Paint Sticks & Stencils

These oil paints are solid sticks of paint that are easy to work with. Whatever technique you use with liquid paint can be duplicated with Shiva Paint Sticks. They will never get dry and unusable, and you can continue to work with these paints for hours after application. Almost all of the colors will not smear after 24 hours, and it will take three days for them to completely dry. If you want to mix colors you can do it right on the piece you are working on or on a palette first. When you are done, you can remove stray paint marks with mineral spirits, solvent, or soap and water. The oil colors used in these paint sticks have been ASTM D-4236 tested, and safety standards have been met by ACMI. There are 51 Professional colors that can be purchased. Student and Iridescent colors are available too.

If you want to oil paint on a wall, wood, or cloth without a brush and achieve amazing results, use Shiva Paintstiks.

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