Liquitex was first established in 1955 and was the first invention of paints to be manufactured into hue colors. It was also one of the first to meet the non-toxic standards. Since then, it has enjoyed many innovations and a continuing popularity in the art world. Since Liquitex paint has a lightning fast drying time, you do not have to wait long to correct errors. Its colors are very easy to mix and almost nothing else can beat their satin finish. Since Liquitex paints are provided in a very wide range of colors, they are ideal for novel artists and children. If you prefer acrylic paints and don't like to spend a lot of time just mixing your colors, Liquitex is definitely an ideal fit for you.

Liquitex paints help you to paint smoothly. The paint dries very quickly and leaves a satin finish. It also helps with mixing the right tone of the colors that you want.

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