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Let’s face it. When you’re sitting for hours a day, the chair you use makes a big difference in how you feel at the end of a work session. It also plays a big role in providing the comfort you need to concentrate on producing you very best work. You’ll find the best chairs for professionals such as draftsmen, artists, and engineers at Madison Art Shop. We simply refuse to compromise on the chairs we offer our customers because we know we can deliver the best quality at attractive prices and discounts. When you think of top-of-the-line chairs, you consider the manufacturers we include in our selections, including HANN, Berkeley, Richeson and others. If you work with the younger set, we also have a great selection of the KidKraft chairs preferred for such seating needs. Feel free to browse our wide selection online or contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable representatives at (800) 961-1570. They can also help with pricing for large and special orders.

A small investment brings a large return on your comfort and creativity. Don’t take a shortcut on you chairs – get comfortable with one of ours today.

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Whether sitting or standing, comfort is critical when creating your masterpiece. Madison Art Shop has hundreds of drafting chairs, drafting stools, Martin chairs and much more available in our selection. You will find the highest quality chairs for unparalleled discount prices. We have hand-selected the best drafting chairs and stools by industry leading manufacturers including Richeson, HANN, Kore, Berkeley and many more. We even carry an extensive selection of KidKraft chairs for the little ones. We are committed to providing second-to-none customer service; if you need assistance choosing the optimal chair for your needs or filling large orders for commercial purposes, contact our friendly and knowledgeable representatives at (800) 961-1570.

Madison Art Shop offers far too many chair selections to list here, but the following are some of our more popular items.

Drafting Stools – Whether you prefer a stool or a chair, every artist should have at least one stool on hand. When creating art, it is best to minimize distractions. Getting up and down while working may cause a distraction if you’re sitting in a full-size chair, whereas if you are working from a stool there is less to grapple with. Artists who travel to various locations will find many lightweight foldaway and portable drafting stools.

Art Bench / Art Horse – Art benches and art horses provide the same ease of movement as drafting chairs and stools, but slightly more space. Art horses have the additional feature of a place to prop work, which many artists find convenient. Some of our art benches have built in storage shelves below the seating so that materials are within arm’s reach at all times.

Task Chairs – If you really prefer back support when working, a task chair (or even drafting stools with backrests) is a comfortable alternative. Unlike drafting stools, the drafting chairs are adjustable so you can use them with a variety of work surfaces. We also carry a selection of wooden student chairs.

Full Size Chairs – For artists who remain seated throughout the duration of their project, full size chairs are the most comfortable choice. With arm rests and ergonomic designs, this chair ensures the highest level of support for longer hours.


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