Watercolor Taborets

A watercolor taboret is one of an artist's most valuable pieces of studio furniture.  Not only is it irreplacable to keep your supplies close at hand during your workday, but it is also indispensable for storing whatever you want to keep out of the way until the next time you need it.  These watercolor taborets are generous with space, both in the enclosed cabinet below or the surface space on top.  Both are made of attractive American oak, making these watercolor taborets something you will be proud to keep in your work area as a designer addition to your space.  There's no particle board here.  It's all solid wood with plenty of room for all of your supplies.  One features dual easels, while the other has lugs to attach your easel, and opening to slide your water and other containers into.

Besides his or her easel, a tarboret is probably one of an artist's best friends.  Convenient for storage or just for keeping something close at hand, a tarboret is a tool that no artist can be without

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