DAVID A. LEFFEL Art Instruction (DVD) -
DAVID A. LEFFEL Art Instruction (DVD) - "Portrait of Lewis" (2 hours, Oil)  - Click to enlarge

DAVID A. LEFFEL Art Instruction (DVD) - "Portrait of Lewis" (2 hours, Oil)

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A remarkable Art Lesson DVD, by a remarkable contemporary Master Artist!

"A Modern-day Rembrandt" (The Artist Magazine, June 2006)
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Product Description:
David Leffel is the artists' artist of portraits and still life. For 22 years he taught at the Art Students League and had classes at his studio in New York. David now resides in the southwestern United States where he teaches at several workshops. His work has been featured in many shows and he has won numerous awards.

The many secrets of Leffels' painting techniques, including the subtle use of brilliant color and achieving the impasto quality of his highlights. Leffel talks about the setup, blocks in the head, roughs the clothing and facial features. Next, the planes of the face begin to appear, each brush stroke direction creating apparent movement of the muscles around the face. Throughout the demonstration, the painter explains step-by-step exactly what he is doing and affords special insights into his technique..

"When I first saw Rembrandt's paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, they immediately struck me. His paintings just seemed to have a level of logic that none of the others had." - David A. Leffel

A beautiful interview with David Leffel:
David Leffel feature
(Reproduced with permission from The Artist's Magazine)

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Customer Reviews
By: Pat from Arizona on 12/20/2010
The video is packed with lots of concepts which are valuable. However, it was disappointing to me that the painting suddenly jumped from 50% finished to 90% finished of the head. What happened in between? I viewed the Burton Silverman DVD and to me that gives me a better presentation of how the artist work from beginning to finish. I wouldn't mind paying more for a longer video if the other stages were presented. Perhaps this video is for really advanced artists who do not need to see all the steps.
By: Paul C from Raleigh, NC on 02/22/2010
Like David, the first time I picked up his book "Oil Painting Secrets from a Master" I knew I found a master I could follow. I own 5 of Davids videos and this one like the others will teach you to paint chiaroscuro (light and dark). Davids way of teaching is very solid and easy to grasp.
By: Brian murphy from Marshalls creek. P. A on 12/31/2009
Definetly alot of information and worth purchasing.
On the cons side it would have been nice to actually see him finish the painting instead of bring it to 80./. Complete then show another painting which was the one printed on the box.
Either way this man has a unique approach and I did learn from it.
By: lynn from esc.ca. on 09/27/2009
wonderful dvd . loads of information , brushwork brillant . differant approach and love all of it .
By: shafi from karachi on 04/30/2009