Metal Easels

Metal Studio Painting Easels. Brass and Metal Display Easels.

Madison Art Shop presents our extensive collection of metal easels for all your artistic and professional needs. Browse the finest & sturdiest Metal Studio Painting Easels Sign Frame Brass Easels, Metal Display Easels, Steel Tripods, Aluminum Travel Easels and more from trusted manufacturers including Maestro, Soltek and Studio RTA. Whether a budding artist looking for his or her first easel or a professional planning a gallery showing, every artist on any budget will find metal easels for his or her needs.

Madison Art Shop is run by artists just like you. We understand your needs and have specifically hand-chosen the best metal easels and brass display easels from experience. We do not want your budget to stopper your creativity, so we strive to offer the best prices for our easels. If you need help selecting the best metal display easels for your paintings, or choosing the right easel for your application, give one of our experts a call at (800) 961-1570.

Our products include:

• Table Top Easels: Ideal for drying fresh work or displaying smaller works in a small space. Some tabletop brass easels are decorative and will beautifully enhance your work.

• Basic Tripod or H-Frame: The features available with these easels range about as much as the color spectrum. Basic, budget-friendly models are excellent starter easels or easels for students. Some easels have attachable work stations that allow you easy access to your materials. Higher end easels have adjustable heights to accommodate canvases with varying dimensions.

• Travel Easels: Metal easels are ideal travel easels because they are durable and typically very lightweight. Many collapse for easy travel. Just be sure that if you plan to bring your metal easel outside, you choose a model that can withstand wind or other elements.

• Metal Display Easels: Choose from sign frames, pop up systems and art trees. Some easels, like brass easels, are decorative and serve the purpose of enhancing your work. Others, like art trees, function to present has many works as possible. Display easels are useful for a variety of professional needs, as well.
Metal Easels
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