Art Horses and Donkey Benches

Art horses, also frequently called donkey benches, are crafted specifically with the artist’s comfort in mind. Art horses pull double duty: not only are they used to hold easels, but also provide bench seating while the artist is working on a variety of projects.

The simple design of the art horses makes them extremely portable. Artists can transport the benches seamlessly between studios and classrooms. Despite their portability, art horses are not made from flimsy materials. Most often, art horses are erected using solid wood and laminate blends for optimal durability.

The low-profile designs are ideal for being able to see clearly any subject or instructional DVD the artist may be currently working on. The versatility of the art horse makes them a must for any studio.

Madison Art Shop carries a large selection of space-saving art horses and donkey benches to help organize classrooms and studios at affordable prices.

Art Horses and Bench Easels otherwise known as donkey benches, they are a place for the artists to sit and prop up his framed stretched canvas on a back-support. The names conjour up images of mediaeval master artists eskewing comfort to ply their trade with great concentration.
Art benches create a simple work-station and are often very portable.
Madison Art has Art Horses, Art ponies and Bench Easels in many configurations.
May be just the thing to get your muse to speak to you!
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