HANN Art, Drawing/Drafting Tables & Furniture

The furniture from HANN Manufacturing includes a line of furniture that looks great as well as functions perfectly for the art classroom. These solid pieces are just right for instructing a class and providing places for students to work and create. These solid pieces include art tables that offer versatile surfaces for students and instructors. Use a mobile cabinet to hold paper and dispense it wherever it is needed. Use the demonstration bench to demonstrate artisitic techniques to the class. Hardwood stools and industrial benches are perfect for providing seating and workspaces to students. Use the art center or metal tote to store artworks or supplies so that they are convenient to all. Various drawing tables are available to create the right drawing surface for your projects. Stock your classroom with this dependable furniture for a comfortable and practical art classroom.

HANN Manufacturing offers specialized furniture for the art classroom.

HANN Manufacturing Furniture

Hann Manufacturing offers a stunning and incredibly solid line of furniture for the art classroom

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