Spray Booths

Spray Booths Keep a Spray-booth on your desk or table work-area to suction in all hazardous fumes from all aerosal sprays, glues, adhesives, mediums etc... Even better, place your work inside the spray booth's work area (comes in a number of sizes) to insure no fumes or excess spray escape.

These spraybooths can work indoors. The internal filters will capture and protect you from the fumes. Our spray booths can also be used near a window, venting the fumes outdoors (the filters will last even longer this way.)

We sell a lot of these to very satisfied customers!

The Artograph Spray Booth System line consist of three attractive, cost-efficient spray booths specifically
designed to reduce the mess and hazards associated with using aerosol sprays, spray guns, and airbrushes. These three Professional and Hobby Spray Booth models, suited for the professional to the hobbyist, effectively collect
the overspray and reduce the fumes from adhesives, fixatives, finishes, or airbrush materials that soil the work area and contaminate the air.

We also carry the high-quality SimAir GLOOBOOTH Spray Booths!


Spray Booths to reduce mess, fumes and hazards associated with sprayed materials such as paints and adhesives.
Our line of efficient SPRAY SYSTEMS consist of a number of attractive, cost-efficient Professional Paint Spray Booths and Hobby Spray Booths specifically engineered & designed to reduce the mess and hazards associated with using aerosol sprays, spray guns, adhesives, fixatives, finishes, or airbrush materials that soil the work area and contaminate the air. See the Artograph and Simair A1 Gloobooth.

Each SPRAY BOOTH SYSTEM® effectively collects the over spray and reduces the fumes that soil the work area and contaminate the air.

Use a Paint Spray Booth to keep your studio, office, classroom and work area clean and safe.



Seamless Spray Booth
What is the benefit of a seamless spray booth?
If you are in the market for a spray booth that is fairly easy to clean, you may want to consider a seamless booth. These booths are easy to maintain and clean. Keeping your spray booth clean should become a routine part of your work day. If you allow materials to build up too long your booth will only be harder to clean later.

Spray Booth Maintenance
How do you care for a spray booth?
Just because you are using a spray booth, do not assume that you have eliminated all of o the hazards and dangers of fire. Many of the materials that are used in a spray booth are flammable and they can build up inside the booth. It is important that you keep the filters on your spray booth changed and that you keep your booth clean. Both of these steps can go far in cutting down on the buildup inside of the spray booth.

Spray Booth Mechanics
How do spray booths work?
Spray booths have two functionalities in their design. The first is the filtering system. The filtering system collects over spray. The second is the fan. The fan provides the paint area with ventilation. There are many different models of spray booths to choose from -- from the professional models to the hobby/home user models. Regardless of the model, all good spray booths will have these two systems.

Spray Booth Regulations
When running a business, do I need to follow any regulations?
If you have a professional art studio and you are planning to install a spray booth, you should check to see if you need a permit and if you have to adhere to specific regulations. Not only may you have to meet fire and OSHA regulations, but you may have to meet environmental rules in your area.

Spray Booth Test
Do I really need a spray booth?
Many painters think they do not need a spray booth when they are working with an air brush. One way for artists to test whether they could benefit from a spray booth is to tie a white handkerchief over their noses and mouths at the beginning of the day. At the end of the day they can see just how much colors they would have inhaled. Inhaling pigments can be dangerous and air brush artists are encouraged to use a spray booth and protective gear.

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