Art Framing Supplies & Tools

MatCutters, Mounting, Framing & Picture-Lights

Madison Art Shop has the highest quality framing supplies for every step of the project, from stretching and stapling the canvas to cutting and honing the wood, to framing the work. The framing tools offered in our selection allow you to create a seamless frame for your artwork that exquisitely preserves and displays it. We even offer larger scale display systems for galleries and art shows. Our art framing supplies come from trusted industry manufacturers, including BEST, Fredrix, Logan, Keencut, Daige and many more. All framing supplies at Madison Art Shop have been chosen by our in-house artist who would never recommend something she would not use herself.

Creating your own frames is a useful set of skills for any fine artist. You have created your works from start to finish, meaning you understand them better than anyone else. Therefore, you can choose the appropriate frame much better than someone seeing your work for the first time. The way you choose to display your art affects how people receive the images. For instance, you would not pair a contemporary frame with an old world oil painting. It should mimic the mood of your work without competing. A well-situated frame is virtually invisible when looking at the art work; the viewer should not see it. However, it should beautifully showcase the images and clean the edges.

If you’re uncertain where to begin your foray into frame-making, it may make sense to purchase a kit containing all the art framing supplies and tools you need. As you become better equipped to create your frames, you can replace the supplies with higher quality framing tools.

For the seasoned artist and framer, Madison Art Shop has all the art framing supplies and tools you need for an art show. We offer large display systems, lighting, and tools for printing, graphics, and sign making.