Keep yourself active even when sitting with this flexing chair that will allow you to move while seated.
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Product Description:
Kore™ Office Executive Hi-Rise (21" – 32")

New & Improved
The perfect perching chair for your standing desk! The Hi-Rise is designed as a leaning or standing stool to keep people active when they are sitting, strengthening the body’s core and legs, improving posture and keeping you from getting bored! Upholstered in durable Black Leather-like material for easy maintenance and cleaning, or in Fabric for a softer touch.

Counter-balanced, stable base safely moves with you, and rests naturally upright so you can sit normally without rocking or balancing. Rubberized coating is non-skid, non-scratch and grips most surfaces.

Kore™ award winning products are designed to
create a better life environment. Kore™ patented
design allows a rocking motion while sitting which
will strengthen one’s core (lower back and
stomach) after daily use.
• Increases “Secondary Focus” which allows for
clearer thinking
• Gently rounded ergonomic base allows you to move
and flex without leaving your seat
• Exercises legs, back, and abdominal muscles
• Relieves soreness/stiffness in one’s back
• Counter-balanced stable base safely moves with you
and rests naturally upright so you can sit normally
without rocking or balancing. Rubberized coating is
non-skid, non-scratch and grips most surfaces.
“These days it is hard to undo all the effects of
constant sitting, but Korestool is a great start. Adding
it into a rotation of seating options allows the user
constantly keep their body reacting instead of
stagnating. Thanks… for sending one out for us to
try out. [My wife] is a Pediatric OT and loves it for
her sensory kids.”
Dr. Jared Wiskind, chiropractor
Vitality Sports Chiropractic
Diameter 14”
Available in Fabric or
Diameter 15”
Black powder-coated
stamped steel with
vinyl cover
Ring operated,
pneumatic cylinder
Chrome finish
Max load weight
350 Lbs (159 kg)
Item weight
15 Lbs (6.8 kg)
Carton weight
18.5 Lbs (8.4 kg)
Carton dimensions
17.5 x 17 x 11 in
(45 x 43 x 28 cm)

Active Sitting enables and
increases Secondary Focus

Customer Reviews

If you worry about staying active but need to be seated frequently, having a seat that moves is a perfect way to move even as you work or study. The ergonomic base of this flexible chair allows you to move the seat without standing up. This allows you to get some exercise while remaining seated in the chair. With the movement of this chair's base and seat, you can get a workout that will strengthen your abs as well as your back and legs. It rocks and makes sitting into an active activity, and it is adjustable from a height of 21" to 32". When you are able to stay in your chair and still keep moving as needed, it can keep you from the stiffness and soreness that can often result from prolonged sitting. It's a great way to relieve back pain and to avoid being completely sedentary as you work.
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