Pastel Easels

Pastel Artist Easels Pastel Easels with forward-tilt features to let the pastels dust fall! Save up to 50% and more on pastel easels from this selection of trusted manufacturers including Richeson, Best and more!

Pastels create beautiful works of art like none other. Madison Art Shop has an unparalleled selection of the finest pastel easels for your next project. Whether you’re a new artist experimenting with this unique medium or a seasoned pro sketching your next masterpiece, a pastel artist easel is invaluable to your final product. The pastel easels in this extensive collection have been chosen for artists by artists and offered for a considerable discount from the high retail prices. From wall-mounted and table stand pastel easels to full-size pastel artist stations, Madison Art Shop has the pastel artist easel you need.

Pastelist's Easels

What are pastels?

Pastels are made from pure, powdered pigment that is ground into a powder and mixed with gum binder. The color spectrum ranges from soft, light hues to bright, brilliant colors, and because the colors reflect light like a prism they are all vibrant and striking. Pastels contain no liquid binder, and therefore they will not darken, yellow, crack or blister over time. In fact, centuries-old pastel paintings today look very similar to when they were created. They cannot be mixed with oil, but are compatible with most other mediums and look beautiful in mixed-media artwork. Edward Degas and Mary Cassatt are two prolific pastel artists.

Why do I need a special easel?

When working with pastels, the artist generally strokes the pigment across a textured or abrasive canvas, which embeds the color into the weaves of the paper. Because pastels are actually a powder, they leave quite a bit of residue behind, especially with more enthusiastic artists. Pastel easels have a forward-tilting motion that allows the dust to fall to the floor. If your work surface is not tilted forward, you run the risk of your dust mixing on the canvas and mottling your work. In fact, if you use several mediums that include pastels, but you only prefer to use one easel, a pastel artist easel is a great buy because you can use it for pastels and other mediums. When working with pastels, be sure to wear a mask, work next to an air filter or work outside to avoid breathing in the dust. Additionally, always wear disposable gloves, because the medium can be absorbed into the skin.
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