Painting MEDIUMS

Painting Mediums make paints easier to use. There are many variations of Painting Mediums. These mediums have a wide range of uses. In conjunction with paint, mediums can create special effects that increase the life of the paint as well as enhance the beauty of the artwork. Depending on the medium, they can be utilized with acrylic, watercolor and oil paints.

Explore your creativity when you use Painting Mediums. They modify the properties of the paint to give your work dramatic expression. It also gives your artwork depth and a unique perspective.

Ideas for some Painting Mediums
  • Glazing Medium. Apply a coat of Glaze after your project has dried to get a glossy finish.
  • Fiber Paste. Create rough surfaces on your canvas with Fiber Paste.
  • Gel Medium. Mixing a small amount of paint with Gel Medium can cause a transparent, glossy 3-D effect.
  • Linseed Oil. When used, Linseed Oil can delay the drying time of an oil painting.

Selecting suitable Painting Mediums will make the difference in the final aspect of your artwork.

Painting MEDIUMS Mediums for Oil painting, Acrylics & Watercolor!

In the fine arts, the term "mediums" has a number of meanings. 1) It can refer to the type of paint being used, i.e. oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels etc... 2) It can be refering to mediums used to spread, thin or thicken paint used, i.e. paint thinners or gels to thicken for impasto painting. Lastly, in a more technical way, it means the substance used to bind the type of paint in it's production, i.e. Poppy oil in oils and eggs in tempera. (Yes, it can be confusing!)
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