Shain Tables

The wide variety of Shain Tables provide safety to lab students working on that next new invention. Whether it is for chemistry class or a sculpture course, these durable, treated workspaces will last for many decades.

Advantages of Shain Tables:

  • Lab Tables have treated tops and sturdy legs.
  • Leg tips have proper grip to prevent sliding.
  • The Drafting Tables offer support for rigorous classroom use.
  • Some models even have drawers or compartments.
  • Desk-style workspaces have crossbeam support.
  • The Adaptable Table tops convert into an incline surface.
  • All surfaces are treated with laminate, lacquer, power coating, etc.
  • Several sizes are available to suit different purposes.
Aspiring innovators and science enthusiasts can escape into an entirely new world of discovery. Shain Tables provide all the support necessary. Choose among the four station, pedestal, planning, two station and universal models. 

Shain Tables provide durability for any art or science class. Create, discover and invent! An entirely new world awaits students. 

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