If you are suffering from respiratory problems and you have pinpointed the guilty suspect as being the poor air quality inside your beloved art studio, the answer to your woes is in the amazing, yet affordable air purifier by Artist's Air.
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Sale-Price: $1,999.99
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Unit choice: 
 60-D (HEPA only): $1,999.99
 60-V (with VOC carbon): $2,099.99

Replacement filters for 60: 
 HEPA: $170.00
 VOC Carbon: $250.00

Product Description:
1.The V Series Artist’s Air includes the following:
  • Collection Unit: Collection box (30” wide , 4” deep, 10” high), top screen, pre-filter, Easel strap, utility tray, & 10 ft. (3 m.) flexible hose
  • Filter Unit: Filter Canister with VOC carbon filter and true HEPA filter.
    2. The D Series (for dust only) Artist’s Air includes all of the above, except for the carbon filter.

    For anyone who is an artist, especially one who works mainly with pastels, you know how fast the air in an arts and crafts studio can become saturated with an unhealthy array of dust particles and minor, yet bothersome, paint fumes.  You are constantly breathing in the chalky substance that escapes your canvas or artist quality paper.  The solvents from any oil paints that you may also use, in addition to your beloved pastel medium, are just as bad for your health if inhaled, even on a not so regular basis.  For this reason, Artist's Air, a grassroots company operating out of Maine, USA and nearby Quebec, Canada, has introduced the world to an innovative air filter specifically catering to pastel and oil paint artists around the world. 

    A Most Innovative Air Purifier

    Artist's Air movers and shakers have created and produced an air purifier that is unique from any air purifier system that has ever been manufactured for the general population of the world.  At just a few hundred dollars over one thousand, the Easel Attachment Air Purifier is very affordable for the serious artist or for one whom is simply experimenting with a variety of artists' mediums.  Artist Air is committed to using quality and durable materials for their Easel Attachment Air Purifiers, each being carefully handcrafted by a most experienced collection of detail-oriented professionals. 

    Most artists do not give serious thought toward what they may be breathing into their bodies when within their creative zone.  With the Easel Attachment Air Purifier, they, now, don't have to think about it.  The Artist's Air company has thought about this important concern for their potential artist clients, having created something brilliant to solve the health problems of so many.  The innovators, designers, and engineers at Artist's Air realize that quality air gives artists around the world a more healthy studio experience as dust from pastel usage and dangerous solvents from oil medium paints can create a hazardous work/play environment.

    The Artist's Air purifying system is a quiet, yet effective machine, comparable to the soothing sounds and powerful cooling effect of a modern ion, bladeless, air cooling fan.  The compactness of the air purifying system is convenient for the smallest of home art studios, but can handle the large openness of an urban studio apartment.  It is interesting to note that the actual air purifier component could be place up to ten feet away from your work space by the flexible hose that comes with the Artist's Air purifying machine and filter.  The filter device is to be easily attached to your artist's easel, made to catch, trap, and then transport through the ten foot hose, any pastel dust accumulation and oil paint solvents that always tend to linger around your work area when you are painstakingly producing your next masterpiece. 

    Description of Easel Attachment Air Purifier V Series by Artist's Air

    The Artist's Air V Series comes with a Collections Unit, carefully hand-crafted by the finest in the industry.  The Collections Unit includes the following:

    • Collection Box: 30 x 10 x 4 inches in size
    • Tray
    • Top Screen (Grate)
    • Easel Velcro Strap (1 1/4 inch)
    • Utility Tray
    • 10 ft. (3 m) hose (five inch wire reinforced vinyl)

    The Filter Unit includes the following:

    • Filter Canister
    • Prefilter
    • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
    • Activated Carbon Filter
    • True HEPA Filter

    The Collection Unit attaches to any 1 1/2 inch artist's easel tray. The unit comes with a suction shelf that has a screen, or grating on top of it.  Because the Air Purifiers suction the impurities directly from the canvas area, they are much more effective at protecting the artist from inhaling dangerous fumes or dust particles that can get lodged in their lungs, which can affect breathing efforts.  The Collection Unit will fit any 1 1/2 inch canvas holder on artist's easels, which is usually standard sized, and is attached by a strong, 1 1/4 inch Velcro strap.

    The hose that attaches to the Air Purifier Collection Unit suction filter is incredibly flexible, but also very strong, serving its purpose of transporting to the Filter Unit any airborne toxicities that have been suctioned and trapped by the vacuum-like, Artist's Air Collection Unit.  The Connector Hose is made with a flexible, but strong five inch wire-reinforced vinyl material, which is purported to last for a very long time. 

    Each of the two units that the Artist's Air V Series comes with, the Collection Unit and the Filter Unit, are both painstakingly hand-crafted with galvanized steel.  After the steel is shaped and cooled, the units are complete after being reinforced for strength and durability by a black, powder-coated finish.

    Each filter is good for one to 10 years, strictly depending on the volume of actual use.  In order to give you a perspective on how much material the Artist's Air filter units can effectively go through during their lifespan, the limit of an Artist's Air filter is approximately through eight pounds of oil solvent.  The 60 Series units are, incredibly, stronger than that, though, boasting a larger filter and bigger motor.  Although the motor of the Filter Unit is bigger and stronger, Artist's Air has stayed true to the quietness that they are so well known for. 

    Depending on your specific needs as a pastel or oil paint artist, Artist's Air Purifying Units are there to meet those needs with quiet, affordable, powerful air filtration, keeping your beloved art studio healthy and enjoyable throughout the creation experience.

    All working parts of Artist's Air purifying systems are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. If any problems arise,  call or email us so that we can find the most convenient and time-saving solution for your specific product issue.  Our first priority is to always be there to serve our customers.

    Sales Tax:
    applied to all orders shipped to Maine or NJ

    Artist's Air Return Policy:
    Artist's Air air purifier systems, whether damaged via transit, damaged by yourself or a loved one, or you simply have changed your mind about the purchase, can be returned within fifteen days of the delivery date. You can expect the full reimbursement of your purchase price . You will be responsible, under all circumstances, to pay shipping and handling for you return. All returns require an authorization number which you can acquire after contacting us, directly, at We respond to all emails same-day. 

    {Easel not included}

    {FREE Shipping within the US contiguous 48 states!}

    (Easel Attachment and Air Purifier are delivered in 2 boxes, and may arrive on separate days.)

    Fits all Studio Easels, for example the M.A.B.E.F. Deluxe Studio Easel MBM-06D, he
    Best Classic Dulche JR880200 etc...

    Please note. This item ships in 2 boxes - 1 box is the collection tray, the 2nd box has the AirPura Air Filter/Purifier. They may arrive on separate days.

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    Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    October 02, 2011

    As a pastelist, I decided to order this for the sake of my health. It's hard to review it because it's hard to tell how well it works. The suction doesn't seem very strong, but I can see the pastel particles in the pre-filter, so it does work. I guess if I never get a lung disease, I'll be very happy!

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