Pastels & Charcoal

The world is a colorful place, with thousands of hue variations and values.  To this end, Unison Pastels offers their unique Problem Solver sets.  Unison Portraiture Sets include colors unique to African, Latino, Asian, Caucasian, Mediterranean and Native American populations. Unison is an absolutely wonderful hand rolled soft pastel. 

Sennelier soft pastels are another outstanding brand, available in lovely boxed sets with every color and variation you could possibly need.  The compartmentalized solid wood box keeps your pastels safe and clean.

Richeson hand made pastels are rolled sticks of pure pigment with very little binder, offering a flawless, rich application of color.  Of the highest qualify for the professional artist.  They are available in beautiful protective wood boxed sets of 18, 36, 72 and 120.  There are also specialty sets for landscapes and portraiture.  Opening a box of these is opening up a world of possibilities.

If you are a fan of charcoal we offer Vine Charcoal made from the willow tree (Jack Richeson boxed set) perfect for working out subtle tones. We also offer harder charcoal pencils and sticks which are perfect for sharper angles or more definition in the drawing.

If pastels are your medium of choice, here are the best brands the art world has to offer.

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