Sculpting Tables & Equipment
Pottery and Mosaic Art

Sculpting and pottery often require a lot of care, precision and painstaking detail to convey concepts or reinforce an artist's view. in the hands of a fine sculptor or skilled potter, the right tool can make all the difference between true expression and the ordinary.

While quality equipment alone cannot create great work, it can inspire the sculptor or potter to seek greater challenges and enable them to meet them.

Bisque Painting
Once a bisc piece is painted, does it have to be fired?
When your clay is drying it is a good idea to turn it over every few days. This will assist in the drying process. After bisque firing you can paint it with glaze and glaze fire it.

Bisque temperature
What happens to pottery if the Bisque temperature is too high or low?
Your pottery must be bisque fired at the proper temperature. Pottery that is bisque fired too low may be too soft and damage easily. Pottery that is bisque fired too high may not be very absorbent and it could be partially vitrified.