WALKER Stainless Steel Cable

WALKER Stainless Steel Cable
Walker stainless steel cable is an artist-must have.  This cable, available in several different gauges is used for everything from hanging painted pieces to providing structural support to sculpture and other created works.
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Product Description:

Walker stainless steel cable has a variety of uses.  This product is made of multiple wires twisted and braided together in order to form our strong, ultra-durable cables.  The high-quality stainless steel means that you don't have to worry about rust, making this an ideal cable for outdoor projects and installations.

By choosing cable instead of wire, you are increasing the strength of the materials used in your piece.  Using the same diameter of stainless steel cable can double or even triple the amount of weight that can be supported as compared to a similar gauge of just plain wire.  If you're concerned about a particularly large painting or a heavy frame, using cable is a good way to make sure the piece won't fall or break. 

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