, real-world examples, and insightful comments throughout the two hour program.

    Each section of this program is divided into thirty minutes and specifically targets business students or entrepreneurs. If you are looking at forming a company, you will want to make sure that you understand the accounting cycles, inventory management, and managing your assets. You can find essential information on how the accounting works for all companies.||||||||||||||978-0-81608-975-8||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49246||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||anthropology-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/across-the-tracks-vlach-gypsies-in-hungary-disappearing-world-enhanced-dvd-9.png||||||Across the Tracks—Vlach Gypsies in Hungary: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49246||bbc > documentaries > anthropology-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Set in the 1980s in Hungary, this film follows the Vlach Gypsies and their struggle to maintain their identity while blending into modern society. Learn about the life, world and art of Gyspy culture and expand your own art.||

    In Budapest during the 1980s Gypsy families struggled to exist in Hungary, which had turned to communism.

    While the families cling to their roots and traditions, they find themselves assimilating with society around them, and turmoil grows within. Each chapter in this film focuses on different aspects of Gypsy life.

    This film shows the life of the families in near-squalid conditions and pulls aside the romantic veil that colors the view of Gypsies by man people. The reality is much more harsh, and it has forced some members of society to conform with regular careers and joining the ranks of other peasants, or "gazo" and experiencing discrimination from the Hungarians. Many in the Gypsy community still live on settlements on the other side of the tracks despite attempts to break into normal Hungarian society.

    Viewers of this DVD will learn about how some Gypsies resist assimilation and try to support themselves and their families by performing casual labor. These groups lives just inside -- and sometimes outside -- the law as they cling to traditions such as horse trading in communist Hungary. However, the Gypsy community still remains strong despite the hardships and change the two families face.

    This film is part of the Disappearing World series.

    Across the Tracks—Vlach Gypsies in Hungary: Disappearing World

    ||||||||||||||978-1-62290-565-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|acrylic-paint||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||||||||ACRYLIC PAINT||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||art-articles acrylicpaint||||Acrylic Paint

    Acrylic paints, like our LQ Primary 6 Acrylic Paint Set LQ Primary 6 Acrylic Paint Set, are versatile, fast drying paints that can be used in many different ways. Acrylic paint is an exciting art tool that can bring you beautiful pieces of art. It is important that you keep either your acrylic paint, or brush, moist. Acrylic paint dries extremely fast. Adding different amounts of water to the paint will not only keep it moist, but also dilute the paint to have a different texture. This is important if you are going for a thick, heavy look, or a more watercolor look.

    Wooden, glass or plastic palettes can all be used with acrylic paint. Although, it can be difficult to get dried acrylic paint off of your palette. Disposable palettes work out great to solve this problem. There are multiple supports that are great for acrylic paint use. Canvases, canvas boards, wood panels and paper are all fantastic surfaces for acrylic paint use. Do a simple test of the surface you wish to use before buying in bulk to make sure your acrylic paint works well on the surface.

    You can use different mediums to thin your acrylic paint besides water. You can thin your paint, or add a medium to give it a different texture. Whichever you use, make sure you have an older set of clothing on. Acrylic paint is extremely difficult to get out of clothing. An accident can lead to a ruin shirt or pant.

    Many individuals like to sketch out their painting in pencil before using acrylic paint. Simply sketch your design on your canvas. After you have done so, put a very light amount of acrylic paint over your pencil lines. This allows you to prime the areas in which you have drawn. After you have primed your areas, your pencil line should still be visible. This will allow you to work in a more efficient and effective way and eliminate mistakes. The heavier your sketch line is, the more you will have to paint over it so it is not visible.

    You can make a huge variety of colors with acrylic paint. Using a color wheel will allow you to make most colors imaginable. The wonderful versatility of acrylic paints allow you to work and find exactly the color you are searching for. This will allow you to have improved paintings and get the look you want.

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    (Action: How to Take Stunning Photos, Enhanced DVD, 23 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-62102-697-6 Copy Right Date: 2010 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|addiction-substance-abuse-dvds||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||documentaries||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/addiction-substance-abuse-dvds-9.png||||||Addiction & Substance Abuse DVDs||FI-D2||bbc > documentaries||||79.950 ||69.950 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Choose a title above from the following Addiction & Substance Abuse DVDs Programs:
    #10046 The Global Addiction: Dispatches from the War on Drugs (Run Time 41 min.) DVD $129.95
    Can the exploding drug trade be stemmed in the face of a rising demand in the U.S. and Europe and political accommodations and economic realities in producer countries? This program studies the drug industry in Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Burma, where UN crop substitution programs are thwarted by governments unwilling or unable to crack down on drug production and by drug lords who use incentives and coercion to increase drug crop yields. The issue is made more complex by fundamentalist Islamic nations that have reconciled their strict religious beliefs with economic necessity and by the harsh programs China and Japan are using to rehabilitate the growing number of addicts. (41 minutes)
    #10379 The War Against the War on Drugs (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $129.95
    Is the war on drugs a fight that can be won? In this program, allies in the movement against drug prohibition thoughtfully speak their minds, including philanthropist George Soros, former Baltimore mayor Kurt Schmoke, Republican conservative Dirk Chase Eldredge, the Lindesmith Center's Ethan Nadelmann, and retired police chief Joe McNamara, of the Hoover Institution. They and others address why outlawing drugs has failed; the virtues and pitfalls of harm-reduction programs; the detrimental effects of the drug war on the law enforcement profession and on civil rights, which are often violated in searches for evidence; and the potential merits and possible drawbacks of legalization and government regulation of drugs. (45 minutes)
    #10382 Coming Down: The Aftermath of Doing Drugs (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $89.95
    Whether they know it or not, drug addicts must eventually face a choice: detox, dysfunction, or death. What is life really like for young abusers trying to leave their drug habits behind? In this program, teenagers speak out about the devastating and long-lasting emotional effects that substance abuse has had on their lives. Dramatizations combined with the harsh facts of addiction underscore the dangers of drug abuse. A Meridian Production. (20 minutes)
    #10383 Fetal Abuse: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $79.95
    Children born to mothers with substance abuse problems frequently suffer severe physical, cognitive, and behavioral abnormalities. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) occurs when pregnant women drink during pregnancy and may result in babies who have problems with the central nervous system, facial irregularities, joint and limb abnormalities, heart defects, mental retardation, and behavioral problems. Mothers who use drugs during pregnancy have babies who are addicted at birth, have increased risk of learning disabilities, and delayed motor, speech, and language development. The vital importance of being drug- and alcohol-free before and during pregnancy is stressed. A Meridian Production. (18 minutes)
    #10384 Inhalants: A Deadly High (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $79.95
    "Cheap, accessible, powerful, and tragically misunderstood" is a description that neatly sums up the class of drugs known as inhalants. This program offers the straight dope on how the vapors of easily obtained substances such as hair spray, paint thinner, and gasoline are abused, including the mechanics of metabolization and the debilitating short- and long-term side effects. The program is an excellent tool for informing viewers of the dangers associated with potentially deadly chemicals too often thought of as harmless. A Meridian Production. (16 minutes)
    #10952 Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence (Run Time 71 min.) DVD $139.95
    Every day at the renowned Ackerman Institute for the Family, teams of counselors are helping people with drug and alcohol addictions to save their relationships, their futures, and their very lives. Praised by the American Psychiatric Association, this award-winning program tracks the progress of a husband and wife, a mother and teenage daughter, and a young couple over a three-year period as they fight their way toward recovery. Candidly filmed at Ackerman and other facilities as well as in the subjects' homes, this gripping documentary provides valuable insights into the devastating effects of substance abuse and the methods being used to assist in breaking addictions. "[Reality television] pales in comparison with the reality offered up by documentarian Ken Rosenberg in this new HBO special," says the Los Angeles Times; extensive footage of family counseling sessions is only one of the reasons why. An HBO Production. (71 minutes)
    #11013 Drinking: Are You in Control? (Run Time 44 min.) DVD $89.95
    Most Americans readily accept that alcoholism is a disease and that the only treatment is abstinence. But in an eye-opening report, ABC News medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman questions the established beliefs and conventional theories about drinking, opening the door to a heated and even hostile debate within the medical and treatment communities. Metabolic, genetic, and neurochemical models of alcoholism are challenged, and alternatives to twelve-step programs are considered-although helpful to many, Alcoholics Anonymous and similar organizations suffer a drop-out rate of 90 percent. (44 minutes)
    #11181 The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers (Run Time 93 min.) DVD $129.95
    Is the war on drugs in the U.S. causing greater societal harm than the problem of drug abuse itself? This provocative program features interviews with Bruce Benson and David Rasmussen, co-authors of Illicit Drugs and Crime; Eric Sterling, former Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee; Joanne Page, director of the Fortune Society; and others. Together they indict flawed initiatives that have made criminal forfeitures into a cash cow, private corrections into a highly profitable industry, social workers and doctors into informants, and children of convicted mothers into wards of the state. Powerful statistics and case studies support their claims. (93 minutes)
    #11405 Substance Abuse: Risks and Responsibilities (Run Time min.) DVD $519.80
    "I can't get hooked on drugs if I only try them once." "Alcohol doesn't really affect me." "Over-the-counter medications are totally safe." This authoritative four-part series dispels these and other dangerous myths as it clearly presents the facts about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. 4-part series, 29 minutes each.
    #11406 Using Pharmaceutical Drugs Safely (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    Over-the-counter medications provide a ready supply of potentially harmful substances to uninformed consumers and possible abusers alike. After opening with a general discussion of addiction and the personality type that commonly falls prey to addiction, this program examines non-prescription pharmaceutical drugs and their capacity for misuse and abuse. The inherent risks of drug abuse are spelled out, and information for responsible consumers on drug interactions and side-effects is included. (29 minutes)
    #11407 Drinking Responsibly (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    Alcohol, the most widely used psychoactive drug in the United States, contributes to approximately 100,000 deaths annually-fatalities that could very likely be prevented through education and treatment. This program is designed to promote a deeper understanding of the drinking problem in America, particularly among students on college campuses. The immediate and long-term behavioral and physiological effects of alcohol consumption are discussed as well, including blood alcohol concentration and alcohol absorption rates. (29 minutes)
    #11408 Understanding the Risks of Tobacco and Caffeine (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    Even today, many teenagers and adults do not understand that nicotine and caffeine are highly addictive substances. This program addresses the major health risks associated with smoking tobacco and drinking caffeinated beverages, with a special emphasis on lung cancer and other smoking-related conditions. The attractiveness of tobacco and caffeine in American culture is also explored, highlighting the roles of advertising and peer pressure in promoting cigarettes and coffee. (29 minutes)
    #11409 Preventing Drug Abuse (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    Recent statistics from the DEA indicate that approximately one in ten children of ages 12 through 17 is currently using illicit drugs. This program investigates the ever-growing demand in the United States for illegal drugs, with a special focus on heroin, crack cocaine, and other substances currently in vogue. The reasons abusers give for turning to drugs are considered, as well as the relative effectiveness of current prevention and intervention efforts. (29 minutes)
    #12044 Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle (Run Time 64 min.) DVD $239.85
    If hindsight is 20:20, this three-part series offers some very clear-eyed advice by young adults who have wrestled with addiction and won. Combined with the comments of addiction specialists, these straight-talking testimonials make a strong anti-substance abuse statement that will resonate with kids and teens alike. A Cambridge Educational Production. 3-part series, 20-22 minutes each.
    #12045 Drugs (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $79.95
    "I guess the lowest I ever felt was when I got out of jail and none of my friends were there for me. That's when I opened my eyes," says Logan. In this program, she and her peers Howard and Zeb openly talk about what it was like to become addicted to drugs...and what it took to get straight and stay clean. In addition, Ben Jones, of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, and experienced addiction counselors provide insights into why kids turn to drugs in the first place, how drugs take control of their lives, and the short- and long-term health risks associated with drugs. Onscreen lists that give the lowdown on more than a dozen popular substances are also included, explaining what kids call them, ways that they are taken, how they affect the body, and how they alter behavior. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes)
    #12046 Alcohol (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $79.95
    People who begin drinking before age 15 are four times more likely to develop alcoholism than those who begin at age 21. This program focuses on three teenagers-Trisha, ChiQuita, and Matt-as they candidly reflect on their first tastes of alcohol, how they got hooked on getting drunk, and how they finally summoned the strength to stop drinking, once and for all. Interviews with experienced addiction counselors stress easy availability and societal acceptance of drinking as the main reasons alcohol abuse is so popular with middle school and high school students, while onscreen lists spell out the hard facts of alcohol abuse. The need to deal with feelings, not run from them, is emphasized as well. "I'm in recovery now and things are going real good for me, actually," says Matt. "When I have feelings now, I'm not afraid to feel them anymore." A Cambridge Educational Production. (20 minutes)
    #12047 Tobacco (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $79.95
    Whether smoked or chewed, tobacco is a delivery system for a very potent drug: nicotine. "It's actually the level of nicotine in the blood stream that the body is responding to... We see the same kind of thing with, for example, the addiction to heroin or the addiction to cocaine," says Ben Jones, of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. In this program, teens Nate, Kay, Joy, and Tony frankly describe their experiences with tobacco. A recurring theme of their individual stories is the feeling of coolness and social acceptance that comes with smoking and dipping-a perception that the program's experienced addiction counselors are quick to deflate, while tarring the media and a permissive society as the primary forces behind tobacco's attraction. A satiric onscreen "quiz" also helps strip the glamor from tobacco use. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes)
    #12084 Women and Cigarettes: A Fatal Attraction (Run Time 44 min.) DVD $89.95
    Regardless of everything known about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, a young generation of American women is picking up the habit. In this program, ABC News correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports on not only how the tobacco industry has targeted women since the 1920s but how research indicates that women face twice the risks from smoking that men do. Experts such as Dr. Diane Stover of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Medical Center discuss how smoking endangers a fetus and triples the risk of heart disease, the leading killer of women. Model and smoking opponent Christy Turlington talks about her experiences. At the end of the program, a group of teenage girls is interviewed who smoke despite the warnings and chilling facts presented. (44 minutes)
    #1363 The Addicted Brain (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    This documentary takes viewers on a tour of the world's most prolific manufacturer and user of drugs-the human brain. The biochemistry of the brain is responsible for joggers' highs, for the compulsion of some people to seek thrills, for certain kinds of obsessive-compulsive behavior, even for the drive to achieve power and dominance. The program explores developments in the biochemistry of addiction and addictive behavior. (26 minutes)
    #1364 Cocaine and Heart Attacks (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    Young men in their 20s are appearing in hospital emergency rooms complaining of chest pains and other symptoms typical of heart attacks. But they are not having typical heart attacks; they are the victims of cocaine-induced heart attacks, which result when cocaine-a powerful vaso-constrictor-deprives the heart of blood and oxygen. (19 minutes)
    #1366 Female Alcoholism (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program examines the changing stereotype of the female alcoholic, and analyzes some case histories of alcoholic women. It explains the dangers of drinking during pregnancy, the effect of fetal alcohol syndrome on newborns, and the emotional effect on children of being raised by an alcoholic mother. The program also explains why women are reluctant to seek help-and suggests ways to overcome this reluctance. (19 minutes)
    #1370 Kick the Habit (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program focuses on the effects of cigarette smoking on the body, and on the battle against smoking. It shows the efforts being made to educate people to the hazards of smoking, explains the conditioning process by which people become hooked on cigarettes, and presents evidence of the dangers of secondary smoke. (19 minutes)
    #1372 Steroids and Sports (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    The increasing use of steroids to improve athletic performance has physicians, trainers, sports officials, and families of athletes worried. Those who use steroids have an unfair competitive advantage over those who don't; they also take the considerable risk of steroid-induced cancer, heart disease, and infertility. This program features a woman body-builder who discontinued the use of steroids after she stopped competing; a child who, for medical reasons alone, was given growth hormone to correct stunted growth; and an endocrinologist who offers guidelines on when and under what conditions the administration of hormones is medically indicated. (19 minutes)
    #1976 The Power of Addiction (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program covers both chemical and behavioral addiction. It describes the signs of compulsive behavior, and analyzes such possible causes of addictive behavior as neurotransmitter imbalance and genetic and environmental factors. Examining the physiological and psychological mechanisms of chemical addiction, specifically to cocaine, the program profiles several recovered cocaine addicts, discusses several studies of addiction in laboratory rats, and discusses the factors involved in recovering from addiction. (19 minutes)
    #2139 Crystal (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95
    This 48 Hours documentary addresses the crystal meth scourge in the U.S. Cheap and easy to make with readily-available materials, "crystal" turns humans into zombies quickly and efficiently. The program shows how widespread are its use and manufacture; how law enforcement tracks producers; how treatment works; and the prognosis for permanent cure from addiction. (56 minutes)
    #2383 Alcohol and the Family: Breaking the Chain (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
    Alcohol is pervasive in our society; its use is accepted and encouraged. Alcoholism, on the other hand, is a disease which must be recognized and treated. This program analyzes the signs of alcoholism and shows how a family member, coworker, or friend can help break the chain of alcoholism; demonstrates how one family dealt with the problem and discusses the impact of alcoholism on the children of alcoholics; and discusses the options and prognosis for alcoholism treatment. (25 minutes)
    #2445 Cocaine: The End of the Line (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $89.95
    The focus of this program is on understanding, preventing, and overcoming cocaine addiction. The program examines what cocaine is and how it affects the body, how treatments work, and how to recognize cocaine use in others. The program explains the origin of cocaine, how it works, and why cocaine use is dangerous; shows how cocaine kills and injures otherwise healthy young people; defines the typical coke user and shows how active members of the community are dragged down once they become involved with cocaine; explains why cocaine is so addictive and why addiction is so difficult to overcome; and provides a quiz on some of the myths about cocaine and some important points that need to be reinforced. (48 minutes)
    #25232 Drinking and Driving: A Crash Course (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95
    In the past decade, four times as many Americans died in drunk-driving crashes as were killed in the entire Vietnam War. By serving up a variety of sobering statistics like the one above, this video provides a "crash course" on the perils of drinking and driving. In addition, two separate dramatizations involving "Bob" and "Marcy" take the viewer along on their high road to handcuffs as they're arrested for Driving Under the Influence. The video also trashes some common myths about drinking alcohol, demonstrates a number of visual signs that people exhibit when DUI, closely examines WHY so many people take the drunk-driving risk, and uncorks some costly facts about driving while intoxicated. For those who, one day, might meet a potential drinking-and-driving situation head-on-and that means ALL of us-this video is definitely "one for the road!" A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)
    #2629 Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Family Secret (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95
    In this program, famous adult children of alcoholics speak out about childhood nightmares and adult behavior that continues to reflect the problem of a parent's alcoholism: some chose alcoholic partners, others developed drug, gambling, or other addictions. All speak of the difficulties of coping with the damage inflicted by an alcohol-centered childhood. (52 minutes)
    #26665 Todd's Story (Run Time min.) DVD $97.95
    Todd's Story is a moving portrait of a young man whose risk-taking behavior and activities lead to substance abuse and a tragic death in a motorcycle accident at age 21. Told by Todd's mother, it poses some very strong questions to teens about risk-taking behaviors, particularly substance abuse. The tragedy of a life lost so young is made even more painful by the loss of so many possibilities and talents wasted. Young people will be very receptive to its message because it is about a real person with whom they will be able to identify. (20 min.)
    #2882 Pregnancy and Substance Abuse (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program from The Doctor Is In follows several couples through pregnancy and prenatal care. Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop talks about the risks of smoking, and the late Michael Dorris, author of The Broken Cord, discusses his life raising an adopted son with fetal alcohol syndrome. Viewers see a boy struggling in a grade two years below his age level. A media campaign in Vermont is shown reaching out to the poor and uninsured to persuade them to get the necessary prenatal care to prevent these problems. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (28 minutes)
    #2887 Nine to Five High: Substance Abuse in the Workplace (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    The vast majority of drug abusers in America have full-time jobs. Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace often leads to serious accidents, property loss, decreased productivity, and other deleterious effects on the employer, yet most companies have yet to accept the dangers posed by their failure to deal with substance abuse problems. This program details the legal, financial, and psychological costs of ignoring this growing problem. (28 minutes)
    #2890 Walking Through the Fear: Women and Substance Abuse (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    Increasing numbers of women are addicted to alcohol and drugs, yet only one in five people in treatment centers is a woman. Why aren't women seeking or getting the help they need to overcome their addictions? This program investigates the problems women face when they seek such help, and four women tell what life was like before they sought help and how their lives changed after recovery. (28 minutes)
    #29357 Pathological Gambling: A Costly Addiction (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95
    Every year in North America, chronic compulsive gambling shatters the lives of millions. In this program, psychologists Claude Boutin and Robert Ladouceur talk with recovering gamblers who share their stories of exhilaration and despair as they rode the roller coaster to ruin-what it felt like to win and lose, to spend every dollar they had, to lie and steal in order to finance their addiction, to contemplate suicide, and, fortunately, to enter group therapy. The program also describes the emotional attraction of games of chance and explains the biochemical roles of serotonin and dopamine in gambling addiction. (53 minutes)
    #29967 Smoking Cessation (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    Millions of smokers try to quit each year but only about 5 percent succeed. The good news is that with the medical and psychological help now available, there has never been a better time to stop smoking. This program from The Doctor Is In surveys the various medications, support groups, and counseling that can help smokers successfully quit. Among the experts who discuss these options are Dr. Michael Fiore, director of the Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, and Matthew Myers, president of the National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (28 minutes)
    #30382 Cake Night: A Journey Towards Recovery (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $149.95
    Set in the Canadian addiction treatment center of Edgewood, this program explores the private world of substance abuse rehabilitation through the eyes of six addicts and their families. Despite varied backgrounds, the goal of these patients is to turn their backs on substance dependence by facing their addiction and to arrive clean and sober to Cake Night, the monthly celebration of recovery. The impact of addiction on the family, the concept of dependency as a disease, and the debate surrounding this popular model of treatment are also explored. (46 minutes)
    #30393 Heroines: A Walk on the Wild Side Through the Lens of Lincoln Clarkes (Run Time 48 min.) DVD $129.95
    This disturbing and controversial documentary presents a raw glimpse into the world of female heroin addicts. Filmed in Vancouver and told through the images of renowned photographer Lincoln Clarkes, the poetry of award-winning writer Susan Musgrave, and the experiences of six "heroines," the program creates a harsh collage of personal stories that share common themes of abuse, rape, and addiction. Like all of Clarkes' powerful photos, Heroines humanizes a world most people ignore-along with the women who inhabit it, struggling to survive at the fringes of society. Some language and content may be objectionable. (49 minutes)
    #31345 Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box (Run Time min.) DVD $649.95
    Standards-based MediA Resource for Teachers Developed by CURRICULUM MEDIA GROUP The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box provides teachers and students with an outstanding blend of multimedia materials designed to support substance awareness and addiction prevention programs. Correlated to the American School Health Association educational standards, the S.M.A.R.T. Box combines core content, creative activities to test comprehension, a Teacher's Guide with suggested lesson plans, and a Teacher's Resource Pack to deliver an enriching and engaging learning experience. The hard facts on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, ranging from the signs and risks of using these dangerous substances to fighting addiction to them, are authoritatively presented. The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box will energize your classroom with a comprehensive, research-based multimedia approach to drug awareness and abuse prevention that provides a balanced mix of videos, CD-ROMs, and posters to support your Health curriculum. One multimedia set. The Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box contains: 7 VIDEOS • Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle-Alcohol • Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle-Tobacco • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-Stimulants • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-Inhalants • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-THC • Drugs: Uses and Abuses-Steroids • Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk 2 CD-ROMs • Facts on...Drugs • Facts on...Alcohol 8 POSTERS (LAMINATED) • Hallucinogens • Inhalants • Narcotics • Phencyclidine (PCP) • Sedatives • Steroids • Stimulants • Marijuana TEACHER'S GUIDE • A Teacher's Guide packed with information: a curriculum map, lesson plans, educational standards, fast facts, program overviews, learning objectives, vocabulary terms, discussion questions, Web site resources, student activities, and a reading list TEACHER'S RESOURCE PACK • A Teacher's Resource Pack of reproducible hand-outs that include student activities and reference material
    #31357 Small Town Ecstasy: Getting High with Dad (Run Time 85 min.) DVD $149.95
    This cautionary program pulls no punches as it tracks the downward spiral of a successful suburban husband and father who, at 40, becomes addicted to the drug ecstasy and ruins his family and his marriage. A powerfully unsettling firsthand account of middle-class drug abuse, the program documents Scott's dive into the rave scene, where he encourages his teenage children to do drugs with him; his acrimonious divorce and custody battle; his arrest on drug charges; and his children's fruitless attempt to help him get straight. The emotional devastation and brain damage resulting from drug abuse are emphasized. Viewer discretion is advised. An HBO Production. (85 minutes)
    #31406 Cracking Up: Addiction to Crack Cocaine (Run Time 59 min.) DVD $129.95
    Part dramatization, part documentary, this engrossing study of crack cocaine makes a powerful statement on the drug's highly addictive nature. The docudrama profiles "Daniel Preston," an upwardly mobile user of recreational drugs who gets high on crack as part of an experiment and finds he cannot shake his craving for it. Interspersed throughout this program, a drug counselor, a psychiatrist, and crack addicts talk about how it feels to get high on crack, behaviors and health problems related to crack addiction, why crack addiction is so hard to break, and crack's role as a gateway drug. In addition, onscreen text gives information on the history of coca use, the extraction and processing of cocaine, cocaine smuggling and distribution, and the manufacture of crack. (59 minutes, color)
    #31449 Scene Smoking: Cigarettes, Cinema, and the Myth of Cool (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $129.95
    Cigarettes have an undeniable cinematic allure. At the same time, smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., with thousands of young people getting hooked every day. Is there a connection? Using interviews with some of the biggest names in filmmaking, this provocative program addresses the impact of movies and TV on young viewers, debates questions of artistic license and social responsibility, and skewers the myth of smoking as a cool behavior-all while illustrating the decidedly unglamorous and deadly health consequences of tobacco addiction. The insights of Jason Patric, Sean Penn, Ted Danson, Rob Reiner, Michael Crichton, George Plimpton, and others are featured. A Discovery Channel Production. (46 minutes)
    #3179 Addiction Caused by Mixing Medicines (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    Non-addictive prescription drugs can and often do lead to addiction, and one of the primary dangers of mixing prescription drugs-individually prescribed for specific purposes-is the addictive effect. In this program, an addictionologist and a clinical pharmacist explain how mixing medicines can lead to problems, which groupings of drugs are likely to cause problems, and how dangers can be minimized. (19 minutes)
    #3203 Substance Abuse Among Latinos (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    In the face of high unemployment and underemployment, lack of adequate housing, a failing public school system, and a shift to nontraditional families, "just saying no" is not enough. This program looks at culturally-specific approaches being generated within the Latino community to combat drug and alcohol abuse, and examines such factors as language, religion, and family ties in reaching and teaching the Latino population at risk for AIDS and/or substance abuse. (28 minutes)
    #32483 Crank: Made in America (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $129.95
    The number one drug problem in rural America, methamphetamine, or "crank," is cheap, easy to make, and has the lowest recovery rate for addicts. By looking at a number of people in Iowa-even whole families-who are struggling with methamphetamine, this program lays bare the drug's tragic effects. Chilling computer graphics illustrate how the drug works on the brain. Dr. David Musto of Yale University discusses the history of "crank," and Asa Hutchinson, director of the Drug Enforcement Agency, explains its wildfire spread in rural areas. Contains offensive language. Some content may be objectionable. An HBO Production. (56 minutes)
    #32591 Teaching Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $89.95
    Children with fetal alcohol syndrome present their own special challenges to teachers-challenges that one school has met with wonderful results. This program travels to Winnipeg's David Livingstone School, a public elementary school with two classrooms uniquely tailored for children with FAS. Teachers and occupational therapists demonstrate and discuss many of their innovative teaching techniques which help compensate for their students' heightened sensitivity to light and sound. (14 minutes)
    #3290 Alcohol: Breaking the Habit (Run Time min.) DVD $359.80
    We drink to celebrate, to socialize, to come down from the pressures of the day... The line beyond which a can of beer or a glass of wine will cause irreversible damage to the liver and other systems of the body is much closer than so-called "social" drinkers imagine. These programs explain how alcohol affects the body, how much alcohol can be safely consumed during what period of time, what alcoholism is, and how the habit can be broken.4-part series, 26 minutes each.
    #3291 The Drug We Drink (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program explains why people drink, physiologically as well as sociologically; explains the physiology of alcoholism; illustrates very graphically how alcohol affects the liver; and suggests guidelines for maximum alcohol consumption. (26 minutes)
    #3292 Thirsty Work (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Alcoholism is a primary cause of days lost at work, of inefficiency, carelessness, and accidents. This program shows a model corporate program designed to teach employees the guidelines for safe drinking and to offer those in need of treatment a way to seek it without endangering their employment. (26 minutes)
    #3293 A Place to Live (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program shows how a group of recovering alcoholics are coming to terms with those elements in their environment, their personalities, and their physiological makeup that caused them to become alcoholics, and the steps they are learning to take to rejoin society. (26 minutes)
    #3294 For the Rest of Their Lives (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Alcohol consumption is up, and the age at which youngsters begin to drink keeps falling. This program covers the problem of teaching young people to drink, if at all, in moderation and to make them understand where the limits are and how quickly a person loses control once that limit is exceeded. (26 minutes)
    #33734 One Life: Detox or Die? (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $149.95
    David Graham Scott has been addicted to drugs for nearly 20 years, or as he puts it, "four on heroin and the rest on methadone." Filmed by Scott himself over a five-year period, this emotionally charged documentary follows his double life as a heroin abuser and filmmaker, his pattern of deceit with his family, his battle to conquer methadone, and the fight to finally beat his addiction. His desperation to overcome drugs causes him to risk all on an unauthorized, controversial, and potentially lethal method that promises to limit withdrawal symptoms to one day-but sends the patient on a soul-searching, gut-wrenching 36-hour detox. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. A BBCW Production. (45 minutes)
    #33913 Speed Trap: Fighting a Deadly Drug (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $89.95
    It's easy to make. It's cheap to buy. And it's shattering lives and tearing communities apart. This video spotlights two typical small towns to see how rampant methamphetamine abuse is harming them-and how concerned individuals and groups are joining forces to fight back. Law enforcement personnel, a mayor, an addiction counselor, recovering addicts, and others express their views on the meth epidemic and share their successes with in-school drug-awareness presentations, grassroots outreach programs, and stepped-up prevention and interdiction efforts. A valuable resource for teachers and students alike. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (16 minutes)
    #33914 Colombia: Cocaine's Battleground (Run Time 60 min.) DVD $149.95
    This documentary reveals just how divisive the 40-year Colombian civil war has become. It ventures behind government spin and FARC guerilla secrecy to interview army commanders, public officials, Colombian journalists, drug cartel paramilitaries, and ordinary citizens who are literally caught in a crossfire. Testimonials from impoverished farmers-who have essentially no other options than to grow coca-clearly show that in a country producing 80 percent of the world's cocaine, peace will come only after radical social change and a major reduction in global consumption of the drug. (60 minutes)
    #34685 Rehab (Run Time 87 min.) DVD $149.95
    "A year from now, two of you will be dead." So begins an orientation session at Camp Recovery, a Santa Cruz drug and alcohol treatment center. This documentary follows five young addicts through the camp's 30-day rehab program and tracks their progress, or lack thereof, in the months that follow. Featuring remarkably candid interviews with the participants, riveting one-on-one and family counseling sessions, and heartbreaking portrayals of post-camp life-which means relapses, more detox, and even jail time for some-the video clearly illustrates the challenges a recovering addict faces in order to avoid becoming the worst kind of statistic. Contains harsh language. An HBO Production. (87 minutes)
    #34954 Messing with Heads: Marijuana and Mental Illness (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $149.95
    For decades, heavy marijuana use has been linked to impaired judgment and mental ability. This program explores new research into another link-this time between marijuana and mental illnesses, specifically schizophrenia and paranoid psychosis. Citing a wealth of clinical evidence and observations by neurologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, the program delves into the frightening effects of THC on young brains: psychotic delusions and behavior that may not appear until years after drug abuse has ended. With pot addiction beginning at increasingly young ages around the world, this program is essential viewing in any anti-drug education campaign. (46 minutes)
    #35069 Peter Jennings Reporting-Ecstasy Rising (Run Time 44 min.) DVD $149.95
    How did an obscure chemical compound become an entire generation's drug of choice? Why has law enforcement gone into overdrive to fight it? In Ecstasy Rising, Peter Jennings leads a groundbreaking investigation into the faulty science behind the anti-Ecstasy campaign, highlighting the futility of government scare tactics and how they have damaged the overall credibility of anti-drug efforts. The program accurately assesses Ecstasy's risks, and incorporates interviews with major players in the Ecstasy saga-including the chemist who first experimented with it, the Dallas businessman who named it and made millions selling it, and the DEA officer who led the fight to criminalize it. (44 minutes)
    #35487 The Doctor and the Reverend (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
    Car thief, heroin addict, drug dealer-how can a person escape a life like that? This ABC News program examines the life-changing friendship between Merrill "The Doctor" Jackson and the Rev. Joann Muller-the first, a criminal from the streets of Philadelphia; the second, a Christian minister determined to change him. Using intimate interviews and footage of crime-infested neighborhoods, the video describes the process through which Jackson realized his future was up to him. Revelations from both interviewees, brought out by challenging questions from host Ted Koppel, guide viewers through the nightmare and rewards of drug recovery. (22 minutes)
    #35839 Quit to Live: Fighting Lung Cancer (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $129.95
    ABC News' World News Tonight has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute, and the North American Quitline Consortium to provide viewers with a comprehensive look at the leading cause of preventable death in America: lung cancer. This compilation of WNT segments reports on issues ranging from tobacco-related public health policy, to the latest medical advances in lung cancer treatment and prevention, to the efforts of smokers trying to kick the habit during National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The 16 segments are The Power of Tobacco, What's in a Cigarette, Smokeless Tobacco, Marketing to Kids, Teen Smoking, Women at Risk, Lung Cancer, Detecting Lung Cancer, Addiction, The Quitting Drug, Smoking Bans, Settlement Spending, and Smokers' Video Diary, Parts 1 through 4. (56 minutes)
    #36094 Cozy Killer: The History of Cigarettes (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $129.95
    The health hazards of cigarettes were scientifically established by the 1930s. What kept those findings under wraps for so long? This program explores the history of medical research into smoking and the sustained efforts of tobacco companies to block public scrutiny of their deadly product. Renowned anti-smoking activists-including Dr. Stanton Glanz of the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Robert Proctor of Stanford University, and Tobacco.org founder Gene Borio-discuss links between war and cigarette production, the creation of the duplicitous Council for Tobacco Research, the present-day health consequences of Big Tobacco tactics, and other issues. (30 minutes)
    #36134 Coca and the Congressman: Drugs, Farming, and Socialism in Bolivia (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95
    The rise of leftist leaders in South America has surprised the international community-and has resulted in some equally surprising alliances. This Wide Angle documentary focuses on populist leader Evo Morales, who has taken up the fight of coca farmers against the Bolivian establishment. Traveling to the stunning highlands of Bolivia, the program examines Morales' efforts to expand the amount of coca that can be legally grown and fend off the Bolivian military's drive to eliminate the crop. The program also profiles indigenous politicians working with Morales, a farming family dependent on coca for survival, and a coca-eradication commander on a slash-and-burn mission. In addition, Minister Jorge Castaneda discusses the power shift in Latin America with anchor Mishal Husain. (57 minutes)
    #36164 Bitter Harvest: The War on Drugs Meets the War on Terror (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95
    For many governments in the new political landscape of Central Asia, supporting America's war on terror translates into a dangerous internal juggling act. This Wide Angle documentary examines the uneasy relationship between forces aligned against the Taliban and the drug lords who control the cultivation of much of the world's heroin. With militias and tribal factions diluting centralized power, the current opium crop in Afghanistan is among the largest ever. How will the international community deal with this fact of central Asian life? Can agricultural reforms be implemented that will equal the profitability of the opium trade? And how will the United States resolve a dilemma that pits the war on terror against the war on drugs? In addition, UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown talks with anchor Daljit Dhaliwal. (57 minutes)
    #36238 Pharm Country (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $69.95
    The snack bowl at a "pharm party" includes a mix of prescription drugs-from Adderall to Oxycontin to Xanax-and most of them come directly from the household medicine cabinet. This ABC News program examines a disturbing and rapidly growing trend in teenage drug abuse: getting high on legal drugs, often obtained through parents' prescriptions or from questionable sources over the Internet. Presenting studies showing a rapid spike in pharmaceutical abuse among students as young as eighth-graders, the program visits a Houston substance-abuse treatment center where recovering teenage addicts and their parents share their eye-opening experiences. (21 minutes)
    #36248 Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $89.95
    Combining hard-hitting personal stories with cold facts, the first six segments of this chaptered program report on some of the most common drugs currently being abused by teens: OxyContin, PMA, Special K (ketamine), the methamphetamine Ice, inhalants, and, in the form of binge drinking, alcohol. The final segment focuses on hazing, a frequently outlawed form of initiation that, like substance abuse, speaks directly to the teenage desire to fit in with peers-sometimes at any cost. Recommended for high school. (46 minutes)
    #36283 Young Addicts: Drugs, Alcohol, and America's Future (Run Time min.) DVD $189.85
    Drug and alcohol addiction is stronger than ever among America's teens and young adults. This three-part series of ABC News programs investigates disturbing new trends: teenage methamphetamine abuse, binge drinking among college-age women, and the alarmingly open access that many underage Americans now have to prescription drugs. For vital information about the dangers facing an emerging generation, this is a must-see group of programs. 3-part series, 11-21 minutes each.
    #36364 Drugs and the Brain (Run Time min.) DVD $749.75
    "This is your brain on drugs," may be an effective sound bite, but the reality of drug use and abuse is more complicated. As this five-part series shows, the brain can be affected by drugs and alcohol in many different ways, depending on the substance consumed. The effects of stimulants, painkillers, tobacco and alcohol, cannabis, and hallucinogens are analyzed in detail, using the latest research and computer graphics. Each program demonstrates the elaborate and frequently dangerous ways in which various drugs alter brain chemistry. Scientific histories and case studies are clearly illustrated in each program. 5-part series, 51 minutes each.
    #36365 Stimulants: The Mechanics of Pleasure (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    Like an avenue filled with neon signs, the brain's so-called pleasure pathway can light up or go dark, depending on what sort of stimulation it receives. This program explores the workings of the human nerve center under the influence of cocaine, amphetamines, and other stimulants, and shows how our understanding of brain disorders and drug addiction has increased by studying these drugs. Profiling the pioneering work of Bruno Giros, Gaetano Di Chiara, Nora Volkow, Wolfram Schultz, Barry Everitt, Trevor Robbins, and others, the program provides viewers with a detailed history of the discovery and development of euphoria-inducing substances. (52 minutes)
    #36366 Painkillers: Numbing the Mind (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    The human body manufactures its own painkillers to ensure survival when injured. This program shows how opium and its derivatives, heroin and morphine, hijack that natural pain-numbing ability. Illustrating the brain's ability to alter its own chemistry when attacked by drugs, the program depicts the process by which brain receptors become desensitized and thus addicted. Tranquilizers-and the potentially lifelong physical dependency and psychological problems they can cause-are also studied. The findings of Brigitte Keiffer, Marc Valleur, Martine Cador, Emiliana Borelli, Alain Ehrenberg, and the Strasbourg Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics are featured. (51 minutes)
    #36367 Legal Drugs: Still Addictive, Still Deadly (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    The vast majority of drug addicts are not criminals; tobacco and alcohol, both perfectly legal in most societies, are used and abused in staggering abundance. This program details the ways smoking and drinking chemically take hold of the brain. Explaining the many reasons-besides nicotine-for tobacco's stealthy effects, the program describes the existence of thousands of other addictive chemicals in the plant. It also studies properties in alcohol, which some scientists have nicknamed the "dirty drug," that short-circuit the brain and cause considerable damage. Research by Philip Gorwood, Alain Ehrenberg, Martine Cador, Philippe Batel, and Michel Hamon is documented. (51 minutes)
    #36369 Designer Drugs: Uncertain Borders (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $149.95
    Hallucinogenic plants may be the oldest drugs in the world, and were probably used in rituals during prehistoric times. In the 20th century, LSD and ecstasy became the hallucinogens of choice. This program recounts how science has gradually become aware of the properties of hallucinogens, both natural and synthetic. It also provides a detailed look at the effects of such substances on the brain. Peyote, mushrooms, ahuyasca vine, iboga and yohimbe bark, belladonna flower, and even animal-produced chemicals like bufotenin-secreted from toad skin-are explored in detail. The findings of Albert Hofmann, Alexander Schulgin, George Ricaurte, and others are conveyed. (51 minutes)
    #36460 We Love Cigarettes: Resisting the Romance of Smoking (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95
    What causes smoking's deadly allure? Is there a surefire method for breaking free of it? This program examines humanity's love affair with cigarettes, traveling around the globe to interview doctors and counselors dedicated to fighting nicotine addiction...as well as a few individuals who defiantly promote the habit. Artist and passionate smoker David Hockney, cold turkey guru Allen Carr, nicotine patch inventor Dr. Jed Rose, and Dr. Jeffrey Wigand-the tobacco whistleblower who inspired the movie The Insider-are some of the interviewees. The program also features commentary from Dr. Linda Ferry, who discovered that the antidepressant Zyban can reduce nicotine cravings. Original BBCW broadcast title: We Love Cigarettes. (50 minutes)
    #37320 Science in Everyday Life: Health and Wellness Video Clips, Part 1 (Run Time 74 min.) DVD $129.95
    This collection of 24 visually stunning video clips sheds light on pain, aging, and health threats. Special attention is given to the spine, a common source of discomfort; the effects of old age at both the macro and micro levels; and a variety of risks to physical well-being: malarial infection, food-related pathogens, alcohol overconsumption, naturally occurring bodily toxins, the common cold, and the indiscriminate elimination of epidermal bacteria through over-aggressive hygiene. Video clips include... Understanding Pain • Life with Pain: Chronic Pain • Life with Pain: Acute Pain • Back Misery: Spinal Imaging • Back Misery: Spinal Column Development • Back Misery: Back Pain and Sedentary Living Growing Old • How We Age: Aging in the Body • How We Age: Aging and the Digestive System • How We Age: Aging and the Senses • Cellular Death: Apoptosis • Cellular Death: Embryogenesis and Cell Die-Off • Differences Between the Sexes: Stress and Life Expectancy Health Threats • Alcohol, Drug of the People: The Path of Alcohol in the Body • Alcohol, Drug of the People: Alcohol and the Brain • Alcohol, Drug of the People: How Much Alcohol Is Healthy? • Alcohol, Drug of the People: Hangover Cures • Malaria: Kenya, Malaria Country • Malaria: Malarial Infections in Children • Malaria: The Course of Malarial Infections • Malaria: Mosquito, Malaria Vector • Malaria: Malaria Vaccines • Poisons: Daily Detox • Poisons: Liver Dialysis • The Body's Invisible World: Bacterial Skin Flora • The Body's Invisible World: Invasion of the Cold Virus (74 minutes)
    #37379 Health News and Interviews: Substance Abuse and Addiction Video Clips (Run Time 34 min.) DVD $89.95
    This collection of 18 video clips takes a close look at alcohol and tobacco and at addiction. A variety of topics is covered, such as the short- and long-term health risks of binge drinking, fetal damage due to alcohol, brain cell regrowth in recovering alcoholics, DNA damage from smoking, smoking-cessation failure, the DNA of addiction, and cocaine detox via a genetically modified virus. Video clips include... Alcohol • Fruit Flies and Alcohol • Booze-Free Brains • Buzzed Brain • Fetal Alcohol Damage • Alcohol and Advertising • Student Drinking • Teen Drinking Tobacco • Smoking Damage • Smoking Receptor • Smoking, Stress, and Gender • Smoking and Fertility • Smoking and Ethnicity Addiction • Riddle of Addiction • Why Coffee Works • Caffeine Withdrawal • Teens and Steroids • Meth and the Brain • Anti-cocaine Virus (27 minutes)
    #37603 HairKutt: Breaking the Heroin Death Grip (Run Time 77 min.) DVD $149.95
    In this program, three well-meaning friends take their buddy Bryant "HairKutt" Johnson to a remote cabin for a week of improvised detox in the hope of helping him break his 15-year addiction to heroin. But when withdrawal turns to internal bleeding and life-threatening dehydration, they have to rush him to a hospital, where life and death hang in the balance. HairKutt survives, but becomes re-addicted immediately after returning home. These four friends, as close as family, learn the hard way that only 1 in 5 cold-turkey detoxes succeed in the short term and that it's rare for a heroin addict to kick the habit on the first attempt. An intensely human drama that unfolds slowly but very powerfully. Tell your students to forget reality TV and watch this instead, because this is the real deal-filmed live and unscripted as the story unfolded. Some content may be objectionable, and some language may be offensive. (77 minutes)
    #3874 Cigarettes: Who Profits, Who Dies? (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95
    This program features former cigarette models who are dying of cigarette-related cancer, who were once selected because of their wholesome young looks to persuade others to become addicted to cigarettes. It shows not only the devastating results, but the new international tactics devised by American tobacco companies in the face of falling demand for their products in this country. (49 minutes)
    #39417 The Addictive Personality (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95
    Does addiction have a genetic factor? Can any type of addiction be treated medically? What steps can family members take to help a loved one struggling with addiction? This program provides answers to several addiction-related questions, focusing on the complexities of the addictive personality. Viewers will benefit from a case study featuring a patient with a serious gambling addiction, and from a genetics-oriented discussion inspired by two sisters with addictive personalities. Expert commentary comes from Dr. Michael Fingerhood of Johns Hopkins University Hospital, who works with alcohol and drug abusers, and Terrence Shulman, founder of the Shulman Center for Shopping and Shoplifting Addiction Treatment. (30 minutes)
    #39540 A Wave of Compassion: Spirituality and the Recovering Addict (Run Time min.) DVD $149.95
    What does it mean to be a "functioning" alcoholic? How does it feel to struggle with substance abuse day after day? What keeps addicts from truly recovering? This program explores such questions from a range of unconventional viewpoints, creating an honest look at addiction that avoids judgmental or strictly clinical approaches. At the center of the film is Jimmy, a 41-year-old surfer who describes the drinking problem he has had since age 13. The challenges of recovery are also discussed by several experts: a physician, a psychologist, a nutritionist, and a social worker-while unique and insightful commentary is provided by a Native American shaman, a stand-up comedian, and other voices of reason and personal experience. (47 minutes)
    #4137 Smokers Are Hazardous to Your Health (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $149.95
    The risks of secondary smoke are becoming more and more apparent, as each new study documents growing disease and death tolls of smoking-related illnesses among nonsmokers. This BBC Horizon program documents the growing international battle among those who make money out of tobacco, those who demand the right to smoke, and the rest of the population. (50 minutes)
    #4236 Just Say Know: Kids Tell Kids How to Avoid Drugs (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
    This drug education program features students of the New York City public school system speaking candidly, as children do, about their feelings regarding the dangers of drugs to their lives and the importance of knowing how to cope with those dangers. Knowledge is what underlies the positive methods of preventing substance abuse by building self-esteem, avoiding the pitfalls of negative peer pressure, and helping both child and parent build the strong family values without which this battle is lost more often than not. (24 minutes)
    #4659 Substance Misuse (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $149.95
    "Seductive" and "intriguing" are two words that describe the effects of a wide range of dangerous substances. So are "addictive" and "lethal." This program examines some of the most commonly abused substances, explaining their effects and the problems they can cause. The substances covered include stimulants (MDMA, cocaine, amphetamines, nicotine, and caffeine), depressants (barbiturates, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and solvents); hallucinogens (LSD, cannabis, and "magic mushrooms"); and opiates (heroin and morphine). (30 minutes)
    #5145 Smoking: Time to Quit (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $89.95
    Smoking is harmful and addictive, but starting is easier than quitting; this program informs us that it often takes four or five serious attempts to quit before a smoker quits for good. The message is that the only way to fail is to quit trying. The program discusses various ways to stop smoking and the motivation to stop: quitting before or at the onset of pregnancy, when the motivation to protect the unborn child is very strong; a couple quitting together; stop-smoking support groups and their techniques for training ex-smokers to say "No" when a cigarette is offered; being willing to try to quit again after relapsing. (18 minutes)
    #5152 Drug-Taking and the Arts (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $159.95
    This program explores how drugs have influenced artistic production in the course of the last 200 years, focusing on major European and American literary figures and visual artists ranging from Thomas de Quincey, Edgar Allan Poe, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Picasso, Sartre, Aldous Huxley, and Jay McInerney. Actors portray some of the authors; others-including Paul Bowles and Allen Ginsberg-speak for themselves; and literary critics, psychiatrists, and substance abuse specialists analyze the effects of drugs on the artists. The program seeks to determine whether drugs help the artist produce better art, and if so, how; whether they give the artist insight or only the illusion of insight; whether different drugs produce different sorts of art; and how certain drugs create specific physiological effects in the brain. (112 minutes)
    #5388 Addiction: The Family in Crisis (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $89.95
    This concise explanation of alcoholism combines expert commentary with one family's experience. A sober alcoholic, his wife, and their daughter discuss the progression of his alcoholism and its devastating impact on their lives. Experts explain how family members often act as enablers, unintentionally making it easier for the alcoholic to keep drinking. Finally, the program addresses treatment options for alcoholics and sources of support for families. (18 minutes)
    #5726 DUI: Unlicensed to Kill (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95
    This program shows why repeat drunk driving offenders are still on our roads, endangering our lives. On the street, a man caught driving drunk three times insists that he is being harassed and does not have a drinking problem. In a hospital, we visit a 16-year-old victim, run down by a repeat drunk driver, on a breathing machine, fighting for his life. In a courtroom, we see a four-time repeat DUI offender getting sentenced to 48 hours in jail. The program looks at a judicial system under fire for failing to enforce a strict habitual offender law; a jail-house interview with a repeat DUI offender facing second-degree murder charges; and a Victim Impact Panel where families who have lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents tell their stories to repeat DUI offenders. (49 minutes)
    #5863 Altered States: A History of Drug Use in America (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $149.95
    Whether it's caffeine, nicotine, or morphine, drugs of choice have defined our lives and history, with sometimes benevolent, sometimes tragic results. This program focuses on the history of America's drug use and abuse, from the days when the early European settlers became enamored of tobacco, through Prohibition, and up to today. The problems we see today existed in other forms and with other drugs throughout our history. The reasons for using drugs have also remained constant: to ease pain, alleviate boredom, or to expand our consciousness. The program traces the patterns of American drug use and abuse and documents the cultural, social, and political movements that impacted, or were impacted by, the use of drugs. (58 minutes)
    #6010 The Substance in Question (Run Time 36 min.) DVD $99.95
    This British program explains the major illegal drugs of misuse, examining the following four groups: stimulants (amphetamines, cocaine, and crack), hallucinogenics (LSD and Ecstasy), hypnosedatives (barbiturates and tranquilizers), and opiates (heroin). The program also examines cannabis. In the case of each drug, the program provides a factual introduction and a guide to short- and long-term effects. Drug users offer their candid insights into their attraction to specific substances, and a medical professional and substance abuse expert provides an explanation of the relative dangers of each individual drug. (36 minutes)
    #6056 Last Call: Alcoholism and Co-dependency (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
    Alcoholism affects not only the person suffering from the disease but the alcoholic's family as well. This program takes an in-depth look at the effects of alcoholism on both the individual and the family, contrasting an urban and a rural home linked by the common problem of alcoholism. From the alcoholic to his or her spouse and their children, everyone is affected. As other family members seek to cope and prevent the destruction of the family, unhealthy behavioral patterns often emerge: spouses face frustration, shame, and a feeling of helplessness, and children try to hide the problem, creating stresses they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. The program provides a broad insight into alcoholism and how it affects those on its periphery. (24 minutes)
    #6058 Inhalant Abuse: Breathing Easy (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
    Inhalant abuse is a particularly sinister form of substance abuse because these substances are relatively easy to access, the "high" is reached quickly, abusers can become addicted in a very short time-and unless caught very early, it almost certainly leads to permanent damage to the brain and other vital organs. This program focuses on the causes of and prevention of inhalant abuse, looking at the psychological and physiological aspects of addiction, the environmental factors that lead young people to inhalant abuse, and the terrible consequences of their actions. Interviewing a young former "sniffer" brings home the social and psychological factors that contributed to his addiction; his story tells of the despair and pain that made substance abuse seem like an option. The program also shows the coordinated effort of one community to overcome this problem among its youth. (24 minutes)
    #6554 David with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $129.95
    David Vandenbrink seems like a normal, bright, articulate 21-year-old man. There is little to suggest, on the surface, that while in his mother's womb he suffered permanent brain damage. David suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS, a condition that went undiagnosed for the first eighteen years of his life, causing confusion, anger, and pain for him and his adoptive family. The damage from FAS can be subtle or severe, resulting in a wide range of symptoms from slowed growth or disfigurement to behavioral problems including impulsiveness and aggression, and the inability to grasp the consequences of one's actions. This program provides a unique personal look at what it's like to grow up and live with the effects of FAS, through the words and experiences of a victim and his family. (45 minutes)
    #6749 Circle of Recovery: Healing the Wounds of Drugs and Alcohol (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $149.95
    In this program, Bill Moyers provides a candid portrait of seven African-American men-all recovering from drug and alcohol addiction-and their efforts to heal through a voluntary recovery group they formed. Each week, members of the group meet and openly discuss issues involving family, love, sex, racism, and work, which are interwoven with their struggles and achievements as they strive to rebuild their broken lives. We see how the support each man draws from the other group members contributes to his recovery in the healing circle. "Recovery doesn't happen in isolation," Kenny says. "No one does it alone." It is an inspiring story of shattered lives healed by courage, resolve, and friendship. (57 minutes)
    #6933 Behind the Smoke Screen: Facts about Tobacco Use (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $129.95
    Sadly, tobacco use among young people is on the increase. This program, targeted at middle and high school students in both urban and rural areas, tries to persuade viewers not to smoke or chew tobacco, and coaches them on how to quit if they already do. The focus is on the toll which nicotine takes on the body. Graphic examples of people with emphysema, chronic bronchitis, cancer of the larynx, and cancerous mouth lesions drive home the point. The effects of smoking during pregnancy, cigar smoking, and secondary smoke are also addressed. Overall, tobacco use is portrayed as an overwhelmingly undesirable habit, likely to hinder social and job prospects, as well as shorten one's life. (30 minutes)
    #7110 Tobacco Wars (Run Time 35 min.) DVD $129.95
    From the time of its discovery in the New World, to the present day, tobacco has been a controversial substance. Its economic importance, social ramifications, and health effects all impact the debate over continued manufacture and use. This program places the political and legal controversy surrounding tobacco in historical perspective. We learn why and how tobacco gained prominence, explore present-day lawsuits against tobacco companies, and examine FDA attempts to regulate the industry. While many of the issues are as yet unresolved, viewers will gain an understanding of the economic and political foundations of the debate. (35 minutes)
    #7140 Gambling: Does It Benefit Society? (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $89.95
    Some states and Native American tribes rely on legalized gambling as an essential source of income. But has this income really benefited those it was supposed to help? This program explores the question by weighing the financial benefits derived by host communities against the casino's detrimental effects on local business. Are casinos investing in communities, as suggested by supporters, or diverting the money elsewhere? Living conditions among those in communities with casinos are compared with other similar communities. Experts include a casino manager, a professor of economics, and an anti-gambling activist. (29 minutes)
    #7155 Gambling: The Chance of a Lifetime (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    The lure of gambling is the belief that a little money, well placed, will surely bring a significant return-although the belief rarely coincides with reality. This program examines gambling both as a harmless social activity and as an addiction. How some people allow gambling to consume their lives, and why they do it, is discussed by a treatment expert and a compulsive gambler. The effect of gambling on both individuals and their families is also examined. (28 minutes)
    #7270 Unborn Addicts (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $149.95
    Drug abuse is generally considered a victimless crime, but research shows that a disturbing number of babies are born each year addicted to drugs. This program presents case studies of two pregnant women, lifelong addicts, who have entered Methadone programs. We follow the women throughout their pregnancies and deliveries. Remarkably, Natricia delivers a baby who is drug-free, but 18 hours after birth, Kim's daughter must be given opium to relieve the intense symptoms of drug withdrawal. Health experts discuss the management of drug babies. Scenes depicting infant drug withdrawal may be disturbing to some viewers. (47 minutes)
    #7598 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Life Sentence (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $129.95
    Fetal alcohol syndrome is the result of permanent organic injury to the brain of the fetus, caused by maternal drinking during pregnancy. That injury leads to learning disabilities, poor judgment, antisocial behavior, and worse, if a recent study is correct. This program discusses FAS within the context of that study which suggests that 20 to 25 percent of all prison inmates may suffer from the condition. The program examines how early identification and treatment of children with FAS can help prevent extreme antisocial behavior in adulthood. (24 minutes)
    #7660 Heroin: The New High School High (Run Time 42 min.) DVD $149.95
    This ABC News Turning Point examines the increasing prevalence of heroin among today's teenagers and its devastating effects on users, their families, and their communities. Focusing on youths in Orlando, Florida, the program follows the lives of two teenage friends, both heroin addicts. One, an honor student, dies of a heroin overdose. Drug counselors discuss the difficulties in treating addicts because of the extreme euphoria produced by the drug. Families of addicts reveal how the drug destroys family life. Failure to stem the tide of heroin sale and use among teenagers is discussed by frustrated law enforcement officials. (42 minutes)
    #7679 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction (Run Time min.) DVD $349.75
    In this critically acclaimed five-part series, Bill Moyers puts a human face on an American public health crisis: drug and alcohol addiction. Each program takes on a different facet of addiction and recovery-from studies of brain pathology and genetic risk, to various prevention and treatment approaches, to a look at our public policy. The intimate experience of addiction is shared by the addicts themselves, their parents, children, and those helping them toward recovery. The DVD version of this series also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. 5-part series, 57-81 minutes each.
    #7680 Portrait of Addiction (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    In this program nine men and women-all recovering from drug and/or alcohol addiction-tell their stories. The recovering addicts run the gamut: a former narcotics agent, now recovering from a cocaine habit; a mother of three who is a marketing specialist; a former addict and founder of Stand-Up Harlem, a community of HIV-positive addicts and recovering addicts; a journalist and former addict who actually served as the researcher for Moyers on the series. This candid testimony from people who have been there leaves no doubt that addiction can happen to anyone...and so can recovery. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)
    #7681 The Hijacked Brain (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    Aided by powerful new diagnostic tools, scientists are making dramatic discoveries about how addiction affects the brain. In this program, Moyers goes into the laboratory to follow researchers engaged in charting an "image of desire" in the brain. We actually see images of a cocaine user's brain as the drug takes effect, and a doctor explains how these scans reveal addiction as a chronic relapsing brain disease. Moyers observes a genetic researcher as he monitors a variety of factors that may determine who is likely to develop alcoholism. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)
    #7682 Changing Lives (Run Time 81 min.) DVD $69.95
    While addiction may cause similar changes in the brains of different people, recovery is a very individual solution. Changing behavior is the aim of treatment, but no single treatment program will work for all addicts. This program visits the Ridgeview Institute near Atlanta to interview recovering addicts and sit in on a group therapy session. Mr. Moyers also visits Project SAFE, an innovative treatment program that reaches out to disadvantaged mothers who are addicts, and to their children who are at serious risk of becoming addicts. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (81 minutes)
    #7683 The Next Generation (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    Experts are increasingly focusing on prevention efforts based on community and family. This documentary looks at two of those efforts. One works with parents addicted to heroin by teaching them how to repair the damage to family wrought by drug abuse, and in spite of it, how to raise strong, resilient children. In a second program, vigilant counselors in Dade County schools watch for kids at risk of becoming drug addicts, and offer immediate counseling for those who are already involved with drugs. Nicotine addiction is addressed by a program that provides classes designed to prevent students from smoking, and another that helps them stop if they've already begun to smoke. School officials, counselors, and students are interviewed. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)
    #7684 The Politics of Addiction (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    The story of how our society meets the challenge of translating what scientists, doctors, counselors, and recovering addicts have learned into rational public policy is complex and sometimes contradictory. This program looks at Arizona's struggle to find an alternative to established drug-related policies. Proposition 200 proposed a reassessment of the status of nonviolent drug addicts now serving time, and emphasized treatment over incarceration. The movement was supported by an alliance from across the political spectrum. On the Washington scene, members of Congress, doctors, and policy activists joined in a movement with recovering people to push for a change in public policy. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (57 minutes)
    #7877 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction - In Spanish (Run Time min.) DVD $349.75
    In this critically acclaimed five-part series, Bill Moyers puts a human face on an American public health crisis-drug and alcohol addiction. Each program takes on a different facet of addiction and recovery-from studies of brain pathology and genetic risk, to various prevention and treatment approaches, to a look at our public policy. The intimate experience of addiction is shared by the addicts themselves, their parents, children, and those helping them toward recovery. In Spanish. Series is also available in English (see item #7679). 5-part series.
    #7878 Retrato de la Adiccion (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    En este programa, nueve hombres y mujeres-todos adictos rehabilitados-cuentan sus historias. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7680). (57 minutes)
    #7879 El Cerebro Secuestrado (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    In este programa, Bill Moyers entra uno laboratorio para observar el trabajo que los investigadores realizan en la captacion de la "imagen del deseo" (por narcoticos) en el cerebro. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7681). (57 minutes)
    #7880 Cambiando Vidas (Run Time 81 min.) DVD $69.95
    En este programa, Bill Moyers visita el Instituto Ridgeview, cerca de Atlanta, donde entrevista a adictos recuperados durante una reunion anual. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7682). (81 minutes)
    #7881 La Politica de la Adiccion (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    En este programa, Bill Moyers estudia como doctores, defensores de los programas de recuperacion y los adictos rehabilitados ahora estan apoyando opinion publica de adiccion como una enfermedad cronica. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7684). (57 minutes)
    #7882 La Proxima Generacion (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $69.95
    Este programa examina dos programas de prevencion-uno que trabaja con padres adictados para reparar dano dentro de las familias, y otro que aconseja los estudientes contra los narcoticos. In Spanish. Also available in English (see item #7683). (57 minutes)
    #8035 Missing Persons: The Drunk Driving Holocaust (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $69.95
    This program brings the real-life consequences of mixing alcohol with driving into the classroom. Hard-hitting footage helps young adults realize the consequences of drunk driving, for the victim and the driver. Bereaved parents and friends, permanently disabled victims, and young inmates convicted of vehicular homicide explore the relationship between alcohol, death, and prison. Members of MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving), and CAR (Convicts After Recovery) discuss how the thoughtless act of driving drunk impacts people's lives. A Cambridge Educational Production. (26 minutes)
    #8158 Drinking . . . This Buzz is Not for You! (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $89.95
    This video focuses on one of the most pressing problems facing teenagers today-drinking. Part one illustrates the difficulties and problems encountered by those who use alcohol to excess. In the second part, the rationale for saying "NO!" to teenage drinking is discussed along with methods for avoiding peer pressure to drink.Commercialization, peer pressure, and attempts to escape personal problems by drinking are visually illustrated. Utilizing interviews with law enforcement officials, educators, and young adults, many of the educational, social, and medical problems associated with drinking are emphasized. The last segment of the program deals with specific techniques for teens to resist the pressures of underage drinking and still keep their friends. Effective techniques for how to say no to drinking are actively demonstrated.One 30-minute video. A Cambridge Educational Production.
    #8182 Alcohol and tobacco: The Truth (Run Time min.) DVD $159.90
    This two-part series takes all of the glamour out of drinking and smoking for today's teens by unmasking their harmful realities. A Cambridge Educational Production. 2-part series, 30 minutes each.
    #8183 The Truth about Alcohol (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $79.95
    Utilizing hard-hitting, dramatic footage with insightful interviews, this program graphically illustrates why alcohol is so widely used and abused by both adults and teens. From its role as an important commodity in our economic system, to its role as a deceptive escape from personal problems...from the enormous media campaigns promoting alcohol to its role as a major contributing factor in the deaths of thousands of drunk drivers...from the societal pressures to the shattered personal lives, The Truth About Alcohol exposes the contradictions of the drug while encouraging the viewer to think about the implications. Why do people drink? How much is too much? How can one deal with the peer pressure? When does "social drinking" stop and the self-deceptive web of alcoholism begin? What role do low self-esteem, self-doubt, and insecurity play in making decisions about drinking? These and many other questions are explored. A Cambridge Educational Production. (30 minutes)
    #8184 The Truth about Tobacco (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $79.95
    Everyone knows the statistics. Tobacco is the leading contributor to thousands of deaths and debilitating illnesses. So why do teens continue to smoke? The first part of this program explores not only why teens start, but also why it's so hard to stop, why our society allows tobacco companies to promote a lethal drug utilizing state-of-the-art media persuasion techniques, how tobacco is economically entrenched in our system, and why politicians avoid the issues. Startling interviews with people stricken with smoking-related illnesses are contrasted with teen interviews demonstrating attitudes of self-deception. The program illustrates the immediate negative consequences of smoking...bad breath; stained, ugly, yellow teeth; and stinking clothes, as well as the devastating illnesses caused by long-term smoking. Instead of another peer to adolescent lecture, this program presents enlightening facts to help today's youth make informed decisions. A Cambridge Educational Production. (30 minutes)
    #8202 Tobacco Road: A Dead End (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $79.95
    Hard-hitting, graphic footage and interviews with people stricken with tobacco-related illnesses-lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, and vascular disease-stand in stark contrast to teen testimony that reflects dangerously blase attitudes toward smoking. Explicit operating room scenes of portions of a lung being removed drive home the serious results of smoking and are bound to stir up emotions in teens who have so far refused to heed other warnings about the dangers of tobacco. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)
    #8574 Place Your Bets (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
    North America has more than 15 million compulsive gamblers, 4.2 million of whom have attempted suicide. But in a society where gambling is a legal form of entertainment and where there is no consensus on its addictive power, what hope do sufferers have for help before it is too late? This penetrating program explores the insidious appeal of the new generation of video gambling machines, the efforts of counselors and support groups to assist victims in rebuilding their lives, and the role of government as a silent partner in this debilitating industry. First-person accounts from recovering compulsive gamblers tell of obsession, lying, and stealing, and how they have learned to come to terms with their actions. (24 minutes)
    #8934 Drugs: Profiles of Addiction and Recovery (Run Time min.) DVD $269.85
    Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease-chronic, progressive, and fatal if left untreated. This informative three-part series, featuring true stories told by recovering addicts and insightful commentary by law enforcement professionals and counselors, describes the miseries of substance abuse and methods of overcoming addiction. 3-part series, 25 minutes each.
    #8935 Making Choices (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
    In this program, 17-year-olds Shannon and Jay openly discuss the factors that sent them spiraling into drug addiction and their subsequent attempts to recover. Dramatizations of interviews with their parents, teachers, and friends, along with reenactments of upsetting family incidents, reveal financial and abuse issues at home and an unwillingness to confront the changes in the addicts' behaviors and personalities. What Shannon and Jay had in common was that eventually even the strongest drugs could no longer bring a feeling of relief from their problems. (25 minutes)
    #8936 Supporting Kids (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
    In this program, Shannon and Jay, joined by 16-year-old Dave, talk about the support they received in fighting their addictions. In addition, parents, counselors, a police drug-awareness coordinator, and the directors of a detox facility and a drug and alcohol program discuss the physical and emotional signs of drug use, theories of why younger children are turning to drugs, the easy availability of drugs in small towns, the difficulties parents face in addressing drug use, codependency between addicts and their families, and the painful process of recovery and making amends. (25 minutes)
    #8937 Getting Help (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
    Drug and alcohol addictions are not hopeless. This program focuses on the recovery process and the options available to those fighting addictions. Together with Shannon, Jay, Dave, and 15-year-old Erin, parents and addiction-related professionals discuss 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, medical and social-setting detox programs, the Minnesota model of rehabilitation, in-school education programs, the reasons for relapse, and the happiness and renewed self-esteem of recovering addicts. (25 minutes)
    #9222 Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: Women and the Dangers of Alcohol (Run Time 13 min.) DVD $89.95
    Alcohol consumption by the average woman-even in moderate amounts-has far more lasting effects than an equal amount imbibed by her male counterpart. Even if it is a single glass of wine, the effects on their respective physiology are very different: the female body absorbs alcohol faster and retains it up to twice as long as the male body, which has considerable implications both for social drinking and for driving while under the influence. This ABC News program illustrates these differences and discusses the potential hazards. (13 minutes)
    #9241 Binge Drinking: The Right to Party? (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
    Banning alcohol on college campuses to curb binge drinking-periodic episodes of excessive alcohol consumption-has sparked violence and debate around the country. This ABC News program visits trouble spots such as Michigan State University as anchor Forrest Sawyer talks with the President of the University of Iowa about community coalitions, alcohol education programs, alternative activities, and other initiatives as substitutes for bans. In addition, a senior at the University of Maryland and a junior at the University of California, Berkeley, present their own ideas about student rights and how best to deal with on-campus alcohol abuse and the associated issues of crime and unsafe sex. (22 minutes)
    #9264 Getting Straight: New Hopes for Drug Treatment (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $89.95
    Drugs destroy millions of lives, cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and are behind much of the crime committed in the U.S. today. In part one of this program, ABC News correspondent Dave Marash reports on a possible breakthrough in the treatment of America's millions of cocaine addicts: a new vaccine called a catalytic antibody, which renders cocaine harmless. In parts two and three, Mr. Marash observes the innovative approach of freelance drug counselor Rafael Flores, whose 28 years of one-on-one experience enable him to persuade addicts right off the street to consent to long-term treatment. Key to his success is an ability to spot those who manifest all of the signs that they are ripe for intervention. (58 minutes)
    #9278 Smokeless Tobacco: A Wad of Trouble (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
    Many teens begin using smokeless tobacco with the assumption that "dipping" or chewing is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. In reality, one can of smokeless tobacco may contain as much nicotine as three packs of cigarettes. This eye-opening program provides viewers with the facts concerning the social and medical ramifications of using smokeless tobacco and presents techniques for quitting this potentially deadly habit.Doctors and dentists look at how nicotine is readily absorbed through the lining in the mouth, while an interview with a woman who lost a brother to oral cancer provides viewers with a firsthand look at the devastating consequences of continued use. Also includes interviews with teenage users explaining how and why they began using smokeless tobacco, and victims' accounts of their medical problems. Graphic photos show various stages of cancerous lesions and users whose faces have been grossly disfigured from surgery to remove diseased areas. This hard-hitting program provides teens with the facts concerning the dangers of smokeless tobacco and the basis for hours of classroom discussion. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 25-minute video.
    #9279 The Battle over How to Fight the War on Drugs (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
    Should America shift its strategy in the war on drugs from prevention, interdiction, and prosecution to a policy of treatment, regulation, and control? In this program, ABC News anchor Forrest Sawyer moderates a heated debate between Charles Blanchard, Chief Counsel of the White House Drug Control Policy Office, and Ethan Nadelmann, Director of the Lindesmith Center. Together they analyze statistics to define criteria for success in the war on drugs and assess the implications of an approach that tempers the military and judicial elements, stressing instead the importance of public health and rehabilitation. (22 minutes)
    #9286 Drugs: Uses and Abuses (Run Time min.) DVD $559.60
    A veritable encyclopedia of pharmacological facts, this outstanding eight-part series thoroughly examines the therapeutic uses and dangerous abuses of drugs. Moving beyond the "Just Say No" mentality, each program gives a general overview of a particular class of drugs, then moves on to closely examine specific drugs in that group. These programs promote discussion, explore myths, and provide information delivered in accessible language by a wide range of concerned professionals and recovering users. Review questions are provided with each program to test viewers' knowledge, along with provocative discussion questions that address some of the sensitive issues concerning the use and abuse of drugs. A Cambridge Educational Production. 8-part series, 17-39 minutes each.
    #9287 Sedatives (Run Time 32 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video offers a summary of sedatives as a class of drugs, and then focuses on barbiturates, tranquilizers, and alcohol, while touching lightly on narcotics. A doctor of pharmacology, police officers, an addiction specialist, a historian, a pastor, recovering addicts, and others describe the history and biological effects of sedatives, employing case studies and personal experience to analyze the use, abuse, and hazards of this seductive group of drugs. A Cambridge Educational Production. (32 minutes)
    #9288 Narcotics (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video presents a profile of narcotics as a class of drugs and then spotlights opium, codeine, morphine, and heroin. Expert commentary is provided by a pharmacist, a nurse, police officers, addiction counselors, a historian, recovering addicts, and others. Together, they discuss the history and biological effects of narcotics, scrutinizing their use, abuse, and hazards through case studies and personal experience. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)
    #9289 Stimulants (Run Time 39 min.) DVD $69.95
    Beginning with an overview of stimulants as a class of drugs, this video examines caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, and cocaine-in both powder and crack form. A doctor of pharmacology, police officers, an addiction specialist, a historian, recovering addicts, and others profile the history and biological effects of stimulants, employing case studies and personal experience to analyze their use, abuse, and hazards-including their instantly addictive nature. A Cambridge Educational Production. (39 minutes)
    #9290 Psychedelics and Hallucinogens (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $69.95
    In this video, a pharmacist, an addiction counselor, a police officer, a historian, a pastor, and recovering users provide background on psychedelics and hallucinogens as a class of drugs, and study the history and biological effects of mescaline, psilocybin, LSD, and the designer drug MDMA. Utilizing case studies and personal experience, they explore the uses, abuses, and hazards of these drugs, which can include vivid flashbacks and critical serotonin depletion. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)
    #9291 Inhalants (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video presents a summary of this class of drugs and then details its constituent parts: solvents and aerosols, nitrites, and nitrous oxide. A doctor of pharmacology, an addiction specialist, police officers, a historian, recovering addicts, and others delve into the history and biological effects of these drugs. Together, they share case studies and personal experiences to address the use, abuse, and hazards of inhalants, including brain, liver, and kidney damage, as well as sudden sniffing death syndrome. A Cambridge Educational Production. (20 minutes)
    #9292 THC (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video examines THC and the cannabinoids marijuana, hashish, and hash oil. Expert commentary is presented by former NFL player Charles Hunt, a pharmacist, a police officer, addiction counselors, a historian, a pastor, recovering addicts, and others. Together, they explain the history and biological effects of THC, investigating its use, abuse, and hazards, and its reputation as a gateway drug. A Cambridge Educational Production. (30 minutes)
    #9293 PCP and Ketamine (Run Time 17 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video describes PCP and the veterinary anesthetic ketamine. A police officer, an addiction specialist, an addiction counselor, a veterinarian, and recovering users review the history and biological effects of PCP and ketamine, employing case studies and personal experience to assess their use, abuse, and hazards-including false feelings of invincibility, flashbacks, and even psychosis. A Cambridge Educational Production. (17 minutes)
    #9294 Steroids (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $69.95
    This video examines the use and abuse of anabolic steroids and GHB, a synthetic steroid-like substance and date-rape drug. Former NFL player Charles Hunt and a pharmacist, a police officer, an addiction counselor, a trainer, a swim coach, a recovering abuser, and others explore the history and biological effects of steroids, using case studies and personal experience to probe anabolic steroid abuse and the drug's many side effects. Some of these side effects include impotence, liver tumors, renal failure, and "roid rage," which can lead to violence and even suicide. A Cambridge Educational Production. The DVD version has on-demand English subtitles and can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive. One 24-minute video. (c) 1999.
    ||"Choose Item number and Title" "#10046 The Global Addiction: Dispatches from the War on Drugs(+$60.00)" "#10379 The War Against the War on Drugs(+$60.00)" "#10382 Coming Down: The Aftermath of Doing Drugs(+$20.00)" "#10383 Fetal Abuse: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol(+$10.00)" "#10384 Inhalants: A Deadly High(+$10.00)" "#10952 Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence(+$70.00)" "#11013 Drinking: Are You in Control?(+$20.00)" "#11181 The War on Drugs: Winners and Losers(+$60.00)" "#11405 Substance Abuse: Risks and Responsibilities(+$449.85)" "#11406 Using Pharmaceutical Drugs Safely(+$60.00)" "#11407 Drinking Responsibly(+$60.00)" "#11408 Understanding the Risks of Tobacco and Caffeine(+$60.00)" "#11409 Preventing Drug Abuse(+$60.00)" "#12044 Addiction: Young Adults Winning the Battle(+$169.90)" "#12045 Drugs(+$10.00)" "#12046 Alcohol(+$10.00)" "#12047 Tobacco(+$10.00)" "#12084 Women and Cigarettes: A Fatal Attraction(+$20.00)" "#1363 The Addicted Brain(+$20.00)" "#1364 Cocaine and Heart Attacks(+$20.00)" "#1366 Female Alcoholism(+$20.00)" "#1370 Kick the Habit(+$20.00)" "#1372 Steroids and Sports(+$20.00)" "#1976 The Power of Addiction(+$20.00)" "#2139 Crystal(+$20.00)" "#2383 Alcohol and the Family: Breaking the Chain(+$20.00)" "#2445 Cocaine: The End of the Line(+$20.00)" "#25232 Drinking and Driving: A Crash Course(+$20.00)" "#2629 Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Family Secret(+$20.00)" "#26665 Todd's Story(+$28.00)" "#2887 Nine to Five High: Substance Abuse in the Workplace(+$20.00)" "#2890 Walking Through the Fear: Women and Substance Abuse(+$20.00)" "#29357 Pathological Gambling: A Costly Addiction(+$80.00)" "#29967 Smoking Cessation(+$60.00)" "#30382 Cake Night: A Journey Towards Recovery(+$80.00)" "#30393 Heroines: A Walk on the Wild Side Through the Lens of Lincoln Clarkes(+$60.00)" "#31345 Substance Abuse Prevention S.M.A.R.T. Box(+$580.00)" "#31357 Small Town Ecstasy: Getting High with Dad(+$80.00)" "#31406 Cracking Up: Addiction to Crack Cocaine(+$60.00)" "#31449 Scene Smoking: Cigarettes, Cinema, and the Myth of Cool(+$60.00)" "#3179 Addiction Caused by Mixing Medicines(+$20.00)" "#3203 Substance Abuse Among Latinos(+$20.00)" "#32483 Crank: Made in America(+$60.00)" "#32591 Teaching Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(+$20.00)" "#3290 Alcohol: Breaking the Habit(+$289.85)" "#3291 The Drug We Drink(+$20.00)" "#3292 Thirsty Work(+$20.00)" "#3293 A Place to Live(+$20.00)" "#3294 For the Rest of Their Lives(+$20.00)" "#33734 One Life: Detox or Die?(+$80.00)" "#33913 Speed Trap: Fighting a Deadly Drug(+$20.00)" "#33914 Colombia: Cocaine's Battleground(+$80.00)" "#34685 Rehab(+$80.00)" "#34954 Messing with Heads: Marijuana and Mental Illness(+$80.00)" "#35069 Peter Jennings Reporting-Ecstasy Rising(+$80.00)" "#35487 The Doctor and the Reverend(+$20.00)" "#35839 Quit to Live: Fighting Lung Cancer(+$60.00)" "#36094 Cozy Killer: The History of Cigarettes(+$60.00)" "#36134 Coca and the Congressman: Drugs, Farming, and Socialism in Bolivia(+$60.00)" "#36164 Bitter Harvest: The War on Drugs Meets the War on Terror(+$60.00)" "#36238 Pharm Country" "#36248 Teen Danger Zone: Teens at Risk(+$20.00)" "#36283 Young Addicts: Drugs, Alcohol, and America's Future(+$119.90)" "#36364 Drugs and the Brain(+$679.80)" "#36365 Stimulants: The Mechanics of Pleasure(+$80.00)" "#36366 Painkillers: Numbing the Mind(+$80.00)" "#36367 Legal Drugs: Still Addictive, Still Deadly(+$80.00)" "#36369 Designer Drugs: Uncertain Borders(+$80.00)" "#36460 We Love Cigarettes: Resisting the Romance of Smoking(+$80.00)" "#37320 Science in Everyday Life: Health and Wellness Video Clips, Part 1(+$60.00)" "#37379 Health News and Interviews: Substance Abuse and Addiction Video Clips(+$20.00)" "#37603 HairKutt: Breaking the Heroin Death Grip(+$80.00)" "#3874 Cigarettes: Who Profits, Who Dies?(+$80.00)" "#39417 The Addictive Personality(+$20.00)" "#39540 A Wave of Compassion: Spirituality and the Recovering Addict(+$80.00)" "#4137 Smokers Are Hazardous to Your Health(+$80.00)" "#4236 Just Say Know: Kids Tell Kids How to Avoid Drugs(+$20.00)" "#4659 Substance Misuse(+$80.00)" "#5145 Smoking: Time to Quit(+$20.00)" "#5152 Drug-Taking and the Arts(+$90.00)" "#5388 Addiction: The Family in Crisis(+$20.00)" "#5726 DUI: Unlicensed to Kill(+$80.00)" "#5863 Altered States: A History of Drug Use in America(+$80.00)" "#6010 The Substance in Question(+$30.00)" "#6056 Last Call: Alcoholism and Co-dependency(+$20.00)" "#6058 Inhalant Abuse: Breathing Easy(+$20.00)" "#6554 David with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome(+$60.00)" "#6749 Circle of Recovery: Healing the Wounds of Drugs and Alcohol(+$80.00)" "#6933 Behind the Smoke Screen: Facts about Tobacco Use(+$60.00)" "#7110 Tobacco Wars(+$60.00)" "#7140 Gambling: Does It Benefit Society?(+$20.00)" "#7155 Gambling: The Chance of a Lifetime(+$20.00)" "#7270 Unborn Addicts(+$80.00)" "#7598 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Life Sentence(+$60.00)" "#7660 Heroin: The New High School High(+$80.00)" "#7679 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction(+$279.80)" "#7680 Portrait of Addiction" "#7681 The Hijacked Brain" "#7682 Changing Lives" "#7683 The Next Generation" "#7684 The Politics of Addiction" "#7877 Close to Home: Moyers on Addiction - In Spanish(+$279.80)" "#7878 Retrato de la Adiccion" "#7879 El Cerebro Secuestrado" "#7880 Cambiando Vidas" "#7881 La Politica de la Adiccion" "#7882 La Proxima Generacion" "#8035 Missing Persons: The Drunk Driving Holocaust" "#8158 Drinking . . . This Buzz is Not for You!(+$20.00)" "#8182 Alcohol and tobacco: The Truth(+$89.95)" "#8183 The Truth about Alcohol(+$10.00)" "#8184 The Truth about Tobacco(+$10.00)" "#8202 Tobacco Road: A Dead End(+$10.00)" "#8574 Place Your Bets(+$20.00)" "#8934 Drugs: Profiles of Addiction and Recovery(+$199.90)" "#8935 Making Choices(+$20.00)" "#8936 Supporting Kids(+$20.00)" "#8937 Getting Help(+$20.00)" "#9222 Eat, Drink, and Be Wary: Women and the Dangers of Alcohol(+$20.00)" "#9241 Binge Drinking: The Right to Party?(+$20.00)" "#9264 Getting Straight: New Hopes for Drug Treatment(+$20.00)" "#9278 Smokeless Tobacco: A Wad of Trouble(+$20.00)" "#9279 The Battle over How to Fight the War on Drugs(+$20.00)" "#9286 Drugs: Uses and Abuses(+$489.65)" "#9287 Sedatives" "#9288 Narcotics" "#9289 Stimulants" "#9290 Psychedelics and Hallucinogens" "#9291 Inhalants" "#9292 THC" "#9293 PCP and Ketamine" "#9294 Steroids"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/addiction-substance-abuse-dvds.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Cambridge, Meridian and others||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|50206||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||Addressing Bullying in the Workplace (Enhanced DVD)||FI-50206||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Bullying in the workplace needs to be managed in order to avoid a culture of fear from developing in the organization. This can quickly make the workplace toxic and difficult to exist in. This can be turned around by education staff, putting procedures in place so that intimidation is reported, and having managers who are empathetic to problems and work to resolve them as quickly as possible. The program goes into strategies about how to prevent workplace bullying and uses expert interviews and dramatized scenes for education. A worksheet is included and can be downloaded. (25 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • Bullying in the Workplace (03:09) – A man mocks a coworker for not having a girlfriend. Experts talk about the effects of bullying, and employers must have polices for anti-bullying in place.
  • Developing Bullying Policies (05:43) – Management needs to talk to everyone involved in the anti-bullying policy and ensure that the policy can be accessed easily. They must also have procedures in place for reporting bullying, as well as investigating and resolving it.
  • What Bullying Policy Should Contain (04:16) – The anti-bullying policy must have expectations defined as well as a process for reporting it, maintaining confidentiality, and for resolving bullying.
  • Surveys and Cultural Change (04:26) – Employees see bullying as normal, including sexism, when there is a culture of bullying at a company. A confidential survey should be conducted about experiences with bullying and the results should be shared.
  • Consultation and Cultural Change (02:50) – Procedures should be developed to get rid of all bullying in the workplace. The psychological effects of bullying need to be understood in order to change a company’s culture and environment.

    Addressing Bullying in the Workplace
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-532-1
  • Run Time: 25 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2006
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-61753-532-1||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|u-peb-2436k||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing-boards||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-angle-peb-parallel-edge-board-board-24x36-22.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-angle-peb-parallel-edge-board-board-24x36-23.png||Adjustable Angle PEB (Parallel Edge Board) Board 24x36||MU-U-PEB-2436K||drawing-supplies > drawing-boards||||246.990 ||129.990 ||||||11.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||The lightweight, fully adjustable, Martin Prodraft Parallel Straightedge Kit is an ideal sketching and drawing board for students and artists.||

    Adjustable Angle PEB (Parallel Edge Board) Board 24x36 Make drawing easier and more accurate with the convenient Martin Prodraft Parallel Straightedge Kit. This innovative drawing board features an anti-warp aluminum body that lends it strength and stability. The drawing board can be used in a flat position or set to a desired angle using hinged folding legs. A six-position stand allows the board to be set at multiple convenient angles on the tabletop. Large knobs on either side of the drawing board allow the parallel straight edge ruler to be moved to and set at any point on the drawing board so as to hold the paper properly aligned and firmly in place. The generously sized 24”x36” drawing board is ideal for artists and students who need a large surface for drawing and sketching purposes. Drawing board comes equipped with a convenient handle for easy carrying.

    (Oversize Shipping: $31.20)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/u-peb-2436k.html||||||080031052070||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|u-peb1621k||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing-boards||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-angle-peb-board-16x21-9.png||||||Adjustable Angle PEB Board 16x21||MU-U-PEB1621K||drawing-supplies > drawing-boards||||159.990 ||89.990 ||||||0.990 ||||1||1||0||0||||||The Adjustable Angle PEB Board 16x21 can transform into ordinary to a professional table, ideal for home or office. ||

    This alterable angle board overall measures at 16 inches long by 21 inches wide. Martin Worldwide Model provides an innovative brand for the artistic mind. The board delivers superior features and value while being the leading component in its division. This board is an exclusive aligned ruler board that uses a non bending aluminum body ruler for resistance and durability. It includes deep strengthened pieces of material so that it could be flexible over the stand border effortless for the artwork to be on the individual leg area. Every angle of the device consists of big knobs for modifying the ruler to line up with the picture and to remain aligned. The board is made of a wood grain top with a black ruler. It also comes designed with a 6-position (including flat) adjustable stand.

    Parallel Straightedge

    (Oversize Shipping: $16.95)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/u-peb1621k.html||||||080031052032||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|u-peb1824k||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing-boards||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-angle-peb-board-18x24-9.png||||||Adjustable Angle PEB Board 18x24||MU-U-PEB1824K||drawing-supplies > drawing-boards||||162.990 ||89.990 ||||||0.990 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Drawing is easier and more comfortable with this adjustable angle 18x24 inch PEB board.

    Create rich, fully-realized drawings with greater comfort and ease using this adjustable angle aluminum PEB board. With anti-warp technology, this durable drawing tool has a long life, perfect for years of heavy use. Make straight edges and keep drawings perfectly parallel with the board's perimeter using an adjustable straight edge that spans the width of the board. Knobs on each side of the straight edge make for easy adjustment, giving the artist full control over the board. This unit includes an adjustable stand that takes six different positions, and ribbed strips that allow the board to protrude over the table and into the lap of the artist. Place the drawing board on any work table, desk or take it with you to a drawing site. Makes a perfect addition to any drawing studio, contractor's workshop or architect's drafting table.

    DELUXE PEB BOARD 18X24 (Oversize Shipping: $16.95)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/u-peb1824k.html||||||080031052049||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|u-peb2026k||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing-boards||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-angle-peb-board-20x26-9.png||||||Adjustable Angle PEB Board 20x26||MU-U-PEB2026K||drawing-supplies > drawing-boards||||154.990 ||89.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Take your drawing and artistic creations to the next level with the Adjustable Angle PEB Board designed with a smooth, sturdy, adjustable surface to meet all your drawing needs.||

    Artists know how important the right foundation is.  It is frustrating to work on a piece of art and struggle with space, proper angle, instability and more.  A great board like the Adjustable Angle PEB Board is what every artist needs who is serious about their approach to their art project.

    This drawing board is in a class by itself.  Its aluminum body makes it strong and durable.  The PEB Board is anti-warp, a must for artists who recognize how necessary a smooth surface is.  It is also adjustable so you can draw with this board right in your lap.  Working on art work that is larger or smaller is not a problem.  The PEB board offers 6 positions to adjust to.

    The angle feature on the PEB Board is a steady surface so the artist can create without items slipping.  The adjustable angle is great for scrapbook and greeting card creations.  The PEB board is portable  for on the go creativity.  This is the drawing board you have been waiting for.

    With a Parallel Straightedge.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/u-peb2026k.html||||||080031052056||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|u-peb2331k||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing-boards||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-angle-peb-board-23x31-9.png||||||Adjustable Angle PEB Board 23x31||MU-U-PEB2331K||drawing-supplies > drawing-boards||||189.990 ||109.990 ||||||6.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||It very important in a straightedge board that it will not warp and is adjustable.||

    The Martin Prodraft Parallel Straightedge Kit is the perfect size for drafting or artwork, with the dimensions of 23 inches by 31 inches. The stand is one of the best because it has six adjustable positions. Large knobs on each side of the board make it easy to keep a straight-edge and stay in alignment with the artwork or drafting in parallel. One of its nicest features are the deep ribbed strips. These strips allow the board to be adjusted to extend over the edge of the table and position the artwork or drafting over the lap of the user. The construction of this board is strong and stable because the body is made from anti-wrap aluminum.

    Never worry again about having straight lines in your drawings because the Martin Prodraft Parallel Straightedge Kit will always keep you right on track.

    (Oversize Shipping: $26.20)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/u-peb2331k.html||||||080031052063||0||||||||||New||||||||||Martin Universal||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|adjustable-easel||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||larry-gluck||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-steel-easel-pink-pearl-eraser-27.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adjustable-steel-easel-pink-pearl-eraser-28.png||Adjustable Steel Easel & Pink Pearl Eraser||RP-1EASEL-1PINKPEARL||larry-gluck||||65.900 ||59.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Every artist needs a portable and reliable easel and this adjustable steel easel fits the bill. With an adorable perfect Pink Pearl Eraser tossed in to boot!||

    This adjustable steel easel is as versatile as it is portable. The steel frame provides stability and resists tipping while holding up to a 54-inch canvas. When fully extended, the easel reaches a height of 80 inches and allows multiple angle settings to accommodate the size of your canvas.

    This lightweight easel weighs in at a mere 6 pounds making it ideal for the traveling artist who enjoys working in a new area every day. This easel can be used inside or out and folds for easy storage.

    Also included is a Pink Pearl Eraser for quick corrections. It is guaranteed not to smudge or damage your masterpiece.

    This easel and eraser set makes the ideal gift for artists who enjoy sketching landscapes, nature scenes and other outdoor subjects, but is practical enough for everyday use in the studio.

    Easel requires some assembly.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/adjustable-easel.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Larry Gluck||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53284||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/adrenaline-nation-new-zealand-s-adventure-tourism-enhanced-dvd-2.png||||||Adrenaline Nation: New Zealand's Adventure Tourism (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53284||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, watch this first.||Who doesn’t feel a twinge of “I wish I could go there,” when you hear the words, “New Zealand.” You can see surf, sand, Polynesian dancers, and rich vegetation flowing peacefully through your mind. However, there is another side to New Zealand and it isn't so peaceful. There is a travel trend called adventure tourism which promises to give travelers thrills. Bungee jumps, hot air balloon rides, boating and other experiences await the adventurous. The truth is, there have been 50 adventure sport tourist deaths over the last eight years. Hear the details about these accidents. Some believe the industry should have stricter litigation and compensation rules. At the moment, tourists who are injured cannot sue for negligence or wrongful death. Instead, New Zealand will provide all necessary health care. There is a definite split in opinion. Operators see tourists as sue-happy complainers, and those who have suffered see operators as way too lax. The film presents details on both side of this question. Watch and decide for yourself, especially if you are planning to travel to New Zealand.

    Adrenaline Nation: New Zealand's Adventure Tourism||||||||||||||978-1-61753-944-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|44756||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||careers-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/anatex-fire-engine-activity-center-22.png||||||Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Technology: STEM Careers in Two Years (Enhanced DVD)||FI-44756||bbc > documentaries > careers-dvds||||99.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Tony Girafalco is the vice president of the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center and describes the different opportunities available to anyone seeking a job in applied engineering or manufacturing. Many of these jobs are available after obtaining a two year associate’s degree. He explains what job seekers can look forward to and how to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them. Viewers are inspired by three in-the-field success stores. Anthony is a 3-D CAD draftsperson who works for Southco. Alan works as an advanced machinist for Rodon Group. Ian works at Nielson Kellerman as an electronics engineering technician after obtaining an associate’s degree. This is a part of the series STEM Careers in Two Years. (20 minutes)

    Segments in this video include:
  • Introduction (00:53) – Over 80% of manufacturers report that there is a shortage of skilled workers. 83% of manufacturers reported a shortage of skilled production workers.
  • Alan Jesiolowski, CNC Machinist and Programmer (01:46) – Alan works as a die and tool maker and he is certified.
  • The Job of a CNC Machinist (02:07) – Custom molds and high precision small parts are produced at The Rodon Group.
  • Advice to Students (01:19) – Students need to be able to adapt to new problems, and change is an inevitable part of the future.
  • Manufacturing Jobs Require Training (00:25) – You must obtain an associate’s degree to go into manufacturing and cannot go straight after high school.
  • Ian Evans, Electronics Engineering Technician (02:24) – Ian performs hardware work for engineers.
  • The Job of Electronics Engineering Technician (02:36) – The job requires testing, troubleshooting and prototyping.

    Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Technology: STEM Careers in Two Years
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62102-992-2
  • Run Time: 20 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-62102-992-2||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rolled-16x16x37||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-rolled-storage-file-16x16x37-16.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/advanced-organizing-systems-16-slot-manager-rolled-storage-37-h-x-16-w-x-16-l-13.png||Advanced Organizing Systems 16 Slot Manager Rolled Storage 37"h x 16"w x 16"l||AL-MGR-37||art-forms > discontinued||||93.000 ||69.990 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||With this handsome storage file, it's easy to store your rolled-up documents securely.||If you need a good place to store your rolled-up plans and other documents, there's n reason why that storage shouldn't look great, too. With this cardboard storage file, you'll get a sturdy place to store your rolled-up items and be able to keep them in a file you won't be embarrassed for clients to see. Keep this storage file out in the open for easy access to your papers or place it in a storage room for permanent storage. These units are stackable as well as being economical and easy to use. The bottom has been reinforced to create a sturdy place for storage. These white files have gray printing for an elegant look in the office. ID labels are on both the exterior and the interior for easy labeling. Move this file easily with its side handles. The 16 partitioned slots allow for 4" x 4" storage spaces. You can also move the partitions to create spaces that measure 8" x 8" or 4" x 8".

    Alvin Rolled Storage File 16X16X37||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rolled-16x16x37.html||||||88354938880||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49915||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/advanced-sales-techniques-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||Advanced Sales Techniques (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49915||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||If you have ever wondered how your colleague has gotten to his/her quota and then some, you may be missing out on some valuable information covered in Advanced Sales Techniques enhanced DVD.||Salespersons of all levels and experience have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they enjoy interacting with other people and being engaging with them in conversation. If they don't like doing this, they are in the wrong profession. Though, salespeople have a natural ability to grab a potential customer's attention efficiently, they still have their bad days just like everyone else.

    This enhanced DVD will take you through the six most common challenges that all salespeople experience at one point or another in their careers. These issues include not having enough time in their day, negotiation difficulties, and a loss of confidence in getting the deal done right. It also shows you some tips to make your work day even more enjoyable and productive. You will  be encouraged to take action towards a more positive overall performance.||||||||||||||978-1-62290-924-7||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|42302||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/advertising-layout-dvd-3.png||||||Advertising Layout (2-part series - DVD)||FI-42302||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||259.900 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Creating a popular print ad, comprises a number of factors, such as a spirited combination of visual assumptions, understanding the psychological tendency of the consumer and nuts-and-bolts tinkering. This series, which is divided into two parts, offers an exploration of all the features described above, acquainting students with the different operational ideas which are employed by good graphic designers and advertising professionals on a regular basis. Both the episodes are just fully equipped with every necessary detail but their amiable run time makes them the ultimate one for coursework in marketing, advertising, design and commercial art.

    (Advertising Layout, 2-part series, 19 minutes each. Length: 38 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-61733-255-5 Copy Right Date: 2011 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|42303||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/advertising-layout-part-i-space-allocations-dvd-7.png||||||Advertising Layout Part I: Space Allocations (DVD)||FI-42303||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||The major aim of this program lies in teaching the students the perfect space distribution for the chief elements of a two-dimensional advertisement consisting of the logo, illustration, the copy and headline. The debate raises the question of whether or not utilize a photographer or indigenous art for demonstration along with the other text problems such as reverse type, typefaces and overprinting. The program also offers a detailed exploration of the examples of symmetry as well as asymmetrical stability along with the Kodak principle of the thirds. Viewers also glance through the layout notions such as vertical, the horizontal and the corner half. This also includes the white space and the borders. The ending presents different specimens of simplicity, harmony and unity in a layout format. This program is just perfect for graphic designing courses, advertising and creative courses. It is all about suggesting the right kind of space allocation for headlines and logos. It includes discussions on how to use photographs and original art illustrations in all creations. The video ends with a detailed discussion about harmony, unity and simplicity in layout designs.

    (Advertising Layout Part I: Space Allocations ( DVD, 19 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-61733-256-2 Copy Right Date: 2011 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|42304||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/advertising-layout-part-ii-visual-direction-dvd-7.png||||||Advertising Layout Part II: Visual Direction (DVD)||FI-42304||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||When students of advertising achieve a proper understanding of the concepts of visual principles, they may move on to the next higher level. Shifting to the next advanced level of modern breakthrough advertising methods, ensures rewards as well as customers. This program focuses on catching the reader’s attention with different layout notions which are popularly known as Mondrian, picture window, square zero, closure, silhouette, over sizing, juxtaposition and shock. Other exemplary examples depict the way by which the graphic designers divert attention within an ad by employing a large number of compositional methods which include diagonal and also Standard, “C,” “z’, spatial and overlapping advancement. The video ends with a section dedicated to the significance and everyday use of sub headlines and also headlines.

    (Advertising Layout Part II: Visual Direction DVD, 19 minutes) ISBN: 978-1-61733-257-9 Copy Right Date: 2011 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aerosolpaints||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||copopa||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/aerosol-art-5.png||||||Aerosol Art||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > painting > copopa||||||||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||||Spray Paints

    (Currently unavailable)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aerosolpaints.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aesthetics-arts||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/aesthetics-philosophy-of-the-arts-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||Aesthetics: Philosophy of the Arts Video (DVD)||FI-32705||art-sale > films||||169.950 ||159.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Aesthetics: Philosophy of the Arts Video (DVD). What do modern art, a symphony, and a documentary film have in common? They all require aesthetic considerations. This program presents the ideas of key figures in the shaping and understanding of aesthetics—from Plato, Francis Hutcheson, and Kant to Leon Battista Alberti, Stendhal, and Tolstoy—and addresses pivotal writings, including Aristotle’s Poetics and Morris Weitz’s “The Role of Theory in Aesthetics.” Columbia University’s Arthur Danto and Princeton University’s Alexander Nehamas offer keen insights into the interactions between artist, artwork, and audience as they have evolved over the centuries. (51 minutes) The DVD version has on-demand English subtitles and can be viewed using a DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive. View a Preview Clip||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aesthetics-arts.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|52095||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||criminal-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/affinity-fraud-sparks-and-lech-scammed-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||Affinity Fraud—Sparks and Lech: Scammed (Enhanced DVD)||FI-52095||bbc > documentaries > criminal-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Full of stories of victims that have been affected by affinity fraud. A great documentary for anyone who is interested in this particular topic.||Affinity Fraud—Sparks and Lech: Scammed (Enhanced DVD) is an episode of the Scammed series that explores affinity fraud. This is a type of fraud that is committed against individuals of a certain ethnic or social group by others who appear to share the same background. The people who perpetrate this type of fraud are generally members of the group on which they are preying, or they at least pretend to be members of that particular group.

    The term "affinity fraud" refers to investment scams that are perpetrated upon members of identifiable groups, such as ethnic or religious communities, by these individuals who appear to have something in common with them.

    This Scammed episode presents profiles of two criminals, Andrew Lech and David Spark. These two have committed affinity fraud against unsuspecting individuals who would never have thought that anyone from their own communities would have taken advantage of them in this way. The victims of these two criminals present their accounts of what happened, and how they were so easily fooled by these individuals due to the commonalities (beliefs or background) that they shared. They speak of how the fact that they shared these traits in common with the criminals created a situation where they actually trusted them more than they would have trusted any average person, which only led to their betrayal.

    Though this is very informative, some people may find some of the content of this video to be somewhat objectionable, so viewer discretion is advised.

    It is 21 minutes long, and it was made in 2011 (copyright date). The ISBN is 978-1-61753-813-1, and it is closed captioned.||||||||||||||978-1-61753-813-1||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|51953||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/afghan-intervention-the-trap-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||Afghan Intervention: The Trap (Enhanced DVD)||FI-51953||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The cold war finale that made Afghanistan a flash point for Islamic fundamentalism began as a result of the dynamics of the larger conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States of America.||

    From the years 1979 to 1989, the Soviet Socialist Republic unleashed a Geo strategic war in Afghanistan. The war was fought between forces loyal to the Soviet Union against those of the Islamic insurgents known as the Mujahideen. The Russian plans were a result of their effort to thwart US ambitions in the region.   Furthermore, ideologically, the Soviets were preparing to stop the spread of Islamic fundamentalism. According to a quote by Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, "Strength, and not a little strength at that is needed to defend against socialist gains." In the end, the Soviet intervention proved to be unwinnable due the capabilities of Afghanistan's population to resist the Red Army for a decade. The Soviet Union's departure ended the Cold War and resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet empire. However, the Soviet intervention displaced thousands of Afghans who fled to neighboring nations of Iran and Pakistan resulting in a bitter civil war in the region.  This civil war raged for many years with the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban and Al Queda.  The soon to follow September 11 attacks initiated a full scale intervention by the United States and NATO allies. The war against the Taliban and Al Queda known popularly as the "war on terror" concluded with NATO handing the country back to the Afghan authorities in 2011. The transfer of power was implemented as scheduled and spelt the end in 2014 of NATO's mission in the region.

    Afghan Intervention: The Trap.

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-161-3||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|51946||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/afghanistan-breaking-point-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||Afghanistan: Breaking Point (Enhanced DVD)||FI-51946||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This film grants an extraordinarily unique view into the current situation in Afghanistan by showing it through the lens of Iranian journalists. This is film is absolutely necessary viewing for anyone curious about what is happening in Afghanistan today.||

    The documentary film, Afghanistan: Breaking Point, presents an important and rarely seen look into the lives of Afghani people, the current state of the Afghan government, and the constant threat of violence, as viewed through the lens of an Iranian film crew. The film explores how Afghani's in general feel about their current situation (they don't particularly care about the heroin trade or the Taliban or Al Qaeda). The most pressing issue on many Afghani's minds is the failure of the coalition NATO government - which they see as corrupt and ineffective - and the abject poverty that many Afghani's have lived in for generations. The filmmakers come away with the conclusion that the Afghani's are a moderate people who care much more about the stability and efficacy of their government and whether or not their basic needs are being met, than drugs or violence. This documentary is a valuable addition to any film collection on current history or Middle Eastern Studies.

    Afghanistan: Breaking Point 
    Enhanced DVD

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-154-5||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|49269||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/afghanistan-girl-power-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||Afghanistan: Girl Power! (Enhanced DVD)||FI-49269||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Being female in Afghanistan is equivalent to being property, like a goat. This film explores how women in Afghanistan fight for their rights.||

    International shock and horror was triggered by the story in this film. A fifteen-year old girl was held captive and tortured by the family of her husband. When police rescued her, it was shown that her family had sold her into slavery. There was an attempt to force her into prostitution. When she refused to cooperate, she was cut with a knife, burned by cigarettes, beaten, and her fingernails were ripped out. When she was rescued, she was barely alive.

    Women in Afghanistan are treated very poorly. They have virtually no rights and are traded and sold like animals. For a woman to try to educate herself is to risk her life. Kept as virtual slaves by the families, the young women are trapped in such horrid conditions as to be almost unbelievable in modern society.

    This documentary reveals the exploitation and abuse of women in Afghanistan. The Taliban banned women from being seen in public, made it illegal for girls to attend school, and television watching was prohibited.  Now, the Taliban is no longer in power but the traditions remain unchanged, especially when it comes to abuse of women.

    New television reality shows called "soapies" are making inroads towards changing the perceptions of the Afghani people. One television show is very popular. It is called "Secrets of the House." It makes a very strong statement about the gender discrimination in Afghanistan and shows women in a more powerful light. This television show is an example that hopes to show how to improve the women's lives in such a repressive male-dominated society.

    Afghanistan: Girl Power!

    ||||||||||||||978-1-62290-633-8||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|africa-africa||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||music-videos||||||||Africa Come Back: The Popular Music of West Africa Video (DVD)||FI-10515||bbc > music-videos||||89.950 ||79.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Explore this cultural exchange in music with popular African music and how the New World has influenced what many listen to today and the genres that come out of Africa. The diverse sounds of African music will give anyone plenty to talk about, study and enjoy.||This amazing DVD explores the wonders of music in African culture. The Caribbean and Americas owe a lot to the influence Africa has had on music and in turn Africa has been influenced with new types of music. The program shows the history of genres as hi-life, the sweet and painful melodies of a palm wine guitar, the mournful harmonies of nnwonkoro to the fierce and complex rhythms of kplango. Throughout the program you'll see performances by Adinkra, the African Brothers, Frankie Lane and Gifty Collins, Koo Nimo, Nana Ampadu, Segun Adewale and His Superstars International and the Sumsum Band.
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/africa-africa.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|51935||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||area-studies||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/africa-a-journey-through-hell-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||Africa: A Journey Through Hell (Enhanced DVD)||FI-51935||bbc > documentaries > area-studies||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||This program provides a look into the lives the impoverished people of Ethiopia and Somalia as they attempt to flee their homeland. It details the rough journey they must make in order to pursue a better life. ||

    In the countries of Somalia and Ethiopia, poverty is rampant. Thousands of the nations' poor people dream of building a better life elsewhere. This leads them to hire smugglers who lead them on a brutal three day journey to a place where these people can get work. The conditions are so extreme, half of the refugees die along the way.

    The smugglers that are hired to provide safe passage to a better life are often the source of their pain. The smugglers are known to beat, starve, and even drown their passengers. The circumstances have become so bleak that international agencies have gotten involved. Unfortunately, they have not been able to help many of these people. 

    Africa: A Journey Through Hell

    Enhanced DVD
    ISBN: 978-1-61753-144-6
    Run Time: 50 Minutes
    Copyright Date: 2007

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-144-6||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|african-art||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/african-art-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||African Art Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-31941||art-sale > films||||149.950 ||141.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    The African Art Video pays impeccable close attention to the rich and culturally significan artistic history of Africa. From masks to tribal chants, this video also provides significant and poignant allusions on the Western world's own history of non-traditional of art forms. 


    Dive headfirst into the heart of African art in this African Art video series. The series documents major traditions of African culture, and the merits of its artistic sensibilities. The video also explores unconventional art, including prehistoric rock art and spiritual performance art. Location footage exemplifies the diverse cultures on the continent, which all maintain their own inner sense of artistic style. 

    The video provides insight into the culture through:

    The series ultimately asks the question; with the rise of technology and global unity, what has our world lost in art culture?

    View a preview clip here

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/african-art.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|african-oppression||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/african-art-legacy-of-oppression-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||African Art: Legacy of Oppression Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-8612||art-sale > films||||99.950 ||91.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    All art enthusiasts will enjoy learning about the African art collection that is housed in the Tervuren Museum in Belgium when they watch the African Art: Legacy of Oppression Video (DVD/VHS). Consisting of about 250,000 pieces of artwork, the collection is considered to be the largest in the world. 


    The huge collection of African art that is housed at the Tervuren Museum, located in Belgium, is showcased in this African Art: Legacy of Oppression Video (DVD/VHS). Journalists, authors and art historians of note discuss many of the 250,000 pieces of art that span 250 African cultures. With a wide range of artistic styles that are focused on in this 13 minutes presentation, the viewer is able to get a rare glimpse of the stunning beauty and craftsmanship these artisans have passed down from generation to generation. View a preview clip and prepare to be mesmerized and dazzled. 

    Ramona Austin, art historian, finds the abstracts that are used by many of the cultures highlighted in this video to be particularly fascinating. It is these emotionally engrossing abstracts that influenced many of the masters of Europe, such as Picasso, with their generalized forms and modernistic qualities. She also marvels at the fine detailing that is present on objects that were used in everyday life, such as combs. Author and journalist, Adam Hochschild, notes that Belgium acquired these fine works of art when King Leopold II colonized and exploited the area in the 1800s. Produced in 1998, this presentation features art history, photography and art. 

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/african-oppression.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|african-history-culture-dvds||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||documentaries||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/african-history-culture-dvds-8.png||||||African History & Culture DVDs||FI-D3||bbc > documentaries||||49.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Choose a title above from the following Academic Success programs:

    #2561 Algeria 1954: Revolt of a Colony (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $49.95
    This program shows the uprising which succeeded in throwing out the French from the point of view of an Algerian Arab, showing the conditions and following the thought processes and the steps that led to insurrection, and the revolt itself. The words are those of the colonized North Africans-the man in the street as well as the intellectual and politician-and of such radical theoreticians of revolt as Franz Fanon. (14 minutes, b&w/color)

    #36255 The Suffering of Sudan (Run Time 12 min.) DVD $59.95
    Darfur is dying. Drought and military violence in this region of Sudan have caused more than a million people to flee, and the death toll from starvation, disease, and militia attacks continues to rise. What, if anything, is being done to help the victims? This Peabody Award-winning program goes inside the Bredjing Refugee Camp in neighboring Chad, visits a tiny clinic run by Doctors Without Borders, and rides with the Sudan Liberation Army to give viewers a glimpse of what the UN is calling one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. (12 minutes)

    #3260 The Legend of Ameur the Good (Algeria) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $69.95
    Ali's laziness and greed make him easy prey for the devil. Unwilling to work for what he wants, Ali agrees to give up his youngest son in exchange for wealth. Unlike his father, Ameur, Ali's oldest son, is hardworking, generous, and honest, respected by the entire village. His kindness to a pair of spirits posing as a blind beggar and an abandoned princess allows him entrance to the Magnificent Garden. Inside the garden Ameur hears the words of Akhil, the wisest of the wise. Akhil directs Ameur to the grotto where his brother and many other young boys are being kept by the devil. With his pure soul, Ameur cannot be harmed by the devil and succeeds in rescuing the boys. (26 minutes)

    #5093 Nigeria: A Tale of Two Families (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $69.95
    This program reflects the diversity of the entire continent. Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, and ranges from tropical forest in the south to sub-Saharan savannah in the north. The program looks at the effect of climate on the lives and survival strategies of two farming families living in very different locations, and at the influence of culture on the children and their ambitions. (20 minutes)

    #5094 Nigeria: Dammed Water (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $69.95
    This program takes the Chad Basin as a case study to examine the effects of a large-scale water management project on the lives of different kinds of farms and farmers; it contrasts this huge capital-intensive development program with a small collective project now jeopardized by further dam-building. (20 minutes)

    #5095 Lagos: Rich Man, Poor Man (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $69.95
    This program shows the enormous contrast between the lives of two children in Nigeria's bustling metropolis, thereby illustrating how the city works and its people survive. (20 minutes)

    #5096 Zimbabwe: Tourism Along the Zambezi River (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $69.95
    This program looks at the impact of tourism on the people and environment of Zimbabwe. Since its independence in 1980, Zimbabwe has encouraged tourism as a means to improve its economic well-being. The program provides a brief history of Zimbabwe, and focuses on the benefits of tourism to the country and the employment opportunities this provides. The program examines the lives of Zimbabwe's citizens to determine whether they have benefited from the development of tourism, and contrasts the lifestyles of the country's people with the lives of the tourists who visit. (20 minutes)

    #5097 Zambia: A Copper Miner's Family (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $69.95
    This program examines the growth and decline of the copper mining industry in Zambia and how this has influenced the lives of Zambia's citizens. Focusing on one Zambian family, the program provides an introduction to the country and explains the importance of copper to Zambia's economy. The program contrasts life in the country before and after the fall of the price of copper on the international commodity markets. As a result of the fall in copper prices, many of the miners are now unemployed and are seeking alternate ways to make a living. Since close links are usually maintained with their families in the rural areas, many miners are now returning to the land to begin farming again. (20 minutes)

    #36240 Cultural Issues in Kenya (Run Time min.) DVD $69.95
    Exploring Kenya's multifaceted urban and rural settings, this program looks at the various cultures found within the nation today. Viewers will experience the country's spectacular diversity-and the difficulty of providing education and mass communication for a population that speaks well over 40 languages. Highlighting the challenges of conflicting cultural traditions and beliefs, the program looks at the nation's extraordinary efforts in combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The economic and sociological dynamics of Kenya are made clear through the interactions of Kenyan students, business people, artists, community leaders, and others. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (24 minutes)

    #36241 Ecological Issues in Kenya (Run Time min.) DVD $69.95
    East Africa's wild beauty may also be its greatest challenge. This program describes the ecological issues arising when a finite amount of land is needed for ever-growing human and animal populations. Where will Kenya's varied wildlife go when cities expand into age-old migration paths? How will farmers and cattle ranchers protect their land from invading animals? And how can a developing nation boost its much-needed tourist industry without harming its equally valuable natural resources? The program features eye-opening commentary from Professor Wangari Muta Maathai-winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize and founder of Kenya's Green Belt Movement. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (18 minutes)

    #8048 Apartheid Revisited: Confronting History (Run Time min.) DVD $79.95
    This video follows a group of American students on a trip through South Africa as they explore the history of this fascinating nation. The students learn about political struggles that shaped South Africa, and important roles played by young people in the evolution of this country.The journey begins at the National Youth Day Celebration on the 20th anniversary of the Student Uprising against apartheid. The students then travel from Johannesburg south to Durban and down the Garden Route to Capetown, visiting key landmarks and talking with veterans of the movement about the political and social causes of apartheid. The students also visit a traditional Zulu village, explore museums, and meet with student leaders of today to exchange ideas and experiences. With beautiful location footage and interviews, viewers share in this journey as the participants compare the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. to the Freedom Fight in South Africa. A guide is included. A Cambridge Educational Production. (38 minutes)

    #871 The Beggar of Soutile (Ivory Coast) (Run Time min.) DVD $89.95
    A story from the Ivory Coast that tells how the selfish villagers of Soutile were turned to stone. Long ago, the people of Soutile were known as the least hospitable people on earth. One day an old beggar came to town. Children taunted him and grown-ups shut their doors in his face. Only Balou offered him something to eat. That is why the Sacred Mask of Health and Life allowed Balou and his family to escape the punishment that befell the entire village. (26 minutes)

    #1623 Soweto: Class of '76 (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $89.95
    Who: White South African troops and police, and black school children. What: A protest by the children over the introduction of compulsory teaching in Afrikaans, the main dialect of the ruling white minority. When: 1976. Where: Soweto, the huge Black township outside Johannesburg. Why: The answer to why strikes at the very heart of the South African policy of apartheid, apartness, keeping blacks and whites separate and unequal. This program documents the events in Soweto 1976 that crystallized the issues in South Africa between whites seeking to maintain their power and capital and blacks demanding basic human and economic rights in their own land. (20 minutes, b&w)

    #2554 Tunisia and Morocco: The Struggle for North African Independence (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $89.95
    The function of colonies to provide markets for the mother country and opportunities for her citizens is nowhere better illustrated than in French North Africa. Technically only protectorates, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria were treated as colonies. In two world wars, North Africans died to save mother France; when France was occupied by Hitler, many Arabs sided with the Germans. Wiser North African leadership foresaw that a Nazi victory would not bring Arab independence. It did not take a major insurrection to secure freedom from a weakened France after the war-a different story from the one that occurred in Algeria. (16 minutes, b&w/color)

    #2592 Nelson Mandela: The History of a Struggle (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $89.95
    On July 12, 1964, a South African court sentenced Nelson Mandela to life imprisonment. This program covers his life and activities up to that time, the background against which they occurred, and the events in the struggle against apartheid that led to his release. (30 minutes)

    #2611 Spear of the Nation: The Story of The African National Congress (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95
    The voice of the black South African majority was dramatically liberated with the release of Nelson Mandela and political recognition of the African National Congress (ANC). But what are the origins of the ANC, and how has it achieved such military, political, and diplomatic power in South Africa? This documentary, much of which was filmed in secret, provides both background and perspective on the ANC, its objectives, and its leaders. (52 minutes)

    #2937 The Lesson of the Three Thieves (Gambia) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    This is the story of two thieves who plan to steal the jewels that are to adorn the body of their dying friend, and of a wandering thief who is about to help himself to the same jewels. This is a picaresque tale of missing bodies and replaced shrouds, of hidden conspirators and angry crowds, that lead the thieves to vow never to steal again. (26 minutes)

    #2943 The Wife Abductor (Algeria) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    The village is under a curse, its inhabitants forced to abandon their homes and wives to an evil magician who terrorizes them all. Haroun decides to set out on his own to find out the truth, and finds a woman carved in stone on the edge of a ravine; it is the beautiful Tazari, whom the magician has turned to stone. (26 minutes)

    #2944 The End Is the Return (Algeria) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Ralib, who long ago lost to the evil magician, has gathered his strength and will revenge the hurt done his beloved Tazari, as well as the defeat he himself suffered. For an entire day, good and evil battle. But as night falls, the power of evil grows, and only by destroying evil at its root can Ralib destroy the demon's power forever. The spell is broken, and Ralib throws away his sword, knowing that no man bearing a weapon may approach a woman. (26 minutes)

    #2946 The Greedy Child (Senegal) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Joomay is a 13-year-old who never helps and never shares. To avoid being scolded, he runs away and is captured by a giant. Joomay realizes that his greed is what led him to such a pass. He escapes from the giant and is given some fruit. As he comes to the river he must cross to reach his village, the ferryman demands four pieces of fruit-but Joomay has only two pieces, since he gave the others to a crying child. Joomay has changed, and when he gets home, he is no longer a greedy boy. (26 minutes)

    #2947 The Good and the Evil (Senegal) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Suleiman is abandoned by his traveling companion Malich when he offers to share his goods with an old man. As a reward for his generosity, Suleiman is told a secret that will help his village grow and prosper, but when Malich returns to claim his share of the rewards, he learns that they are given only to the pure and generous of heart. (26 minutes)

    #2948 How Samba Became Viceroy (Mali) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    This is the story of Samba and the legacy of the four braids, each representing one great truth. Captured and brought before the king, Samba resisted telling the secrets until he realized that the alternative was death. But when he revealed the last of his secrets, that a leader deserves no honor if he is not also a friend to his people, the king understood the message and made Samba his viceroy. (26 minutes)

    #2949 The Soothsayer, part 1 (Tunisia) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    The story takes place during the 18th century, when Ottoman Turks occupied Tunisia and the people placed great faith in soothsayers. It happened that a humble potter named Asfur-which means "little bird"-benefited from some lucky coincidences, and was soon regarded as a great seer. His renown reaches the ears of the Pasha, who worries that Asfur is becoming too powerful. He sends him on a dangerous mission and, as the first part of the story ends, Asfur is thrown to the Sultan's lions. (26 minutes)

    #2950 The Soothsayer, part 2 (Tunisia) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Asfur learns who stole the Sultan's ring, his life is saved, and he gets a rich reward. Luck is again on Asfur's side; although the Pasha tries to discredit him, Asfur chances on the correct answer to a riddle and is made governor of the province. Asfur has everything a man could want-except that what he really wants is to return to the simple life of a humble potter. (26 minutes)

    #3075 Laura the Taxi Driver (Benin) (Run Time 13 min.) DVD $89.95
    Laura is a pioneer, the first woman to stake her claim under the law to what had been exclusively a male preserve: driving a taxi. The mother of three, she deals with the hassles of traffic, changes a flat when she has to, and contends both with those men who want a smiling wife to greet them at the door when they return from work, and those who welcome women as equals. She enjoys her job and the financial and social independence it gives her. (13 minutes)

    #3076 The Ashanti Kingdom (Ghana) (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $89.95
    The Ashanti are the best-known tribe of Ghana, comprising around 2 million of the country's 12 million inhabitants. All of the Ashanti kings belong to the Oyoko Dako clan, the clan of chieftains; they are the ones who have created and strengthened the Ashanti nation. This program shows the Ashanti kingdom: it explains the strict hierarchical organization of the village, the importance of the characteristic kente garment, the naming of children, the Ashanti religious beliefs, the importance of traditional values and traditional festivals, and the protocol surrounding the paramount chief of the Ashanti. (14 minutes)

    #3077 The Glories of Ancient Benin (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95
    Long, long, ago, three great hunters came upon a termitary from which emerged a nine-headed genie. A city was built on this spot, beside a pond named Abomiressa Adjaga after the god of the hunters. The Portuguese traders who arrived around 1600 called the city Porto-Novo (Newport). Teagmani, son of Pokbon, was king at that time, one of a long line of kings whose heritage is preserved in the Museum of Porto-Novo. Here we can see the richly embroidered royal robes and some of the utensils used at court. The carved doors of the Royal Palace provide a window into the political, social, economic, and cultural life of the kingdom. Its symbols are as applicable today as in King Toffa's day: the snail, to show that the King must guide his people slowly and patiently; the tortoise, symbol of invulnerability, means that while the King lives, no enemy can get on his back; the lizard symbolizes unity, for lizards hide in cracks and if the country is unified, no enemy can hide; the duck symbolizes wisdom, for one who cannot swim should not go into the water and one who is not sure of victory over the enemy should not attack. The Museum and the Palace contain a wealth of testimonials and memories of Benin's glorious past. (15 minutes)

    #3085 Kumekucha: Women of Tanzania (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    Tanzania's women commonly face the problem of raising their children and providing for them as well; just as commonly, they see their men as problems and burdens. In this program, the women speak out: about the difficulties of their lives, the dilemma they face when their only source of income is brewing beer which is bought by men with the money they ought to be giving their wives as support, the feelings of some women that men are useless to them. What emerges is a society in which there seems to be a total absence of romantic love, sex is hardly an issue, and women find their strength in mutual support. (28 minutes)

    #3086 The Drop of Milk (Burkina Faso) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    This is a fable about an old man and a young boy-the boy has allowed the final drop of milk from the cow he was milking to fall irretrievably to the ground; the old man sends the boy in search of the magical drop of milk. In the course of the story, we see the contrast between the lives of the African child from a land of drought and a European child from a land of rich pastures-and the transcending similarities as well. (26 minutes)

    #3087 Zulei (Niger) (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95
    Zulei, a 14-year-old Fulani girl about to be married, is the focus of this program, which documents the life of a people whose ancestors were nomads and whose customs and habits have changed very little across millennia. The origins of the Fulani are shrouded in history; the present seems barely brushed by the shadow of the 20th century-or the 19th, or colonialism, or any event at all outside the routine struggle for survival and the joys and fears and sorrows of human existence. (52 minutes)

    #3089 To Be a Woman in Burkina Faso (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $89.95
    The lot of women in Burkina Faso is not an easy one. Those who work in the fields toil without adequate recompense; with the added work of child care, home care, and cooking, these women have no time at all for themselves. Women in the city are hardly better off; factory work and home management are a double burden-it is unheard-of for a woman here not to care for and beautify her home. Polygamy is accepted, and women appear to consider it a way of sharing the burdens of work. The future, women feel, will be better only when women are better educated, have access to equal job opportunities with men, and have their own reasonable source of income. (14 minutes)

    #3090 The Priest and the Nganga (Cameroon) (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program visits the world of the traditional African healer, the nganga. Beyond viruses and bacteria, many believe there are evil spells, and the program shows how ngangas fight the sorcery that is thought to cause illness. The patients include a government official and a schoolteacher; the ngangas, like the patients, are Christians; the filmmaker and narrator is a white Belgian priest. (29 minutes)

    #3091 Women of Manga (Niger) (Run Time 12 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program is devoted to the women of a warrior tribe whose origin is ancient but unknown and which lives today in eastern Niger. It shows the life of the people, focusing on the traditions according to which the women live, behave, and make themselves beautiful-the complicated painting that constitutes makeup, the even more complicated hairstyles and their meanings, the role of facial scars and jewelry; the same standards of beauty are applied to objects. (12 minutes)

    #3092 Dance, Voodoo, Dance (Benin) (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95
    Among the many ethnic groups of Benin, two in particular stand out as practitioners of the ancient rites of voodoo. This program explains who the voodoo practitioners are as well as the mythical origins of their cult; it also shows the music and dance of these two groups-wild and furious, acrobatic and physically demanding, beautiful and harmonious, rhythmically infectious. (15 minutes)

    #3094 Black Man's Burden (Run Time 20 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program examines the factors underlying the low economic status of many Africans. It finds that Africans are often caught in a vicious cycle of poverty: farmers cannot grow enough to afford fertilizer, and without fertilizer they cannot increase their crop yield or their income; workers are too poor to afford medicine when they become ill, and without medicine they cannot get better to return to work to make money. As long as the current economic structure is in place, the rich will get richer and the poor will grow poorer. (20 minutes)

    #3256 Black Sugar (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    His voice shaking with rage and bitterness, an old man sitting by the West African water's edge tells his grandson how fellow men and women were seized from their daily lives, uprooted from their native soil, herded like cattle into stinking ships, and-deprived of their families, their homes, their very history-sold into slavery to make the New World fertile and prosperous for its owners. (26 minutes)

    #3337 Ramohamy's Son (Madagascar) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Ramohamy's wife Bauotuvi and newborn son Zao are the most beloved people in his life. One day, he must choose between the two. The birth of Ramohamy's son brings much joy to the village, but some are envious of his family's happiness. One villager places a curse on Bauotuvi, knowing that her death will disturb the harmony of Ramohamy's family. When the village healer is unable to cure Bauotuvi, Ramohamy risks his life by going to the island of Rumbevasa, god of the just. Rumbevasa will cure Bauotuvi on one condition; Ramohamy must give up his son. Ramohamy reluctantly agrees to give his son to Rumbevasa in order to save his wife. Ultimately, Ramohamy is rewarded for his virtue; Zao is returned to him because he has kept his word. (26 minutes)

    #3338 Mellala and the Temptations of the Desert (Algeria) (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    The beautiful Mellala is forced to marry the chief's son, despite her engagement to another man. Her desire for true love leads her away from the comfort of her oasis to the barren landscape of the desert. With the help of her friend Ouj, she crosses the desert in search of Ileeg, the man she loves. Along the way, the two are warned about the temptations of the desert and urged to heed the rules of survival. In a moment of weakness Ouj succumbs to temptation, leaving Mellala to wander the desert alone. As true love would have it, Ileeg discovers Mellala collapsed in the desert and returns with her to rescue Ouj from the forces of temptation. The strength of Ileeg compensates for the weakness of Ouj, allowing the entire group to survive. (26 minutes)

    #3717 African Art and Women Artists (Run Time 17 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program focuses on the Kenyan Elizabeth Orchardson-Mazrui. Rooted deeply in African soil, her art comments on life, particularly the contradictory and often hypocritical attitudes of African society toward women; her teaching at the university champions the concept that African art is a valid academic discipline, that African art is intrinsically different in being part of life rather than (as in Western art) a separate element. (17 minutes)

    #4008 Have You Seen Drum Recently? (Run Time 77 min.) DVD $89.95
    This social documentary captures a kaleidoscope of black South African life in the 1950s, showing the impact of South Africa's racial policies in shaping this culture. The program uses the photographic archives of Drum-a vibrant South African literary magazine of the time-as well as archival footage and reminiscences of Drum journalists; it includes a young Nelson Mandela sparring in the boxing ring, Oliver Tambo as a brilliant young lawyer, Trevor Huddleston, Chief Luthuli, and Miriam Makeba, among others. In all, the program shows the hopes and fears, the humor, tragedies, and idiosyncrasies of an era that has uncomfortable parallels with South Africa today. (77 minutes)

    #4536 The Nature of Exploration Today: Sir Laurens van der Post (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    Sir Laurens earned a reputation as one of the most remarkable men of our time for his devotion to the cause of the Kalahari Desert Bushmen. This program, which features his Royal Geographical Society lecture on the nature of exploration today, provides the background to understanding the efforts to find the survivors of the Bushmen and preserve them and their way of life. (28 minutes, b&w)

    #4537 Vanishing People (Run Time 31 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program draws us into the bittersweet story of the first encounter between the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert and Sir Laurens van der Post. He explains how his grandfather's generation killed off the last of the Bushmen in South Africa and tells the 40,000-year history of the Bushmen who once lived throughout Africa. (31 minutes, b&w)

    #4538 First Encounter (Run Time 31 min.) DVD $89.95
    We follow Sir Laurens' search for River Bushmen at Victoria Falls, starting in September 1954. After some initial, tantalizing sightings of abandoned Bushmen camps, the expedition experiences difficulties crossing the swamps of the Okovango Delta. They were forced to the conclusion that, even then, very few Bushmen were left. (31 minutes, b&w)

    #4539 The Spirit of the Slippery Hills (Run Time 31 min.) DVD $89.95
    The next phase of the journey was to lead deep into the desert in search of the Veld Bushmen, the Hunters of the Plains. Serious trouble soon develops after some members of the group break Bushmen rules about hunting in this sacred area. They also catch their first view of magnificent rock paintings, thousands of years old. (31 minutes, b&w)

    #4540 Life in the Thirst Land (Run Time 31 min.) DVD $89.95
    After traveling 2,000 miles and several months into the desert, the group encounters its first true Bushmen. We meet a small community, including grandmothers, young girls, and strong hunters, and get a fascinating account of their daily activities and their skills in hunting, gathering, and finding water in this arid environment. (31 minutes, b&w)

    #4541 The Great Eland (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $89.95
    Hunting is almost a religion-the key to Bushmen survival-and the hunter is the most important member of the community. Sir Laurens' party and the Bushmen go off in search of a herd of eland and use poisoned spears to catch a prime bull. The program shows the Bushmen performing the very beautiful Eland Dance and the Fire Dance, the most sacred of all Bushmen dances. (30 minutes, b&w)

    #4542 Rain Song (Run Time 31 min.) DVD $89.95
    The coming of rain brings great joy and many changes to the Bushmen community. They sing the new Rain Song, and the desert bursts into life, teeming with flowers, honeybees, birds, and other desert creatures. One of the young Bushmen, struck with spring fever, declares his love for an unmarried beauty by shooting a tiny "cupid's bow" to secure her heart. The program concludes with the tragically prophetic warning of the demise of the Bushmen society and way of life. (31 minutes, b&w)

    #4936 Chinua Achebe (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $89.95
    Chinua Achebe is president of the town council in his village in Nigeria, a role that brings him more headaches than honors. He's also a storyteller who hears the music of history, weaves the fabric of memory, and sometimes offends the Emperor as well. His first novel, Things Fall Apart, took the world by storm. Achebe disagrees with the notion that literature should be divorced from the politics and economics of its society. In fact, he states, "It is the storyteller...that makes us what we are, that creates history." In his storytelling role, Achebe serves as the collective memory of his society, chronicling the rough transition of African nations such as Nigeria from colonialism to democracy. In this program with Bill Moyers, Chinua Achebe, a man caught between two worlds, discusses his observations and criticisms of both African and Western politics and culture. (30 minutes)

    #5099 The Present: Benin's People (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95
    Osaigbovo and Adesuwa are anxious to get home from school because they are having a birthday party. We observe the preparations-getting dressed, cooking food-and join in the celebration while discovering that life in Benin City today is a mixture of the modern and the traditional, Western and Nigerian. Finally, we listen as the father tells the assembled guests the Benin creation myth, the story of how the earth was born. (15 minutes)

    #5100 The Past: Emotan and the Banished Prince (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95
    The dance drama retells the legend of how Prince Ogun was banished and his brother usurped the throne. With the help of a widow, the loyal Emotan, he manages to regain his rightful throne to rule his people wisely and well. This tale of magic and revenge is firmly based in history. (15 minutes)

    #5101 Past and Present: Traders, the City, and Men from Over the Sea (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95
    There is still a king or Oba of Benin today, and he still dispenses justice to his people. He lives in a very traditional world but has received a British university education. Contrasts like these are commonplace in modern Nigeria: the children shop in the tumult of a traditional market and go to a supermarket to buy plastic toys made in China. Overseas trade is not new to Benin; it was taking place long before the white man arrived. By dramatizing one of the rare accounts by a slave captured as a child, we bring home a small part of the horror that was the slave trade. (15 minutes)

    #5102 Crafts and Crafts People (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95
    Adesuwa, age 10, and Akugbe, age 11, are going to have new party dresses made. They choose a tie-dyed fabric, and we learn how it is made. We also learn how the famous bronzes were cast. They are still being made in the traditional way, although the hand-pumped bellows has been replaced by an automobile battery-powered fan. Today's chief bronze caster narrates the dance drama that explains how the bronze casters became the most important craft guild in Benin. (15 minutes)

    #5103 Home to the Village (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $89.95
    Most urban Nigerians retain strong ties to their home villages. Many, like the Izevbigie family, return for planting and harvesting-suitcase farming, it's called. This program compares the life of the city-dwelling Izevbigies with that of their country cousins, as well as the games they play. Grandmother tells the story of the treasure at the end of the rainbow. (15 minutes)

    #8980 Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Bill Moyers (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $89.95
    Renowned as a voice of conscience in apartheid South Africa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu-Nobel laureate and Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)-has spent his life opposing his nation's discriminatory policies. In a powerful interview with prize-winning journalist Bill Moyers, this courageous Anglican prelate discusses his life and work and shares his thoughts on justice, truth, and forgiveness-so timely at the end of a century notorious for genocide and flagrant human rights violations. The Archbishop candidly describes his experiences during three years traveling the country to unflinchingly gather atrocity testimony. Archbishop Tutu and Mr. Moyers also discuss the TRC's international impact as a model and what America in particular can learn from South Africa's attempt at reconciliation. Although expressions of remorse and the granting of forgiveness between perpetrators and victims have not been universal, the Archbishop devoutly hopes that his troubled nation can find closure with its past so that it can pave the way to a brighter future-for everyone. (57 minutes)

    #11795 The Hamar and Karo Tribes: The Search for Mingi (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $89.95
    Ethiopia's closely allied Hamar and Karo share many practices that help to sustain their traditional lifestyles. This program enters the world of these warrior peoples through their attentiveness toward mingi, or imperfection, and the bullah, a coming-of-age ceremony in which a young man hurdles a group of tethered bulls after a female relative, in a demonstration of respect for him, has invited other male family members to whip her. The role of the village metalworker, whose craft is prized and yet who is required to live apart from Hamar society, is also examined. (54 minutes)

    #11796 The Mursi Tribe: The Day of the Donga (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $89.95
    Much has changed in modern Ethiopia, but at least one thing remains the same: the Mursi are still among the fiercest warriors in Africa. This program, a study of life among the Mursi, features footage of a donga, a punishing yet graceful stick fighting competition through which young men display their bravery, establish their status, and perhaps even attract a young woman to marry. Mursi mysticism and faith healing are also considered, as well as customs such as the use of large ceramic lip disks by women as symbols of beauty and wealth. (54 minutes)

    #11797 The Wodaabe and Tuareg Nomads: Stealing Beauty (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $89.95
    Though sometimes in conflict with each other, the Wodaabe and Tuareg have a common enemy in the arid lands of central western Africa they call home. Filmed in part during the height of the dry season, this program offers insights into both of these warrior tribes through two of their major celebrations. For the polygynous Wodaabe it is the worso, a flamboyant courtship festival that frequently ends in the "abduction" of an additional wife. And for the matrilineal Tuareg, it is a festival featuring camel racing and dancing. The vital importance of water to the survival of both peoples is underscored. (53 minutes)

    #11798 The Afar Tribe: A Bride's Story (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program provides an introduction to the Afar by recording two major life events: the arranged marriage of a most reluctant bride and the initiation of a nervous would-be warrior. Can Fatuma, daughter of the clan chief, steel herself to marry her first cousin Ali, or will she seek escape-perhaps through suicide? And will Mohammed be able to retain his stoic poise during his ritual circumcision? The Afar belief system, a blend of Islam and ancient traditions that underpins these crucial events, is explored. (54 minutes)

    #11799 The Dinka Tribe: Man of the Men (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program profiles the warriors of the White Nile, a tribe that others call Dinka but that calls itself Moinjang: Man of the Men. Wedding negotiations, which involve a bride price usually paid in cattle, are highlighted, along with a traditional high-stakes contest to be the fattest man in the land. The impacts of Sudan's civil war and of a thriving slave trade, intensified by famine and extreme poverty, are also discussed. Can the Dinka devotion to their supreme being, Nialith, and to the many ancestral spirits they honor keep their culture alive? (53 minutes)

    #33286 Breaking the Silence: Lifting the Stigma of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    In Ethiopia, fear of HIV has led to a stigma against those who carry it. This case study spotlights the heroic efforts of individuals and organizations such as Dawn of Hope, the Cheshire Foundation, Mekdim, and Save Your Generation to open a life-saving dialogue about the disease that includes community education on HIV transmission and prevention as well as counseling and care for those in HIV-related need. "This issue is knocking on everybody's door," says Tsegaye, a young man who came out about his infection to open the eyes of his friends to the danger of unprotected sex. "Each of us must do our part." Contains discussions of condom use. (28 minutes)

    #34468 Malawi: A Nation Going Hungry (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Poverty, unstable government, and disadvantages in trade have virtually eliminated food security in Malawi. This program explores the African country's struggles on both a personal and national level, interviewing frustrated civil servants and impoverished citizens, and reflecting widespread despair over WTO policies and the government's inability to subsidize the agriculture of its own people. Highlighting the additional problems of environmental degradation and AIDS, the program offers a moving glimpse into human lives that revolve around one constant challenge: getting something to eat. (Portions have English subtitles, 26 minutes)

    #35835 Return to the Heart of Darkness (Run Time 23 min.) DVD $89.95
    The world largely ignored Rwanda's descent into genocide and civil war. With tensions continuing along the Congo-Rwanda border, will history repeat itself? This ABC News program examines new challenges in central and eastern Africa, reporting on the instability created by Hutu guerillas known as the FDLR. The program also analyzes successes and failures that have occurred as Rwanda tries to heal. Revisiting the shores of Lake Kivu, where vast numbers of refugees died during the violence of the mid-1990s, the program studies the efforts of the International Crisis Group to address vestiges of the tragedy and remove the FDLR-giving the world a second chance to pay attention. (23 minutes)

    #36266 Helping the Youngest Victims of AIDS: Spotlight on South Africa (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
    This ABC News program focuses on the good works being done by two remarkable AIDS crusaders who have taken the AIDS pandemic in Africa to heart: singer/songwriter Alicia Keyes and human rights maverick Stephen Lewis. Keyes' position as spokesperson for Keep a Child Alive, a nonprofit organization providing life-saving medicines directly to African children and families with HIV/AIDS, is showcased alongside the efforts of Lewis, U.N. Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa and creator of a foundation devoted to funding community-based HIV/AIDS-related initiatives. (22 minutes)

    #39147 Bill Moyers Journal: November 9, 2007, and December 28, 2007 (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $89.95
    "We as a country are actually sacrificing children to an evil God," says historian and death penalty critic Thomas Cahill. In an interview that takes viewers from the Roman Coliseum to death row in Texas, Bill Moyers talks with the author of How the Irish Saved Civilization about capital punishment and its place in American culture. Discussing his most recent project-a book about a young defendant put to death after a questionable trial-Cahill asks us to acknowledge a brutality that lives as much "inside of us" as it does in our legal system. Also on the program: an essay on Pakistan and a look at a past interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Broadcast dates: November 9, 2007, and December 28, 2007. (58 minutes)

    #3078 The Bambara Kingdom of Segu (Mali) (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $99.95
    The history of the Bambara can be traced at least as far back as the seventh century. In this program, we learn something of their past, and we can imagine more from the extraordinary architecture of their ancient villages, which form a fluid continuum with life in the same region today. A large and flourishing culture, the Bambara lived by collecting enslaved Africans and reselling them to North Africa and the Western Hemisphere; when the slave trade was abolished in Europe, the economic decline of the Bambara followed. As new economic bases were created, a new Bambara civilization emerged, which has retained the artistic vigor of its forebears. (19 minutes)

    #3079 Zemi Jan: The Motorcycles of Porto-Novo (Benin) (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $99.95
    "Get a move on! Quick!" is the motto of modern Porto-Novo. Forget the stately rhythms of ancient Benin, nowadays everyone is in a hurry: to get to work, to rush a child to the hospital. This program shows us modern Porto-Novo and its motorcycle taxis-as the driver performs the necessary religious rituals to prevent accidents on the road, bargains with fares, and fulfills the roles of small businessman, ambulance driver, psychologist, and sightseeing guide. (15 minutes)

    #3081 Baabu Banza: Nothing Goes to Waste (Niger) (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $99.95
    What some throw away, others collect and refashion into something with a new utility. What in the industrialized world is recycled is in Niamey, capital of Niger, reinvented. This program shows the amazing industry and inventiveness with which Niamey's garbage dumps are gleaned. We observe among the many resurrected objects here, the amazing uses to which old tires are put. (16 minutes)

    #7426 Artist Unknown: The Search for African History (Run Time 50 min.) DVD $99.95
    In this documentary, Lonnie James, a young British man of Trinidadian descent, journeys to the ancient African kingdom of Benin, located in present-day Nigeria, to discover the origins of a carved mask purchased in London. He uncovers a tale of early African civilization, the looting of treasures and suppression of traditions by colonial powers, and the amazing persistence of an African artistic vision within a colonial culture. His mission becomes a quest to better understand the essence of Africa itself. In an ultimate gesture of reconciliation with his African heritage, James leaves the prized mask in the place where it was created. A BBCW Production. (50 minutes)

    #6135 Healers of Ghana (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $129.95
    This program explores the traditional medical practices of the Bono people of central Ghana and how their healers are cooperating with Western doctors, using herbs and spiritualism to improve health-care delivery in rural areas. Traditionally, Bono tribal priests undergo a painful spiritual possession, during which deities reveal to them the causes of illnesses, which plants to use to treat them, who is perpetrating witchcraft, and which villagers might be endangering society through improper behavior. The program features vibrant dance and possession ceremonies, set against the backdrop of the Bono villages, which are awash with color. (58 minutes)

    #6136 Sorcerers of Zaire (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $129.95
    For the rural Chokwe tribe of southwestern Zaire, hardship and starvation are a way of life. The mood in their villages is one of austerity and mystery. To assure that their modest food supply is distributed fairly, the Chokwe use a complex system of reprisals in which sorcerers are hired to resurrect ancestral ghosts to haunt those who hoard goods, causing them illness and death. This program, from the award-winning producers of Healers of Ghana, focuses on four patients and two healers, following them through their traditional medical treatments. The program also observes the rigorous initiation ritual in which masked dancers help prepare boys for manhood. (51 minutes)

    #9324 Child Brides (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $129.95
    Traditions, sanctioned by time and often necessitated by poverty, are very difficult to overcome. In many parts of Africa, Asia, and South America, young girls are often engaged by the age of eight, and leave their homes to join their husbands by twelve. And in many cases, the younger the girl, the more her family receives in the form of a dowry. This program travels to the most rural and poverty-stricken regions of Ethiopia to expose the common practice of child brides and the consequences for the young girls who often give birth before they are out of childhood. (51 minutes)

    #31061 Somalia: An American in Mogadishu (Run Time 33 min.) DVD $129.95
    In 1993, Mohammed Aideed's militia triumphantly paraded U.S. corpses through the streets of Mogadishu. In stunning irony, Mohammed's son, Hussein, though not a representative of Somalia's official government, now offers the U.S. strategic bases. This program presents a candid interview with Somalia's de facto leader, a warlord with unusual credentials: American citizen, former Marine, and member of the Republican Party. A succinct overview of the country's political situation since UN intervention in the early 1990s is crosscut with Aideed's remarks. (33 minutes)

    #33910 Left Behind: Kenyan AIDS Orphans (Run Time 36 min.) DVD $129.95
    This award-winning program takes an unflinching look at the lives of Kenya's chokoras, children orphaned by AIDS. It features emotionally charged visits to a disease-ravaged Nairobi slum, starkly illustrating the link between poverty, prostitution, and the tragically high level of sexual activity and ignorance among Kenya's street kids. Eschewing any pretense of offering solutions, the program nevertheless holds up the Nimbani orphanage-an American-funded refuge in an area with no other support system for either homeless children or people with AIDS-as an example of constructive activism. (36 minutes)

    #35375 Sudan in Crisis (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $129.95
    The hostilities ripping apart the Sudanese region of Darfur have created a humanitarian crisis which the international community is only beginning to address. This ABC News program serves as a starting point for analyzing the situation, shedding light on how the conflict spiraled out of control and led to the deaths of thousands and the displacement of far more. Focusing on the efforts of relief organizations to shelter, feed, and care for a tidal wave of refugees-and the political, logistical, and geographic obstacles that have made such efforts nearly impossible-the video assesses the accuracy of the term "genocide" in describing the conflict's ethnically driven atrocities. (22 minutes)

    #35377 Refugees in Africa: Another Quiet Emergency (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $129.95
    The day-to-day struggle for dignity and survival that goes on in refugee camps remains invisible to most of the world. In this ABC News program, actor Don Cheadle travels to Uganda to focus media attention on the plight of innocent people-especially children-displaced and endangered by war. Cheadle visits a rehabilitation center for boys and girls kidnapped by the Lord's Resistance Army, the militia that has battled the Ugandan government for 20 years, and sheds light on the rebels' practice of enslavement and forced prostitution. A camp for "night commuters," or young people who sleep away from their homes to avoid capture, further emphasizes Africa's crisis. (22 minutes)

    #35896 Africa: Who Is to Blame? (Run Time 61 min.) DVD $129.95
    Corporate greed and vestigial colonialism are Africa's worst enemies-or is homegrown leadership responsible for the continent's troubles? This program explores that dichotomous question from the vantage point of former Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings and Kenyan law student June Arunga, who undertake a voyage of discovery through Ghana, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Visiting a struggling fishing village, a tribal hunting ground, an AIDS treatment center, an African-owned gold mine, and an eerily preserved site of genocidal slaughter, the program eloquently documents Rawlings' and Arunga's interaction with the socioeconomic dilemmas and everyday realities of African life. A BBCW Production. (60 minutes)

    #36129 Journeys into Islamic Africa (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $129.95
    Geographically, Muslim countries cover approximately 50 percent of Africa. This program travels around the continent to inquire into Islamic history and the Muslim way of life, making stops in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, South Africa, Senegal, Algeria, Sudan, and many other destinations. The experiences of two particular groups-those sent by Muhammad himself to Ethiopia, during the Muslim-Quraish War, and slaves and prisoners of the Dutch who were forcibly relocated to South Africa-are given special attention. (52 minutes)

    #36136 Road to Riches: Black Empowerment in Today's South Africa (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95
    In post-apartheid South Africa, whites earn an average of $6,300 each year, while blacks bring home just $950. Some black citizens believe they were financially better off during apartheid. This Wide Angle documentary examines economic empowerment programs designed to help transfer more of the nation's wealth and opportunity to its black majority. Focusing on Uthingo, the consortium of black-empowerment companies that manages the national lottery, the program shows how the group has created thousands of new jobs for black South Africans-while broad social change, including black ownership and participation in other industries, is slow in coming. In addition, Susan Rice discusses black economic empowerment with anchor Mishal Husain. (57 minutes)

    #36148 Border Jumpers: A Better Life in Botswana? (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $129.95
    Botswana's electric border fence was erected to keep out diseased livestock from neighboring Zimbabwe. It has also proved remarkably effective at stemming the influx of illegal immigrants fleeing economic collapse and political repression. This Wide Angle report examines this frontier flashpoint, profiling both a cattle farmer who strongly supports the fence and illegal immigrants determined to breach it. An interview between Bill Moyers and George Ayittey, Distinguished Economist in Residence at American University, Washington, D.C., rounds out the program. (57 minutes)

    #36196 Africa's East Coast (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $129.95
    Beginning at Port Said, Egypt-a busy gateway from the Middle East into Africa-this program explores the many national and cultural identities found along the eastern face of the continent. Journeying down the Suez Canal, through the Red Sea, and into the Indian Ocean, the program documents apparently healthy relations between Sunni Muslims and Orthodox Christians in Massawa, Eritrea; khat distribution and addiction in the Republic of Djibouti; the ins and outs of the booming tea industry in Mombasa, Kenya; and day-to-day survival on the streets of Durban, South Africa-which some see as the New York of the continent, a city where dreams come to flourish or die. Portions are in other languages with English subtitles. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (53 minutes)

    #36197 Africa's West Coast (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $129.95
    The Cape of Good Hope-and a stop in thriving Cape Town, South Africa-begins this eye-opening fact-finding voyage up the western edge of the continent. Presenting information and perspectives on a wide range of cultural and economic landscapes, the program explores the history and aftermath of civil war in Luanda, Angola; bustling street life, including an enterprising witch doctor, in Douala, Cameroon; voodoo fetish and secondhand car trafficking in Cotonou, Benin; the specter of the slave trade at Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal; and the split cultural identity of Tangiers, Morocco-a city as European as it is North African. Portions are in other languages with English subtitles. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (53 minutes)

    #36459 The Cotton Wars (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $129.95
    For centuries, cotton has influenced the relationship between America and Africa. It drove the slave trade, and today it epitomizes the uneven playing field created by farming subsidies. This program examines the lopsided nature of the global cotton industry-in which U.S. and European producers enjoy massive government support while independent African farmers struggle to remain competitive. Going deep inside the agricultural, bureaucratic, and diplomatic networks that control the cotton trade on both sides of the Atlantic, the program also looks at the growing influence of Chinese producers-another factor working against Africa. (53 minutes)

    #36475 Democracy in the Rough: Long-Awaited Congolese Elections (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $129.95
    Wide Angle is on the ground in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the country holds its first elections in 46 years. The stakes are high for the Congo-a nation rich in timber, diamonds, and other raw materials, yet reeling from decades of dictatorship and civil war. Can it implement democratic institutions and prosper? This program follows a former school principal running for parliament who sees her Christian faith as the best means for improving living conditions. Further insight into the relationship between democracy and poverty comes from ordinary Congolese citizens, such as a would-be accountant who earns less than a dollar per day sifting through a muddy river bed for diamonds. Presenting a diversity of voices in a country rarely seen on U.S. television, this program immerses viewers in a nation struggling, via embryonic democracy, toward a better future. In addition, anchor Daljit Dhaliwal discusses the significance of the Congolese elections with the former president of the TransAfrica Forum, Bill Fletcher, Jr. (57 minutes)

    #39093 Crisis in Darfur (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $129.95
    Precious time has been spent on protracted debate over the term "genocide." Meanwhile, regardless of what politicians and activists choose to call it, a colossal tragedy has torn Darfur apart. In March of 2006, NBC's Ann Curry traveled to the border between Chad and Sudan to cover the conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Curry tells the stories of people caught up in the violence: a mother, an orphan, an aid worker, and others who have been largely forgotten as Arab-on-Christian and sometimes Arab-on-Arab killing continues. Curry also talks to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof about Darfur's future and what can be done to shape it. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (30 minutes)

    #36239 Road Trip to Kenya: A Path Toward Global Understanding (Run Time min.) DVD $139.90
    Enthusiastic young adults serve as on-screen guides in this two-part series, which travels to Kenya to study compelling issues in culture and ecology. The series takes an investigative approach, revealing Kenya's many strengths, challenges, contrasts, and opportunities. Visiting different parts of the country and hearing commentary from a wide range of experts, viewers will gain a clear picture of Kenya's cultural diversity, education system, landscape, and natural resources-while learning about its relationship to the global community. Viewable/printable instructor's guides are available online. 2-part series, 24 and 18 minutes.

    #3064 Goree: Door of No Return (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $149.95
    Goree Island is where the slave ships anchored, cramming their holds with Africans to be shipped across the Atlantic to work the fields and tend their "owners" throughout the Western Hemisphere; Goree Island is where the enslaved Africans were held until the ships were ready to receive them. This documentary tells the history of the slave trade: the arrival of the first Europeans, the origins of slavery in the Americas, the development of Goree as a center of the expanding slave trade, the wealthy merchant women who controlled the slave trade on the island. Today, the island is a monument to an ignoble past. The program visits the colonial buildings, the homes of the slave traders still standing, the trading warehouse called the House of Slaves, and the infamous Door of No Return, the door through which most of America's enslaved people passed on their way to the New World. (30 minutes)

    #3083 Mbira Music: The Spirit of Zimbabwe (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    This program presents the music of Zimbabwe, often associated with the sound of the mbira-a traditional instrument resembling a small, hand-held xylophone. In this stirring program, we hear traditional folk songs, songs used to send secret messages during the country's long war for independence, and chants sung by today's farmers to celebrate the nation's goals. A renowned pop musician explains why he has returned to his African musical roots, and illustrates how he incorporates the sound of the mbira into his music. Film footage depicting historical events is interwoven throughout the program. (52 minutes)

    #3340 Portrait of an African Artist: Elimo Njau the Antelope-Man (Run Time 21 min.) DVD $149.95
    The African views life itself as a proverb whose meaning lies in an unraveling of its symbols. This portrait of East Africa's best-known artist begins, like all African folktales, with animals, and proceeds through a series of adages-It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. If you discipline your child, you must not stop her from crying. If you don't know where you are going, any road will lead you there-to illustrate Elimo Njau's role as an artist in enabling Africans to return to their ancestral culture. (21 minutes)

    #3341 Zimbabwe: Talking Stones (Run Time 58 min.) DVD $149.95
    Here is the incredible story of the most powerful stable of artists since the Renaissance, working in stone in the hills of Zimbabwe. Given a place to exhibit, dissuaded from producing "airport" art and encouraged instead to speak to their ancestors, kept at a distance from the commercializers and Coca Colarizers of art, members of the Shona tribe and itinerant workers from every part of southern Africa have taken to stone sculpture as naturally as to traditional rhythms. The result has been an extraordinary outpouring of tribal spirits liberated from the stone in which they dwelt, a safeguarding of African history in a profusion of world-class masterpieces that rival and often exceed the best yet seen of art from Africa. (58 minutes)

    #3718 Street Children of Africa (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    Children without homes and without any means of support other than what they can scrounge for themselves are a worldwide phenomenon. This program looks at how they live in West Africa: Mamadou the runaway, Malik the gang leader, Suleiman the shoeshine boy who was driven to the city by the drought that befell his village, Modu the child-beggar, exploited by a Koranic teacher in the name of God. Touching, shocking, this program is above all fascinating for the comparisons it invites between the African children and their American counterparts when it comes to fears and dreams, to familial ties and the sense of "home." (52 minutes)

    #4007 The Seven Ages of Music (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    This program traces the development of African music, particularly South African music, from early tribal songs to the modern pop sounds of groups like Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Hugh Masekela. The program covers seven phases of development which mirror the history of an entire people. The relationship between African music and American jazz is also covered. The program includes performances by traditional tribal singers and dancers as well as modern pop and jazz performers. (52 minutes)

    #5340 Mandela: From Prison to President (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    This moving and intimate portrait of Nelson Mandela shows us the man-truly a hero of our times-within the context of the times and the problems they present. After 27 years in prison and a life dedicated to the liberation of black South Africans, Mandela became President. What toll has this unswerving devotion and cruel imprisonment taken on Mandela the man? Through the testimony of his most intimate friends and family, a very personal picture emerges: his estranged wife Winnie recalls their courtship, her visits to Mandela in prison, the joy of his release, the anguish of their failed marriage, her longing for reconciliation; his daughter Zinzi, who first met her father when she was 13, describes her continuing bitterness at how apartheid destroyed her family; Archbishop Desmond Tutu gives a powerful and lucid assessment of Mandela; friends and colleagues reveal the human being behind what has become the Mandela myth. The program also confronts head-on the momentous questions that must be answered: how to end the violence that is still part of daily life; what the future will be of the white business community; whether he can persuade the white right-wing to lay down its arms; and whether he can appease and control the radical youth of the townships. Mandela and South Africa have come a long way, but the journey is far from over. (52 minutes)

    #5806 Guardian of Africa: The Tsetse Fly (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $149.95
    The tsetse fly, lethal both to humans and to cattle, is the gatekeeper to the lush woodlands of Kenya: inside are the indigenous wildlife, immune to the fly's bite; outside are the livestock of the local cattle herders, dying to get in. This program examines the standoff between the cattle business and the Kenyan government, which refuses to exterminate the tsetse fly, the de facto protector of the country's remaining wild animals. Faced with starvation on the parched plains of the southern Rift Valley or infection by the deadly flies in the verdant forests, how much longer can the cattle-and their owners-survive? (45 minutes)

    #9050 Chinua Achebe: Africa's Voice (Run Time 61 min.) DVD $149.95
    Things Fall Apart has been translated into 50 languages, has sold over 8 million copies, and is considered one of the 20th century's literary masterpieces. This program analyzes the impact Chinua Achebe and his writings have had on world literature, as well as his influence as an editor and a spokesman for a generation of African writers. Dr. Achebe, noted professors Abiola Irele and Gerald Graff, and Charles Larson, editor of the anthology Under African Skies, discuss the characterization, social implications, and levels of interpretation of Things Fall Apart. Vital concepts indigenous to the Ibos of southeastern Nigeria such as oral culture, reincarnation, and negotiation-concepts essential to a deep understanding of the novel-are also presented. This program is an indispensable supplement to Achebe's best-known novel that elucidates Nigerian history and culture and the impact of colonialism. (61 minutes)

    #10091 Chinua Achebe: African Literature as Celebration (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $149.95
    "Writers don't give prescriptions, they give headaches." Uncompromising yet nonpartisan in his views on politics and writing, Chinua Achebe-author, editor, and literary critic-ceaselessly explores the collision of European and indigenous African cultures. In this classic lecture, the well-known ambassador of African literature delivers a thought-provoking introduction to the world-class writing that has come forth from Nigeria and other African countries during the latter half of the 20th century. (52 minutes)

    #10435 Sudan: Black Kingdoms of the Nile (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95
    A major gateway to sub-Saharan Africa, Sudan has seen the rise and fall of many powerful kingdoms and refined cultures-and the key to understanding these ancient civilizations lies in the multitude of archaeological treasures that dot the landscape and that are still buried beneath the sands. This program follows the trail of the young French naturalist and pioneer Frederic Cailliaud, whose account of his journey to Merowe in 1820 first sparked interest in Sudan. Excavations and artifacts provide insights into the way of life, beliefs, and accomplishments of the peoples who inhabited the region from Neolithic times onward. (53 minutes)

    #11553 Last Chance for Peace in Sierra Leone (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95
    This compelling program documents the daring efforts of the Interreligious Council of Sierra Leone to press for peace and reconciliation in a country devastated by civil war. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, president of Sierra Leone; William Schulz, executive director of Amnesty International, U.S.A.; Diana Eck, of Harvard Divinity School; and others offer their views on topics including atrocities committed against civilians, the questionable Lome Peace Accord, and the power of religion to affect politics. Sierra Leonean history provides a larger context for the program, while news footage and interviews with those directly affected bring home the reality of the civil war and its turbulent aftermath. (53 minutes)

    #29500 Africa: In Defiance of Democracy (Run Time 56 min.) DVD $149.95
    Throughout Africa, democracy has long been touted as the cure for the continent's ongoing unrest. But can such a form of government flourish in countries where extreme poverty is the norm and violence is the chief tool of statecraft? Spanning the continent from Libya to South Africa, this program seeks to understand Africa's complex political situations, addressing the "Big Man" syndrome and the one-party state, the destabilizing effects of armed conflict, the mismanagement of industry and natural resources, and strained relations with the industrialized world. (56 minutes)

    #31150 Thapelo: A Prayer for Africa (Run Time 53 min.) DVD $149.95
    In post-apartheid South Africa, one in two children die of AIDS, one in two women are raped, and 20,000 homicides occur annually-the world's highest murder rate. Against these appalling statistics and a disintegrating social fabric, this program presents examples of South Africa's greatest hope, the spirit of its people, such as Garra, who feeds 400 children a day out of her tiny apartment's kitchen; Kate and Busi, both rape victims and HIV-positive, who counsel other survivors; and a soccer team of AIDS educators who take their safe-sex message on the road. (53 minutes)

    #37560 Africa: War is Business (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $149.95
    The world is slowly awakening to a disturbing reality-that the diamond trade is a major source of financing for warfare and brutality in Africa. But diamonds are only one natural resource among many that feed bloody conflicts in Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Congo, and other countries. This program explores the role of international business interests in fomenting rebellion and arming renegade military forces across the African continent-often as a means of obscuring other, equally nefarious, dealings and activities. Several experts and key players are interviewed, including Daniel Chea Sr., Liberia's Minister of National Defense; Zainab Bangura, director of Sierra Leone's National Accountabiliy Group; Kassim Basma, a diamond exporter; and Major General Patrick Cammaert, UN Division Commander, Eastern Congo. (54 minutes)

    #37638 Islamic Art: Africa and Central Asia (Run Time 45 min.) DVD $149.95
    Continuing his trek across the Muslim world, art scholar Waldemar Januszczak introduces viewers to masterworks in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia-from the gigantic and surreal mud mosques of Mali; to a rare, 10th-century Egyptian ewer carved out of a single piece of rock crystal; to the inspired urban planning of the ancient city of Isfahan in Iran; to the stunning architecture of Uzbekistan's Samarquand. Januszczak shares his knowledge of the Sunni-Shiite schism and its artistic implications, the Fatimid influence evident in Cairo's Al-Azhar mosque, and the vast debt which Gothic architecture owes to the arches and filigrees of medieval Islamic building design. (45 minutes)

    #39449 Dying in Africa: Perspectives on the End of Life in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, and South Africa (Run Time min.) DVD $149.95
    In Africa-where infant mortality is sky-high, tens of millions have AIDS, and life expectancies can be as meager as 39 years-death is an all-too-frequent presence. This program presents sub-Saharan perspectives on the end of life: lavish Ghanaian funerals involving caskets shaped into whatever is most emblematic of the deceased; funeral rites of the Dogon, in Mali, where alcohol fermentation is attributed to the powers of the departed; the views of the Fulani of the Sahel, who do not believe in life after death; and the roles of the griot's tam-tam drum and fire kindled by a blacksmith's wife in the funeral rites of rural Burkina Faso. In addition, the good works of Sparrow Rainbow Village, in South Africa-the only residential facility in Africa established to meet the needs of terminally ill AIDS patients-are documented. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 50 minutes)

    #39450 Miraculous Water: The Effects of Scarcity and Abundance in Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Mali (Run Time min.) DVD $149.95
    In sub-Saharan Africa, water is the focus of daily life. This program seeks to understand its centrality by investigating the situation at Lake Ganvie, Benin, an "African Venice" where survival is threatened by environmental changes, improper sanitation, and water-related illnesses; a perceived correlation among Dogon elders between their people's shift away from the worship of Nommo and an increase in drought conditions; the scarcity of and limited access to water in Ethiopia near the Sahel; annual mud-fishing in Mali, as malnourished locals, desperate to fill their stomachs, gather unhealthy fish in the sure knowledge that eating them will make them ill; and the worship of Mami Wata on the banks of the Volta River and the annual fetatotro, a turning-of-the-year festival. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 53 minutes)

    #39452 Will You Marry Me?" Marriage Customs in Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Senegal" (Run Time min.) DVD $149.95
    Even today, the majority of African women in both city and country still aspire to get a good husband and have many children. This program sheds light on the pros and cons of marriage customs in sub-Saharan Africa as it relates the story of an Ethiopian woman who fled her home in Harar as a teen to avoid an arranged marriage to an uncle; two happily wedded women of Mali who are wives in a polygamous marriage; the nomadic Wodaabe of Niger, a culture in which a man may have many wives, but among whom it is the bride-to-be who chooses the husband-to-be; and a Senegalese woman competing to become Miss Yongama, a contest of beauty and style-and a proven shortcut to finding a husband. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 49 minutes)

    #39455 Sex in Africa: Perspectives on Sex-Related Concerns in Ethiopia, Mali, and South Africa (Run Time min.) DVD $149.95
    In Africa, views on sex vary widely from conservative to liberal and from traditional to progressive. Topics covered in this program include gay rights, protected under the law only in post-apartheid South Africa; the practices of female genital excision and "dry sexual intercourse"-each described in detail-as they relate to severe female health issues and the violation of a woman's right to her own body; the practice of "dry sex" as it relates to the spread of HIV; and female prostitution as a means of subsistence-and, if a prostitute is fortunate enough to hook up with a wealthy foreigner, a chance for her and her family to escape poverty. Contains explicit language. Some content may be objectionable. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 49 minutes)

    #8798 Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers (Run Time 120 min.) DVD $159.95
    The years 1960 through 1994 were a time of terror in South Africa. With the destruction of the yoke of apartheid in 1994, South Africa has had to come to terms with its oppressive past: recrimination and punishment, or forgiveness? This compelling program describes the efforts of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to investigate human rights violations, to heal the country, and to help South Africa in its process of reinvention. Prize-winning journalist Bill Moyers and producer-director Gail Pellett speak with apartheid victims to hear their stories firsthand. Additional interviews with Nobel laureate and TRC architect Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former officers of state security, counterterrorists, and journalists-combined with footage of some of the most dramatic confrontations that occurred during the TRC hearings-round out this powerful documentary. As the U.S. wrestles with its own heritage of discrimination and injustice, the TRC's process offers insights into how America might improve its own future through reconciliation and forgiveness. (2 hours)

    #36195 Shores of Africa (Run Time min.) DVD $259.90
    Many Westerners have difficulty understanding the multifaceted challenges facing Africa today. This two-part series provides an economic, political, and cultural portrait of African life, focusing on the countries located along the eastern and western shores of the continent. Each program analyzes the dynamics of trade, language, religion, geography, and history that have given Africa its present-and evolving-shape. Portions are in other languages with English subtitles. Not available in French-speaking Canada. 2-part series, 53 minutes each.

    #5092 Geographical Eye Over Africa (Run Time min.) DVD $349.75
    This series scrutinizes the vast and varied continent of sub-Saharan Africa-its physical geography, climate, and economics, which are shown through the lives of its people. The involvement of individuals and families concretizes theoretical concepts and, at the same time, breaks down some of the stereotypical images of Africa and Africans. 5-part series, 20 minutes each.

    #5098 Benin: An African Kingdom (Run Time min.) DVD $449.75
    The Benin Empire, which reached its height in the 16th and 17th centuries, was one of the kingdoms in the forest belt of West Africa in what is now Nigeria. Much of the old kingdom survives today: the Oba still lives in his palace performing many of the traditional ceremonies; the Benin bronzes are renowned for their beauty, as well as their historical significance, and the traditional methods of casting are still used today; oral tradition has kept the history of Benin alive to this day. This series uses modern documentary material, archival film, dance, drama, and storytelling to bring alive the history, culture, and contemporary life of one of the great cultures of West Africa-an area of particular significance for those of African or West Indian background. 5-part series, 15 minutes each.

    #11794 The Last Warriors: Seven African Tribes on the Verge of Extinction (Run Time min.) DVD $449.75
    Filmed over a four-year period, this visually stunning five-part series intimately captures weddings, funerals, rites of passage, and celebrations among seven of Africa's fierce yet spiritual warrior tribes. Sharing a proud and violent past and an uncertain future, do the men and women depicted in these programs represent the final heirs of their ancient ways of life? 5-part series, 53-54 minutes each.

    #3114 The Lost World of the Kalahari (Run Time min.) DVD $629.65
    This epic series records the efforts of a group of remarkable white men to conserve and protect a vanishing population of Bushmen and their environment-and shows us as well the human beings who are the objects of this anthropological study. One of the most highly-acclaimed documentary TV series of the 1950s, the programs are now available again at long last, with Sir Laurens van der Post's lecture on the nature of exploration today as the introductory program. 7-part series, 28-31 minutes each.

    ||"Choose Item number and Title" "#2561 Algeria 1954: Revolt of a Colony" "#36255 The Suffering of Sudan(+$10.00)" "#3260 The Legend of Ameur the Good (Algeria)(+$20.00)" "#5093 Nigeria: A Tale of Two Families(+$20.00)" "#5094 Nigeria: Dammed Water(+$20.00)" "#5095 Lagos: Rich Man, Poor Man(+$20.00)" "#5096 Zimbabwe: Tourism Along the Zambezi River(+$20.00)" "#5097 Zambia: A Copper Miner's Family(+$20.00)" "#36240 Cultural Issues in Kenya(+$20.00)" "#36241 Ecological Issues in Kenya(+$20.00)" "#8048 Apartheid Revisited: Confronting History(+$30.00)" "#871 The Beggar of Soutile (Ivory Coast)(+$40.00)" "#1623 Soweto: Class of '76(+$40.00)" "#2554 Tunisia and Morocco: The Struggle for North African Independence(+$40.00)" "#2592 Nelson Mandela: The History of a Struggle(+$40.00)" "#2611 Spear of the Nation: The Story of The African National Congress(+$40.00)" "#2937 The Lesson of the Three Thieves (Gambia)(+$40.00)" "#2943 The Wife Abductor (Algeria)(+$40.00)" "#2944 The End Is the Return (Algeria)(+$40.00)" "#2946 The Greedy Child (Senegal)(+$40.00)" "#2947 The Good and the Evil (Senegal)(+$40.00)" "#2948 How Samba Became Viceroy (Mali)(+$40.00)" "#2949 The Soothsayer, part 1 (Tunisia)(+$40.00)" "#2950 The Soothsayer, part 2 (Tunisia)(+$40.00)" "#3075 Laura the Taxi Driver (Benin)(+$40.00)" "#3076 The Ashanti Kingdom (Ghana)(+$40.00)" "#3077 The Glories of Ancient Benin(+$40.00)" "#3085 Kumekucha: Women of Tanzania(+$40.00)" "#3086 The Drop of Milk (Burkina Faso)(+$40.00)" "#3087 Zulei (Niger)(+$40.00)" "#3089 To Be a Woman in Burkina Faso(+$40.00)" "#3090 The Priest and the Nganga (Cameroon)(+$40.00)" "#3091 Women of Manga (Niger)(+$40.00)" "#3092 Dance, Voodoo, Dance (Benin)(+$40.00)" "#3094 Black Man's Burden(+$40.00)" "#3256 Black Sugar(+$40.00)" "#3337 Ramohamy's Son (Madagascar)(+$40.00)" "#3338 Mellala and the Temptations of the Desert (Algeria)(+$40.00)" "#3717 African Art and Women Artists(+$40.00)" "#4008 Have You Seen Drum Recently?(+$40.00)" "#4536 The Nature of Exploration Today: Sir Laurens van der Post(+$40.00)" "#4537 Vanishing People(+$40.00)" "#4538 First Encounter(+$40.00)" "#4539 The Spirit of the Slippery Hills(+$40.00)" "#4540 Life in the Thirst Land(+$40.00)" "#4541 The Great Eland(+$40.00)" "#4542 Rain Song(+$40.00)" "#4936 Chinua Achebe(+$40.00)" "#5099 The Present: Benin's People(+$40.00)" "#5100 The Past: Emotan and the Banished Prince(+$40.00)" "#5101 Past and Present: Traders, the City, and Men from Over the Sea(+$40.00)" "#5102 Crafts and Crafts People(+$40.00)" "#5103 Home to the Village(+$40.00)" "#8980 Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Bill Moyers(+$40.00)" "#11795 The Hamar and Karo Tribes: The Search for Mingi(+$40.00)" "#11796 The Mursi Tribe: The Day of the Donga(+$40.00)" "#11797 The Wodaabe and Tuareg Nomads: Stealing Beauty(+$40.00)" "#11798 The Afar Tribe: A Bride's Story(+$40.00)" "#11799 The Dinka Tribe: Man of the Men(+$40.00)" "#33286 Breaking the Silence: Lifting the Stigma of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia(+$40.00)" "#34468 Malawi: A Nation Going Hungry(+$40.00)" "#35835 Return to the Heart of Darkness(+$40.00)" "#36266 Helping the Youngest Victims of AIDS: Spotlight on South Africa(+$40.00)" "#39147 Bill Moyers Journal: November 9, 2007, and December 28, 2007(+$40.00)" "#3078 The Bambara Kingdom of Segu (Mali)(+$50.00)" "#3079 Zemi Jan: The Motorcycles of Porto-Novo (Benin)(+$50.00)" "#3081 Baabu Banza: Nothing Goes to Waste (Niger)(+$50.00)" "#7426 Artist Unknown: The Search for African History(+$50.00)" "#6135 Healers of Ghana(+$80.00)" "#6136 Sorcerers of Zaire(+$80.00)" "#9324 Child Brides(+$80.00)" "#31061 Somalia: An American in Mogadishu(+$80.00)" "#33910 Left Behind: Kenyan AIDS Orphans(+$80.00)" "#35375 Sudan in Crisis(+$80.00)" "#35377 Refugees in Africa: Another Quiet Emergency(+$80.00)" "#35896 Africa: Who Is to Blame?(+$80.00)" "#36129 Journeys into Islamic Africa(+$80.00)" "#36136 Road to Riches: Black Empowerment in Today's South Africa(+$80.00)" "#36148 Border Jumpers: A Better Life in Botswana?(+$80.00)" "#36196 Africa's East Coast(+$80.00)" "#36197 Africa's West Coast(+$80.00)" "#36459 The Cotton Wars(+$80.00)" "#36475 Democracy in the Rough: Long-Awaited Congolese Elections(+$80.00)" "#39093 Crisis in Darfur(+$80.00)" "#36239 Road Trip to Kenya: A Path Toward Global Understanding(+$89.95)" "#3064 Goree: Door of No Return(+$100.00)" "#3083 Mbira Music: The Spirit of Zimbabwe(+$100.00)" "#3340 Portrait of an African Artist: Elimo Njau the Antelope-Man(+$100.00)" "#3341 Zimbabwe: Talking Stones(+$100.00)" "#3718 Street Children of Africa(+$100.00)" "#4007 The Seven Ages of Music(+$100.00)" "#5340 Mandela: From Prison to President(+$100.00)" "#5806 Guardian of Africa: The Tsetse Fly(+$100.00)" "#9050 Chinua Achebe: Africa's Voice(+$100.00)" "#10091 Chinua Achebe: African Literature as Celebration(+$100.00)" "#10435 Sudan: Black Kingdoms of the Nile(+$100.00)" "#11553 Last Chance for Peace in Sierra Leone(+$100.00)" "#29500 Africa: In Defiance of Democracy(+$100.00)" "#31150 Thapelo: A Prayer for Africa(+$100.00)" "#37560 Africa: War is Business(+$100.00)" "#37638 Islamic Art: Africa and Central Asia(+$100.00)" "#39449 Dying in Africa: Perspectives on the End of Life in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, and South Africa(+$100.00)" "#39450 Miraculous Water: The Effects of Scarcity and Abundance in Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Mali(+$100.00)" "#39452 Will You Marry Me?" Marriage Customs in Ethiopia, Mali, Niger, and Senegal"(+$100.00)" "#39455 Sex in Africa: Perspectives on Sex-Related Concerns in Ethiopia, Mali, and South Africa(+$100.00)" "#8798 Facing the Truth with Bill Moyers(+$110.00)" "#36195 Shores of Africa(+$209.95)" "#5092 Geographical Eye Over Africa(+$299.80)" "#5098 Benin: An African Kingdom(+$399.80)" "#11794 The Last Warriors: Seven African Tribes on the Verge of Extinction(+$399.80)" "#3114 The Lost World of the Kalahari(+$579.70)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/african-history-culture-dvds.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Cambridge, Meridian and others||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|african-influences||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||music-videos||||||||African Wave: South African Music and Its Influences Video (13-part series - DVD)||FI-7635||bbc > music-videos||||909.350 ||899.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Find today's musical influences in South Africa's past.||Today’s music is only as good as it is because it has been built on the history of our ancestors. The musical influences that come from the tribal and rhythmic beats of Africa are as diverse as its people. These soulful sounds have been interwoven into the rhythmic influences we listen to today including pop, blues and jazz. This video, divided into 13 parts, will highlight the multicultural background of South Africa throughout the years and will give listen to the musicians who express these sounds of life in Africa and interweave it into their music played today. It will teach you how those sounds are expressed through their instruments and the words they sing and how you can gain a better appreciation for what the past has brought forward. Each video is 25 minutes each and will help you gain an appreciation for how music can bring a culture together and influence a nation.

    Item#: BVL7635

    ISBN: 978-1-4213-6504-6

    Copyright date: ©1998||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/african-influences.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|52431||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||biology-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/after-life-the-strange-science-of-decay-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||After Life: The Strange Science of Decay (Enhanced DVD)||FI-52431||bbc > documentaries > biology-dvds||||169.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||fi-50128||Natural curiosity about what the decay of organic matter actually involves is fully satisfied by this amazingly thorough and enhanced DVD covering time-lapsed decaying of organic material usually found in kitchens.  ||

    Taphonomy is a fairly new branch of paleontology that involves the scientific study of what it takes for organic matter to become fossilized over an extremely long period of time.  This interesting and informative, enhanced DVD will answer questions that most viewers never knew they had, peaking their interest in the role and life-cycle of the various organic matter that is all around them.  

    Kitchens all over the world are full of a variety of organic material, whether they be common bananas or a not so widely available whole coconut from a coconut tree on the other side of the world.  Experience the incredibly enhanced process of organic decay by adding this beautiful DVD to your beloved film collection.

    After Life: The Strange Science of Decay

    ||||||||||||||978-1-61753-263-4||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|53597||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/after-photography-photo-enhanced-dvd-7.png||||||After Photography? Photo (Enhanced DVD)||FI-53597||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||149.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||It is a difficult question to answer, whether the degeneration of darkroom implies the doom of “real” photography. This program documents the present day modern artists, who employ diverse kind of methodologies to produce photographs, from the lomographers who use analogs to the people who consider the computer a substitute of the camera. A modification on the earlier techniques is visible in the works of Frederic Lebain who favors old instamatic. Vera Lutter is credited with constructing a camera obscure in the size of a camera.

    Christian Marclay also plays tribute to old cyanotypes in his photographs. The video surveys the different ways through which photographers adopt analog technology like the “photo sculptures” centred upon DNA by Dewey-Haborg; “Googlegrams,” propagated by Joan Fontcuberta’s which appear as collages of a large number of images taken from the internet; and Oleg Dou’s unearthly captures of children who appear more like an online epitome. The video also features Thomas Friedman, Andreas Gursky, Beata Gutschow and Jules Spinatsch.

    (After Photography? Photo, Enhanced DVD, 26 minutes) ISBN: 978-0-81608-889-8 Copy Right Date: 2013 CC||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|after-bartok||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||music-videos||||||||After the Storm: The American Exile of Bela Bartok Video (DVD)||FI-10325||bbc > music-videos||||149.950 ||139.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||After the Storm: The American Exile of Bela Bartok Video(VHS/DVD). When B?la Bart?k fled to New York in 1940, he carried his love of folk melodies to Columbia University, where he became a research fellow studying Serbo-Croatian music. In this timeless program, friends and associates—including Yehudi Menuhin and the late Sir Georg Solti—join Bart?k’s sons Peter and B?la, Jr., to reflect on the Hungarian composer’s last five years, in which he wrote the Concerto for Orchestra, one of his greatest compositions. In the words of the English newspaper The Guardian, this documentary is "an oddly affecting portrait of a composer who, they say, rarely smiled and spoke little, but—in the words of Georg Solti—had the aura of a holy man." (76 minutes)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/after-bartok.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aging-death-dying-dvds||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||documentaries||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/aging-death-dying-dvds-8.png||||||Aging, Death & Dying DVDs||FI-D8||bbc > documentaries||||49.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Choose a title above from the following Academic Success programs:
    #37366 Life and Death: Medical Ethics of the Schiavo Case (Run Time 14 min.) DVD $49.95
    Many who followed the Terri Schiavo case struggled to make sense of the flurry of opinions it generated. This NewsHour program, recorded during the last days of Terri Shiavo's life, presents two opposing yet thoroughly reasoned perspectives on the issues. Beth Israel Medical Center neurologist Dr. Russell Portenov explains the medical justification for removing the feeding tube, while Dr. Robert George, professor of jurisprudence at Princeton University and a member of the President's Council on Bioethics, raises legal and moral questions surrounding the decision. Keeping its focus on the Schiavo controversy, the program also explores implications for other potential end-of-life situations. (12 minutes)

    #10478 Living with Dying (Run Time 87 min.) DVD $69.95
    Death, which sooner or later comes to all, is treated as a strangely taboo subject in America. In this program, veteran PBS journalist Bill Moyers describes the search for new ways of thinking-and talking-about dying. Forgoing the usual reluctance that most Americans show toward speaking about death, patients and medical professionals alike come forward to examine the end of life with honesty, courage, and even humor, demonstrating that dying can be an incredibly rich experience for both the terminally ill and their loved ones. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (87 minutes)

    #10479 A Different Kind of Care (Run Time 87 min.) DVD $69.95
    At the end of life, what many Americans want is physical and spiritual comfort in a home setting. In this program, veteran PBS journalist Bill Moyers presents the important strides being made in the area of palliative care at pioneering institutions such as New York's Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. These advances are bringing peace to those who fear that they will be a burden to loved ones, will suffer needlessly, or will be abandoned in their hour of greatest need. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (87 minutes)

    #10480 A Death of One's Own (Run Time 87 min.) DVD $69.95
    More and more Americans are looking for opportunities to exert some measure of control over where and how they die. In this program, veteran PBS journalist Bill Moyers unravels the complexities underlying the many choices at the end of life, including the bitter debate over physician-assisted suicide. Three patients, their families, and their doctors discuss some of the hardest decisions, including how to pay for care, what constitutes humane treatment, and how to balance dying and dignity. In the end, do these patients die the way they wanted? Yes...and no. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (87 minutes)

    #10481 A Time to Change (Run Time 87 min.) DVD $69.95
    Whether they want to or not, four out of five Americans will likely die in hospitals or nursing homes, and the care they get will depend on both who is providing it and who is footing the bill. In this program, veteran PBS journalist Bill Moyers introduces crusading medical professionals-including staff members of the Balm of Gilead Project in Birmingham, Alabama-who have dedicated themselves to improving end-of-life care by changing America's overburdened health system. The DVD version of this program also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. (87 minutes)

    #10735 Dying with Dignity: The Sun City Choice (Run Time 15 min.) DVD $69.95
    In this program, NewsHour correspondent Susan Dentzer reports on life and death in Sun City, Arizona, a vibrant retirement community where hospice is the preferred form of end-of-life care. Dartmouth Medical School's John Wennberg and others consider the desire of many senior citizens with terminal illnesses to make peace with death rather than fight it. They also confront the fact that statistics show no direct correlation between costly ICU interventions and patient longevity. As America's elderly population doubles over the next 35 years, will more seniors opt for meeting the end in the Sun City way? (15 minutes)

    #1439 Studies in Aging (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program reports on current research to determine the effects of aging. It features a 74-year-old father and his 38-year-old son, as well as the community of Roseto, Pennsylvania, subject of a landmark study in aging begun in 1964. Here it develops that the socioeconomic factors that once kept the town young no longer exist, and that residents of Roseto now have heart attack rates comparable to national averages. (19 minutes)

    #1440 Alzheimer's Disease: The Long Nightmare (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program shows both the limitations researchers face in finding the cause of Alzheimer's and such recent research findings as the biochemical defect that interferes with protein production in the brain-a link to heredity for at least one form of the disease. The program shows the medical side of Alzheimer's and the human side, citing the emotional and financial aspects of caring for victims and showing the role of different types of care. (19 minutes)

    #1447 Caring for the Elderly (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program provides an overview of the various methods of care available for the aging, from day care centers and group housing to respite care and nursing homes. It profiles a middle-aged couple searching for the best mode of care for their parents, and talks to social workers, senior citizen advocates, and nursing home administrators to clarify the available options and the emotional and financial impact on adult children and their parents. (19 minutes)

    #1573 Ageless America (Run Time 52 min.) DVD $89.95
    The focus of this program: caring for the elderly; why women live longer than men; the prospect of aging for a new generation of the middle-aged with fewer children and many more single women; the "sandwich generation" of adults with responsibility for aging parents and young children; and the process and problems of aging itself. (52 minutes)

    #1591 The Wit and Wisdom of Aging (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Norman Cousins, himself a survivor of death sentences passed by his doctors, worked with "terminal" cancer patients who refused to die as scheduled. The will to survive and to be healed are potent medicines; in many cases the incurable have been cured. (26 minutes)

    #1968 How to Live Longer...Better (Run Time 25 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program focuses on the lifestyle changes, with emphasis on exercise, that are playing an important part in extending the lifespan of Americans. Running and walking are covered; a cardiologist cautions that exercise must be approached carefully and done regularly without intermittent overexertion. The role of pharmaceuticals in prolonging life is discussed, as well as the avoidance of smoking and excessive alcohol, and the need for both social involvement and the availability of good medical care. (58 minutes)

    #1991 Jenny's Song (Run Time 90 min.) DVD $89.95
    Starring Ben Vereen and Jessica Walter, this dramatization helps young people and their families to cope with the death of a loved one, to understand the process of grief, and to learn to deal with a world that continues as if nothing had happened. This program prepares those whom such tragedy will strike during their school years, as well as their classmates and teachers. Psychologist Dr. Sandra Fox of the Boston Good Grief Program consulted in the production. (90 minutes)

    #2373 Saying Good-Bye (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Almost no one will escape the pain of surviving a loved one. This program from The Doctor Is In talks to people who have gone through this difficult time to find out how they dealt with their grief: a support group for widows, a woman whose parents died within a year of each other, and a woman whose husband died of cancer and left her with a young child. Also interviewed are a hospital chaplain and the director of a hospice. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

    #2652 Nursing Home Care (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program shows that some senior citizens can live independently-it profiles a man of 95 who lives actively with a minimal amount of community help and with no more serious medical problems than many people one-third his age. But many seniors not nearly his age require more assistance. This program shows a well-run nursing home and describes its concerns. It also provides criteria for evaluating nursing homes, and suggests alternative care for seniors. (19 minutes)

    #2878 Factors in Healthy Aging (Run Time 28 min.) DVD $89.95
    A half-century-long study that examined the mental health of Harvard graduates over their lifetimes is used to illuminate the predictors of healthy aging. Viewers also follow several elderly people as they go through their days and discuss their routines and their health. The impact of diet, smoking, drinking, family history, and personality is discussed. New research is highlighted that offers the possibility of altering our genetic structure to enable us to live longer and in better health. From The Doctor Is In. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (28 minutes)

    #3039 Family Caregivers (Run Time 30 min.) DVD $89.95
    What is it like to care for a dying parent, a 35-year-old husband with a progressive disease, or a young child with severe developmental disabilities? This program from The Doctor Is In steps into the lives of caregivers and their families and offers ideas for dealing with the stresses. Maggie Strong, author of Mainstay, a book about caregiving based on her experiences in caring for her husband, talks about the Well Spouse Foundation and other help available to caregivers. Leonard Kaye and Jeffrey Applegate, professors at the Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research at Bryn Mawr College, discuss their research on men as caregivers. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (30 minutes)

    #3142 The Aging Process (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    Part of the aging process is inevitable-but only part. This program explains the effects of aging on the human mind and body, explores the "damage" and "cell clock" theories about why cells wear out, and examines the lifestyle habits that affect both longevity and the quality of life; these include exercise, regular checkups for cancer, proper diet, moderate drinking, and no smoking. The program points out that it is never too late to mend one's ways. (19 minutes)

    #3918 Accidents Do Happen (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Accidental death invariably gives rise to a whole series of what ifs. The producer of this program lost his only son in a fire; in this program, he talks with four families about their anger, bewilderment, and grief at their loss of a child and confronts the feelings of isolation and loneliness they all experience. (26 minutes)

    #4416 Caring for Your Parents (Run Time 19 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program deals with the problems of caring for elderly parents while attempting to maintain one's own family and career. It looks at the signals that a parent may need help in taking care of him or herself, dealing with a parent's anger and helplessness, adjusting to role reversal, and finding and choosing between available options to deal with tough problems. (19 minutes)

    #5361 Loose Ends: Aging and Losing Control (Run Time 94 min.) DVD $89.95
    Here is a stark, unpretty, unretouched, and deeply touching view inside an institution for the demented elderly. For two months, the film crew lived together with a group of patients who have lost different aspects and varying degrees of what we consider "normalcy." The result is sometimes uncomfortably close as the film demands that the viewer confront his or her own fears of aging and losing control, accepting the five main characters on their own terms, expanding the sense of what is recognizably warm and human to encompass the often frightening world of these patients. In Dutch with English subtitles. (94 minutes)

    #5516 Aging (Run Time 23 min.) DVD $89.95
    The populations of many countries are aging. While this demographic trend is relatively recent, the aging process itself is as old as life. What causes us to age biologically? Is it possible, or even desirable, to slow the process down, or try to eliminate it? This program lets the researchers speak. An important aspect of their work lies in understanding the cause of Alzheimer's disease, and developing effective treatments. (23 minutes)

    #5606 Death (Run Time 23 min.) DVD $89.95
    We talk little of it, although it fascinates us. What is death, and why is it the ultimate destiny of every living organism? This program shows that death is an essential element in the survival of species. Medicine is trying to postpone death and medical progress has required a new definition of death: cerebral death. The program covers the psychological, social, and religious dimensions of death, mourning, and the acceptance of death. (23 minutes)

    #5691 Terminal Illness: When It Happens to You (Run Time 54 min.) DVD $89.95
    This program profiles a terminally-ill patient, his courageous battle against cancer, and the emotional toll his illness takes on his family. At the age of 46, Chris Brotherton was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given only a few months to live. The program follows the last six months of his life, and shows how he, his wife and young son, and the medical staff at a hospice deal with his illness. This is an open, deeply moving but unsentimental record of their thoughts and emotions. (54 minutes)

    #7942 The Tougher Sex: Gender and Longevity (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Statistically, women live longer than men. Why is this so? This program examines the question using statistical, genetic, and archaeological data. The sex activity of fruit flies is studied to determine its effect on male life span. Two-hundred-year-old remains indicate that longevity in women may be a modern phenomenon. Work-related stress, and even degrees of affluence, seem to play a role in determining how long men live versus women. Efforts by medical experts are helping men to manipulate factors that may close the longevity gap. (26 minutes)

    #8595 The Midlife Passage (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
    In this contemplative program, several people strive to answer the question "Where am I going?" by sharing the defining moments of their lives as they have come to understand them in their middle years. Some common themes among the participants are a sense of dissatisfaction with their successes, an awareness of fleeting time, and a consciousness of having tried to live up to the expectations of others. In addition, they discuss their efforts to reassess their lives, their satisfaction in making peace with the past, and their determination to steer their remaining years mindfully. (24 minutes)

    #9192 Living with Incontinence: Solutions for Today's Women (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $89.95
    Although nearly 85% of the 17 million Americans who deal with urinary incontinence are women, very few feel comfortable discussing the condition-even with their own doctors. In this program, the Chief of Urology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Director of Education at the American Foundation for Urologic Disease, a urogynecologist, and others explore the causes of urinary incontinence, the need for greater doctor-patient communication, urodynamic testing procedures, and a wide variety of treatment options. (22 minutes)

    #9262 Elder Abuse: America's Growing Crime (Run Time 16 min.) DVD $89.95
    It has been estimated that 1.5 million elder Americans suffer neglect, mistreatment, and even financial exploitation at the hands of their own families. In this program, ABC News correspondents Diane Sawyer and Marti Emerald probe what is quickly becoming the fastest-growing family crime in the U.S. Together they investigate several cases of elder abuse and examine the efforts of crusaders such as the members of the ground-breaking Fiduciary Abuse Specialist Team, a volunteer network of social workers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, and police personnel who seek out evidence of financially abused senior citizens. (16 minutes)

    #10675 Living Longer ... Living Better? (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $89.95
    Thanks to recent advances in medicine, longevity is on the rise. But will America's youth-oriented society finally develop the maturity to respect its elders? And will the Medicare and Social Security infrastructures be able to meet the needs of the Baby Boomers? In this program, experts including medical ethicist David Solomon, the directors of the Aging with Dignity Institute and the Forever Learning Institute, and the author of Another Country...Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Elders examine these and other pressing quality-of-life questions. (29 minutes)

    #10676 Living Longer ... Aging Well (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $89.95
    Although many cultures venerate their elders, looking to them as living repositories of wisdom and experience, America, with its "forever young" self-image, does not. Lacking societal support, how are Americans supposed to age well-to grow older with grace and understanding-and make life's final decades a meaningful experience? This program features the stories of exemplary individuals who, despite the inhospitable social climate, are growing older with courage and dignity. (29 minutes)

    #11015 Grief and Healing (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    The news of a loved one's impending death is often accompanied by an initial reaction of fear. In this program, introduced by NewsHour's Ray Suarez and facilitated by Frank Ostaseski, founder of San Francisco's Zen Hospice Project, seven everyday people reflect on their experiences with loss, grief, and healing. Discussing what they fear, how they would say good-bye, and other deeply personal topics, some discover the transformation and healing that may occur in such moments. The program concludes with a simple exercise in which participants write a final message to their loved ones, toss the paper into a fire, and watch the ashes rise into the darkness. (26 minutes)

    #11016 Difficult Decisions: When a Loved One Approaches Death (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    When a loved one's fate lies in another's hands, the decisions can be overwhelming. This program, hosted by NewsHour's Ray Suarez, follows two families as they grapple with life-and-death decisions inside an ICU. A doctor, an ethicist, and others help these families through the process of making decisions on behalf of those who are no longer able to communicate their wishes. La Vera Crawley, of Stanford University's bioethics department, helps the families better understand the difficult decisions they are expected to make. (26 minutes)

    #11017 Caregiving (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    Every day, 25 million Americans provide care for loved ones. This program, hosted by NewsHour's Ray Suarez, looks at the rich rewards and wisdom that often attend such care, as well as at the hard work that home healthcare entails. Drawing on the direct experience of family members and others, including author Beth Witrogen McLeod-whose book Caregiving, the Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize-the program also offers caregiving advice and information that is both practical and profound. (26 minutes)

    #11018 Beyond Life and Death (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    What happens after bodily death? This program, hosted by NewsHour's Ray Suarez, explores how beliefs about an afterlife affect the way people live their lives and approach death. In a lively, insightful dialogue, Tibetan Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman and teacher/author Rabbi David Wolpe discuss the concepts of heaven and reincarnation while presenting their different views of what they believe may lie beyond the mortal veil. (26 minutes)

    #11214 A Desperate Act: Suicide and the Elderly (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $89.95
    Families are often ashamed of it, institutions frequently downplay it, and society usually denies that it even exists: suicide among the elderly. This program comes to grips with the chronic depression that leads too many senior citizens to take their own lives. Promoting prevention, intervention, and follow-up, medical experts use three case studies as a basis for discussing the warning signs of depression and treatment through counseling, education, medication, electroconvulsive therapy, and occupational therapy. Ageism and the marginalization of seniors in a youth-dominated culture are also addressed. (24 minutes)

    #33019 The Right to Die: Terri Schiavo (Run Time 23 min.) DVD $89.95
    Her feeding tube removed, Terri Schiavo has passed away. Medically speaking, was she in a persistent vegetative state or a locked-in state? On that question hung Terri's fate for more than a decade. Was she alive in a meaningful sense? Her husband said no; her parents said yes. This ABC News program, broadcast at the time when Terri's case was brought before the Florida legislature and Governor Jeb Bush, gives background on the acrimonious battle of life and death in which Terri was a pawn and then analyzes the medical, ethical, and legal aspects of the precedent-setting case. (23 minutes)

    #33509 Creating a Good Death: Coping with Terminal Illness (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $89.95
    For years, Laura Schmidt helped cancer patients come to terms with their mortality. She even had a degree in thanatology, the study of death and dying. Then, at the age of 51, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This ABC News program follows Laura through her final months as she applies her knowledge and experience to her own case, squarely addressing end-of-life issues to create a good death that would leave herself and those caring for her at peace. Interviews conducted with her husband and others after Laura passed away provide additional insights into the end of life even as they add closure to the story of a caring person who had the courage to model the very behaviors she had instilled in so many others. (27 minutes)

    #6035 Living Fully Until Death (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $99.95
    Most people today die as a result of a chronic disease. Many will know the cause of their death for some time prior to dying, causing a great deal of stress and turmoil for both themselves and their families. This program from The Doctor Is In offers the inspirational tales of three people who find new meaning in life and the courage to deal with the challenge of living fully after learning they have a terminal illness. Featured in the program are the late Morrie Schwartz, a Brandeis University professor profiled in the best-seller Tuesdays with Morrie, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS); Shirley Waring, a mother of four adult children, who has leukemia; and William Meyer, who has lung cancer. Each has struggled in his or her own unique way to try to find personal control, to plan for the unknown, and to find a place for spirituality. As Morrie Schwartz notes, "Learning to die is also learning how to live." A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (29 minutes)

    #6405 The Science of Staying Young: Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity (Run Time 22 min.) DVD $99.95
    New research about how our brains work, about the diseases associated with old age, and about nutrition is leading scientists to redefine what it means to grow old. This program examines this research, looking at a study of a new way to prevent the onset of age-related dementia, the effects of the hormone DHEA on aging, and at therapy aimed at helping Alzheimer's patients re-activate their memories. (22 minutes)

    #8355 Chronic Anxiety in the Elderly (Run Time 27 min.) DVD $129.95
    This program addresses the problem of anxiety in the elderly and the diseases associated with the problem. Interviews with sufferers of GAD, Geriatric Anxiety Disorder, provide insights into the agony of the condition. General anxiety disorders, their symptoms, and physiological manifestations are examined, including chemical imbalance, psychosocial implications, and the emotional impact on the aged brought on by radical societal changes. Caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol are also discussed as possible instigators. (27 minutes)

    #8399 Toward a Better Death (Run Time 27 min.) DVD $129.95
    This informative program explores the choices open to terminally ill patients and their families, presenting the options available for comfortable end-of-life care that attends to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Medical experts and caregivers discuss the difficult choices that arise, including the moral and legal controversies and medical options available when a cure is no longer an option. Important information about living wills and health care proxies is also provided. (27 minutes)

    #8491 Aging and Saging (Run Time 24 min.) DVD $129.95
    American culture reveres youth, so there is little room today for the elderly, who are expected to drop out of public life so they will not remind the young of their own mortality. Earlier societies valued the extended family. When elders are excluded, society's fiber is seriously weakened. This program takes viewers to a weekend Elder Circle at the Omega Institute, a large human potential center. A discussion is moderated by the influential and provocative author/teachers Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ram Dass. As America's aging population continues to grow, there is an urgent need to help the elderly redefine themselves as role models of healthy and graceful aging and to reincorporate them into society as a valuable resource. This powerful program is an excellent source of information for anyone trying to understand the cultural perspectives of aging. (24 minutes)

    #8890 I'm Really Going to Miss Me: Coping with Terminal Illness (Run Time 59 min.) DVD $129.95
    How do people approach life when the end is near? Taking a personal rather than clinical approach, this sensitive documentary records the intimate thoughts and feelings of Bobbie Martin, diagnosed with leukemia; Jeff Swinerton, with lymphatic cancer; Paul Starr, with AIDS; and Chennelle Jaramillo, with Batten Disease, a degenerative neuromuscular disorder. Hopes, fears, regrets, the reactions of others, and preparations for the end are all candidly discussed, offering a penetrating look at what life is really like for those who don't have long to live. (59 minutes)

    #9169 100-Something (Run Time 47 min.) DVD $129.95
    Once a rarity, centenarians are becoming noticeably less unusual. How have they managed to live so long in such good health? In this program, doctors from Harvard Medical School's New England Centenarian Study and the University of Georgia's study of extreme longevity search for a correlation between life span and the genetic, physical, psychological, and cognitive dimensions of aging. In addition, people who have surpassed the ten-decade mark offer personal insights into the importance of key aspects of life such as faith, exercise, nutrition, sexuality, and continued involvement in daily routines and meaningful work. (47 minutes)

    #9297 Managing Care, Managing Death (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    To decrease the suffering of terminally ill patients, some doctors routinely prescribe strong painkillers-medications that, in effect, actually hasten the patient's death. What distinguishes such treatment from physician-assisted suicide? This program discusses legislative initiatives designed to protect patients from "disguised euthanasia"-and addresses the volatile question of whether such laws are a threat to the professional judgment of doctors. Experts include Professor David Orenlicher, former counsel to the AMA; Dr. Zeke Emmanuel, of the NIH's Department of Clinical Bioethics; and Yale University's Dr. Sherwin Nuland, author of How We Die. (29 minutes)

    #10583 Before I Die: Medical Care and Personal Choices (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95
    In the drive to save lives, American medical technology prolongs the dying process for many, creating a number of end-of-life scenarios that have done much to rob death of its dignity and significance. This Fred Friendly Seminar, moderated by Harvard Law School's Arthur Miller, brings together a diverse group of panelists, including Yale professor Sherwin Nuland, author of How We Die; bioethicist Arthur Caplan, of the University of Pennsylvania; Rabbi Maurice Lamm, of Yeshiva University; and Anna Quindlen, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist. Together they confront medical and cultural issues such as advance directives, palliative care, physician-assisted suicide, the need to re-spiritualize the dying process, and the overall difficulty of discussing death. A Discussion Guide and other resources are located online at www.fredfriendlyseminars.org/bid. (60 minutes)

    #10734 Substance Abuse in the Elderly (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    Faced with complex regimens of medication and diminished tolerances for alcohol, many elderly Americans run the risk of falling into the trap of substance abuse. In this program from The Doctor Is In, senior citizens discuss how they deal with these challenges, while Dr. James Campbell, director of the geriatric center at MetroHealth Medical Center, and Carol Colleran Egan, director of older adult services for Hanley-Hazelden Center, present some innovative programs created especially for elderly people. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (30 minutes)

    #11400 Accepting Life's Transitions (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $129.95
    Aging is a series of transitions, some gradual and some abrupt. How do people come to terms with these changes? This program examines the aging process from beginning to end, defining age from the viewpoints of biology, psychology, society, functionality, and the law. The impact of current behaviors and attitudes on one's future self is also discussed, as well as dying-itself a part of life-and the stages of grieving. In addition, the program addresses the health challenges faced by older Americans and indicates why some seniors cope better than others. (29 minutes)

    #31344 Geriatric Medicine: Innovations and Applications (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $129.95
    In Europe and America alike, senior citizens are poised to become the defining demographic group. What is the Western medical community doing to better serve this vital population? To find out, this documentary travels to Germany, a progressive locus of geriatric research and elder-care innovation. Topics include anti-aging therapies, quality-of-life issues, post-hospitalization rehabilitation programs, courses that promote independence and overall well-being, senior-friendly household appliances, and remarkable genetic experiments with worms that have succeeded in doubling the creatures' life spans and improving their health. A Deutsche Welle Production. (26 minutes)

    #32230 Maintaining Mental Health (Run Time 57 min.) DVD $129.95
    Aging well might be an ambiguous phrase but it does have meaning, especially for people over 60. This program tells the stories of five vibrantly alive seniors who have successfully navigated through momentous life changes. Their examples highlight important precepts for staying mentally healthy, showing how mental health is a key to successful aging. In interviews and in footage of these men and women engaged in various activities, the program provides useful tips and firsthand advice on planning for retirement, staying active, coping with grief, and making the senior years an age of new discoveries. (57 minutes)

    #35274 Prisoners of Age (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $129.95
    Raising complex and timely questions about the warehousing of America's prison population, this program accompanies photographer Ron Levine on his mission to depict the physical, emotional, and psychological conditions of aging inmates-including those nearing death. Levine focuses his work on Alabama's Hamilton Institute for the Aged and Infirm, the first prison created specifically for elderly convicts. Through Levine's documentation and interviews, the humanity of those incarcerated emerges in poignant detail, leading viewers to assess their own beliefs about rehabilitation, victims' rights, and how far society's punishment should go. (50 minutes)

    #2374 Children Die, Too (Run Time 26 min.) DVD $149.95
    No one is ever prepared for a child's death or able to accept it with equanimity, but there are ways to live through this intensely sad experience. This program from The Doctor Is In introduces some people who have felt this pain, and who can offer some suggestions for going through the process. A couple whose three-year-old daughter died suddenly, a teenage girl whose sister died from leukemia, a mother whose six-month-old died from multiple birth defects, and a young woman who has undergone two miscarriages and two stillbirths talk about their experiences. Dr. Sandra Fox of Boston's Good Grief Program discusses how people can help each other after the death of a child. A pediatric oncology nurse explains how a cancer treatment team can help families through a child's terminal diagnosis and treatment. The program also visits an art therapy class for children and talks to the teacher about how children express grief. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

    #5389 Aging Well (Run Time 18 min.) DVD $149.95
    This program introduces two senior women, a 76-year-old and a 65-year-old, as examples of the "new" senior citizen of the '90s. The program explains how these people are living longer than their parents did and why they are staying healthier. It examines medical advances that continue to boost our life expectancy rate, and the role that lifestyle changes play. The program also explores what seniors can do to motivate themselves to keep their mental powers sharp, and the effects of aging on mental skills. Finally, the program looks at the emotional issues of aging, such as the death of one's spouse, and explores how seniors can be helped to overcome feelings of loneliness and uselessness. (18 minutes)

    #6284 Letting Go: A Hospice Journey (Run Time 90 min.) DVD $149.95
    For terminally ill patients and their families, hospice can provide an opportunity to find comfort, companionship, and peace in the weeks, days, hours, and moments before death. Taking an intimate look at three patients-an eight-year-old boy with an incurable brain disease, a 46-year-old woman with lung cancer, and a 62-year-old man with an inoperable brain tumor-this program shows how hospice care helps them cope with fear and pain in the final stages of their lives, and prepares loved ones for their imminent loss. In addition to extensive footage of the hospice patients and their families, the program sheds light on the decision-making process of the doctors, nurses, chaplains, social workers, and volunteers involved in the hospice. An HBO Production. (90 minutes)

    #6667 The Gift of Aging (Run Time 29 min.) DVD $149.95
    Longevity has increased by thirty years in the 20th century, and most of us enjoy better health in those later years. How five individuals are spending their later years is the subject of this inspiring program from The Doctor Is In. The seniors include the 74-year-old former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, Helen Gurley Brown, and her film producer husband, David Brown; Lydia Bronte, author of The Longevity Factor; a Vermont couple, who divide their time between work and volunteer projects; and an 84-year-old chemical engineer and world traveler. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (29 minutes)

    #7417 Between Life and Death (Run Time 51 min.) DVD $149.95
    According to polls, 70 percent of Americans believe in life after death. This program investigates that possibility and provides astonishing testimony from those who claim to have had out-of-body experiences, including one man who "died" for 32 minutes. Religious and scientific theories are examined by experts on both sides. Laboratory studies attempt to provide rational explanations, as subjects are neurologically stimulated and share common visions of dark tunnels with beckoning light sources. Are these euphoric, culturally determined hallucinations triggered by endorphins released under stress, or proof of an afterlife? This is a fascinating intellectual and spiritual foray into a controversial and elusive topic. (51 minutes)

    #7677 Death: An Overview (Run Time 49 min.) DVD $149.95
    This step-by-step program takes the myth and mystery out of the process of dying and death itself, and presents both as biological and clinical realities. An 82-year-old terminally ill patient and those who provide palliative care witness the death process. Cameras also venture behind the closed doors of a mortuary to shed light on the scientific and commercial aspects of death, including body preparation, embalming, and cremation. (49 minutes)

    #30194 Our Grieving Hearts: Stories of Parental Bereavement (Run Time 46 min.) DVD $149.95
    Franca and Peter Napoli said a long goodbye to their 4-year-old daughter Christina, who died of a brain tumor. Linda and Glen Woods lost two sons, one in a car accident, one to suicide. And Margaret and former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau's son Michel drowned. In this powerful program, three couples describe the ordeal of losing a child and their search for meaning in the face of tragedy that can become an all-consuming grief. It is a search that begins with tears, denial, and guilt at surviving one's offspring, but often ends in a new equilibrium and a heightened sense of the sacredness of life. (46 minutes)

    #33915 The End: Families Facing Death (Run Time 85 min.) DVD $149.95
    This program examines terminal illness through the darkly fascinating lens of family dynamics. The loved ones of five different hospice patients document their experiences, creating video diaries that are part case study, part family album. With intermittent views into the heavy responsibilities of hospice social workers-who must juggle clinical procedure, unpredictable group psychology, and their own conflicting emotions-The End clearly illustrates that the slow process of dying is never just one individual's journey, and that impending loss amplifies our deepest emotional connections. A provocative analysis of the end-of-life experience. An HBO Production. (85 minutes)

    #37606 Growing Old (Run Time 74 min.) DVD $149.95
    Most people are unwilling to confront aging-even many seniors live in denial of it. Some fear losing their independence and autonomy, while others simply can't accept the graying of their hair. This program explores the varied landscape of aging in America, presenting the realities-physical, medical, emotional, and economic-of growing old in a youth-obsessed society. Whether they are well off in retirement, financially marginalized, in good health, or terminally ill, the film's participants provide moving and provocative commentary and raise several challenging questions. What exactly is the healthy way to grow old? Is age a disease to be battled or a beautiful stage of life to be embraced and celebrated? Perhaps most importantly, how can we reverse our society's neglect of the elderly? (74 minutes)

    #10674 Aging: Growing Old in a Youth-Centered Culture (Run Time min.) DVD $179.90
    A longer life span is not a fountain of youth. As future generations routinely join the ranks of the centenarians, America must retool its youth-oriented culture into something more elder-friendly than it is now. This timely two-part series addresses the multifaceted issue of maintaining a good quality of life over the long haul, as the senior-set becomes the dominant demographic segment in a nation where a premium is still placed on being young. 2-part series, 29 minutes each.

    #32798 The Aging Game (Run Time min.) DVD $249.75
    While technology and economic factors have a great impact, social customs and values can be equally as important in caring for the elderly. This five-part series begins with an assessment of global demographics, focusing on the incredible rise of elderly populations worldwide, and then looks at the welfare of senior citizens in Tunisia, Japan, Nigeria, and India. A United Nations Production. 5-part series, 9-16 minutes each.

    #10477 On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying in America (Run Time 360 min.) DVD $279.80
    In this acclaimed four-part series, veteran PBS journalist Bill Moyers reports on the growing movement in America to improve care for people who are dying. Using interviews and research from across the country, each program describes the intimate experiences of patients, families, and caregivers as they struggle to infuse life's ultimate rite of passage with compassion and comfort. The DVD version of this series also includes a special video introduction by Mr. Moyers. This powerful series is available exclusively through Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 4-part series, 87 minutes each.

    #11014 With Eyes Open: Coping with Death (Run Time min.) DVD $359.80
    This provocative four-part series, hosted by NewsHour's Ray Suarez, invites viewers to look at death with their eyes open to the end, so that they may more fully live in the natural light of the inevitability of dying. Topics such as grief, medical decision making, caregiving, and life after death are discussed in intimate groups. Simple exercises to assist in the healing process are included. 4-part series, 26 minutes each.

    #32229 Well into Your Future: Mental Health and Aging (Run Time min.) DVD $389.85
    Created to meet the needs of a steadily growing American senior population, this series addresses important issues that affect quality of life for older men and women, as well as their spouses, family, and friends. Through scenes of daily living, interviews, and expert commentary, the programs provide valuable insights and advice on mental wellness, the key to successful aging. 3-part series, 55 minutes each.

    #3333 Brief Lives (Run Time min.) DVD $739.65
    The death of a child is often the most difficult of all deaths to accept. This series explores how families cope with the death of children and young people, each program focusing on a different kind of death and offering the experiences of family, friends, and support professionals with this almost taboo subject. 7-part series.

    ||"Choose Item number and Title:" "#37366 Life and Death: Medical Ethics of the Schiavo Case" "#10478 Living with Dying(+$20.00)" "#10479 A Different Kind of Care(+$20.00)" "#10480 A Death of One's Own(+$20.00)" "#10481 A Time to Change(+$20.00)" "#10735 Dying with Dignity: The Sun City Choice(+$20.00)" "#1439 Studies in Aging(+$40.00)" "#1440 Alzheimer's Disease: The Long Nightmare(+$40.00)" "#1447 Caring for the Elderly(+$40.00)" "#1573 Ageless America(+$40.00)" "#1591 The Wit and Wisdom of Aging(+$40.00)" "#1968 How to Live Longer...Better(+$40.00)" "#1991 Jenny's Song(+$40.00)" "#2373 Saying Good-Bye(+$40.00)" "#2652 Nursing Home Care(+$40.00)" "#2878 Factors in Healthy Aging(+$40.00)" "#3039 Family Caregivers(+$40.00)" "#3142 The Aging Process(+$40.00)" "#3918 Accidents Do Happen(+$40.00)" "#4416 Caring for Your Parents(+$40.00)" "#5361 Loose Ends: Aging and Losing Control(+$40.00)" "#5516 Aging(+$40.00)" "#5606 Death(+$40.00)" "#5691 Terminal Illness: When It Happens to You(+$40.00)" "#7942 The Tougher Sex: Gender and Longevity(+$40.00)" "#8595 The Midlife Passage(+$40.00)" "#9192 Living with Incontinence: Solutions for Today's Women(+$40.00)" "#9262 Elder Abuse: America's Growing Crime(+$40.00)" "#10675 Living Longer ... Living Better?(+$40.00)" "#10676 Living Longer ... Aging Well(+$40.00)" "#11015 Grief and Healing(+$40.00)" "#11016 Difficult Decisions: When a Loved One Approaches Death(+$40.00)" "#11017 Caregiving(+$40.00)" "#11018 Beyond Life and Death(+$40.00)" "#11214 A Desperate Act: Suicide and the Elderly(+$40.00)" "#33019 The Right to Die: Terri Schiavo(+$40.00)" "#33509 Creating a Good Death: Coping with Terminal Illness(+$40.00)" "#6035 Living Fully Until Death(+$50.00)" "#6405 The Science of Staying Young: Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity(+$50.00)" "#8355 Chronic Anxiety in the Elderly(+$80.00)" "#8399 Toward a Better Death(+$80.00)" "#8491 Aging and Saging(+$80.00)" "#8890 I'm Really Going to Miss Me: Coping with Terminal Illness(+$80.00)" "#9169 100-Something(+$80.00)" "#9297 Managing Care, Managing Death(+$80.00)" "#10583 Before I Die: Medical Care and Personal Choices(+$80.00)" "#10734 Substance Abuse in the Elderly(+$80.00)" "#11400 Accepting Life's Transitions(+$80.00)" "#31344 Geriatric Medicine: Innovations and Applications(+$80.00)" "#32230 Maintaining Mental Health(+$80.00)" "#35274 Prisoners of Age(+$80.00)" "#2374 Children Die, Too(+$100.00)" "#5389 Aging Well(+$100.00)" "#6284 Letting Go: A Hospice Journey(+$100.00)" "#6667 The Gift of Aging(+$100.00)" "#7417 Between Life and Death(+$100.00)" "#7677 Death: An Overview(+$100.00)" "#30194 Our Grieving Hearts: Stories of Parental Bereavement(+$100.00)" "#33915 The End: Families Facing Death(+$100.00)" "#37606 Growing Old(+$100.00)" "#10674 Aging: Growing Old in a Youth-Centered Culture(+$129.95)" "#32798 The Aging Game(+$199.80)" "#10477 On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying in America(+$229.85)" "#11014 With Eyes Open: Coping with Death(+$309.85)" "#32229 Well into Your Future: Mental Health and Aging(+$339.90)" "#3333 Brief Lives(+$689.70)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aging-death-dying-dvds.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|valentines-day-tomorrow||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/ahhh-valentine-s-day-is-tomorrow-3.png||||||Ahhh...Valentine's Day is tomorrow!||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Ahhh...Valentine's Day is tomorrow! Look close and share our love of Art!||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|alairpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||studio-furniture||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/air-purifiers-6.png||||Air Purifiers||alairpu||studio-furniture||||||||||||||||0||1||1||0||||moabalairpu austin-air abaiairpu airfree-purifier virus-zero araireaatair||||Air Purifiers Madison Art Shop has Doctor recommended HEPA Air Purifiers! Browse our astounding selection of HEPA Air Filters, including Austin Air, AirPura and many more. We carry an array of HEPA filter air purifiers specifically designed for the artist. For example, the AllerAir has more carbon with deeper filters for a machine specialized for artists (and all AllerAir purifiers are shipped FREE and backed by a 10 year warranty). For air filtration closest to the source, the artist’s air easel attachment is an excellent choice.

    Top Recommended Air Purifier for Art Studios Up to 1500 Square Ft.: Allerair 5000 DX Air Purifier Up to 700 Square Feet: Austin Air Healthmate Plus Up to 175 Square Feet: AllerAir Air Tube||||HEPA Air Filters and Purifiers||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/alairpu.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|allerair||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/air-purifiers-for-art-studios-8.png||||||Air Purifiers for Art Studios ||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||alairpu||||Air Purifiers for Art Studios

    Designers often use a phrase - “hierarchy of materials” when speaking of setting up a living space or work area. This phrase is true for artists who are, after all, also designers in their own right.

    When setting up their studios, artists acquire the materials that lay the foundation of their art: easels, brushes, canvases, lighting, paints, oils, resins. They also must have one quiet corner where they can gaze at their work, refine it if necessary, and contemplate and dream for countless hours to fuel their creativity.

    Being artists, they are focused on blending the elements of balance, beauty, harmony and shape. As H.L. Mencken said, “the true function of art is to criticize, embellish and edit nature.”

    Ah, but nature has so many offspring, or by-products as environmentalists like to call them. Pollutants and toxic substances are one such by-product.

    In the hierarchy of materials, therefore, air purifiers should make it to top of an artist’s list. Minute particles that float around should not be a hindrance to creativity. Air should be pure for art to flourish. Allerair may just be the product that will suit your needs.

    Air purifiers were developed for fighting contaminants and allergens that float in space, and research has proven that there are more pollutants inside the home than outside. Purifiers integrate various methods to purify the air we breathe:
  • mechanical filters
  • absorbents
  • germicidal ultraviolet light

    There are models, however, that are more efficient than others.

    What factors should go into the purchase of a purifier? Design and cost, for one; maintenance, frequency of filter change, and noise are another. While one of the most expensive filters, HEPA filters do have a high efficiency rating, and the Department of Energy requires them to have the capacity to filter out 99.97% of the pollutants.

    Allerair air purifiers were designed to meet these needs.

    As an artist, your studio is a reflection of your spirit. Keep it free from the residuals of paints, adhesives, stone, inks, resins, acrylics and wax.

    Purify your air and…your spirit…with an air purifier.

    Why not try an Allerair product today?

    * * *

    Air Quality in the News

    More Advances in Green Building The National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Green Building Conference recently took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Hot topics in sustainable building include more efficient HVAC systems, environmentally friendly materials, solar energy panels that can be concealed inside rooftops, thicker walls for better insulation and low-flow toilets. Innovative builders are looking toward the area’s indigenous peoples for building practices that take advantage of nature. Ray Tonjes, chairman of the NAHB, and local designer Armando Cobo point to indigenous homes built from adobe bricks positioned to take advantage of the sun’s rays. Other indigenous homes were built into mountain slopes to protect them from the north wind. The number of homes built according to green practices has increased fivefold since 2002.

    Homes not built according to green practices may significantly improve indoor air quality through the use of AllerAir air purifiers.

    From an article in The Chief Engineer online at chiefengineer .org

    Indoor Air Quality in the Arts The Balzer Theatre of Atlanta, Georgia has been awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, making it the first theatre in the United States to earn it. Theatre management, thrilled with the designation, point to the many advantages of having a healthy building, such as knowing that allergic and sensitive clients will be as comfortable as possible, and ensuring that the audience “doesn’t get oxygen-deprived and sleepy in act two.” Theatres in older buildings may achieve similar effects with AllerAir products installed.

    From an article by Linda M. Eberle at gbj .com.

    The Dangers of Radon The naturally-occurring gas results from the decay of uranium in rock, water and soil. Previously considered a danger only to miners working deep inside the earth, radon is now known to occur above ground, and it is increasingly found in people’s homes. Radon breaks down into radioactive particles inside the lungs, increasing the risk for developing lung cancer by 11 to 21 percent. The same goes for Canada: on April 24 of this year, Health Canada introduced a proposal for new guidelines on indoor radon gas that are four times more stringent than the previous ones. "Poor indoor air quality can pose significant health risks. This recommended guideline is an important step in informing Canadians about the number one cause of lung cancer after smoking,” said Tony Clement, the Health Minister.

    Radon gas can be reduced with HEPA and activated carbon filters.

    From articles at uihealthcare.com and medicalnewstoday .com.

    VOC Regulations affect Mainstream Manufacturers Indoor air quality is increasingly on the agendas of state lawmakers. In January, 2005, VOC restrictions were imposed in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to the Benjamin Moore website. The manufacturer of household paint now makes low VOC products of its own. Low and no-VOC products were previously the domain of marginal companies catering to a limited clientele. Now that more and more customers, and lawmakers, are becoming aware of indoor air quality issues, even mainstream companies are forced to take notice.

    AllerAir units are equipped to address most VOC concerns, including formaldehyde.

    From pages at benjaminmoore .com.

    Indoor Air Quality near Forest Fires and Wildfires People living in regions affected by wildfire and forest fires should pay close attention to the quality of their indoor air. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) specifically recommends air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters to keep indoor air as clean as possible. Those with respiratory disorders, allergies, asthma, and COPD will be particularly susceptible to respiratory discomfort due to the amount of smoke produced by burning plants and trees. Other air quality measures include refraining from: smoking, burning wood or candles, and vacuuming.

    AllerAir HEPA filters are DOP tested for quality. They are capable of trapping 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns (1/233 the width of the average human hair), and their efficiency improves over time.

    From an article at floridatoday .com.

    Indoor Pool Fumes Chlorine fumes at an Indiana indoor pool probably caused interstitial lung disease in a 55-year old volunteer. J.C. Davis, an airline pilot by profession, was likely exposed to toxic levels of fumes when he worked at a computer near a floor vent over the course of a four-day swim meet. His lawsuit cites chloramines, chlorine by-products that arise with heavy pool use, as a probable cause for his disease. The pool’s builder admits that chloramines have been a problem since state ventilation standards for indoor pools were adjusted in 1993. The new standards save money at the expense of indoor air quality, asserts a local veteran swim coach. While previous methods brought in fresh outdoor air at a rate of 100 percent day and night and exhausted pent-up fumes, the new standards dictated a combination of dehumidifiers and energy-conserving vents working together, reducing the rate of fresh air intake to just 20 percent during the day, and zero at night.

    Mr. Davis’ doctors, after ruling out lung cancer, suspected chemical exposure as the likeliest cause of his disease, which may jeopardize his career.

    Indoor pool management teams in Indiana have found success in reducing chloramines with the aid of UV light, a popular option available in most AllerAir models.

    From an article by James A. Gillaspy at indystar .com.


    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns that ozone is a harmful gas, advising the public to seek out proven methods of air cleaning, and Health Canada recommends that owners of ozone generators stop using them. Neither of the two federal health agencies has approved ozone generating air purifiers, though some manufacturers of ozone generators go so far as to falsely indicate that they have won government approval. Buyer beware!

    AllerAir air purifiers use proven methods to clean the air, and they generate no ozone.

    From articles at epa .gov and hc-sc .gc.ca

    www.MadisonArtShop.com||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/allerair.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|airbrushing||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||triggeringtips||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airbrush-11.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airbrush-12.png||Airbrush||airbrushing||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > triggeringtips||||||||Iwata, Sparmax & Kopykake Airbrushes and Compressors; Silentaire Airbrush Compressors||||||||0||1||1||0||||sparmax-compressors koai iwata-medea silentaire||Perfect for artists of all kinds, from comic and picture book illustrators to nail, makeup, and tanning professionals, the Iwata & Kopykake Airbrushes are top of the line, quality products that produce the best results.||

    Iwata Airbrushes and Spray Guns

    Beloved by graphic artists and beauty professionals alike and lauded for precision detailing, Iwata offers a variety of airbrushes and spray guns to suit any studio. In the collection below you will find high quality beginner's kits, individual airbrushes and spray guns to flush out the holes in your existing tool set, and compressors to fit your artistic needs.

    Kopykake Compressors and Airbrushes

    A favorite of both miniature painters and muralists, Kopykake offers airbrushes in a variety of sizes, and compressors renowned as quiet, unobtrusive must-haves. Highly versatile, Kopykake products can be used to spray anything the consistency of milk; your imagination is your only limit. Below is a collection of Kopykake products and pieces to build your own set, tailored to your specific requirements, without breaking the bank.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/airbrushing.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|airfree||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||airfree-purifier||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airfree-air-purifier-41.png||||||Airfree Air Purifier||AF-PX000||studio-furniture > alairpu > airfree-purifier||||262.000 ||219.000 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Airfree Air Purifier

    3 Models available:

    Model: Airfree P 1000
  • Capacity: 450 sq ft. (42m²)
  • Electric consumption: 45W
  • Voltage: 110-127V
  • Dimensions: height 10.4 in. and diameter 8.4 in., height 26,5 cm. and diameter 21,5 cm.
  • Noise level: Totally Silent
  • Weight: 3.1 lb (1,43 Kg)
  • Anti-stress Light: Yes

    Model: Airfree Platinum 2000
  • Capacity: 550 sq.ft (51m²)
  • Electric consumption: 48W
  • Voltage: 110-127V
  • Dimensions: height 10.4 in. and diameter 8.4 in., height 26,5 cm. and diameter 21,5 cm.
  • Noise level: Totally Silent
  • Weight: 3.2 lb (1,45 Kg)
  • Anti-stress Light: Yes

    Model: Airfree Onix 3000
  • Capacity: 650 sq.ft (60m²)
  • Electric consumption: 52W
  • Voltage: 110-127V
  • Dimensions: height 10.4 in. and diameter 8.4 in., height 26,5 cm. and diameter 21,5 cm.
  • Noise level: Totally Silent
  • Weight: 3.3 lb (1,48 Kg)
  • Anti-stress Light: Yes

    Airfree® is the only technology that safely destroys airborne allergens, mold spores, mildew, dust mite allergens, viruses, bacteria, and pet dander. Airfree® does not use harmful emission such as UV light or ozone. Airfree® uses heat instead with no noticeable heat contribution to the room temperature. Airflow is quietly achieved through air convection generated by Airfree® ´s patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS™) that sterilizes air at high temperatures. Cooler air is then continuously drawn into Airfree®. No need for a noisy fan. No moving parts and best of all, no maintenance!

    Airfree® is totally silent. Airfree® does not need a fan as it moves the air naturally by convection.

    With Airfree®: No fan, no UV lights, no filters! The extraordinary Airfree® Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS™) saves money. Airfree® is totally maintenance and replacement parts free.||"Choose Model" "Airfree P1000: $219" "Airfree Platinum 2000: $269 (+$50)" "Airfree Onix P3000: $299 (+$80.)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/airfree.html||||||770891471394||0||||||||||New||||||||||Airfree||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|airfree-purifier||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||alairpu||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airfree-air-purifiers-8.png||||||AirFree Air Purifiers||||studio-furniture > alairpu||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||airfree||||AirFree Air Purifiers Madison Art Shop has in-stock all AirFree Air Purifier models

    Airfree - The Natural Solution for Asthma, Allergies, Mold and Air Contamination||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/airfree-purifier.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|d-vocarb||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidmoairpus||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-d-vocarb-19.png||||||AirMedic Pro 5 HD Vocarb||AA5000-D-VOCARB||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidmoairpus||||999.980 ||969.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Breathe easy and clear your head with the AllerAir 5000 air filter – order today!||AirMedic Pro 5 HD Vocarb The all new AllerAir 5000 D Vocarb. Now with even more carbon filteration! The AirMedic Pro 5 HD Vocarb is a full-featured air purifier to filter and clean the air the air that you breathe.

    With an easy to clean pre-filter, deep-chamber carbon scrubber, and micro-HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, the AllerAir 5000 D will keep your studio's air clean and clear of scents, smells, and particulates.

    The activated carbon filter uses 24 pounds of charcoal, ensuring that the air passing through is scrubbed clean. The micro-HEPA filter is rated to be 99% efficient at filtering particles 0.1 micron in size, and the pre-filter ensures that the carbon and micro-HEPA filters work efficiently.

    This studio filter can clean 400 cubic feet of air per minute, stands only 20.5 inches high (with a 15 inch diameter), and can be rolled anywhere on its 4 sturdy wheels.
    It has an 8 foot power cord and 3 speed settings, so you can choose exactly where (and how hard) it does its work.

    Heavy duty jobs and the AirMedic Pro 5 HD Vocarb go together really well.

    SPECS: Super HEPA: Removes 99.99% of all airborne particles 0.1 microns in size CFM: 400 Speed: 3-speed UV Lamp: Available Available Colors: Standard: Black, Sandstone, White // Special Order: Red, Copper, Silver, Green Voltage: 115/60Hz or 230/50Hz Amps (115V/230V): 1.3/0.5 Cord Length: 8 feet Noise Level: 50-75 dB Maneuverability: 4 x 2" wheels Filter Access: Pre-filter bottom no tools, Main filters bottom with screws Motor Details: Motor with a blower wheel Dimensions: 20.5" (height) x 15" (diameter) Shipping Weight: Approx. 55 lbs. 2 boxes Operating Weight: 42 lbs. CSA/UL: Yes||COLOR "Black" "Sandstone" "White" "Pewter (+$100)" "Red (+$100)" "Copper (+$100)" "Silver (+$100)"|^|"Optional UV" "No, thank you" "Yes, add UV Lamp - addl:(+$200)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/d-vocarb.html||||||A5AS21236110||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|abaiairpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airpura-air-purifiers-9.png||||||Airpura Air Purifiers||abaiairpu||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||aih6airpu aiv6airpu air6airpu aic6airpu||Artists don’t need to sacrifice their health to do what they love. Instead, all that is needed is a high-quality, Airpura air purifier to remove all of the art-related impurities from the air.||Every day, when an artist expresses their creativity, they are being exposed to a large number of chemicals and particles that are potentially harmful to their health. Each type of art has its very own distinct hazards. For example, there is turpentine with oil painting, rock and sand dust with sculpture, dust and lead with pottery and toluene with certain painting and printing tasks.

    To help reduce the harmful particles and chemicals in the air, and essentially save your health, you need to make sure that you have an air purifier in your art room. A standard air purifier won’t do the trick, as it isn’t designed to properly neutralize these odors, chemicals, and particles that are produced by your high quality art materials and supplies. Instead, you need a quality air purifier that is custom-tailored to the art industry to ensure that your short- and long-term health remains intact so that you continue doing what you love without the negative health effects. One of the best is offered right here at Madison Art Shop: the Airpura.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/abaiairpu.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aic6airpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||allerair-600||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airpura-c600-air-purifier-12.png||||||Airpura C600 Air Purifier||Airpura-C600||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > allerair-600||||849.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    {FREE Shipping in the Continental 48 States!}

    There are some art projects that use noxious chemicals, such as various oils and turpentine, that very strongly suggest that the artist go outdoors. Unhappily, many projects that use these very chemicals are also highly finicky, making the notion of leaving the controlled environment of the studio an impossibility if maximum results are a goal. The answer to this dilemma is an activated carbon air purification system.


    The Airpura C600 Air Purifier features an extra large activated carbon bed for maximum chemical adsorption.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aic6airpu.html||||||627746000394||0||||||||||New||||||||||Airpura||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aih6airpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||allerair-600||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airpura-h600-air-purifier-12.png||||||AirPura H600 Air Purifier||Airpura-H600||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > allerair-600||||609.980 ||||||||24.000 ||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Keep potentially harmful particles of dust out of the air while working on pastel paintings with a powerful air purifier and filtration system. Using a HEPA filtration system and a carbon weave filter, the AirPura H600 Air Purifier will trap dust and particles that accumulate while working with pastels.


    The AirPura H600 Air Purifier quickly, quietly, and effectively filters airborne particles that accumulate while using pastel paints by using a combination air purifier and filtration system. A large, 40 sq ft HEPA filtration surface provides full-scale particle removal by effectively trapping over 99% of all airborne particles. A heavy-duty Hi-C carbon weave filter eliminates odors and airborne chemicals. Measuring 22" high and 15" wide, the AirPura H600 Air Purifier provides clean, particle free air for an area that measure up to 2000 sq ft making it ideal for use in art studios or near a single easel. This air purification system can also work great for creating a clean, allergen-free work area for painters and artists who suffer from severe allergies and asthma.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aih6airpu.html||||||798837995131||0||||||||||New||||||||||Airpura||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|air6airpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||allerair-600||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airpura-r600-air-purifier-12.png||||||Airpura R600 Air Purifier||Airpura-R600||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > allerair-600||||649.980 ||||||||24.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    The AirPura R600 air purifier is a top of the line air purifier that provides air purification for up to a 2,000 square foot room. The purifier itself is built in a compact style in order to provide a proficiency not found in other units by utilizing a 40 square foot filtration system.


    The AirPura R600 is one of the strongest air purification markets in its class with a 40 square foot filtration system that filters out dirt and debris to provide filtration for up to a 2,000 square foot room. The filtration system provides a way to provide people with healthier air that can prolong their life and provide their lungs with cleaner air. The purifier excels at providing services for workers who work with chemicals or products that produce debris, as it filters out the air and collects the debris inside the filter. Utilizing the air purifier is an easy way to clean air and provide a healthier lifestyle. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/air6airpu.html||||||627746000011||0||||||||||New||||||||||Airpura||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aiv6airpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||allerair-600||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/airpura-v600-air-purifier-12.png||||||AirPura V600 Air Purifier||Airpura-V600||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > allerair-600||||749.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The Airpura V600 Air Purifier is perfect to use in areas where paints, fumes, chemicals, resins, pastels and other oils are being used on a regular basis. Keep the work area and studio toxin free from gas and fume buildup.


    Clean air is a must for anyone who suffers from allergies and upper respiratory problems. Dust and airborne particles makes breathing uncomfortable, for asthmatic patients and people with environmental allergies. Air conditioners can reduce the growth of a few allergens such as mold and mildew, but Airpura V600 Air Purifier can clean the air. Our system can eliminate up to 99.97% of most common germs and allergens in the environment. Odors, chemicals and other allergenic products are permanently removed, or greatly reduced.

    Our system purifies areas up to 2,000 square feet, and can identify more than 400 chemicals. The Airpura V600 works to absorb VOCs and other unhealthy toxins. It is equipped with the world’s finest true HEPA filter. HEPA is referred to as High efficiency particle air, for good reason. Products using HEPA filters are found in medical centers, educational institutions, commercial based businesses and home improvement industries. HEPA meets the United States government and the United States Department of Energy approval for interior cleaning.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aiv6airpu.html||||||627746000233||0||||||||||New||||||||||Airpura||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|ainotobth||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||||||||AI’s Novel Torah (Bible) Thought||newitem1||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||I asked AI (ChatGPT) to: >>Create a novel Torah thought<<

    This was the AI’s response: >>One novel Torah thought is that our relationship with God is like a dance. In Jewish tradition, dancing is often associated with joy and celebration, and the Torah teaches that we are meant to serve God with joy and gladness of heart (Deuteronomy 28:47).

    In this metaphor, God is the lead dancer, and we are the partners. Just as in a dance, the lead dancer takes the lead and guides the partner in their movements, God guides us in our lives and helps us find our way. However, just as a partner must be receptive and responsive to the lead dancer's movements, we must also be open and responsive to God's guidance.

    When we dance, we move in harmony with our partner, and the dance becomes a beautiful expression of our relationship. Similarly, when we align ourselves with God's will and guidance, we can experience a deep sense of connection and harmony in our relationship with Him. By dancing with God, we can experience the joy and beauty of our relationship with the Divine.<<

    www.MadisonArtShop.com||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aiowndeofmaa||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||||||||AI’s Own Description of Madison Art Shop||newitem1596648750||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||||I asked AI (Artificial Intelligence - ChatGPT) to: >>Describe www.MadisonArtShop.com in your own words.<<

    This was AI’s Response: >>MadisonArtShop.com is an online store that specializes in art supplies and equipment. The website offers a wide range of products for artists of all levels, including paints, brushes, canvases, easels, and more. The site is designed to be user-friendly, with easy navigation and clear product descriptions, making it easy for customers to find the items they need. MadisonArtShop.com is committed to providing high-quality products at competitive prices, and it offers fast and reliable shipping to customers in the United States and around the world. The site also provides helpful resources and tips for artists, including instructional videos and blog posts. Overall, MadisonArtShop.com is a comprehensive online destination for artists looking to stock up on supplies and improve their craft.<<||||||||||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|oil-dvd||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||instructional-art||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/albert-handell-oil-dvd-set-mystery-falls-18.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/albert-handell-oil-dvd-set-mystery-falls-19.png||Albert Handell Oil DVD Set - Mystery Falls||AP-AH2||instructional-art||||94.950 ||77.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||ALBERT HANDELL OIL DVD SET - MYSTERY FALLS. Watch, listen and be inspired as Albert Handell paint the tranquil beauty of Mystery Falls. A recognized master of the prestigious, Oil Painters of America, Mr. Handell shares his knowledge and painting techniques from his beginning thoughts to his finished painting. Developing the composition from several photographs, he establishes the transparent washes and works up to the application of thick paint, a hallmark of his oil painting style. Mr. Handell discusses the colors that make up his palette and technique of painting thin to thick with clean color. See how he uses both brush and painting knife to achieve masses of harmonious color and the suggestion of detail. Thinking aloud as he works, Mr. Handell explains his concepts of artist depth, rushing water and the elements of nature such as rocks, cliffs, and trees. As the painting develops he discusses his process of orchestration and of applying the final touches. In the end, all elements of the painting are integrated as the mystery behind Mr. Handell's style is revealed.


    ALBERT HANDELL was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1937. At an early age, a favorite activity of his was drawing with chalks on the city streets. He began formal studies of drawing and anatomy at the age of sixteen. In 1954, he enrolled at the Art Students League of New York City to study drawing and anatomy with the late Louis Priscilla and the late Robert Ward Johnson, and later studied painting for two years with Frank Mason. From 1961 to 1965, Mr. Handell lived and traveled in Europe. In Paris, he painted independently in his own studio, working from the model at L'Ecole de la Grande Chaumiere and at the Louvre, copying the old masters.

    Since 1961, he has had over thirty one-man shows and has received over seventy prizes and awards. Albert Handle has received grants from the John F. and Anna Lee Stacy Foundation and from the Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation, Montreal Canada. His paintings are in numerous private and public collections and museums.

    Mr. Handel now exhibits with the Ventana Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where, since 1987, he has had annual one-man shows.

    For a period of fifteen years, 1960-1975, Albert Handell's pastels were included in every book published on pastels in the U.S.A. His pastels enjoy international reputation||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/oil-dvd.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Hosner||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|albert-handell||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||instructional-art||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/albert-handell-in-the-cedar-grove-at-point-lobos-dvd-pastel-instruction-27.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/albert-handell-in-the-cedar-grove-at-point-lobos-dvd-pastel-instruction-28.png||Albert Handell: In The Cedar Grove At Point Lobos DVD (Pastel Instruction)||AP-AH1||instructional-art||||69.950 ||59.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Albert Handell: In The Cedar Grove At Point Lobos. Watch and listen as Master Pastelist Albert Handell works in his studio combining several reference photographs to paint In The Cedar Grove At Point Lobos. Mr. Handell demonstrates and explains his technique by first developing the composition and drawing with a pencil on sanded pastel paper. Next, he creates a watercolor underpainting to establish the color harmony and value pattern. See close up how he demonstrates the importance of “the touch” as he layers pastels and works with various colors of similar value to achieve luminous passages with sharp and “sleepy” edges. As the video flows Mr. Handell pauses to explain in detail what he has done in the drawing, underpainting, and painting process. See how he adds “sparkle” with his finishing touches.


    ALBERT HANDELL was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1937. At an early age, a favorite activity of his was drawing with chalks on the city streets. He began formal studies of drawing and anatomy at the age of sixteen. In 1954, he enrolled at the Art Students League of New York City to study drawing and anatomy with the late Louis Priscilla and the late Robert Ward Johnson, and later studied painting for two years with Frank Mason. From 1961 to 1965, Mr. Handell lived and traveled in Europe. In Paris, he painted independently in his own studio, working from the model at L'Ecole de la Grande Chaumiere and at the Louvre, copying the old masters.

    Since 1961, he has had over thirty one-man shows and has received over seventy prizes and awards. Mr. Handell has received grants from the John F. and Anna Lee Stacy Foundation and from the Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation, Montreal Canada. His paintings are in numerous private and public collections and museums.

    Mr. Handell now exhibits with the Ventana Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where, since 1987, he has had annual one-man shows.

    For a period of fifteen years, 1960-1975, Albert Handell's pastels were included in every book published on pastels in the U.S.A. His pastels enjoy international reputation||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/albert-handell.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Hosner||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|albert-steel||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||||||||Albert Paley: Man of Steel Video (CC) DVD/VHS||FI-11092||art-sale > films||||149.950 ||141.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Enter and explore the amazing world of steel work by watching the Albert Paley: Man of Steel Video. This video explores the awe-inspiring metal jewelry or large sculptures created by Albert Paley. Browse a video that showcases various works from his early pieces to late masterpieces. Watch a preview clip.


    The Albert Paley: Man of Steel Video explores the amazing artistic masterpieces created by one of the world's most renowned metal sculptors/artists. Albert Paley worked on some of the most notable and famous pieces of metal jewelry, and created some of the most popular large-scale sculptures. This video, which is available in DVD and VHS format, explores all of his work from his early days at the School of Art at Temple University to his latest creations for Baush & Lomb.

    This 58-minute video, which was produced in 1999, is backed with commentary from Elizabeth Broun. Elizabeth Broun is an expert in Parley's technique and offers helpful insight into his life and creative works. The entire video comes with closed-captioning. View a preview clip of the video.

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/albert-steel.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|albrecht-master||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/albrecht-durer-image-of-a-master-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||Albrecht Durer: Image of a Master Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-10365||art-sale > films||||149.950 ||141.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Albrecht Durer blended an introspective and humane style ishis art. This is displayed with brilliance in this compact and decisive Albrecht Durer: Image of a Master video documentary. Durer has a massive historical context embedded in his work. The video outlines his influence on art in Germany from his progressive Italian gothic art style.


    Albrecht Durer is highlighted in expansive detail in this Image of a Master video documentary. The video employs certain major elements of Albrecht Durer's career, notably including:

    Albrecht expanded the limits of German artistic expression with his Italian-based ideas. This has allowed him to be considered a creative genius as well as an artistic innovator in printing and publishing. He is sometimes considered the father of the Italian Renaissance, and this extraordinary video argues why.

    View a preview clip

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/albrecht-master.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|art-table||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-super-art-table-11.png||||||Alex Toy's SUPER ART TABLE WITH PAPER ROLL||AT-711W||art-forms > discontinued||||264.000 ||192.000 ||||||42.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    High-quality hardwood arts and crafts center. Features a stunning polk-dotted motif, chalkboard table top, convenient paper roll stored underneath that unreels for drawing and painting, two benches and multiple accessories for hours of artistic fun.


    ALEX TOYS Super Art Table

    Invite a child into their own creative world with this inspiring arts and crafts center! The features of this colorful polk-dotted motif hardwood table include a convenient 12" x 100 feet paper roll stored underneath that unreels for drawing and painting, a child-safe paper cutter, chalkboard surface, 3 recessed cup organizers and an attractively printed canvas storage bag for supplies. Easy to assemble. Table measurements: 52.5"W x 18.75"H x 27.75"D Each of the two benches measures 32"W x 10.75"H x 11.5"D 

    Suitable for Ages: 3-plus

  • Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products
  • NAPPA Gold Seal Award
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
    {Oversize Shipping: $55.00}

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/art-table.html||||||731346071101||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|toys||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discovery-toys||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-6.png||||||Alex Toys||toys||butterfly-pingpong > discovery-toys||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||monster-center art-box draw-pro art-desk artist-easel wall-easel art-table rolling-center creativity-center face-painting finger-paints sew-fun my-kitchen parking-garage puppet-clock tumbling-mat lemonade-stand first-desk||||ALEX Toys are award winning toys for children of every age, and they are designed to engage their creativity while also being safe. ALEX Toys was launched in 1986 and currently produces hundreds of different toys and products for children. ALEX Toys products are sold in 80 countries throughout the world and they are known for their quality and for being great development and educational tools for children. Parents throughout the world have trusted the quality that ALEX Toys provides for nearly three decades, and with an extensive line of toys available with several popular choices such as the original Slinky and several art products for children, it is one of the leading toy companies in the world.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/toys.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|artist-easel||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-artist-easel-11.png||||||Alex Toys Artist Easel||AT-21W||art-forms > discontinued||||154.000 ||104.000 ||||||6.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Bring your child’s creativity to life on paper with the Alex Toys Artist Easel. With many kid-friendly features, the double-sided easel is perfect for young artists to color, paint or draw safely. This kit includes a wooden easel and all the artist accessories you’ll need to begin artistic fun.


    Alex Toys Artist Easel is the perfect gift for budding artists age 3 and up. The high-quality, 48-inch height wooden adjustable easel features a magnetic wipe-off dry-erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. Turn your child’s downtime into creative time with this versatile artistry kit.

    Give your little Picasso a palette for his or her inner creativity with a standing easel. The Magnetic Artist Easel is the winner of Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toy Award. Everything your child needs to get started is included: molded tray for paints, cups and brushes, bin-tray that holds chalk, crayons and other materials, and a built-in plastic paper cutter. Also included is one 75-foot roll of 18-inch white paper and 2 easel clips. When play time is over, the wood easel collapses for easy storage.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/artist-easel.html||||||731346002136||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|art-box||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-art-box-16.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-art-box-25.png||ALEX Toys Artist Studio Art Box||AT-56WM||art-forms > discontinued||||59.990 ||52.800 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||

    This Artist Studio Art Box by Alex Toys’ is an excellent gift for children of all ages. The colorful wooden box is stocked with art supplies and features a pop-up easel on top. The set has everything your child will need to express his or her creativity on paper.


    Alex Toys’ Art Box will keep your child’s creative juices flowing, designed for children aged 4 and up. The smart design features a deluxe, colorful wooden box that makes for easy storage for the artistic treasures inside. It includes a convenient pop-up easel, 2 drawers for simple organization, 2 fold-out trays, and many art supplies in this 113-piece Art Box.

    Perfect for the budding artist, Alex Toys’ Art Box was given Parents’ Magazine ‘Best Toys’ award. The sturdy case includes a large assortment of arts and crafts accessories, including a fold-out drawing board, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, 2 drawing pencils, 2 easel clips, 24 oil pastels, 28 colored pencils, 32 fine tip markers, 12 water colors and 1 water bottle. The case is cute and colorful, and features a handle that is perfect for little hands.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/art-box.html||||||731346005618||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|art-desk||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-my-art-desk-12.png||||||ALEX TOYS My Art Desk||AT-1||art-forms > discontinued||||187.000 ||136.000 ||||||11.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Delight any child with this colorful art desk sized just right for little artists. The bright colors and fun shapes make this art desk dazzle the eyes of any child who sees it. 


    This small hardwood desk is the perfect place for a child to create works of the imagination. Tilt the tabletop downward to make it easier to draw. Keep the tabletop level to allow for cutting, gluing and other important art projects. Kids can use the paper roll under the desk to grab new paper as soon as the current masterpiece is finished. And when there's no paper, your little one can still draw all day on the chalkboard surface of the tabletop. The desk is durable, versatile and ready for years of use. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/art-desk.html||||||731346000101||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|first-desk||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-my-first-desk-11.png||||||Alex Toys My First Desk||AT-3||art-forms > discontinued||||103.000 ||75.200 ||||||6.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Alex Toys My First Desk is a child-sized desk that provides a child with his or her own space to read, draw, and play. The chalkboard desktop wipes away easily so your child can begin their creations all over. Versatile assembly makes this desk suitable for righties or lefties.


    Children are never too early to start learning. Alex Toys My First Desk is perfect for young children, offering a colorful chalkboard desktop with a recessed cup hole to easily hold pens, pencils and other essential supplies. The desk features easy assembly in a design suitable for both right and left-handed children. Plenty of storage is available in the extra-large storage space under the seat. A colorful canvas hanging bag rests behind the seat for additional storage.

    Provide your child with a kid-sized desk they can call their own. The assembled desk measures 20.5 inches wide x 18.75 inches high x 24 inches deep. My First desk is listed in Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products and has the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval. Alex Toys My First Desk is an excellent addition to any child’s playroom or learning area.

    (Oversize shipping: $25.70)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/first-desk.html||||||731346000309||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|parking-garage||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-parking-garage-11.png||||||Alex Toys Parking Garage||AT-19||art-forms > discontinued||||105.000 ||72.000 ||||||0.990 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Alex Toys Parking Garage

    Children will have hours of fun with this multi-level parking garage and its accessories! Set includes everything needed to play right out of the box - four level garage, four cars, attendant, helicopter and more.  Ages 3 and up.


    Alex Toys Parking Garage will provide hours of fun, imaginative play for children ages 3 and up. Quality wood construction, bright colors and realistic details will make this parking garage a hit at playtime.. Set includes three level parking garage with ramps, a working elevator to all three levels, attendant, toll booth, fuel pumps, car wash, four hand-painted cars and a helicopter. The parking garage is set atop a large road and a heliport is located on the roof!  Kids won't run out of ways to play with this play set.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/parking-garage.html||||||731346001924||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|rolling-center||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-super-rolling-art-center-11.png||||||ALEX TOYS Super Rolling Art Center||AT-721X||art-forms > discontinued||||242.000 ||176.000 ||||||11.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Have you been searching for the perfect all-in-one art center for your budding artist? Well, this Super Rolling Art Center by Alex toys is the one for you!


    ALEX TOYS Super Rolling Art Center

     This multi-purpose art center is the perfect option for your young artist; it is colored in the fun primary colors of red, blue and yellow and creatively designed for little ones 3 years and older in mind. This unit features a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase board on the other. There is a paper roll on the top of the piece that pulls down for drawing and painting.

    On one side of the unit there are cup holders and 4 cups made for storing crayons, chalks and markers. On the other side, there are also cup holders and 4 special non-spill cups made for paints. On the bottom, there are two convenient storage shelves that you can store supplies in when not in use. You can move this art center around without scratching the floors with the large front handle and 2 rubber wheels. It is generously sized at 43.75"H x 31”L and assembly with included tools is required. This awesome art center will inspire creativity and hours of independent play.

    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
    {Oversize Shipping; $30.20}

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/rolling-center.html||||||731346072115||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|wall-easel||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-wall-easel-11.png||||||Alex Toys WALL EASEL||AT-31N||art-forms > discontinued||||66.000 ||64.000 ||||||0.990 ||||0||1||0||0||||||Alex Toys WALL EASEL This readily mountable, space-saving ease is perfectly proportioned for a young child's artistic creation and features an attractive and colorful appearance and paper roll attachment, transforming it into a painting or marker drawing surface. A fun and aesthetically pleasing addition to any child's room or play area.||The easel's size is perfectly proportioned for a young child's artistic creation (20"W x 26"H x 4.75" D) and features an attractive and colorful dot motif on the frame and a blue chalkboard center. The paper roll attachment (12" x 100') transforms the chalkboard into a painting or marker drawing surface and has a convenient safety cutter for safely and precisely removing the completed artwork. Three colorful cups located along the bottom hold paint or supplies. The easel is a fun and aesthetically pleasing addition to any child's room or play area. 

    Suitable for Ages: 3 plus||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/wall-easel.html||||||731346003119||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|creativity-center||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-creativity-center-11.png||||||ALEX TOYS' Creativity Center||AT-710W||art-forms > discontinued||||242.000 ||176.000 ||||||42.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||A creative arts and crafts is essential for nurturing the creations of a budding artist! Includes a chalkboard table with an attached paper roll, two benches and a variety of art accessories that will keep a child engaged for hours.||


    This arts and crafts center ensures your budding artists will remain engaged for hours! The creative center features include a 49" W x 29.5"D x 18"H chalkboard table that transforms into a painting and drawing area with the 18" x 75' attached paper roll; the two benches each measure: 23.5" W x 10" D x 11" H. Paper cutter, canvas storage bag, two recessed cup organizers to arrange the included markers, crayons and brushes. Easily assembles with the included tool. 

    Suitable for Ages: 3-plus

    Related Products: 

    Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award  

    (Oversize shipping: $55.00)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/creativity-center.html||||||731346071019||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|draw-pro||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||drawing||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-draw-like-a-pro-21.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-draw-like-a-pro-22.png||Alex Toys' DRAW LIKE A PRO||AT-52W||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > stan-lee > cartooning-supplies > drawing||||53.000 ||42.990 ||Alex Toys' DRAW LIKE A PRO||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Introduce creative kids to the realm of art with this exciting and accessible projector. DRAW LIKE A PRO helps kids trace projected drawings to make inspiring art!||

    Get ready to draw fun, inspirational and vibrant images to fuel a budding artistic life. Alex Toys’ DRAW LIKE A PRO features a fun and effective projector to create traceable images. Using DRAW LIKE A PRO is easy! Just follow the steps below:

    DRAW LIKE A PRO slides create vivid and easy-to-sketch images for children to trace. Get ready to watch the excitement, and witness newly-created and original artworks. Your child will easily be able to insert slide after slide of the cutest drawings, project them onto any drawing paper, and trace out the cartoon characters. They will develop skils and have non-stop hours of fun day after day! DRAW LIKE A PRO includes an enormous selection of 124 different slides, plus a flip book, six markers and 10 sheets of paper for drawing. Three AA batteries are required.

    DRAW LIKE A PRO is great for budding artists, and it’s perfect for creating exciting and creative bonds for everyone. Buy now and jump-start a child's imaginative journey! (Ed. note: I bought one for my nephews and nieces who love it!) 

    See DRAW LIKE A PRO in action!

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/draw-pro.html||||||731346005212||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|face-painting||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||childrens-art||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-face-painting-party-8.png||||||Alex Toys' FACE PAINTING PARTY||CLOSEOUT-AT-378||art-gifts > beginner-artist > childrens-art||||12.000 ||9.900 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Design fantastical faces with this face-painting kit, including 16 paint colors and applicators that are easy to use and wash off with soap and water.||

    Create a plethora of costume faces with the Alex Toys' FACE PAINTING PARTY kit. Designed for children ages 5 and up, this makeup kit comes with everything you need for Halloween, Mascarade, Clown, Superhero or Costume faces. The face painting kit includes ten color pots from white to gold, five paint sticks and applicators for applying partial or full-face artwork.

    This kit is ideal for carnivals, fairs, children's birthday parties and theater makeup, and the paints wash off easily with soap and water. With bright, opaque colors, these pigments will show up on any skin tone and can be used on kids and adults alike. With proper storage in a sealed container and a cool, dry room, this makeup kit will last for a long time. Applicators can be washed with soap and water and reused. It is recommended that they are cleaned between uses.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/face-painting.html||||||731346037800||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|my-kitchen||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-in-my-kitchen-11.png||||||ALEX TOYS' IN MY KITCHEN||AT-15W||art-forms > discontinued||||83.000 ||58.400 ||||||0.990 ||||0||1||0||0||||||Deliver the joy of cooking to a child with this high-quality, and imaginative wooden kitchen set. Features include rotating knobs, a peek-in oven door, and a colorfully painted surface. The sink has a removable bowl and the hooks on the top are perfect for hanging pots||


    Nurture a child's inner chef  with this bright and thoughtfully designed wooden kitchen set that will bring hours of enjoyment. Nothing ensures the creation of warm and vivid memories like cooking and serving meals -- and a pretend kitchen is no exception. The features include rotating knobs, a peek-in oven door, and a colorfully painted surface. The sink has a removable bowl and the hooks on the top are perfect for hanging pots and pans! The kitchen accessories are not included.

    Suitable for Ages: 3-plus

    The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval  
    (Oversize Shipping: $14.95)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/my-kitchen.html||||||731346001528||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|lemonade-stand||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-lemonade-stand-16.png||||||Alex Toys' Lemonade Stand||AT-14W||art-forms > discontinued||||154.000 ||112.000 ||||||21.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Alex Toys Lemonade Stand is sure to attract plenty of thirsty customers. The vibrant indoor/outdoor lemonade stand features a chalkboard front wooden panel, dry erase top, and many other amazing features that help kids make real sales. Pitcher and cups are included for even more fun!


    Delicious lemonade for sale! Children can enjoy hours of fun both indoors and out with the colorful, portable Alex Toys Lemonade Stand. This easy-to-assemble lemonade stand is perfect for young entrepreneurs looking to earn a few real – or fake – dollars selling refreshing beverages. It’s constructed of wooden panels and 2 colorful large wheels, and measures 20.5 inches long x 23.5 inches wide x 48 inches high.

    Suitable for children age 3 and up, Alex Toys Lemonade Stand can be used by children to pretend that they own their own business or to sell lemonade to friends and neighbors. The chalkboard front panel allows children to write prices and other details. The lemonade stand also features a colorful fabric awning and dry erase top. Large lemonade pitcher and 4 cups are also included.

    (Oversize shipping: $39.95)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/lemonade-stand.html||||||731346001429||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|monster-center||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-monster-art-center-9.png||||||Alex Toys' Monster Art Center||AT-57W||art-forms > discontinued||||99.000 ||79.990 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Keeping your kids occupied with art is a blessing.


    The Alex Toys Monster Art Center is a great choice for children. Enjoy helping your kids with their artwork!

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/monster-center.html||||||731346005717||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|puppet-clock||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-puppet-theatre-with-clock-8.png||||||ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre with Clock||AT-23K||art-forms > discontinued||||88.000 ||64.000 ||||||0.990 ||||0||1||0||0||||lisa-leleu-super-star-theater||Change the way you and your child tell stories.  ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre w/Clock offers a new and exciting way to tell stories. Your child can spend hours of fun performing their own or classic plays with finger or hand puppets.  ||Places, everyone! It’s time for the show! Kids love to perform for their parents and each other.

    The ALEX TOYS' Theatre w/Clock invites a new level of creativity for children of all ages. It will be a popular toy in your home. Details of the puppet stage include: 

    This puppet theatre is easy to assemble with sturdy laminated wood parts. Each piece is bright in color, giving the stage a visual appeal. The puppet theatre is portable and can be easily stored when not in use. Advised for children ages 3 and older. Some small parts not advisable for use by small children. 

    Provides kids with a place to put on puppet shows and store their puppets.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/puppet-clock.html||||||731346002334||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|sew-fun||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-sew-fun-443n-8.png||||||Alex Toys' Sew Fun||AT-443||art-forms > discontinued||||84.000 ||60.800 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Complete with carrying case, Alex Toys’ Sew Fun is a super-cute kit containing everything your child will need to craft their own masterpieces, from the real child-sized sewing machine to needles, bobbins, fabric, and more. Now available with FREE SHIPPING.


    Alex Toys’ Sew Fun is an easy-to-operate, child-sized sewing machine. Introduce young sewers to the world of creating their own clothing and accessories. This kit includes everything you’ll need to get started right away. Lightweight and portable, children will love to learn how to sew on their very own real sewing machine.

    Kids can become their own fashion designers with a sewing machine that works just like Mom’s. The activity kit includes a real sewing machine, 2 machine needles, 4 bobbins, threader, ric rac, felt, sewing needles, pin cushion, straight pins, buttons, scissors, thread, measuring tape, ribbon, thimble, and 2 yards of floral fabric. Features consist of easy drop-in bobbin, adjustable stitch lengths, and two speeds that allow for safe sewing.

    Alex Toys’ Sew Fun is battery operated or can be plugged in using the AC adapter included. The child-friendly pressure foot is designed to ensure that little fingers cannot slip under. Follow the simple instructions to create a cool wrap-around skirt or tote bag. Recommended for children above 8 years of age.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/sew-fun.html||||||731346044303||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|tumbling-mat||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-tumbling-mat-11.png||||||Alex Toys' Tumbling Mat||AT-50W||art-forms > discontinued||||154.000 ||112.000 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||The strong and durable Alex Toys' Tumbling Mat is a cushy environment for active kids.||

    Provide your energetic kids with a comfortable, safe spot to tumble, roll, or practice gymnastics, martial arts, or dance with Alex Toys' Tumbling Mat. At 72 inches long and 46 inches wide, this springy mat gives little ones 18 months and older ample space to get their exercise on.

    Don't have enough space? No problem! Once the kids are done playing, this tumbling mat folds into a compact 46 by 24 inches, thin enough to slide under most beds or take up minimal space in a closet. Attached carrying handles make it easy to tote anywhere.

    Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, Alex Toys' Tumbling Mat is an ideal addition to playrooms, daycares, classrooms or kid gyms. Or throw it into the back of the car for a day out at the park. 

    Brightly-colored and featuring a stars and polka dot design the kids will love, this mat encourages kids to get up and get moving. The easy to clean surface ensures long-term usability, and the mat has been safety tested to ensure materials are free of lead and will hold up under heavy usage.

    So, eliminate worry and let the kids roll.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/tumbling-mat.html||||||731346005014||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|finger-paints||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||childrens-art||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alex-toys-washable-finger-paints-8.png||||||Alex Toys' WASHABLE FINGER PAINTS||AT-207W||art-gifts > beginner-artist > childrens-art||||17.000 ||9.900 ||||||||||1||1||0||0|||||||| ALEX TOYS' 6 finger paints Includes WORK MAT and PATTERN MAKER - create cool wave pattens with pattern maker too! Washable.

    ALEX little hands 3-plus

    WASHABLE FINGER PAINTS (6) Six washable finger paints that come in a fun package.

    • Suitable for Ages: 3-plus||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/finger-paints.html||||||731346020727||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alex Toys||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|alive-america||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||||||||Alive and Well: The Arts in America Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-10656||art-sale > films||||99.950 ||91.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Alive and Well brings viewers The Arts in America video. This 30 minute mini-adventure displays virtuous students in multiple fields of art. At one look it is a brilliant celebration of art, and with another it is an informative take on continued support of the fine arts financially.


    Alive and Well presents The Arts in America Video on DVD or VHS. This informative essay-styled documentary details the effects of art study in the United States on the ever-growing adoration and appreciation for the form. Through group interviews, speeches, and narration, the video chronicles the better appreciation of community programs. Industry educational leaders share their thoughts on modern American art and what they expect from it in the future.

    The video simultaneously acts as an educational promotion piece and a visionary celebration of prolific art in America.

    View a preview clip here

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/alive-america.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|40280||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||criminal-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/all-about-forensic-science-enhanced-dvd-4.png||||||All about Forensic Science (Enhanced DVD)||FI-40280||bbc > documentaries > criminal-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||Although television makes it appear that forensic science yields quick answers, it’s actually a long process that can take weeks or months for accurate results. This program takes the stereotypes that pop-culture has given it and illustrates the real process, biology, chemistry, and physics of criminology — not the version they show on TV. It digs deep into the responsibilities of forensic scientists, the skills they need, and the responsibilities they handle to help in a criminal investigation. Exploring the three main branches of forensic science — field science, lab science, and medical science — the program shows how a crime scene is preserved, defined and secured. The program also goes into detail about how DNA, cloth fibers, fingerprints, footprints, blood, spent ammunition, hair, and other forms of physical evidence are collected, kept uncontaminated, and studied; and how dentistry, autopsies, hand-writing recognition, toxicology, ballistics, and psychology play a key role. Although on TV forensic science is typically only linked to criminal investigations, forensic science is also used in the civil justice system, food industry, and environmental problems. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (27 minutes)

    All about Forensic Science
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-60825-568-9
  • Run Time: 27 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2007
  • CC||||||||||||||978-1-60825-568-9||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|arnold-grummer||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/all-about-paper-by-arnold-grummer-7.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/all-about-paper-by-arnold-grummer-8.png||All About Paper by Arnold Grummer||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||papermill paper-press papermaking-press papermaking-video papermaking-videos paper-making art-articles||||Paper and the World

    Paper is amazing. It is thin and relatively fragile, yet most of the world’s wealth and much of the world’s fate are committed to it.

    Do a little considering.

    Consider your lot/land. If you own land, you probably don’t have it surrounded by armed soldiers to maintain your ownership, keeping people from tramping all over it or squatting on it. Instead, you have a piece of paper somewhere that says you own the land. So you don’t need the army. Consider your house. If you own the house you live in, you do not keep a band of off-duty police around the lot lines to help you keep possession. You rely solely on a specific piece of paper somewhere.

    Consider stocks and bonds. If all your wealth consists of investments in stocks and Government and other bonds, your wealth is simply a batch of pieces of paper somewhere.

    Consider the car dealer in a car purchase. If a $20,00 dollar car is purchased by check, the car dealer gives away a huge batch of chrome, engine, glass, speakers, radio, tape and CD player, tires, plush seats, and more. What he gets in return, is a small piece of paper.

    Consider your marriage. If you are married, people accept that fact -- not because they were at your wedding and saw it occur, but because you have a piece of paper somewhere that states you are married. In a manner of speaking, all marriages are paper-based.

    Consider crossing a Country’s border. If you try to cross a border between two countries, border officials will not necessarily believe you when you say you are you, but they will believe a piece of paper (visa/passport).

    Consider driving a car. You can drive a car if you have a certain piece of paper. If you are stopped and don’t have that piece of paper, an officer writes on and gives you another piece of paper, and you are in court.

    Consider a large insurance company. Huge insurance companies worth billions of dollars have no factories, merchandise, trucks, etc.. Their entire business is paper. All you have in return for the dollars you keep sending them regularly, is a few sheets of paper.

    Consider nations. Nations act toward each other according to what is said somewhere on a piece of paper. When there are differences, a piece of paper, a treaty, is the arbiter to determine what is right and what is wrong.

    Consider your personal identity. Your whole legal identity is not what you might say it is or claim it to be in a particular instance. Rather, it is what one or more pieces of paper in one or more places say it is.

    Looked at totally, everything from your personal identity, to your wealth, to relationships between entire nations, is on, and depends upon, paper.

    To have so much of our world, identities and possessions, liberties and fate committed to paper, is somewhat frightening.

    Paper is simply several layers of almost microscopic natural fibers held together by a natural bond. Should the standard Evil Genius of science fiction indeed discover a force that would universally destroy that bond, every piece of paper in the world would disintegrate into what would look like batches of dust. A breath would scatter the individual fibers in all directions. There would go personal identities, proof of ownership of wealth, agreements between nations, all insurance policies, etc. Chaos would be immeasurable. Anarchy would sprout like fertilized dandelions. Undoubtedly, probably sooner than later, spoils would go to the strongest, and/or slyest.

    An immediate and massive re-disposition of the world’s goods would occur.

    The individual pieces of the re-disposition would be a mosaic of comedy and tragedy. Uncomfortable scenarios scrolling across your personal screen would undoubtedly include the following:
  • Knowing there is no legal record of ownership, someone with force enough to do so would simply come and take possession of your house.
  • If you owned a fine piece of beautiful land, you would find people coming and erecting tents, shacks, or even houses on it -- squatters! Moats and piranhas would be at a premium.
  • Your cabin by the lake a couple hundred miles away, would almost certainly be lost to you.
  • If your color TV set were being repaired, you might not be able to get it back because no record would exist that you had ever brought a TV set into the repair shop? If you got it back, would you pay the repairman in coins, firewood, or what?
  • Great pieces of art would instantly disperse into a dusting of pigmented fibers.
  • Between neighbors, squabbles at lot lines would erupt, filling the air with vitriol and verbal mayhem from Maine to California. A thousand motorists looking at road maps along highways would be permanently lost.
  • Stopped by a police officer, you would be in trouble. The officer would still have a badge, but you wouldn’t have a driver’s license. On the other hand, the officer wouldn’t have a piece of paper on which to write a ticket.
  • Unless the address of your favorite aunt in a far away city had been memorized, you would probably lose all touch with her. There would be no phone book to help you call.
  • You could change your age at will.
  • A million babies would be instantly un-diapered.
  • You would reach into your pocket for the roll of hundred-dollar bills and come up with -- nothing.
  • If all of this gave you a king-sized double migraine attack, you would have no prescription for a pain-killer.

    With an instant disintegration of all paper, the whole world would be violently re-arranged. Princes might become paupers, and strong paupers might become princes.

    Undoubtedly, the world’s most feared potential weapon is development of a scientific formula that could instantly and universally destroy the natural bond that holds cellulose fibers together as paper.

    Whether or not paper will continue in its ascendancy, and for how long, can be answered only by time. Paper itself knocked out the milleniums-long reigning papyrus. The people, land, papyrus plant, Egyptian economic and cultural power, related to papyrus’ supremacy in recording and communicating, were all viciously and totally affected. What environmental changes occurred because of the total absence of a single papyrus plant where previously huge plantations had flourished, can only be guessed.

    Similarly today, the demise of paper would cause huge adjustments and massive re-jiggering of industry and people, not just along a Nile River, but globally. Paper is global. It has massive effects worldwide on forests (not only their use, but also their propagation), rivers and lakes. Paper is a capital-intensive industry. Billions of people’s and Governments’ dollars are fated with the paper industry. If the market for paper suddenly, or even less precipitously over several years, dried up, the "capital intensive" financial structure would self-destruct. People in whole regions such as Wisconsin’s Fox Cities, and all those globally engaged in the production of raw materials and chemicals, manufacture, distribution, and sales, centered on paper, would have lives convulsively disrupted.

    Undoubtedly, paper is the core product of the universe.

    Will paper be replaced? Not easily. The rule of "most suitable and most readily available" (which caused papyrus’ demise when paper came) still determines the global choice of a recording/communicating material. In recent decades, plastic as film in many different versions (dubbed by some as "plaper"), mounted a challenge. It has seriously ebbed if not totally waned. Currently observers are titillated totally by the sparring of paper and electronics, represented by computers. Will recording and communication ever be done totally by electrons arranged on hard drives, discs, and tapes?

    Personally, as I stand here watching reams of paper being spewed out by printers attached to computers, I doubt it. But seeing the outcome (or whether paper ever suffers papyrus’ fate) is really worth staying alive for.

    Stay healthy -- see your doctor (man or woman) once a year.


    (Please search "Paper" in our search box for more of our Paper Products.}||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/arnold-grummer.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|alllihivi2oz||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||All LIQUITEX HIGH VISCOSITY 2 OZ. COLORS - 96 Tubes - 1 each||CA-LQ-HV2OZ||||||621.740 ||344.920 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||Whether you have many art projects to complete or just prefer to have a variety of beautiful colors at your disposale, the All Liquitex High Viscosity set is for you. ||

    These richly pigmented paints are ideal for nearly every project. They are safe to use on wood, leather, canvas, silk, plastic, paper, murals or metal. They are durable enough to use indoors and outdoors without cracking, flaking or chipping. This thick, buttery formula glides on like an oil paint while remaining easy to brush out. Each color is uniquely formulated to optimize its color potential. 

    These paints are water soluable when still wet, but become insoluable and permanent when dry - while still remaining flexible enough for use in textiles. All colors dry in a satin sheen, which enhances the visual quality of the finished work. Use this set to test all 96 colors today.

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    You have to check out this grape leaf hanging basket! This brilliant silk plant features 204 full green leaves and grape colored berries that are bursting from a beautiful 8” wicker basket. You’ll notice some of the leaves have browns and reds running through them to give that extra sense of realism. This silk plant is certain to turn the heads of all those in its presence. Color: Green, Height: 8”.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/allseason-basket.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Nearly Natural Silk||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|allacrylicspeedballco||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||ALL SPEEDBALL Acrylic COLORS - 24 tubes (2.5 fl.oz. each)||speedallcolors||||||98.400 ||72.380 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Start your next painting project with Speedball acrylic paints for long lasting vibrant colors that won't fade over time.||The Speedball 24 count acrylic paint set is the perfect starter set for any artist wanting to dive into acrylic painting. It also makes a great addition to an existing set of acrylic paints. Known for their strong, vibrant colors, this set of 24 Speedball acrylics provides every color needed to create a masterpiece. These paints have a high mixing capacity and are made to avoid fading even when placed in direct sunlight or other lighting over time. Acrylic paints are quick drying so paintings can be completed faster than with other paints like oils. These paints dry permanently onto canvas. All of the colors in this Speedball 24 count set are cobalt and cadmium free, and they are certified non-toxic.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/allacrylicspeedballco.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||SPEEDBALL||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|50337||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||art-architecture-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/all-things-paper-enhanced-dvd-3.png||||||All Things Paper (six-part series Enhanced DVD)||FI-50337||bbc > documentaries > art-architecture-dvds||||599.700 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||||This program, divided into six parts, is devoted to “paper maestros” residing in different parts of the world, from Hong Kong, Taiwan to United States. These immensely skilled craftsmen are always readdressing the concept of the traditional operation of paper and reaching the next level with their striking innovative approach. Discover how tables, accordion type chairs can be created out of paper. Create a splash in your wardrobe with the recent runway pieces created from paper. Have a look at these gourmet paper dishes and recognize the talented people responsible for creating these amazing paper items.

    (All Things Paper, Enhanced DVD, 6-part series, 23–24 minutes each.) Length: 180 minutes ISBN: 978-1-62290-695-6 Copy Right Date: 2009 CC||||||||||||||978-1-62290-695-6||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|all-stewart||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/all-too-wonderful-frank-capra-and-james-stewart-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||All Too Wonderful: Frank Capra and James Stewart Video (DVD)||FI-33663||art-sale > films||||99.950 ||89.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||A biographical video presentation about the lives of the Hollywood Golden Era actor James Stewart and the director, producer, and writer -basically a Hollywood triple threat- Frank Capra and their famous collaboration "It's a Wonderful Life".||This biographical DVD video shows the lives and the collaboration between the Hollywood golden era actor James Stewart and the director, producer, and writer Frank Capra. The two worked together on the film "It's a Wonderful Life" out of a combined desire to create a film that showed the American dream, the potential for dissatisfaction having that can cause, and how in the end what you have is more valuable than you may have initially realized. "It's a Wonderful Life" is an endearing classic still beloved by people today. James Stewart's later film career is also shown in detail. This twenty-seven minute video is a perfect fit for fans of Frank Capra and James Stewart and film students. (Color and black and white).

    View a Preview Clip||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/all-stewart.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|allan-sculptor||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||films||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allan-houser-apache-sculptor-video-dvd-vhs-8.png||||||Allan Houser, Apache Sculptor Video (DVD/VHS)||FI-31997||art-sale > films||||99.950 ||91.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Allan Houser is a household name in the sculpting community. Witness the breadth of his output in the Allan Houser Apache Sculptor video. He carves a masterful bronze head in immediate detail, then moves to a marble face sculpture that dazzles and entrances viewers in its overt and encapsulating beauty of detail. 


    The astute sculptor Allan Houser magnifies his creative style for viewers in the Allan Houser, Apache Sculptor video. Houser tackles two domineering projects; a bronze statue head for the Shidoni Foundation and a face marble sculpture. 

    Houser is famous for his stoic depictions of Navajo families in stone, metal and bronze design. He expertly carves world-renowned statues to be admired by thousands. He harnesses his own creative spirit to bring forward the best in realistic portrayals of people, including the Chiricahua Apache. Houser won international respect after the prominence of his Navajo work, and has since detailed keen observations murals and paintings as well. 

    This video is available on DVD and VHS.

    View a preview clip here

    ||"Format" "DVD" "VHS(+$12.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/allan-sculptor.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bsidxmoairpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir "DX Models" Air Purifiers (Recommended for: Working with heavy amounts of Turpentines, Oil Paints and other chemicals)||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||AllerAir "DX Models" Air Purifiers (Recommended for: Working with heavy amounts of Turpentines, Oil Paints and other chemicals)||||||||0||1||0||0||||dx-vocarb 5000-dx 6000-dx||If you are finding it difficult to breathe when you are in your art studio, the culprit very well may be poor indoor air quality brought on by your art supplies. Keep your art studio’s air purified with the AllerAir DX model air purifier.||Expressing your creativity with a form of art should be good for you and your overall health, not bad for it. Unfortunately, there are so many airborne particles, odors, gases and chemicals that are produced by numerous art supplies and similar materials that the air that surrounds you is full of potentially harmful impurities. In order to remove these items from the air and create better quality air to breathe in as you work your magic on a pottery wheel or a blank canvas, you must consider an air purifier.

    Choose the DX model from AllerAir, as it is one of the top-recommended products for artists who work heavily with oil paints, turpentines and other strong chemicals. With one of these purifiers, you’ll be able to powerfully and affordably filtrate the air in your studio, which will help you create more meaningful and beautiful masterpieces.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bsidxmoairpu.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bsieairpusi||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||permar||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir "Exec" Air Purifiers||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar||||||||||||||||0||1||0||0||||4000-exec 5000-exec 4000-eexec-uv 5000-exec-uv 5000-pro-exec-uv 6000-exec 6000-exec-uv||This air filter is perfect to help remove fumes and toxins from the air after working with woodworking, glass, pastels, or other art supplies. ||

    Keeping air clean and pure is a big concern for people working with art or wood, and the AllerAir "Exec" Air Purifiers do just that. With a large, spacious HEPA filter, air is sucked in and filtered through four layers of microbe and dust catching screens. The air is then recirculated inside your room, this time without the harmful toxins or fumes. 

    Perfect for large rooms, these purifiers can replace all the air in a 1200 square foot room in just 30 minutes. If air quality is important to you, you need to order an AllerAir "Exec" Air Purifier today! 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bsieairpusi.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-exec||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsieairpusi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-exec-air-purifier-30.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-exec-air-purifier-32.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-exec-air-purifier-33.png||Allerair 4000 Exec Air Purifier||AA-4000-Exec||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar > bsieairpusi||||579.990 ||||||||41.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    To improve the the air quality in a room, use the Allerair 4000 Exec Air Purifier to take the pollutants out of it. This purifier uses a HEPA filter to take even extremely fine particles out of the air.


    If you want a room to have the best air quality possible, you need an air filter that will take out particles large and small as well as bacteria from the air. With this air purifier, there is one place for large particles to collect inside the purifier, and that areas can be easily cleaned out. Smaller particles are caught inside a true HEPA filter. The four-stage filtration system includes two filters to catch microbes to clear bacteria from your indoor air. This purifier is perfect for using in schools and community centers where large number of people gather. Keep the air clean and healthy and ready for artists of any age. 

    ||Color "Black" "Sandstone"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-exec.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-eexec-uv||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsieairpusi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-exec-uv-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-exec-uv-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-exec-uv-air-purifier-32.png||Allerair 4000 Exec UV Air Purifier||AA-4000-Exec-UV||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar > bsieairpusi||||699.980 ||669.990 ||||||41.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    This affordable and efficient air purifier is the perfect solution to use in all areas that have problems with air purity, including areas that have a need to remove contaminantes, odors or noxious gases. It has a true HEPA fileter and UV germicidal lamp to effectively destroy bacterial and viruses.


    Noxious odors and gases cleared by the 10 lbs MAC-B carbon filter 
    Particles eliminated by the true HEPA filter
    Larger particles captured by a cleanable pre-filter
    Bacteria suppressed by 2 anti-microbial filters
    Bacteria and viruses are sterilized by UV germicidal lamp(choice of 10 or 20 watts)
    Air is replaced every 30 minutes with the 3 speed 400 CFM
    Effectively clears room of 1200 Sq. ft.

    With its ultraviolet lamp, this unit sterilizes against pathogens and airborne antigens. It also utilizes an efficient filtering system. This affordable unit is the perfect size for waiting rooms, daycare facilities, areas where food is prepared, and other areas where odors, bacteria or mold is a problem or represents a health hazard.

    Oversize Shipping: $45

    ||Color "Black" "Sandstone" "Antique Pewter"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-eexec-uv.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-vocarb||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||4000-series-items||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-vocarb-air-purifier-30.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-vocarb-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-vocarb-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir 4000 Vocarb Air Purifier||AA-4000-Vocarb||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > 4000-series-items||||599.980 ||||||||41.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    When you're bothered by smoke, fumes and toxins in the air, clean it up with the allerair 4000 Vocarb Air Purifier. This air cleaner uses multiple filters to clean particles of various sizes out of the air. 


    If you want a high-powered air purifier, this is the model that will keep the air clean in a large space. Filter the air in an area up to 1,200 square feet and change the air every 30 minutes to ensure that new fumes won't take over the air. The A true HEPA filter, a carbon filter and two anti-microbial filters keep the air free from odors, bacteria and other particles. Keep everything from cold germs to volatile organic compounds out of the air with this purifier. The 10 lbs of activated carbon allow you to neutralize harsh chemicals like ammonia and formaldehyde. Clean out the pre-filter easily to keep larger particles out of the air and keep them from affecting the filters that catch small particles.

    • 10 lbs impregnated, activated carbon filter for volatile organic compounds and other airborne chemicals 
    • True HEPA filter for particles 
    • Cleanable pre-filter for larger particles 
    • 2 anti-microbial filters to suppress bacteria 
    • 3 speed 400 CFM 
    • Effective for 1200 sq.ft. 
    • Changes air every 30 minutes
    ||Color "Black" "Sandstone" "Antique Pewter"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-vocarb.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-vocarb-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-4000-vocarb-carbon-filter-replacement-7.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 4000 Vocarb Carbon Filter Replacement||AA-4000-VocarbCarbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||239.980 ||199.990 ||||||21.000 ||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The 4000 Vocarb Carbon Filter Replacement, is a must have filter that allows air purifiers to be kept up to date with a fresh and reliable filter in order to filter out debris in the air and keep rooms fresh and healthy for breathing. The filter is a strong 


    The 4000 Vocarb Carbon Filter Replacement is a quality filter that allows home owners to make sure that their air purifier is properly maintained. The replacement filter allows for dirty or used filters to be replaced quickly and effectively without spending a large sum of money. The filter itself provides filtering of debris and dust from rooms in homes or offices and is sized to adequately provide filtration for a large area within a room. Those that utilize the filter are able to save money in replacing air purifiers themselves and better prepare themselves to help maintain their filtration system in the long run. The 4000 Vocarb Carbon Filter Replacement provides quality relief that provides filtration for top of the line professional air purifiers.

    (Oversize shipping: 27.50)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-vocarb-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-d-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||Allerair 4000-D Exec Carbon Air Purifier Replacement Filter||AA-4000-D-Exec-carbon||||||159.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Artists love AllerAir Purifiers. Clean air means good health for prolific artists. AllerAir 4000-D Exec replacement filters feature extra deep-carbon beds for significantly more absorption of noxious odors that artists often encounter when using various paints. Keep your lungs healthy by regularly replacing your AllerAir 4000-D Exec air purifier filters. 


    Every artist deals with odors from oil, acrylic and others paints as well as solvents. The AllerAir 4000-D Exec air purifier with carbon filter is designed to remove airborne chemicals, gases, and odors from the air, perfect for artists. AllerAir features the best air purifiers on the market.

    For those who already have the AllerAir 4000-D Exec air purifier, carbon filters need to be replaced every one to three years, depending on the amount of usage. This keeps the absorption level of the air purifier filtering system at an optimum level. The AllerAir 4000-D Exec replacement filter features a three inch deep, 16 lb activated carbon bed. AllerAir filters have the deepest carbon beds on the market. This high-absorption filter causes gases, chemicals and odors to remain within the filtering system for a longer period of time, increasing the amount of absorption and the purity of the air. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-d-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|pre-filter-4000-8pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 4000-Series Pre-Filter 8 Pack||AA-pre-filter-4000-8-pk||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||59.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Filtering air is essential in both homes and work places. Having the right filter and pre-filter is essential to insure that users have the cleanest air possible when it finally comes through the filtering process. The pre-filter-4000-8-pk is great for users that want an affordable pre-filter that takes out large particulates.


    Replacement filters for the AllerAir 4000 Series Air Purifiers. 8 pcs. (Machine sold separately.)

    Filtering processes are essential in homes and work places across the globe. These advanced filtering systems feature filters, pre-filters, and micro filters. Pre-filters like the pre-filter-4000-8-pk are used to remove the large particulates from the air prior to more advanced filtration. The process starts with the removal of large particles that float around in the air. These pre-filters remove large pieces of pollution to make the further filtering of air possible by other filters. After the large particles are removed, air can move on to the next filter stages to make for air that is well filtered and perfect for breathing and working in. Without pre-filters, more advanced filters like HEPA and micro filters would not be able to process the particulates that circulate in most air.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/pre-filter-4000-8pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-d||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidmoairpus||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-d-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-d-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-d-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir 5000 D Air Purifier||AA-5000-D||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidmoairpus||||799.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    AllerAir 5000 D Air Purifier for Amazing Studio Air Quality!

    Free Shipping in the U.S.A.! (excluding HI, AK & PR)


    Allerair 5000 D Air Purifier Free Domestic Shipping! (excluding HI, AK & PR)

    A special carbon blend in this purifier removes VOCs from your studio!

    Medical-grade HEPA filter removes pollen, dust, mold, viruses, bacteria and pet dander as small as 0.3 microns.

    • Prefilter, refillable 18 pound 2.5" deep activated charcoal filter and medical-grade HEPA filter.
    • Runs on 115 or 230 vol.
    • 10 year limited warranty.
    • VOC removal from chemicals, paints or gasses..
    • Energy efficient ozone-free filtration.
    • 3 speed blower wheel delivers 400 CFM
    • 1500 sq. ft. effective filtration.
    • Available in White, Black, Sandstone, Copper and Pewter.

    Assembled in North America from North American parts and materials, the AllerAir 5000 D provides quality filtration of VOCs from paints, chemicals and gasses, giving your studio a breath of fresh air! Its metal casing in a variety of colors houses a quality filter that will also remove bothersome allergens from your air.

    Free Domestic Shipping! (excluding HI, AK & PR)

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter"|^|Carbon "Standard" "with Vocarb Carbon(+100)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-d.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-d-mcs||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidmoairpus||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-d-mcs-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-d-mcs-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-d-mcs-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir 5000 D-MCS Air Purifier||AA-5000-D-MCS||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidmoairpus||||999.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Prevent airborne particles, dust, and toxic fumes from becoming hazardous in the art studio by using a high powered air purifying system. The AllerAir 5000 D-MCS Air Purifier combines a carbon filter and micro-HEPA filter for an air purification system that will remove harmful fumes and particles form the air.  


    The AllerAir 5000 D-MCS Air Purifier will quietly and effortlessly remove airborne particles and toxic fumes over a 1500 Sq. ft. radius.

    • Potentially hazardous gases and odors created while working with oil-based paints, toluene-based paints, solvents, and other chemicals are filtered out with the 22 lbs. of a filter made out of MAC-B carbon.
    • A micro-filter that meets HEPA guidelines effectively eliminates 99.9% of all airborne particles, including sculpting dust, sand and stone dust, and dust that accumulates while working with pastel paints.
    • Larger particles will be trapped with the pre-filter made out of pesticide-free cotton muslin. Air is constantly cleaned as this 3-speed purifying system changes the air every 30 minutes.
    • Off-gassing is prevented while in use with a high-quality motor that eliminates the production of varnishing that can create toxic fumes
    • System is great for artists working in chemical sensitive areas or who have severe asthma or allergies.  
    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter" "Burgundy" "Blue" "Green"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-d-mcs.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-ds||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidmoairpus||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-ds-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-ds-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-ds-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir 5000 DS Air Purifier||AA-5000-DS||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidmoairpus||||799.990 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Are you an artist who is concerned about the indoor air quality in your studio? Do you smoke while you work? The AllerAir 5000 DS Air Purifier is a heavy duty machine that can handle anything almost any airborne material, enabling the air to be free of toxins and pollutants. 


    Designed specifically for artists who are also smokers, and who don't want to sacrifice clean air, the AllerAir 5000 DS Air Purifier rids the atmosphere of persistent odors, harmful chemicals and tiny particles. A tar trapping pre-filter prevents large particles from remaining in the air while a special blend of 18 pounds of active carbon helps extend dwell time. The micro-wrap filter traps small particles with a complete change in the air occurring every 30 minutes. This three speed unit is American made with only a minimum of varnish on the windings to help reduce off-gassing. Effective for use in areas of up to 1500 square feet, this unit ships for free. 

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter" "Burgundy" "Blue" "Green"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-ds.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|dx-vocarb||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidxmoairpu||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-dx-vocarb-9.png||||||AllerAir 5000 DX Vocarb ||AA5000-DX-VOCARB||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidxmoairpu||||1199.980 ||1159.990 ||||||42.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||Keep the air in your classroom or studio clean and breathable with this advanced purifier from AllerAir.||The AllerAir 5000 DX Vocarb is by far the most powerful air filter/purifier in AllerAir's 5000 series. Coming with three different speed settings to accommodate different situations, this air purifier consists of an advanced filtration system that can handle all kinds of air dust, fumes and debris. Along with a heavy duty carbon filter, the system utilizes Micro-HEPA material that has been rated at 99 percent efficiency at .1 microns. And adding to its overall efficiency, the purifier is mounted on wheels for easy transportation and comes pre-assembled on delivery. Choose from Copper, Sandstone, Pewter, Red, White, Silver or Black.

    • Carbon filter weight: 27 pounds
    • Wheel size: 4 X 2 inches
    • Unit weight: 46 pounds (operating)
    • Unit height: 20.5 inches
    • Unit diameter: 15 inches
    • Electrical cord length: 8 feet
    • Voltage available in 115/60 Hz or 230/50 Hz
    • Noise levels: Between 50 and 75 dB while in use
    • Blower wheel motor
    • 400 CFM
    • Optional UV Lamp (N/A in California)
    Oversize Shipping cost: 55.00||COLOR Black Sandstone White Pewter Red Copper Silver|^|"Optional UV" "No, thank you" "Yes, add UV Lamp - addl:(+$200)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/dx-vocarb.html||||||A5AS21236110||0||||||||||New||||||||||AllerAir||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-exec||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsieairpusi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-exec-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-exec-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-exec-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir 5000 Exec Air Purifier||AA-5000-Exec||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar > bsieairpusi||||699.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    You can rest assured that your family, friends, customers and office colleagues will be breathing clean and purified air with this complete air filtering system. Its powerful carbon filters capture the chemicals, gases and odors in the surroundings to keep your air pure. Purified air means healthy living! Order today!


    Cleans and recirculates contaminated indoor air.

    We know from medical research and our doctors try to stress to us the importance of clean and pure inside air for maintaining optimum health. The AllerAir 5000 Exec Air Purifier is a high efficiency filtration system that purifies and distributes the cleanest air that is essential to ensure optimum health.


    • Dust
    • Pollens
    • Dust mites
    • Gases
    • Chemicals
    • Pet dander
    • Mold toxins
    • Odors
    • Cigarette smoke

    This AllerAir purifier is the best choice for use in offices, homes, dental clinics, hospitals and even laser eye surgery clinics.
    Complete air cleaning for office areas or in the home.
    The Activated Charcoal Filter used in the allerair is the same material that is used by the military in gas masks to screen out toxins and poisons.


    • 18 lbs MAC-B carbon filter to trap airborne chemicals, odors and harmful gases.
    • True HEPA filter for particles
    • Traps large particles in the pre-filter
    • Suppresses bacteria with 2 anti-microbial filters
    • 400 cfm with 3 speeds

    {FREE shipping to 48 states!} 

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-exec.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||Allerair 5000 Exec Air Purifier Replacement Filter||AA-5000-Exec-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||129.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The 5000 Exec Air Purifier Replacement Filter is a top of the line filter that helps to allow for the maintenance of air purification systems to be upheld. It is a sturdy and reliable purification system that allows for the filtering of debris and dangerous particles that could affect a person's lungs.


    The 5,000 Exec Air Purifier Replacement Filter is a professional grade filter that allows for proper maintenance of air purifier systems to be maintained. Those that utilize the filter, are able to take full on control of their air purification system and allow it to properly filter out debris and dangerous particles. The filtration system relies on a properly cleaned filter, thus allowing the 5,000 Exec Air Purifier Replacement Filter to properly filter out the air in a room. The filter provides adequate filtration for homes or small offices across the world and is a great investment for those who are looking for an easy way in which to make sure that the air is protected to help lungs and breathing.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-exec-uv||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsieairpusi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-exec-uv-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-exec-uv-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-exec-uv-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir 5000 Exec UV Air Purifier||AA-5000-Exec-UV||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar > bsieairpusi||||799.980 ||769.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    For large spaces that need fresh air, this air purifier will do the job with its multiple filters and UV lamp. Clean the air efficiently and make it safer and healthier to breathe with this high-powered air purifier.


    If you've had trouble with air purifiers that only clean the air around the device itself, this may be the unit you've been looking for. Clean the air in a full 1,500 square feet of space with one compact unit. The air will be continuously changed every 30 minutes to keep the air smelling fresh. The 18 lb carbon filter is a workhorse that can take on large areas of noxious odors and gases. For tiny particles in the air that can affect the smell, and your health, there are two true HEPA filters to catch them. Two more filters are there to catch and suppress bacteria. A UV germicidal lamp is included to kill viruses and bacteria. 

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter" "Burgundy" "Blue" "Green"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-exec-uv.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000 HEPA Micro Particulate Filter||AA-5000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||59.990 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Particulate filters are great for a wide variety of projects, work environments, and even homes. These micro-particulate filters are perfect for removing even the smallest pollutants that can cause issues with breathing, allergins, and even with ongoing projects like archival and technology related ventures. These filters can remove even the smallest particulates from the air.


    Some particulates can be next to impossible to remove from the air with even the most advanced filtering systems. The AllerAir 5000 HEPA micro-particulate filter can remove even the smallest particulates from the air making it better to breathe and better for those projects which require clean, ultra filtered air. These micro filters can remove particulates like air pollution, dust, allergins, and more to create clean, even sterile air that is great for just about any project. These micro filters can remove particulates that users were not even aware of making for cleaner air that fits any need and any environment. Microfilters are perfect for cleaning even the cleanest air to insure that the air being released is as clean and clear as possible no matter what.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-mcs-hepa-filter||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||Allerair 5000 MCS Replacement HEPA Filter||AA-5000-Mcs-HEPA-Filter||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||229.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    There is one important task is assigned to every air filter. That assignment is to protect the environment. Many filters fail in this area, because they are poorly constructed, but not a HEPA.


    Keeping the living environment free from toxins and airborne allergens may have been a problem in the past, but it isn’t now. Vacuum cleaners are designed to remove dust, dirt and germs from the environment, just as air purifiers are designed to remove toxins from the air. What prevents most germs and allergens from being eliminated is effective air filters. Air filters are manufactured to perform specific jobs. One important task is assigned to every air filter. That assignment is to protect the environment. Many filters fail in this area, because they are poorly constructed.

    The 5000 MCS HEPA filter is a unique and well constructed filter that has gained the popularity and respect of many industries. The HEPA filter is more than 99% effective in pulling toxins, and allergens from the atmosphere. Hospitals, nursing homes, power plants and educational institutions all rely on the on the quality performance of the HEPA filter.  The HEPA filter traps dust mites, mold, pollen, and animal hair, even if the particles are 0.3 micron in size.  Now that’s impossible to see, without a microscope and very impressive.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-mcs-hepa-filter.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-mcs||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||5000-series-items||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-mcs-supreme-air-purifier-powder-coated-carbon-filter-shielded-cable-added-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-mcs-supreme-air-purifier-powder-coated-carbon-filter-shielded-cable-added-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-mcs-supreme-air-purifier-powder-coated-carbon-filter-shielded-cable-added-32.png||AllerAir 5000 MCS Supreme Air Purifier (powder coated carbon filter, shielded cable added)||AA-5000-MCS||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > 5000-series-items||||899.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is becoming a more common problem. The AllerAir 5000 MCS Supreme is your solution!


    In addition to providing great filtration, AllerAir has spent a decade working with individuals with severe MCS to reduce outgassing produced by the filtration system itself through careful manufacturing processes. The MCS Supreme Air Purifier is designed to provide exceptional air quality, allowing you to enjoy your artistic experience instead of worrying about unintended chemical exposures, even from the unit itself.

  • Unbleached organic cotton pre-filter contains no chemical residues.

  • Medical-grade HEPA filter removes 99.97% of airborn particulates.

  • 15 pound, 2.5" deep activated carbon filter removes VOCs and contains no glue or bonding agents to prevent outgassing.

  • Motor wire windings have minimal varnish to prevent outgassing when hot.

  • 400 CFM blower-wheel 3-speed motor covers a 1,500 square foot area.

  • Filters have all cotton felt gaskets, no synthetic materials.

  • Refreshes all studio air in a half hour.

    Free Domestic Shipping! (excluding HI, AK & PR)

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter" "Burgundy" "Blue" "Green"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-mcs.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-pro-exec-uv||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsieairpusi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-pro-exec-uv-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-pro-exec-uv-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-pro-exec-uv-air-purifier-32.png||Allerair 5000 Pro Exec UV Air Purifier||AA-5000-Pro-Exec-UV||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar > bsieairpusi||||1099.980 ||1059.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Keep germs, bacteria and noxious odors out of the air for good with this air purifier. Don't just clean the air with a simple filter when you can neutralize germs and odors with the UV lamp and the multiple layers of filters.


    Having a HEPA filter is a good way to get rid of fine particles in the air. When you have two HEPA filters, a pre-filter for large particles, a carbon filter to destroy noxious gases and odors and a UV lamp to kill germs, you aren't just cleaning the air. You're declaring war on bad air quality and taking no prisoners. The Allerair 5000 Pro Exec UV Air Purifier doesn't just make it smell better in a room that has bad air- it changes out the air every 30 minutes and won't allow germs to live. If you're serious about cleaner air, get armed with the air purifier that will back you up.

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone" "Copper" "Pewter" "Burgundy" "Blue" "Green"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-pro-exec-uv.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-series-hepa-filter||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000 Series HEPA Filter||AA-5000-Series-HEPA-Filter||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||99.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    HEPA filters are ideal for creating the perfect, clean, and healthy environment in both homes and work spaces. These filters are able to quickly and easily remove particulates of all shape and sizes from the air for the cleanest air possible. The AllerAir 5000 Series HEPA Filter is the perfect, inexpensive way to clean air effectively.


    Replacement HEPA Filter for Allerair 5000 Series Air purifiers. 

    HEPA stands for High-efficiency particulate air which means that these filters are capable of cleaning most particulates from the air in one pass. These filters are comprised of thousands of randomly placed fibers that insure that particulates of all shapes, sizes, and mass are caught between the fibers to insure the cleanest air possible. HEPA filters like the 5000-Series-HEPA-Filter are perfect for those individuals looking to clean up the air in either their homes or work environments. At just under $100 this filter is the perfect way to clean and sanitize the air that you breathe and work in to insure the cleanest and safest environment possible. These filters are perfect for every application and fit many model filters and filtering machines.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-series-hepa-filter.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-pre-filter-8-pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000 Series prefilter 8-pack||AA-5000-pre-filter-8-pk||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||79.980 ||69.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Designed to pull noxious chemicals, fumes, and microbes directly out of the air, the AllerAir line of air filters features activated carbon derived from coconut shells. Despite its great efficacy when up against various pollutants, some compounds, particularly sticky oils and tars, that reduce the lifetime of these filters very, very quickly by coating the active surface area. As a result, protecting these filters with a tar-capturing pre-filter should be a priority for those who wish to extend the operational life of these particularly expensive filters. (Air Purifier machine sold separately)


    This fine product from the AllerAir line offers the following features.

    • Operational life of 1.5 - 2.5 months per filter
    • Pack of 8 filters
    • Combined operational life of 12 - 20 months, an average of about half of the lifetime of the average AllerAir 16-pound activated carbon filter
    • Exceptional removal capabilities
    • Coarse weave allows pre-filter to be installed without slowing the rate of filtering of the primary filter
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-pre-filter-8-pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|fan-5000-series||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000 Series Replacement Fan||AA-fan-5000-series||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||59.000 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The fan 5000-series is a component of the Allerair 5000 Air Purifiers. Powerful to help circulate the filtered air.


    Your Allerair 5000 Series Air Purifier will last many years. However, eventully the fan may need to be replaced. We keep these replacement parts reasonably priced. The fan 5000-series replacement will keep your filtration systems working properly for a number of more years!.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/fan-5000-series.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-mcs1||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||AllerAir 5000 Series Replacement MCS Carbon Filters||AA-5000-Mcs||||||229.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Maintain your Investment:  Replacement activated charcoal filter for your AllerAir 5000 MCS Series Air Purifier improves air quality in your studio by protecting your air purifier investment and providing continued high performance. Keep your studio or school air purification system operating at its best using quality AllerAir MCS activated charcoal replacement filters.


    There is no better way to protect your investment than by replacing the activated charcoal filter for your AllerAir 5000 MCS Air Purifier with original manufacturer filters. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing air purifiers for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, AllerAir has worked in close consultation with their most seriously affected clients to develop a filtration system which is as close to inert as possible.

    • Filter housing is powder-coated to prevent any unintentional off-gassing.
    • Carbon media has a surface area of 1,875 acres.
    • Contains 15 pounds of activated charcoal in a 2.5" thick filter to minimize VOCs in your studio, improving air quality.
    • Requires only a screwdriver to change the filter.
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-mcs1.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|pre-filter-5000-4-pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000 Series Replacement Pre-Filters, Package of Four||AA-pre-filter-5000-4-pk||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||39.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Replacement pre-filters for your AllerAir 5000 Series Air Purifier helps your unit operate more efficiently by allowing for regular air flow to the motor. You've invested in a great air purification system for your studio; protect it with AllerAir pre-filters for best results and superlative performance.


    Protect your investment! With no tools required, replacing the pre-filter for your AllerAir 5000 series Air Purifier is quick and easy! gives you exceptional air quality so you can enjoy your artistic experience instead of worrying about your health.

  • Filters should be replaced every two to three months.

  • Extend the life of your filters by vacuuming regularly.

  • Pre-Filter replacement extends the life of your HEPA and activated charcoal filters by removing larger particles prior to these filters in the system.

  • Lost your manual? No problem! Intructions are included.

  • Pre-Filters are all cotton.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/pre-filter-5000-4-pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-tar-trapping--10-pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000 Series Tar-trapping prefilter 10-pack||AA-5000-tar-trapping--10-pk||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||207.900 ||119.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The AllerAir line of air filters is designed to draw noxious chemicals of all sorts and even microbes out of the air with its activated carbon filters derived from the shells of coconuts. There are some compounds out there, however, that drastically reduce the lifetime of these filters. Tar being one of those compounds, it is incredibly important to add AllerAir tar-trapping prefilters to the intake of your filter to prolong the operational life of its much more expensive activated carbon filter.


    This is a replacement filter for the AllerAir 5000 seriers Air Purifier machine sold separately.

    This fine product from the AllerAir line offers the following features.

    • Acts as a prefilter to trap tar and other sticky compounds before they have a chance to clog up the main filter and reduce its efficacy before its time
    • Coarse weave allows air to be drawn through readily, thus allowing for maximum filtration efficiency even when protecting from tar
    • 1.5 - 2.5 month product lifespan
    • Excellent at the filtration of the fumes and oils found in hair salons
    • Pack of 10 filters allows for 2-3 years of protection, exactly the lifetime of the main filter
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-tar-trapping--10-pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|wall-bracket-5000-series||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000 Series Wall Bracket||AA-wall-bracket-5000-series||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||125.000 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    When you want something attached to the wall, never skimp on the bracket. Having the right bracket to hold the weight of the object securely in place is extremely important for avoiding damage to the wall and to the item you are displaying. 


    Part of the joy of creating works of art is being able to display them for all to see. When you have a meaningful work to display, ensure that you want damage it, or injure anyone, by using the right bracket to mount it to the wall. With the 5000 series, you can mount a piece and keep it securely attached to the wall for years to come. The bracket fits close to the wall so that your piece will be more secure. Whether it's student artwork, a piece you've bought or your own work, give it the support it needs when it's time to hang it with this heavy-duty bracket. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/wall-bracket-5000-series.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|al50voairpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||5000-series-items||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-vocarb-air-purifier-27.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-vocarb-air-purifier-28.png||AllerAir 5000 Vocarb Air Purifier||AA-5000-Vocarb||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > 5000-series-items||||799.980 ||789.990 ||||||42.000 ||||1||1||1||0||||||The AllerAir 5000 Vocarb air purifier is the perfect work mate for the artists investing long hours in rooms that become toxic because of VOCs. It's reasonably priced, requires little space and works effectively in relatively large areas. See our details on free shipping below.||

    The AllerAir 5000 Vocarb air purifier is perfect for environments subject to high emissions of dangerous airborne particles and compounds, such as the active ingredients in art paints and other materials. It requires little space, as it's height and depth tally at 20.5 and 15 inches, respectively. While compact, the device can clean the air in rooms at a rate of up to 400 cubic feet per minute. It has maximum effect in rooms with floor measurements of up to 1500 square feet. The active feature of the AllerAir 5000 is the carbon filter filled, with compounds that  are automatically emitted to mitigate the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

    (Oversize Shipping: $55.00)||"Available Colors" "Black" "White" "Pewter" "Sandstone" "Copper"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/al50voairpu.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-d-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000-D-Exec-Carbon Replacement Filter||AA-5000-D-Exec-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||171.980 ||169.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    As an artist it is extremely important to keep air quality under control. The 5000-D-Exec-Carbon Replacement Filter offers professional grade filtration as a replacement filter for fully functional air purifiers. The replacement air filter provides users with an easy way to improve air quality and breathe easier.


    The AllerAir 5000-D-Exec-Carbon Replacement Filter provides professional grade replacement for air purifiers that have congested filters that need replacement. The filtration provides adequate cleansing that catches debris and filters out dangerous dust from the air in order to provide a clear air environment. The replacement filter ensures that air purifiers are able to maintain longevity as the 5000-D-Exec-Carbon Replacement Filter adds time and functionality on to units. The filter is conveniently priced and provides easy accessibility for artists who need to make a filter purchase. Replacement filters provide clean fresh ways to make sure all of the debris in the air is filtered out so that projects are safe and artists are able to breathe easier without worry.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-d-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000dvocarb-hepa||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||Allerair 5000-D-Vocarb-Micro-HEPA-Replacement Filter||AA-A5FMR002||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||79.980 ||69.990 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||Are you using a HEPA air filter? Don't put off getting that replacement filter!||

    HEPA air filters are excellent for keeping your air free of particulates, unwanted bacteria, and mold spores. If you're using a HEPA air purifier, you should change the filter at least once a year. If you live in a city or other polluted area, you should replace it more often. If you notice a musty smell when you turn on your air purifier, you must replace it to avoid mold growth. Replacement filters are a must if you are storing prized items that need to be preserved or if you care about the air you breathe. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000dvocarb-hepa.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-dx-vocarb-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-5000-dx-vocarb-carbon-air-purifier-10.png||||||Allerair 5000-Dx-Vocarb-Carbon Air Purifier||AA-Dx-Vocarb-Carbon||||||899.980 ||889.990 ||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    5000-Dx-Vocarb-Carbon Air Purifier is the perfect air purifying system for any need. Its heavy duty action quickly eliminates odors, chemical and gases. It is low cost, inexpensive to maintain and operates quietly.


    The heavy duty Allerair 5000-DX is a general-purpose air purifier that can fulfill all types of air purification situations. It has a deep carbon filter measuring 3.5-in. / 28-pound, which makes for a longer dwell time for more opportunity for gases, odors and chemicals to be filtered out. Its cylinder shaped design maximizes airflow and built-in casters make it very portable.

    When ordering, you can choose from a variety of colors. With its innovative design, quiet fan operation, low cost and easy maintenance, you will be glad you chose the Allerair 5000 Air Purifier for your home, studio or office.

    Allerair 5000 Air Purifier Specifications:

    • Carbon, pre-filter, microHEPA, anti-microbial, option for UV
    • Executive carbon blend, option of custom carbon mix, vocarb
    • CFM Rating, free flow of 400 CFM per cubic foot per minute
    • Super quiet fan
    • Dimensions 20.5” / 15”
    • Shipping Weight – 58 pounds
    • Carbon filter – 28 pounds
    • Option for air handler
    • Covers maximum area of 1500 sq ft.
    ||Color black white copper pewter sandstone red silver||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-dx-vocarb-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|pro-filter-5000-mcs-4-pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 5000-Series Air Purifiers Pro-filter-5000-mcs-4-pk||AA-pro-filter-5000-mcs-4-pk||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||59.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Using AllerAir Professional Quality Air Purifiers and replacement filters makes all the difference!


    If you will be painting art on a large scale, you may notice that it can generate some fumes.  It is best to simply not inhale these fumes or let them linger around.  You can use the Pro-filter-5000-mcs-4-pk to make sure that the room stays clear.  This can be a big help to art teachers who need to keep their students safe.

    No matter what kind of noxious fumes may be generated, this air filtration system will be fitted to handle them.  Most art studios will try to have some sort of ventilation present.  Try using this filter to handle some of the following kinds of fumes:

    - Oil Paint

    - Spray Paint

    - Modeling Clay

    - Industrial Glues

    If yours is a poorly ventilated room, try to pick up one of these filters soon.  It can purify a room that is up to 1500 sq. feet in size.  The filter is even fitted to trap particles of tar that may be emitted.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/pro-filter-5000-mcs-4-pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|allerair-600||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 600 Series Air Purifiers||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||aih6airpu aiv6airpu air6airpu aic6airpu||Air purifiers for the artist home and studio.||Purifying the air of your home, office or studio has never been quieter or easier with our line of AllerAir 600 Series air purifiers. Compact in size and available with combinations of filters, our 600 Series line contains purifiers specially formulated to rid the air of the specific chemical families that artists work with, such as oil and acetate. These affordable purifiers are powerhouses. They can purify rooms up to 2000 square feet, making them ideal for any studio size. This line features true HEPA air filters, some with 26 pounds of activated carbon that clean 99% of impurities from the air, leaving your home or studio odor- and chemical-free. These purifiers are ideal for anyone who wishes to work in a toxin-free environment, and artists with allergies or asthma are likely to benefit the most. Free shipping for those who live in the lower 48 of the United States.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/allerair-600.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-ah||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||6000-series-items1||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-ah-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-ah-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-ah-air-purifier-32.png||Allerair 6000 AH Air Purifier||AA-6000-AH||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > 6000-series-items1||||899.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Purify the entire air in any room up to 1800 square feet, several times an hour. Get rid of distracting odors and manage micro HEPA particles with the Allerair 6000 AH Air Purifier. Order anywhere in the U.S. and get free shipping.


    Bring the Allerair 6000 AH Air Purifier to your home or business suite, and notice changes in home and office climate, immediately. It emits 26 pounds of carbon to mitigate distracting odors. And, it uses a chemical reaction to filter micro HEPA particles. The carbon filter has an automatic carbon filter refill feature, which allows your maintenance crew to manage other important tasks, while the Allerair runs continually. The 3-speed 400 CFM output gives the Allerair the power to effectively service 1800 square feet of space. While priced economically, it is comparable to Exec, D, DX, Vocarb and other stand-alone models. It is built to "replace" the air in designated rooms several times per hour, without the operation of a furnace. As an added bonus, you get free shipping, if you are ordering from anywhere in the U.S., excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-ah.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-d-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter||AA-6000-D-Exec-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||259.000 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter, is a professional grade quality air purification replacement filter that provides high quality filtration in order to provide people with easier breathing habits. The filtration system provides large filtering of debris that cleans the air and provides easy breathing in a room or building.


    The 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter provides a way to upkeep a filtration system and make sure that it is in top condition. The filtration replacement filter is built of top of the line professional material that makes sure to provide professional filtration of debris and harmful particles that may develop in the air and become quite harmful. Utilizing the system allows for the upkeep and proper maintenance of an air purifier, ensuring proper professional air filtration and purification. It is essential to replace and keep purification systems up to date so that they are able to continue to function in their filtering out of debris and the 6000 D Exec Carbon Replacement Filter keeps air purifiers clean and current.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-d-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-d-ah-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidmoairpus||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-d-ah-air-purifier-29.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-d-ah-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-d-ah-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir 6000 D-AH Air Purifier||AA-6000-D-AH||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidmoairpus||||999.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Create a comfortable, safe art studio by removing airborne particles and toxic fumes/odors with an air purifier. Designed with two antimicrobial filters, a VOC blend carbon filter, and a micro-HEPA filter, the AllerAir 6000 D-AH Air Purifier will trap and remove dust and other particles occurring during art studio sessions. Free Shipping in the U.S.A.! (Excluding HI, AK & PR).


    The AllerAir 6000 D-AH Air Purifier is a high-powered air purifying system that will effortlessly remove airborne particles and toxic fumes/odors that can occur while working on artwork. Compatible with most HVAC systems, this 23.5" x 15" air purifying system has a 3" micro-HEPA filter and 2 antimicrobial filters that will eliminate 99% of all airborne particles, including pottery, rock, and sand dust, and flakes from pastel painting. A special filter made out of a VOC blend of carbon aids in the absorption and removal of harmful toxins and odors that are produced by working with toluene-based or oil-based paints and solvents. Set air purifier to one of three different speeds to effectively remove particles and toxins in an 1800 sq ft radius.

    ||Color "White" "Black" "Sandstone"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-d-ah-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-dx||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidxmoairpu||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-dx-air-purifier-30.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-dx-air-purifier-32.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-dx-air-purifier-33.png||AllerAir 6000 DX Air Purifier||AA-6000-DX||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidxmoairpu||||1009.990 ||||||||42.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Ensure the quality of the air in your studio with this Aller Air 6000 DX Air Purifier, intended for studios that deal with high levels of air contaminants such as turpentines, oil paints and other types of chemical.


    The AllerAir 6000 DX Air Purifier is a able to filter most airborne chemicals, including odors and gases, from the air. A pre-filter which can be cleaned is installed within the product can remove larger particles while a micro HEPA filter cleans out the smaller particles. There are two filters that protect against microbes are included for bacterial suppression and a single air purifier can clean up to 1800 square feet of studio space. Air is changed out every 30 minutes for a maximum of health and comfort. 

    Features of the AllerAir 6000 DX Air Purifier include:

    • Contains 36 pounds of activated carbon mix.
    • Intended for heavy duty applications of up to 1800 square feet.
    • Can clear both large and small particles from the air.
    • Has a powerful filtration system in four separate stages.
    • Can be attached to a central air system for overall air quality.
    • Quiet fan for noise reduction.
    (Oversize shipping: $55.00)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-dx.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-exec||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsieairpusi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-exec-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-exec-air-purifier-33.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-exec-air-purifier-34.png||AllerAir 6000 Exec Air Purifier||AA-6000-Exec||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar > bsieairpusi||||699.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Clean the air in a whopping 1,800 square foot area with one compact unit with this easy-to-move air purifier. It looks good, it's quiet and it will rid the space of odors, bacteria and particles in the air.||

    The air-cleaning power of this air purifier is hard to beat. When you want your air to be truly clean, and you have a lot of it to clean, this unit will use all of its four filters, and the pre-filter, to do the job. Rated for cleaning the air for areas as large as 1,800 square feet, this unit uses a pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter and two anti-microbial filters to decimate odors and trap bacteria. Large particles don't stand a chance with the pre-filter for large particles and the 22 lb MAC-B carbon filter. The sandstone color makes the unit fit into any room that uses neutral colors. The fan is quiet and the casters on the bottom of the unit make it easy to roll it from room to room.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-exec.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||Allerair 6000 Exec Replacement Carbon Filter||AA-6000-Exec-Carbon(replacement-carbon-filter)||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||199.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    The 6000 Exec Replacement Carbon Filter is a professional grade replacement air purification filter that can be placed within the Allerair 6000 Exec air purifier unit  in order to allow it to filter out debris and better perform its job. By utilizing this filter users can keep their air purifier in working condition for a longer period of time.


    The 6000 Exec Replacement Carbon Filter allows for more longevity to be had through the use of air purification systems, by allowing for the filter to be changed and upgraded. This professional filter provides filtration for a large area, serving a room size that is big or small in an office or home environment. Through the use of the filter, users are able to take more control over their air filtration in their building. Creating a better filtered air, allows for a home to become better suited to cater towards those with allergies or breathing problems and can allow for much healthier living conditions. The 6000 Exec Replacement Carbon Filter is a filter that is not overly priced and operations and functions well.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-exec-uv||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsieairpusi||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-exec-uv-air-purifier-30.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-exec-uv-air-purifier-32.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-exec-uv-air-purifier-33.png||allerair 6000 Exec UV Air Purifier||AA-6000-Exec-UV||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar > bsieairpusi||||899.980 ||869.990 ||||||41.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Are you in need of a carbon activated air purifier to help you eliminate bacteria and enhance the quality of your indoor air? Well, the allerair 6000 Exec UV Air Purifier is certainly the right option!


    Free Shipping in the U.S.A.! (excluding HI, AK & PR)

    Perfect for home and office use, the powerful 5 stage filtration system featured in this allerair 6000 Exec UV Air Purifier will effectively enhance the quality of your indoor air by eliminating bacteria, mold and odors. It is made for cleaning areas up to 1800 sq ft. The purifying system in this unit includes 22lb activated carbon filter as well as UV germicidal light that sterilize the cleaned air. The cylindrical shape of this air purifier maximizes air flow. This unit features a sandstone colored all metal construction, casters for easy mobility, multiple speeds and a quite fan perfect for overnight use. It is sized conveniently it fit into smaller space and built to last for years of quality use.
    Color: Sandstone

    Free Shipping in the U.S.A.! (excluding HI, AK & PR)

    (Oversize shipping: $45.00)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-exec-uv.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 6000 Pro 6 SuperHEPA Filter||AA-3-A6FMR002||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||92.980 ||89.990 ||||||0.990 ||||1||1||1||0||||||

    This particular particulate-filter removes fumes, dust particles, pollen and microscopic bacteria from the air you live and work in. Breathe easier knowing these microbial menaces and health hazards are staying out of your space day and night when you use a 6000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter replacement.

    ||AllerAir 6000 Pro 6 SuperHEPA Filter Replacement Part. (New improved model of the AllerAir 6000 HEPA Micro-Particulate Filter.)

    The 6000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter works for your health by:

    • Filtering bacterial sized particles as small all 0.3 microns
    • Working up to 3-years without replacing
    • Efficiently filtering large spaces of up to 1800 sq. ft.

    Perfect for using in any large areas where people and pollutants may meet:

    • Art studios
    • Art classes
    • Daycares
    • Cafeterias
    • Food preparation areas

    Replacement filter for use in the AllerAir 6000 Series Air Purifiers D and DX models, the  filter keeps microbial matter like harmful bacteria and microscopic allergens that annoy your nose and make tasks miserable out of your space.

    This HEPA micro-particulate filter is an economical safe filter replacement that works to clean the space surrounding you, your loved ones, classmates, students and more.

    (Oversize Shipping: $15.95)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-dx-exec-carbon||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir 6000 Series Dx Carbon Filter||AA-6000-Dx-Exec-Carbon||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||329.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    Working in a studio exposes the artist to a number of nasty chemicals. Some of these can get into the air, then into the artist's lungs where degeneration occurs over months and years of exposure. Though these problems can be minimized and even eliminated with an AllerAir filter featuring active carbon for the removal of these toxins from the air, the filter itself simply takes the degeneration instead of the artist's lungs. Eventually, one needs replaced. Thankfully, the filter is far cheaper.


    This fine product from AllerAir has the following features.

    • Replacement filter for the AllerAir 6000 series of air filters
    • 36 pounds of activated carbon derived from coconut shells
    • Granular, rather than powdered, carbon for the creation of interstitial areas that allow for better airflow through the filter, maximizing the ability to use the surface area of the filter
    • Rated for a two-year lifespan
    • 29 acres of surface area for the absorption of harmful chemicals and fumes
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-dx-exec-carbon.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|airmedic-plus||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||air-medic||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-air-medic-plus-exec-9.png||||||AllerAir Air Medic Plus Exec||-AA1-AirMedic-plus-Exec||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > air-medic||||1099.980 ||999.990 ||AllerAir Air Medic Plus Exec (Free Shipping!)||||||||1||1||0||0||||airmedic||Premium air purifiers are a necessity for any home or creative space, finding the right one is as easy as buying a top of the line system like the AllerAir Air Medic Plus Exec. FREE Shipping (in the 48 states)||

    AllerAir has long been known to be one of the premier companies when it comes to creating state of the art air purifiers that are capable of removing nearly all contaminants from the air that we breathe. The AllerAir Air Medic Plus Exec is an innovative new machine that is designed to remove more than 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns in size. This air filter has an 18lb carbon filter for airborne chemical, gas, and odor. The motor has variable speeds to insure that every user is able to remove what they want from the air. This filter also comes in three colors, white, sandstone, and black making it the perfect option for any home.


    Size/Dimensions: 17.5” height x 15” in diameter.

    Weight 45 lbs

    MAC-B Carbon, Micros HEPA, and Pre-Filter

    360 Variable Speed Motor

    Ships Free (excluding: HI, AK, PR and GU)||Options "Air Medic + Exec" "Air Medic + Exec With UV option(+$100)"|^|Colors Black White Sandstone||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/airmedic-plus.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||AllerAir||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|air-medic||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir Air Medic Series Air Purifiers||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||airmedic airmedic-plus||AllerAir Air Medic is the most efficient air purifying solution to keeping the air clean for your health.||

    AllerAir Air Medic purifiers intake air 360-degrees to completely eliminate chemicals, particles, gases and odors within a 1,500 sq. foot area.  Heavy concentrations of chalk or paint fumes do not have to be a concern because the AllerAir Air Medic purifiers have deep-bed, activated carbon filters.  A Pro Dense pre-filter blocks large particles to prevent clogging, ensuring longevity of these air purifying systems.  The micro-HEPA filter is medical grade and removes 99.99% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.  These air purifiers feature variable speeds for airflow.  The AllerAir Air Medic makes health a priority.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/air-medic.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|moabalairpu||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||art-articles||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-air-purifiers-9.png||||||AllerAir Air Purifiers||moabalairpu||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles||||||||AllerAir Air Purifiers||||||||0||1||1||0||||bsidxmoairpu bsidmoairpus bsieairpusi allerair-600 4000-series-items 5000-series-items 6000-series-items1 bsirepasi air-medic air-tube||||AllerAir Air Purifiers Madison Art Shop has a large selection of AllerAir air purifiers for your home or studio. We understand how passionate you are about the works you create. However, your passion should never interfere with, or take precedence over, your health. With an AllerAir air purifier, you can work comfortably knowing that the dust and chemicals from your art supplies do not affect your eyes, ears and respiratory system. Whether you are set up in a home studio or you have a special space dedicated to your art, an AllerAir purifier is the safest way to create.

    In general any painting techniques that will off gas (including encasustic painting - hot wax painting, and other mediums with toxins concerns), would be well served by one of our machines with the Vocarb carbon option. All of our machines are available with Vocarb (volatile organic compound carbon blend)- look for "Vocarb" in the model name or description. In all cases, you should see an increased efficiency in gas absorption with the Vocarb blend versus the Exec blend. Top-of-the-line: Allerair 5000 Vocarb||||AllerAir Air Purifier, AllerAir Air Purifiers, AllerAir||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/moabalairpu.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|3000-vocarb||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||air-tube||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-air-tube-air-purifier-11.png||||||allerair AIR TUBE Air Purifier||AA1-Air-Tube||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > air-tube||||474.980 ||419.990 ||||||41.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Enjoy fresher, cleaner, purified air in your office, living room or bedroom. The AllerAir AIR TUBE Air Purifier uses advanced, HEPA filtration to rid the air of all sorts of harmful particles and contaminents. Perfect for artists who use volatile chemicals, solvents, paint thinners and other harmful items in their work.

    ||allerair AIR TUBE Air Purifier Color: White

    Bad air can impact your sleep and health. Invisible impurities are always floating in your air, from dust mites and pollen, to chemical vapors and other non-organic compounds. Take action with AllerAir AIR TUBE Air Purifier and enjoy fresh, clean air in your studio, office, and throughout your home. 

    More effective at removing dust particles and other toxins, this air filter uses true HEPA filtration with an activated carbon filter to strip dangerous contaminants from your air. Highly effective, it changes a room's air every 30 minutes, keeping it fresh and clean all day long. 

    This air filter includes a pre-filter to catch larger particles and an activated carbon filter inside. Weighing only seven pounds, it's easier to carry fresh air wherever you go.  Take it to your studio, cabin, or easily move it from room to room. Start breathing in cleaner air today. Order now and get free shipping in the USA (except HI, AK, PR)!


    • True HEPA, advanced, impregnated activated carbon filter
    • Pre-filter is cleanable to capture large particles first and extend filter life
    • Cleans 175 square feet
    • Changes the air every 30-minutes for cleaner, fresh air all day
    • Lightweight, only 7 lbs for easy transportation

    (Oversize shipping: $45.00)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/3000-vocarb.html||||||727908152227||0||||||||||New||||||||||Allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|air-tube||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir AirMed Series Air Purifiers||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||3000-vocarb||AllerAir air purifier is your portable solution for eliminating airborne chemicals, odor and particles.||

    AllerAir AirMed Series Air Purifiers (Previously known as "AllerAir AIR TUBE Series Air Purifiers") AllerAir AirMed is a compact air purifier, perfect for general-purpose filtration.  Improve your health by keeping dust and chemical fumes free from your respiratory system.  The well-built carbon storage and 360-degree air intake ensure your safety as a priority.  Airborne pathogens, mold, and bacteria can be eliminated with the UV option.  The AllerAir air tube is light enough for travel, but powerful enough to clean a room.  AllerAir air tube keeps your health a primary concern so you don't have to worry.

    • Activated impregnated carbon filter
    • Advanced HEPA 
    • Works for up to 175 square-feet (larger than 13' x 13' room)
    • Weight: only 7-lbs 
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/air-tube.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|airmedic||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||permar||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-airmedic-air-purifier-24.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-airmedic-air-purifier-25.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-airmedic-air-purifier-26.png||AllerAir AIRMEDIC Air Purifier||AA1-AIRMEDIC||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > pastel > permar||||599.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    For those needing an effective way to clean the air at home or at work, the AirMedic provides the functional answer. It is an effective product cleaning air in the first pass up to 1,500 square feet. People who need clean air will be very happy with the AirMedic.


    Welcome to the new world of the AirMedic!

    If you’re in the market for finding the best way to clean office air at the workplace or at home, especially with a unit that takes out every airborne chemical or particle the first time around, then the AirMedic is the answer!

    The unit ships to every state for free in the contiguous U.S. 48 States

    The AirMedic is so efficient what it does, up to 1,500 sq ft of space can be filtered and cleaned, regardless of what sort of contaminants are in the air. Designed with a barrel, cylinder-style shape, the unit can pull in area from 360 degrees. The filtering features grab any type of contaminants and traps them the first time the air pulled in goes through the machine. This system captures gas, odor, floating particles, and even chemical vapors.

    For users, the product’s function provides noticeably clean air that can be breathed without resistance or effort. The AirMedic is no slouch; it matches the air cleaning and delivery of all competitors and can even exceed it. Further, the product is supported and guaranteed by a 10-year warranty, so if there is an issue, it will be replaced or repaired. So don’t struggle with bad air anymore; order a new AirMedic for immediate delivery. The air filter can be ordered in three different colors including white, sandstone, and black. As a result, there is a unit for everyone.

    ||Option "Reg. AirMedic" "AirMedic with Vocarb filter - $699.98 (+$100)"|^|Color "black" "sandstone" "white"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/airmedic.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||AllerAir||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|4000-series-items||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir AirMedic Pro 4 Series Air Purifiers||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||4000-exec 4000-eexec-uv 4000-vocarb 4000-exec-carbon 4000-vocarb-carbon 4000-d-vocarb-carbon 4000-dx-exec-carbon 4000-dx-vocarb-carbon 4000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter 4000-series-hepa-filter 4000-tar-trapping-10-pk- pre-filter-4000-4-pk- pre-filter-4000-8pk-||Purifiers to clean the air in your home or office.||AllerAir AirMedic Pro 4 Series Air Purifiers (Previously known as "AllerAir 4000 Series Air Purifiers") Leave allergies, fatigue and dangerous air particles behind when you purchase one of our 4000 Series air purifiers. Designed to purify the air up to 1200 square feet with true HEPA filters that feature between 12 and 16 pounds of activated carbon, our purifiers clean and remove impurities from the air in any home or small office. Our Exec line can be used for general and all-purpose purification, making these perfect for any home or small office. As a bonus, you can choose an optional UV lamp for sterilizing and destroying airborne pathogens. Our Vocarb line uses multiple filters to clean away specific chemicals and odors, making it perfect for former smokers or those who would otherwise breathe secondhand smoke. We offer a variety of replaceable filters on our website for one-stop shopping. Making your home healthy has never been easier or more affordable.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/4000-series-items.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|motor-5000-series||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 series (5000 Series) Replacement Motor||AA-motor-5000-series||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||119.000 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    After many many years of use of your AllerAir 5000 Series Air purifier, you may need to replace the motor. Finding the right replacement motor for your 5000 Series filtration system can be tricky, but we have one for you right here! Motors are the heart of any filtration system and be it for home or work, having a powerful and dependable motor is incredibly important.

    This motor is also compatible with the allerair 6000 series.||

    AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 series (5000 Series) Replacement Motor Motors are incredibly common and as such there are tons of different factors to consider. The motor-5000-series is the specific manufacturer's motor to keep your AllerAir 5000 Series filtration system working as well as it should for as long as it should. Be it a home built filtration system that just needs a central motor or a replacement part to get that old filtration system working properly again, this motor is a great option. Madison Art extends our terrific sale-prices even to parts such as this help insure that users can get their filtration systems up and working quickly to insure clean and particulate free air no matter what. Filtration systems are often necessary, and having a powerful motor to keep it going is essential for those that want clean and clear air no matter what.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/motor-5000-series.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|5000-series-items||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 Series Air Purifiers||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||dx-vocarb d-vocarb 5000-d 5000-dx 5000-ds 5000-exec 5000-exec-uv al50voairpu 5000-pro-exec-uv 5000-mcs 5000-d-mcs 5000-d-mcs-carbon 5000-exec-carbon 5000-d-exec-carbon 5000dvocarb-hepa 5000-d-vocarb-carbon 5000-dx-exec-carbon 5000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter 5000-mcs-hepa-filter 5000-pre-filter-8-pk- 5000-series-hepa-filter 5000-tar-trapping--10-pk- antimicrobial-wrap-5000-2-pk fan-5000-series motor-5000-series pre-filter-5000-4-pk- pro-filter-5000-mcs-4-pk- wall-bracket-5000-series||Best-Selling! Models in this class are designed to purify air in rooms of up to 1500 sq. ft. and feature between 18 and 22 lbs of activated carbon.
    Among our 5000 class units we offer the Exec for all-purpose purification, the Vocarb for more specific chemical concerns and the popular DS smoking unit, which features a unique tar trapping pre-filter. For those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities, the 5000 series also features the meticulously designed MCS. These specialty units are not assembled with any type of glue, silicone or bonding agents in order to avoid the diffusion of trace odors or chemicals.||AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 Series Air Purifiers (Previously known as "AllerAir 5000-Series Air Purifiers") AllerAir Pro 5 Series Air Purifiers. Best-Selling! Full Size High Efficiency Air Purification System. Excellent for 1500 sq ft. 18 lbs Carbon, true HEPA fIlter in an all metal housing.

    Models in this class are designed to purify air in rooms of up to 1500 sq. ft. and feature between 18 and 22 lbs of activated carbon.

    Among our 5000 class units we offer the Exec for all-purpose purification, the Vocarb for more specific chemical concerns and the popular DS smoking unit, which features a unique tar trapping pre-filter. For those who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities, the Pro 5 series also features the meticulously designed MCS. These specialty units are not assembled with any type of glue, silicone or bonding agents in order to avoid the diffusion of trace odors or chemicals.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/5000-series-items.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-d||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsidmoairpus||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-d-air-purifier-40.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-d-air-purifier-31.png||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-6000-d-air-purifier-32.png||AllerAir Airmedic pro 6 D exec or vocarb Air Purifier||AA-6000-D||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsidmoairpus||||799.980 ||779.990 ||||||41.000 ||||1||1||0||0||||||

    The AllerAir 6000 D air purifier is a compact heavy-duty clean-air applicator. Specifically designed to protect agianst harmful VOCs, it is the perfect room assistant for the students and professionals working extended hours in enclosed art rooms. See details below to get free shipping.


    The AllerAir 6000 D Air Purifier has has three settings that allow it to eradicate harmful VOCs at a rate 400 cubic feet per minute, yielding the best results in rooms with floor spreads up to 1800 sqaure feet. It changes the air in rooms of that measurement every 30 minutes. It has a powerful four stage filtration system that uses two micro-filters impregnated with carbon solutions that help it to supress harmful compounds and bacteria. In releasing 28lbs of activated carbon into the air, it also cleans the room of distracting odors caused by paints and art equipment. It also comes central air system-ready.

    (Oversize Shipping: $45.00)||Model Exec "Vocarb - addl: $99.99 (+99.99)"|^|"Extra Pre Filters" "No, thank you" "Yes, include #2-A6FMP012-4 Pro 6 Pre-Filters 4 Pack - addl: $79.98 (+79.98)" "Yes, include #2-A6FMP012-8 Pro 6 Pre-Filters 8 Pack - addl: $131.98 (+131.98)" "Yes, include #A6FMP012-24 Pro 6 Pre-Filters 24 pack - addl: $356.98 (+356.98)"|^|"Micro-HEPA" "No, thank you" "Yes, include #3-A6FMR002 Pro 6 Micro-HEPA (D, DX, DS, DXS) - addl: $92.98 (+92.98)"|^|"Extra Carbon" "No, thank you" "Yes, include #3-A6FCW330 Pro 6 D Exec Carbon - addl: $343.98 (+343.98)" "Yes, include #3-A6FCW230 Pro 6 D Vocarb Carbon - addl: $395.98 (+395.98)"|^|Color Black White Sandstone Silver||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-d.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|6000-series-items1||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Series Air Purifiers||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||6000-d 6000-dx 6000-exec 6000-exec-uv 6000-ah 6000-d-ah- 6000-exec-carbon 6000-d-exec-carbon 6000-d-vocarb-corbon 6000-dx-exec-carbon 6000-dx-vocarb-carbon 6000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter 6000-series-hepa-filter antimicrobial-wrap-6000-2-pk- pre-filter-6000-8-pk-||The AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Series air purifiers offer high efficiency and true HEPA filters to keep your studio or home odor free.||AllerAir AirMedic Pro 6 Series Air Purifiers (Previously known as "AllerAir 5000-Series Air Purifiers") The AllerAir Pro 6 Series is excellent for spaces up to 1800 sq ft. The true HEPA filter provides between 22 and 36 lbs of activated carbon. This neutralizes harmful chemicals and controls odors, such as might come from paint, glue, or operating a 3D printer. Some models also have UV - which takes care of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and the mycotoxins produced by mold. This makes it ideal for use in kitchens and other food preparation areas. It's also recommended for daycares. Another option is the extra carbon D, ideal for spaces that have particular problems with odor - such as painting studios, or for people who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivities. The AllerAir 6000 Series is thus ideal for a variety of work spaces or studios, or for your kitchen or living room.||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/6000-series-items1.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bsidmoairpus||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir HD Models||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||0||1||0||0||||d-vocarb 5000-d 5000-ds 5000-d-mcs 6000-d 6000-d-ah- 4000-d-vocarb-carbon||Keep the air fresh when working with your art supplies. AllerAir D Models Air Purfiers are designed to filter oil paint, turpentine, and other toxic products while  you work.||AllerAir HD Models The All New AllerAir "D Models" Air Purifiers, now with more carbon filteration!

    AllerAir D Models Air Purifiers are designed to remove toxic chemicals and odors from the room. They are an artists' best friend. Most models cover a room up to 1,500 square feet in size. The carbon filter removes many harmful substance found in glues, paints,  and sealants. The three speed motor makes it easy to control and it comes with three filters  Units are round in design and have casters to make them easy to move. Protect your creative work by investing in a quality air purifier.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bsidmoairpus.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|allerair-i6500||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/allerair-i-6500-air-purifiers-10.png||||||AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers||AA-I6500||||||3499.980 ||||AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers (free shipping)||||||||1||1||0||0||||||Enjoy healthier living and working environments with the heavy-duty AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers.||AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers are the perfect solution for industrial and commercial filtration. These powerful purifiers are flexible and unique. They can be customized with a mixture of different MAC-B activated carbon blends and 12" deep true HEPA filter. Together this combination can trap 99.97% of airborne contaminants and neutralize up to 4000 different toxic chemicals.

    The AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers have a 3-stage filtration system that properly removes dust particles and absorbs dangerous chemicals. The pre-filter helps to extend the life of the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is crucial in industries where dust and odors are problematic. It neutralizes unhealthy particles and cleans the air.

    The AllerAir purifiers have solid bodies made of coated painted steel, which makes it exceptionally durable. The polished finish allows it to adapt to any room's decor. The purifiers can easily be moved with the attached rolling casters that can quickly lock into place.

    AllerAir purifiers are unique, having activated carbons that are granulated, not crushed, to achieve optimal absorption of odors, toxins, and gases. This superior carbon filtration method is used by the Mayo Clinic, Boeing Aircraft, John Hopkins University, the UCLA Medical Center, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Army.

    Personalize your needs by choosing the filtration system that is right for you. The activated carbon filter sizes can range from 80 to 160 lbs. and the HEPA filters have a width as deep as 12.5". The 1000 CFM blowers can be used for light industry, such as classrooms and retail stores.

    AllerAir Models (DOP certification is available for all models):
    • I-6500 A comes with a standard 80 lb. carbon gas filter, which absorbs noxious gases, a large HEPA filter and a 1500 CFM motor are also included. The carbon gas filter can be upgraded to 160 lbs.
    • I-6500 B contains a large HEPA filter, 1000 CFM motor and anti-microbial pre-filters or an 80 lb. carbon gas filter.
    • I-6500 A Hospital is a medical grade air purifier that catches most airborne pollutants.
    Where can you use the AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers?
    • Hospitals, medical and forensic labs. AllerAir I-6500 A Hospital has a large medically graded HEPA filter that captures virtually all airborne contaminants.
    • Museums, offices, and schools. These filters are useful for anywhere that dust can settle. They can also remove pet dander, pollen, and other common allergens.
    • Auto body shops, art classrooms, and nail salons. The air purifiers can clean air that has been contaminated with dangerous chemicals.
    AllerAir I-6500 air purifiers can be used for many different industries including, commercial, medical, and educational.

    Free Shipping in the 48 contiguous United States!||UNIT "Allerair I-6500 B - Standard - $3,499.98" "Allerair I-6500 A - Standard - $4,999.98 (+$1500)" "Allerair I-6500 A - w/160 lbs carbon etc.- $5,500.98 (+$2001)" "Allerair I-6500 A Hospital - medical grade air purifiers - $3,999.98 (+$500)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/allerair-i6500.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|pre-filter-4000-4-pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||bsirepasi||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir pre-filter-4000-4-pk||AA-pre-filter-4000-4-pk||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu > bsirepasi||||39.980 ||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||

    With a powerful pre filter, left over particles are soon picked up and trapped inside the pre filter 4000. Most filters catch small dust particles, without any problems, leaving the surfaces particularly spotless.


    Replacement Filters for the AllerAir 4000 series Air Purifiers (which are sold separately.) 4 pcs. The Pre filter 4000 4 pk. Series are not your ordinary filters. They are carefully designed to remove large dust particles from the environment. A large majority of people suffer from respiratory conditions, which can be greatly reduced by eliminating allergens, and toxins from their living spaces. Dusting removes most of the particles, and other particles are left behind. With a powerful pre filter, left over particles are soon picked up and trapped inside the pre filter 4000. Most filters catch small dust particles, without any problems, leaving the surfaces particularly spotless.

    However, when it comes to removing large dust particles, most filters are not equipped or powerful enough. For the best cleaning performance the pre filter 4000 should be replaced every 3 to 4 months. While most filters allow large particles to clog its pores, the pre filter 4000 does not. Large particles such as lint and dust are easily picked up and trapped inside the filter.  Another added bonus of the Pre filter 4000 is the tar trapping pre filter, which captures tar from cigarettes.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/pre-filter-4000-4-pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|pre-filter-6000-4-pk-||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||||||||||AllerAir Pre-Filter-6000-4-pk Air Purifier to Clear Dust||AA-pre-filter-6000-4-pk||||||59.980 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||

    Check out the Pre-Filter-6000-4-pk Air Purifier to keep your air purifier functioning at its best, if you are looking for a way to keep your art studio clean and free of wafting dust and debris.  


    Many times in your work as an artist, you create dust, such as when you are working with pastel materials. With the lingering pastel dust in the air, you run the risk of contaminating future projects. On top of all that, and even worse, you end up coughing half the time you are working in your studio since such materials have no natural way to escape an enclosed space. 

    Keep your air purifier near your easel, preferably directly under it. Make sure to keep your air purifier even more effective when you replace the filter every two to three months. The Pre-Filter-6000-4-pk Air Purifier is the ideal way to get you through the better part of a year in your art projects. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/pre-filter-6000-4-pk-.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||allerair||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bsirepasi||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||moabalairpu||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/5000-d-exec-carbon-replacement-filter-3.png||||AllerAir Replacement Parts||||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > moabalairpu||||||||||||||||0||1||0||0||||4000-exec-carbon 4000-vocarb-carbon 4000-d-vocarb-carbon 4000-dx-exec-carbon 4000-dx-vocarb-carbon 4000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter 4000-series-hepa-filter 4000-tar-trapping-10-pk- pre-filter-4000-4-pk- pre-filter-4000-8pk- 5000-d-mcs-carbon 5000-exec-carbon 5000-d-exec-carbon 5000-d-vocarb-carbon 5000dvocarb-hepa 5000-dx-exec-carbon 5000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter 5000-mcs-hepa-filter 5000-pre-filter-8-pk- 5000-series-hepa-filter 5000-tar-trapping--10-pk- antimicrobial-wrap-5000-2-pk fan-5000-series motor-5000-series pre-filter-5000-4-pk- pro-filter-5000-mcs-4-pk- wall-bracket-5000-series 6000-exec-carbon 6000-d-exec-carbon 6000-d-vocarb-corbon 6000-dx-exec-carbon 6000-dx-vocarb-carbon 6000-hepa-micro-particulate-filter 6000-series-hepa-filter antimicrobial-wrap-6000-2-pk- pre-filter-6000-8-pk-||Keep replacements on hand for whenever a filter needs to be swapped out for a new one.||

    There are a lot of choices when it comes to replacement parts for an Aller Air product. No matter what budget one is working with it is possible to find a replacement part to perfectly fit your  needs. These are the best replacement parts money can buy and, maintained properly, they will last the user for an extended period of time.

    Having a clean filter is extremely important for any artist's studio. Aller Air replacement parts are easy to purchase. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bsirepasi.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|40225||item-1||custom-page-v3-enh||business-dvds||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alternative-dispute-resolution-enhanced-dvd-8.png||||||Alternative Dispute Resolution (Enhanced DVD)||FI-40225||bbc > documentaries > business-dvds||||129.950 ||||||||||||1||1||0||0||||||The pressure that a lawsuit can bring in terms of finances is a subject that must be discussed in today's society and this documentary explores the legal system in Australia and uncovers the effects of long term litigation on the financial status of those involved in a case.||

    Dispute resolutions have long been part of the legal system. This documentary takes a close look at the ways in which Australian courts implement these processes. It shows that when someone is involved in a court case that leads to a dispute resolution both parties involved in the dispute actually benefit from a resolution being reached.

    The various topics related to this issue that are discussed in the documentary include arbitration, mediation performed by a third party and legal negotiations. The most common types of court cases where alternative dispute resolution is used are corporate and domestic disputes. The process of carrying out alternative dispute resolutions in these types of cases is discussed in the documentary. There is also an assessment that outlines the ways in which dispute resolutions are effective and the level of effectiveness is also discussed. Much of the information in this DVD is factual information pertaining to how and why the cost of an alternative dispute resolution varies. In many cases this is the most cost efficient type of resolution that can be reached between two parties.

    In addition to the DVD itself those who purchase it are given exclusive access to online educational resources to help viewers learn more about alternative dispute resolution. These resources can be viewed online or printed out for an individual's convenience in studying them.

    DVD features include:

    • Enhanced DVD picture and video quality
    • Copyright date of 2008
    • Run time of 28 minutes
    • Closed captioned for deaf viewers
    • ISBN: 978-1-60825-457-6
    ||||||||||||||978-1-60825-457-6||0||||||||||New||||||||||FFH||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|aldoubpalcup||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||palettes||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/aluminum-double-palette-cups-10.png||||||Aluminum Double Palette Cups||TESTRITE-6119||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > lipa > palettes||||2.890 ||1.590 ||||||||||1||1||1||0||||||High quality aluminum 2-ditch Testrite Palette Cups providing the best in brush cleaning accessibility. An excellent product for any artist.||Every artist needs a way to clean their brushes without it being a chore. Testrite Palette Cups have been designed to fulfill the artists' cleaning needs by containing various brush cleaning liquids including: linseed oil and turpentine. The cups hold enough cleaning medium to allow the artist to paint without the need to constantly replenish the liquid. Testrite Palette Cups are made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum. These 2-ditch Painting Cups have a clip underneath which allows them to be placed on the palette of your choice. Fill one cup or both depending on your painting needs with your choice of cleaning medium. This allows the artist quick, easy access to their brush cleaning mediums without the need to step away from the canvas. An artist cannot do without this high quality aluminum 2-ditch Testrite Palette Cups.
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Color: Silver
    • Style: Small Double
    • Diameter: 1-5/8" (Each Cup)
    • Height: 7/8" (Each Cup)
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/aldoubpalcup.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Testrite||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|1020-100sht5||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-1020-vellum-20lb-24x36-100sht-9.png||||||Alvin 1020, Vellum, 20Lb, 24X36, 100Sht||AL-CP12201528||art-forms > discontinued||||357.200 ||279.990 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||

    When you want vellum that is heavy and ready to take any ink without feathering, there is this 20lb paper. The heavy weight and tight surface give you exactly the look you want when you write.


    Don't run out of high-quality vellum when you need it with this 100-count pack. The heavier weight gives it the right heft when you expect many hands to handle it. It's also a good weight for framing and for giving presentations. The archival quality means that you won't lose your drawing over time. Use either pencil or ink on this vellum without worrying about fading or feathering. And when you erase, there will be no ghosting left behind to call attention to your mistake. Well known for its strength, this vellum is one that you will want available when a big idea strikes, or when you simply want to use the best. 

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/1020-100sht5.html||||||720362003128||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|tubular-files1||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-tubular-steel-wire-roll-files-18.png||||||Alvin 3089 Tubular Steel Wire Roll Files||AL-3089||art-forms > discontinued||||235.000 ||209.990 ||||||41.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||Alvin Tubular Steel Wire Files enable you easily to move rolled art projects, drawings, and plans from workstation to workstation while keeping them stored neatly.||

    Alvin and Company is a trusted name for art, craft, drafting, and office supplies. Easy to assemble, each unit holds up to 24 tubes (3 1/8” x 3 1/8”).  Fully assembled, these files measure 22 1/4" x 14 5/8” x 32 ¼”. Each is durably constructed from chrome plated steel rods, making it both attractive and reliable. Strong wheels make the file mobile and accessible. Due to being oversized, there is an extra shipping cost of $45.00.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/tubular-files1.html||||||735553089072||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|adjustable-in||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-adjustable-curve-48-in-11.png||||||Alvin 48" Adjustable Curve||AL-1033-48||art-forms > discontinued||||74.350 ||69.990 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Reproducibility is very important in art. Certainly, it's not something that needs to be worried about when making the big central subject of a work of art, but a little stenciling to make sure those columns in the background use the same general curve doesn't hurt at all. The Alvin 48" Adjustable Curve allows you to quickly and easily make these custom curves so you never have to worry about whether or not two freehand objects match ever again.


    This offering in the Alvin product line offers the following fine features.

    • Flexible, nontoxic butyrate plastic construction
    • Soft enough to finger-press to shape, but stable enough to hold this shape indefinitely if left to lay about
    • Features one flat edge for use with pencils and one beaded edge for use with a ruling pen
    • Long product lifespan allows for the creation of wild curvatures without rapidly degrading the quality of the item
    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/adjustable-in.html||||||88354121954||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|adj-grade||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-adj-triangle-12-in-tech-grade-11.png||||||Alvin Adjustable Triangle 12 In Tech Grade||AL-1612||art-forms > discontinued||||70.000 ||49.990 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Maintain Line Precision with the Alvin Adjustable Triangle 12 In Tech Grade! This Triangle is ideal for architectural students, architects, carpenter, artists  and anyone else who wants to create precise lines and angles.


    Manufactured from heavy-duty 1/8" thick acrylic plastic, the sturdy Alvin Adjustable Triangle 12 In Tech Grade will guide you through many important assignments and projects.

    With angles ranging from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, the Alvin Adj Triangle 12 In Tech Grade offers you the largest range of angles available for projects. Additionally, this important piece of equipment for artists and architects, who need to focus on sheer precision, includes a built-in magnifier so you can place your drafting triangle at the most accurate setting possible. Angle adjustment is simple with the white protractor arc and the die-engraved graduations, and you will always be able to see the complementary angles, thanks to the double row of graduation settings on the protractor arc. You won't need to worry about ink spills due to the beveled edges along the straight-edge of the Alvin Adjustable Triangle 12 In Tech Grade.

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/adj-grade.html||||||88354100553||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|arch-shts1||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-arch-title-blk-18x24-100-shts-11.png||||||Alvin Architect Title Block 18X24 100 Sheets||AL-CP10211522||art-forms > discontinued||||190.850 ||149.990 ||||||5.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Architect Title Block Offers desired translucency and maintains Clearprint's archival quality. This title block is also designed with materials that mitigate bleed-through. While lightweight, the sheets are both pencil and ink-ready. Here is the drafting supply worlds's answer to the sketch-keeping challenges of architects, engineers, designers and aspiring students.


    Clearprint Architect Title Block in size 18" x 24" with 100 sheets is the perfect engineer, architect and design specialist's title block (or border) solution. The pages are vellum-printed and made of 100 percent new cotton fiber, which makes it durable and "sensitive."  As such, it is "transparentized" without solvents, which gives the sheets their translucency, while maintaining the sought-after Clearprint archival quality. This feature enables no-ghost erasability and multiple re-drawings. Alvin Arch Title Blk 18-in. x 24-in. / 100-Sheets is both pencil and ink-ready as well as small and portable, with a convenient carrying weight of 16 pounds. 

    (Oversize shipping: $18.75)||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/arch-shts1.html||||||720362069292||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|arch-40ct||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-arch-butter-brd-32x40-40-ct-11.png||||||Alvin Architectural Butter Board||AL-PU3240-40||art-forms > discontinued||||236.500 ||129.990 ||||||41.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    For those architects who need a versatile yet neutral butter board for their various models, the Alvin Architectural Butter Board is the perfect choice. Each piece measures 32 inches x 40 inches, and is designed to be rigid enough to be cut cleanly yet be pliable enough for modeling.


    Architects often need a rigid medium that they can cut cleanly with mat cutters. Yet they still need to be able to model this material to suit their needs. The Alvin Architectural Butter Board fulfills both of these requirements. Rigid, but pliable enough to be molded in a variety of shapes and forms. this versatile material comes 40 to a box and measures 32 inches x 40 inches. Each cream colored sheet of this butter board, also known as pulp board, has a thickness of .040 inches. The sheets are designed to fit on standard light boxes or light tables, providing the ideal base for a variety of drafting needs.

    (Oversize Shipping: $57.45)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/arch-40ct.html||||||88354002406||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|arch-12ct||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-arch-news-board-30x40-12-ct-11.png||||||Alvin Architectural News Board 30X40 (12/Count)||AL-ANB130-12||art-forms > discontinued||||171.500 ||109.990 ||||||41.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    News Board is an essential part of any drafting or drawing project. This product is necessary for the successful and quick creation of durable projects that will last for years to come. Alvin Arch News Board 30X40 12/Ct is a fantastic product for anyone looking for a durable product.


    Quality news board that is both durable and versatile is hard to find but Alvin Architectural News Board is one such product that makes the grade. Alvin works to create quality products that stand the test of time. News Board can often be too thick or hard to work with, Alvin Arch News Board is just the right thickness for those projects that need to last longer than next week. This news board is great for just about any project. The convenient 12 count pack is perfect for smaller projects that do not necessarily require large amounts of news board but still require quality board that is right for just about any occasion and any project that can be conceived.

    (Oversize Shipping: $55.50)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/arch-12ct.html||||||88354002390||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|arch-25ct||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-arch-news-board-30x40-25-ct-11.png||||||Alvin Architectural News Board 30X40 25/Ct||AL-ANB60-25||art-forms > discontinued||||169.600 ||109.990 ||||||41.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Alvin is known for quality archival and drafting products and Alvin Architectural News Board 30X40 25/Ct is yet another quality product that makes the life of anyone that much easier. This high quality news board is perfect for just about any mounting project and is priced right for the quality.


    Alvin Architectural News Board is perfect for projects both large and small. This high quality, high durability product is perfect for projects that are set to be used frequently and therefore need to be incredibly durable. Alvin makes incredible products for reasonable prices. Alvin Arch News Board is perfect for drafting, posting, and general drawing. This thick and durable board is perfect for those projects that must stand the test of time. This product is large enough to work well with large projects, projects that are going to be paired down, and other projects. This news board is bright and vibrant to show the best of any design and create the perfect canvas for just about any drawing or project that can be imagined.

    (Oversize Shipping: $55.50)

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/arch-25ct.html||||||88354802969||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|arch-50ct||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-arch-news-board-30x40-50-ct-11.png||||||Alvin Architectural News Board 30X40 50/Ct||AL-ANB30-50||art-forms > discontinued||||167.400 ||109.990 ||||||41.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Looking for a sturdy base onto which you can mount a variety of different types of media? This Alvin Architectural News Board measures 30 inches x 40 inches and can be used with many architectural applications as well as with home applications, such as scrapbooking.


    Manufactured by a leader in architectural supplies, the Alvin Arch News Board has a variety of different uses. Coveted by architects for its sturdiness, as well as its easily workable size of 30 inches x 40 inches, this chipboard has a number of other uses, too. Memory books need a firm surface onto which they can be created. Use it as a frame for your next scrapbook or for making lettering borders. Easily cut, this news board also makes the ideal medium to fashion die-cuts from in order to embellish a variety of surfaces. Sold in packs of 50 and oversize, it requires an additional shipping charge ($55.50).


    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/arch-50ct.html||||||88354002376||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|archival-11x14||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-archival-print-protectors-6-per-box-27.png||||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-archival-print-protectors-6-per-box-29.png||Alvin Archival Print Protectors||AL-AAxxx-6||art-forms > discontinued||||39.000 ||29.990 ||||||||||0||1||0||0||||||

    Looking for an attractive yet functional way to preserve artwork? Alvin Archival Print Protectors come in ten different sizes and are made with durable clear polypropylene. This heavy-duty exterior features a black paper insert that is acid-free, and has black nylon binding on all sides. 


    These Alvin Archival Print Protectors are available in ten sizes, ranging from 11" x 14" to 32" x 43' and are made of a heavy weight, clear .010" polypropylene. Reinforced on all sides with black nylon binding for durability, one side has edging strips that are sewn. This side is open to allow for easy access. Alvin Archival Print Protectors have a neutral PH, are acid free and include an insert of black paper.. These protectors are guaranteed to be of archival quality, making them ideal for storing and presenting a wide range of print material, including family herilooms, photos, artwork, maps, old documents and more. Each pre-packaged box contains six protectors. 

    ||SIZE "No. AA1114-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 11x14 PK/6" "No. AA1418-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 14x18 PK/6" "No. AA1722-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 17x22 PK/6(+$19.99)" "No. AA1824-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 18x24 PK/6(+$19.99)" "No. AA2026-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 20x26 PK/6(+$29.99)" "No. AA2230-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 22x30 PK/6(+$49.99)" "No. AA2632-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 26x32 PK/6(+$59.99)" "No. AA3040-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 30x40 PK/6(+$69.99)" "No. AA3243-6 ARCHVL PRNT PROTCTR 32x43 PK/6(+$79.99)"||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/archival-11x14.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||Alvin||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|bristle-brushes||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||brushes||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-brushes-7.png||||||Alvin Brushes||bristle-brushes||art-tips > printmaking > art-articles > lipa > palettes > stqusipr > quwabl > watcolpap > fsibrsi > risy90rosean > brushes||||||||||||||||1||1||1||0||||synth-brush1 synth-brush2 synth-brush3 synth-brush brushes||Alvin Brushes are the perfect solution for artists working with heavy acrylic paints. ||

    Designed with synthetic fibers, Alvin Brushes are perfectly suited for the artist who is looking for control and precision in his or her acrylic work.

    Below are choices of bristle and synthetic sable brushes offered in several well-defined shapes for sharp edge-work. Alvin has the right brush for any project.

    View our collections, grouped by brush type, to find the perfect brush for you! You can depend on these brushes to have the necessary heft - designed to work with the heaviest of acrylic paints, they will allow artists the freedom to move acrylics around with ease. These well-designed artificial fibers are just what you're looking for to begin and complete your art!

    ||||||||http://www.madisonartshop.com/bristle-brushes.html||||||||0||||||||||New||||||||||||~~minimum-quantity~~1~~|^^|creative-combo1||item.||custom-page-v3-enh||discontinued||https://sep.turbifycdn.com/ay/madisonartshop/alvin-creative-center-drafting-combo-11.png||||||Alvin Creative Center Drafting Combo||AL-CC2001E||art-forms > discontinued||||416.500 ||229.990 ||||||41.000 ||||0||1||0||0||||||

    The Alvin Creative Center Drafting Combo provides everything you need to set up your work station right out of the box!  The set includes an adjustable height work table, pneumatic drafting chair, swing arm lamp and attachable storage tray.  The drafting table folds for storage.


    This drafting work station comes as a complete four piece set which includes the drafting table, pneumatic chair, swing arm lamp and table