Art Studio Furniture: Art Taborets, Art Desks, Art Donkey Benches, Chests, Flat Files, Stools & Computer Stations

Art Desks - Furniture for Your Art Studio Organize your work space or studio with art desks and artists’ taborets from Madison Art Shop. We have the finest selection of furniture for art studio classrooms, nooks and other spaces, all available for low discount prices!

You know the feeling…you’re feeling the flow of creativity pumping through your veins. Your brush strokes are flawless and your images are ingenious. Instinct controls every muscle in your body, and you are unstoppable…until you have to switch colors or mediums. Art desks, taboret furniture and other organizational furniture for artists aren’t just for decoration. Keeping a clean and organized workspace ensures that your creativity and flow are not interrupted because you can’t easily access the tools you need. Madison Art Shop has an extensive collection of top quality art desks and taboret furniture to fit any studio space and budget.

Are you an artist working in tight quarters? If you think you can’t organize your workspace because there is a general lack of space, taboret art desks are an ideal solution. This all-in-one furniture piece provides a workspace and storage. If you dedicate a small nook to your artwork, place a stationary taboret table complete with drying rack, easel, shelves and storage in that nook. This will keep your supplies together and out of sight when you are not using them. Smaller spaces will benefit from smaller, portable taboret furniture. Many of the smaller art desks are set on castors, so you can roll your supplies to your workspace and out of sight (or even in a closet) when you aren’t working. The taboret contains several storage compartments, and you can wheel it right next to your easel and use it as a table while painting. Convenient, highly useful and very affordable, taborets are the number one furniture item for any art studio.


Art Studio Furniture: Art Taborets, Art Desks, Art Donkey Benches, Chests, Flat Files, Stools & Computer Stations

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