Shain Work Benches

Every good artist or builder needs a reliable work bench in their studio. Shain is a leading industry supplier of furniture and other products for the art world, and these work benches are well suited to a variety of mediums and purposes. Some models can even be configured to have two or more work stations set up, to help you complete your project with efficiency and precision.

Shain offers a wide selection of quality work benches in the following categories:
  • Auxillary Benches
  • DIY or "Build-Your-Own" Work Benches
  • Four-Station Work Benches
  • Two-Station Work Benches
  • Metal Work Benches
  • Modular Work Benches
  • Soldering Work Benches
  • Welding Work Benches
  • Wood Work Benches
Click on the items below to learn more and find the Shain work bench that is right for you and your work space. Oversize shipping may apply.

Get the sturdy support you need for your art or construction projects with these high quality work bench from Shain.

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