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Studio DesignsStudio Designs & Studio RTA drafting tables, artists' furniture, desks, files, towers, shelves, seating, tables, and more. Hundreds of products that work in concert or stand alone. Affordable solutions! Set up your studio and office beautifully for less!

Studio RTA was founded in 1985. The first products were drafting tables and other furniture used by artists and designers who were looking for affordable solutions.

In the late 1980s, lower pricing allowed the Personal Computer to become the office tool of choice for small businesses and home based business across the country.

Studio RTA recognized this opportunity with a wide range of products. Desks, files, towers, shelves, seating, tables, and more. Hundreds of products that work in concert or stand alone.

Furniture that is designed to fit within the confines of the smaller home office environment.

Furniture that features outstanding value, contemporary styling, stability and durability.

In mid-2003, Studio RTA became an independently operated member of the Sauder family of companies.

Sauder is the nation's sixth largest furniture maker and a leader in the RTA industry.


Studio RTA started in 1985 to meet a specific need in the marketplace.

You see, at that time, drafting tables and other furniture used by artists and designers was overpriced and offered very little in the way of quality, selection and value.

Studio RTA answered these needs with affordable ready-to-assemble solutions that combined innovative designs which were executed in quality materials. The result was a line of furniture that offered unequalled value.

Then, as everyone remembers, the late 1980s brought the advent of the affordable Personal Computer. Our designers recognized an opportunity when it came knocking and created a wide selection of innovative designs that appealed to the Home Office market thanks to unique combinations of materials. We artistically brought together glass, metal, laminate and wood.

The marketplace liked what it saw and we've been growing ever since.

But some of the elements that have helped make Studio RTA a success go beyond the products themselves.

Studio RTA's packaging are engineering marvels in their own right. The packages protect the components throughout shipping and help the consumers transport their new furniture home.

Studio RTA's instructions are simple and easy to follow. Assembly is aided by the way we package our hardware. And there's a toll free support line for end-users that need help in assembly or in replacing a part that's missing or broken.

Our customer support continues into the homes of those who buy Studio RTA products.

Today, Studio RTA continually strives to create innovative furniture that satisfies the needs of our customers - in terms of delivering a healthy margin, and a trouble-free relationship which includes total customer support to the end-user, and products that provide outstanding value.

Studio RTA products are here to serve your home office and home entertainment needs.


Studio RTA meets the demands of the marketplace by being in touch with the consumer.

Studio RTA's innovative products are designed in the US and patented world-wide to satisfy the tastes and styles of the contemporary home office and home entertainment environment while protecting our retailers from inferior grade knock offs.

These designs are then manufactured in our offshore facilities to exacting standards of quality and workmanship. The result is a product that combines outstanding value for the enduser while providing a healthy margin for the retailer.

Many of Studio RTA's patented designs feature unique mixtures of materials. Glass, metal, laminate and wood are used in concert to yield furniture that is both sturdy, durable and pleasing to the eye.

We know that appearances are important because a great deal of the furniture Studio RTA makes is used in someone's home where style and taste are very important to the decision-making process.

In addition, Studio RTA furniture is engineered for higher quality, stability and durability. Components are connected using metal-to-metal joints. This ensures that the piece will offer greater rigidity, and there will be no compromise in the integrity of the furniture. Even when it is disassembled, and then reassembled in another location.

Studio RTA is so confident in the quality of their furniture, they offer an unmatched manufacturer's 10-year warranty.


Studio RTA presents solutions for the Executive Home Office.

With the Office Line collection, Studio RTA aims to satisfy a market of over 70 million Americans in the 35 to 54 age range.

The handsome Studio RTA "Executive" series combines ergonomic design with classic wood and tempered glass to yield a home office that is as functional as it is pleasing to look at. Contemporary, yet classic lines will be sure to enhance any setting and coordinate well with existing home décor. The series is available in two color schemes; the darker rosewood with complementing pewter metal, and the lighter natural wood with silver metal accents.

Accessories to the desk include a corner connector, a computer rack, a 5-tier bookcase, a mobile pedestal, and a 2-drawer lateral file. There's even a kit that can be used to create a matching conference table.

Another option for the executive home office is the Lunar Collection. This collection utilizes metal construction with tempered glass surfaces. The design of the Lunar collection optimizes the use of office space. The desk features a slide out keyboard shelf and a unique cord-management system. Plus, our exclusive QTC or Quick Tower Connect, provides the enduser with a convenient height adjustable and pivoting platform for the CPU. The Lunar collection also includes a mobile file caddy, corner connector, and a 4-tier bookcase.

Both collections are excellent examples of how Studio RTA is providing affordable solutions for the Executive Home office.

Please browse our online catalog above for more Executive Home Office Solutions.