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Kopykake Projectors

Kopykake realizes that not every painter likes to sketch. That's why they offer a selection of Artists Drawing Opaque Projectors. Project your intended image on the wall, and you're ready to paint. They not only project but they enlarge as well. Project  a 6 x 6" picture to your canvas and you'll get an accurate  12" x 12" image  to paint, and unlike other types of projectors, it's not necessary to darken the room.

Advantages of  using an opaque projector include

  • Elimination of need for freehand drawing
  • Ease of correcting painting mistakes
  • Accuracy of scale perspective
  • Overall reduced time in producing

No need to feel guilty. There's nothing wrong with taking  a shortcut here and there. We're not naming any names but it's been rumored that certain great masters used similar devices.

Muralists and cake decorators will also find Kopykake Artist Drawing Projector useful.

If you're an artist who'd like to spend less time sketching than painting, there's a  Kopykake Drawing Opaque Projector for you. Made in the USA!


"The Preferred Projectors for Arts and Craftsmen!"

Set your Creativity Free

For over 30 years artists have trusted and used Kopykake drawing projector products to help set their artistic creativity free;
so you can be sure of Kopykake's commitment to exceeding your needs. Some of our early models are still in use today so you can also have confidence in Kopykake's commitment to manufacturing quality products.

Kopykake Projectors

You don’t have to be in a completely dark room when enlarging your photos or images and you can get your image down first time, every time; saving you hours and building your confidence!

Kopykake the Arts and Craftsman Choice for Over 30 Years!

{KopyKake Projector products shipping to California may have CA sales tax applied. There is no tax to other states except for NJ.}

Kopykake Projectors

- Create Stunning Accurate Pictures Every Time

Chances are doing you own sketch from a photograph, enlarging it onto paper or canvas will be OK; but why leave it to chance?

Working with a Kopykake projector will enhances and improve your artistic life and creations. From the very first time you use your projector you will feel more confident and more accomplishing in your work since the image will be exactly the way you want it to be. Every time you use your projector whether for art projects or decorating cakes and cookies you will create an impeccable piece of art that will be pure perfection and craftsmanship.

Why you should use the Kopykake Opaque Projector:

• No more botched scaling, drawing images or freehand drawing

• Get successful sketches the first time, every time

• Enlarge your images and pictures in minutes, instead of hours

• Tackle Perspective, proportion and scaling problems Instantly

• From photo to sketch in minutes

• Redo in minutes, If you make a painting mistake re draw instantly.

All the projectors, (apart from the K3500 and K5000) - take a 6"x6" and enlarge up to about 12ft x 12ft if the room is dark enough.

What are the benefits of a Kopykake opaque projector?
If you are looking for an opaque projector that can be used in normal lighting conditions you may want to consider the Kopykake drawing projector. These projectors are used by sign makers and muralists. They can be attached to a camera tripod and positioned and manipulated in most any direction.

Choosing The Right Projector For The Job

Using art projectors in the art field gives you a wide range of abilities, including the ability to sketch pictures in a short period of time. Whether you’re a painter or simply work in the art field, using projectors significantly cuts down the time you would typically spend working, if you were sketching on paper. Most painters enjoy the actual process of painting, as opposed to the hours they spend sketching a picture before they finally put pain to canvas. That is why so many painters find themselves turning to Kopykake projectors to help them do more work in less time. It’s a possible endeavor, especially when you have the ability to draw quickly and move through the process of painting in a timely fashion.

The Kopykake Qwik-Draw, for example, gives you the ability to project any picture, cut-out or magazine onto a screen, making it easy to paint from an already prepared visual. The Kopykake Qwik-Draw projects a picture horizontally on a wall, making it easy for you to create a beautiful piece of art without having to do everything from scratch. This makes your life as a painter easier, and it takes the pain out of your work. As a result, you save time and energy. A job that would typically take a couple hours can be cut down when you use a Kopykake overhead projector.

By projecting a picture onto a wall or easel, Kopykake projectors give you the ability to project an image anywhere you want without having to draw freehand on canvas. Tasks that typically take forever to complete can be made easier instantaneously by using Kopykake overhead projectors. Which model you choose will depend ultimately upon your needs and your budget. Cake decorating projectors are also a great asset. They are especially beneficial to bakers. If you host parties on a regular basis, cake decorating projectors can cut down time spent preparing cakes, so you can enjoy the party.

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