Kopykake Kwik-Draw KD200 Artist Opaque Projector

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Product Description:
Kopykake Kwik-Draw KD200 Artist Opaque Projector The KWIK-DRAW KD200 PROJECTOR Artist Opaque Projector is a High Quality Projector at a Low Cost

The Kopykake Kwik-Draw KD200 Artist Opaque Projector projects any picture, magazine cut-out etc� and projects it horizontally onto a wall or a canvas on an easel. You can now easily sketch out the image for your mural or painting!

The KD200 can enlarge the image to fit an entire wall or any size as needed.

All projector enlargements are based on a couple of factors:
1. The size of the original image
2. The distance from the image to the surface being projected onto
3. The clarity of the projected image is also varied by the ambient lighting in the room
For wall projection (horizontal), which is what the KD200 is designed for, an example is as follows: If the original copy is 6" x 6", then this can be projected onto a wall up to about 6' x 6'. Naturally, the vertical projectors will not project this large, since the stands usually only go up to about a distance of 36".

Optional platform accessory that mounts onto any tripod to hold the projector. Or place it on any table.

Maximum original image size: 6� x 6�. For larger images, just sketch out one portion at a time.

Illumination: 250 watt color-corrected to 3500 degrees K photo lamp

Wt: 7 lbs

5-year manufacturer's warranty included FREE.

Best Value, Low Cost Professional Projector

Kwik-Draw is extraordinarily great value for money.

Do not mistake this for a discount projector; this is a professional model at a reasonable price.

It even out-performs projectors that are twice the price!

The Kopykake Kwik-Draw projector does not require a completely dark room to work in.

Includes Rubber-mounted feet, in order not to mar or scratch your table.

Abovre image shows this projector sitting on the Kopykake Projector Platform accessory (Item # PF100), which attaches to a camera tripod, and was designed specifically to position the Kwik-Draw for optima lprojecting.

Standard voltage for the USA

(Oversize Shipping: 26.20)

Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

4.9 out of 5, Based on 24 Reviews.
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Kopy Kat projector, and platform
September 17, 2018

I put one photo in it, it had a great image and it wasn't dark, much better than my old type, took 10 days to get here, but worth the wait, packaged with care
Quick and Easy
February 28, 2018

The product arrived promptly and was quickly set up and easy to use. The original must be no larger than 6" by 6", which most images can be reduced to. The only negative is that the projector becomes very hot with use. Caution is necessary when situating the projector and with originals so that they do not overheat. Great for people who don't have drawing skills.
Kwik draw
Boynton Beach FL
January 07, 2015

This is my second projector I have purchased and I like this one the best. Lightweight, easy to use, does the job.
houma la. 70363
August 17, 2014

I would never expected the curtasy an devotion
Of yr employees. the kd200 projector serpassed my expectations delivery was quick. Well satisfied will recommend u to all my friends.
Woodstock, GA
July 07, 2014

Everything was great except the lens is hard to move in and out to focus..They need to work on that...
Fort Myers, FL
April 03, 2014

I had tried another brand and it was sadly disappointing. That brand cost 2-3 times as much as the item purchased. Set up was simple and the performance exceeded my expectations. I have recommended this item to others - very pleased!
Bellevue, WA
March 14, 2014

I have only used the projector for 1 project so far. But I am impressed by the ease of use and operation. You do need to have an almost dark room in order to work the projector, but other than that the projector is as advertised. It works great and easy to assemble. I was up and running in under 5 minutes and the 5 year warranty is a great feature as well. Great Purchase!!
March 12, 2014

Super communication in handling the order and knowing exactly when the package should arrive. And it did in perfect condition, on time! Thanks Madison! And I really like this unit - straight forward, easy to use, well made and compact. The tripod platform is a very good addition to the purchase. Makes the most versatile support for this enlarger I can imagine.
Pine Bluff, Arkansas
November 05, 2013

Very pleased with the purchase of the Kwik Draw. I was able to decorate our entire stage at school... using enlargements. Very good quality of enlargements up to 5 feet in scale. Focusing a breeze. Quiet fan motor. Overall very happy with this product.
March 25, 2013

I have ued the artograph brfore but this is a much better product! It is perfect and a great value for your money. I was equally impressed with the quality of service I received and will be a customer for life!
Bellevue, Wa.
March 15, 2013

I really am pleased with my Kopykake KD200! I knew when I ordered this it would be the best for me because it is the same brand I use at work in my bakery.
My order arrived on time and in perfect condition.
This is a quality projector and the price is great too.
February 14, 2013

I returned the projector as it was defective and faught tooth and nail getting a refund on S&H. I will never order from Madison Arts again!!
Red Bud, Il.
July 25, 2012

The pojector came in a some what timely manner. It had a crushed bulb, but contacted the shop and another one came very fast. Used the product and was very pleased. Now I am going to use it for a mural on the side of a building.
April 28, 2012

Best price. Fast/Fast/Fast shipping. Great product.
Sydney aistralia
April 19, 2012

While i was very happy to recieve this product i find it does not give clear outlines for larger paintings and is in fact rather blurry!
I may return mine if i cannot get it to work as i wish by the end of this week!
Sacramento CA
January 05, 2012

Improved the KopyKakeKD200 a bit.Cut a piece of picture frame glass to fit under clips to hold image down to keep it from curling from the heat. Able to work for longer periods of time
Phoenix, AZ
May 10, 2011

Arrived on day promised! Agree w/ Alan, a lot of light escapes,and I wish there was a double switch so fan could run a bit after the lamp is turned off. Would be nice if lamp focus was made easier with a "threaded" barrel - BUT, a LOT of projector for the money! Focus is VERY good, and I AM VERY PLEASED! And to "struggling," if Mick-the-Angelo can do it, I feel NO guilt, because I'm no "Mick,"
Dobbs Ferry, New York
March 10, 2011

Exactly what I wanted, a great product at the right price.
Portland, OR
October 24, 2010

The projector works great. It focuses well, and works even if the room is not dark. It came well packaged with clear instructions. It is sturdy and well built.
October 20, 2010

Kwik Draw IS totally awesome. I do believe it is the highest quality for the lowest cost in a small projector. It gets a pretty good high level of detail, the design of the box is great. It does get incredibly hot but the side vent seems to keep it in check. no melting photos yet. On the cons side, having worked it for a few days, I see there are some limitations to focusing at exact sizes with the lens. this would be a problem if you were perhaps a muralist and needed to copy exact detail rather than outline and surmise the rest. doesn't bother me at all though.
August 19, 2009

I bought the Kwik Draw Projector and love it. I can get the basic outline of a drawing fast... which starts me painting faster.
I still feel guilty though when people think I did everything free hand.... I'm tempted to tell them that I get the basic outline from a projector....
Like your website says about other artists' feelings.... it feels like I am cheating
I hide my projector in my closet : )
But if you don't know how to paint.... the picture will not turn out good.
Struggling with Guilt

{Editors response:
Dear Struggling,
Michelangelo himself used a pre-electronics version of a projector.
As you say, the talent is in the painting. We believe, it is also largely in the talent of color mixing.
Don't feel guilty!
- Jacob
Auburn, Maine
June 20, 2009

Product was as advertised, a nice quality projector at a reasonable price. I was using a cheap a Artograph tracer which was hard to focus and didn't pick up fine detail. The Kwick Draw had good optics and a bright light that showed plenty of detail. The one complaint I have is that the projector emits a lot of light that fills the the whole room but this can be remedied with a couple pieces of cardboard. Your alternatives will cost a lot more money for this level of quality.
muskegon, MI
April 14, 2009

My husband loved the projector as a birthday gift. He's a wood-worker and needed to be able to enlarge or reduce drawings for patterns. Great product, great price.
san diego, CA
February 12, 2009

product came on time and in perfect condition. projector is just as i thought: easy and useful! although the light from the projector does light up the room a bit [when dark setting is more beneficial]. gReat buy!! great bang for your buck, too-

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