Shain Furniture brings you the finest in furniture design for all kinds of storage solutions. Storage cabinets for supplies, open shelf cabinets, extra tall cabinets with more room and more are what Shain has been providing since 1961 when they decided to provide high quality furniture at lower prices so that people wouldn't have to settle for cheap, poorly manufactured furniture. 

From wall-mounted toolboxes and cabinets designed specifically to hold keys to cabinets large enough for the most fashionable wardrobe, Shain has your high-quality furniture solution. Storage cabinets for drafting, manufacturing, storing a large collection of tools and general storage as well.  You're sure to find something that you'll love and will perfectly fit the size and shape you need. Shain Storage Solutions - with high quality cabinets and storage that will hold anything you need, at a great price that you wont' find anywhere else. 

Shain Storage Solutions offers an array of fine furniture for storing art supplies, tools clothing or materials in beautiful natural wood tones. 

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