SMI Drafting, Office, Art and School Furniture

When discerning artists require top quality work and storage solutions for their studio or gallery, they look to SMI for drafting, office, art, and school furniture. SMI is a brand well-recognized for high grade design and unparalleled workmanship in manufacturing. For more than 30 years, SMI has been producing drafting, office, art, and school furniture products.

SMI structural fabrication is made of 100% wood materials such as birch and oak. Drawer and table top features incorporating steel and melamine components for durable and beautiful use, are engineered for continuous performance.  

Design a space with SMI products. Flat files, drafting tables, computer units, and desks come in varied sizes. Streamline in aesthetic, and highly convertible for multiple use, SMI furniture pieces outperform similar products on the market. Create an environment with the timeless appearance of SMI modern furniture. All SMI furniture components are guaranteed with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. 

SMI Drafting, Office, Art and School Furniture offers professional and starting artists modular solutions to preparation, storage and work.

Here are a few reasons why:
  • The best value anywhere.
  • Unmatched workmanship.
  • Highest quality material.
  • SMI sees things through your eyes!
    SMI has been making quality furniture in Oregon for nearly 30 years.
    All SMI products come with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

    {SMI Drafting, Office, Art and School Furniture are practically made-to-order. Average lead-time for delivery is 4-weeks.}
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