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Art Studio Furniture Whether replenishing your art studio or building your ideal space from scratch, Madison Art Shop has an array of exceptional quality art studio furniture to assist you with this process. Our art furniture collection contains everything you need optimize space, create a space for your work and organize your supplies, including art desks, taborets, various tables, presses, work cabinets, carts, full scale storage systems and much, much more. Our plethora of top quality products from industry leading manufacturers are available for outstanding prices to ensure your art studio is outfitted with everything you need to maintain both flow and function.

Top quality art studio furniture to organize your space. Art furniture from leading manufacturers at highly discounted prices. Maximize your art studio and your budget when you shop at Madison Art Shop.

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Essentials for Setting Up Your Art Studio

An artist’s studio should be a space in which the artist can create masterpieces. It should provide inspiration and easy accessibility to supplies. Depending on your home, your studio may be a room overlooking some beautiful scenery, a separate and private building from your main house (like a garage, garage apartment, shed, etc.), or it may simply be a nook of which you’re particularly fond. Either way, you should choose a space in which you feel comfortable and where you will have few, if any, interruptions.

Although Madison Art Shop cannot provide you with an art space, we can absolutely assist you with furnishing and organizing the art studio you choose. The following are essentials every artist should include in his or her art studio space.

• Work Surface – Regardless of your preferred medium, it is important to have the appropriate work surface. Our art studio furniture includes a variety of tables for a wide range of preferences. Opt for a plain flat table if you want something versatile, or a full-scale work station or art desk that includes ample storage space for supplies. Sketch artists and other artists who draw often might enjoy a more specialized drafting table.
• Comfortable Seating – Although you probably intend to stand throughout the entire 8+ hour session, it’s important to add seating to your collection of art furniture in case your back or legs start aching. That being said, you want to make sure the seating is the appropriate height for your project. Choose something comfortable enough to provide relief, but easy to get in and out of whenever you feel like it.
• Storage Space for Supplies – It’s important to give supplies their own storage space in which they’re clearly labeled, easily accessible and organized in a way that requires the least bit of thought from you. Additionally, you need a space in which you can properly store works in progress and finished pieces. Whether you want an entire storage center or a simple work cabinet, you’ll find the ideal storage center for your needs and budget in our art studio furniture selection.
• Ventilation – With all the unavoidable dust and fumes that will inevitably be present from your art supplies, your health should be a priority. If your space does not have ample fresh air available (or even if it does, weather can be inclement), you should consider investing in an air purifier or ventilation system to ensure that your health is not compromised.

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