TOM LYNCH Series II Videos (DVD) - set of 5 DVDs

TOM LYNCH Series II Videos (DVD) - set of 5 DVDs
Artists everywhere can master unique and impactful techniques from Tom Lynch in this 5 set DVD series.
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#4100DVD - On Location / Preliminary Color Studies - Part One Artists are known for spending all of their time painting instead of practicing. In this DVD Tom goes into detail about how to solve some of the most prevalent painting problems by creating on-location preliminary color studies. You will learn how creating painting in steps will relieve the pressure to create a perfect design. These lessons are valuable for both on-location and in-studio painting.

Sections in the video will cover materials, value study to capture depth, information on sketching or painting parts, as well as composition lessons.

#4200DVD - On Location / Preliminary Color Studies - Part Two In this DVD Tom explains how you can benefit from practicing different series of color studies. Tom will show you how to relax and loosen up your state of mind, allowing you to see landscapes in a new light. You will be able to see how Tom translates the landscape into beautiful art. This will help you reach a new level of understanding on how to paint preliminary color studies.

Sections in this video will cover color study without pencil, how to achieve a creative angle of view and how to capture moods and themes. This video will also allow you to learn artistic look tips and impact area.

#4300DVD - Special Effects in Watercolor - Part One In this DVD Tom will show you how to master an array of special effects that will heighten the final look of your paintings. You will learn how to use some of Tom’s best techniques, such as using spray bottles. Tom’s unique techniques will make you want to watch this DVD over and over again.

Sections in this video will include a description of art materials, how to master artistic shapes, using a variety of colors, how to use spray bottles for edges and creating leaves, making tissue clouds, how to create tree trunks, branches, and a sunset sky, as well as how to add sparkle to water, and finally creating patterns.

#4400DVD - Special Effects in Watercolor - Part Two In this DVD Tom will give you more insight into his special and unique painting effects. This video can be watched separately from the first video. In this video you will be able to watch Tom in action so that you can bring your work and skills into a whole new level. Learn from the master himself about creating a colorful first wash, painting shadows first, how to have your own artist touch and create abstract edges. You will also learn about different types of brush strokes, painting alternating patterns, layers, and textures. Tom will teach you how to use electric erasers, create rays of light and shadow, as well as reflection.

Sections in this video include, colorful first wash, panting shadows first, adding an artistic touch, creating abstract edges, mastering a variety of brush strokes, creating alternating patterns, layers, textures,rays of light and shadow, reflections, and mastering electric eraser.

#4500DVD - Capturing Mood and Expression in Watercolor Have you always wanted your paintings to reflect overwhelming feelings onto the viewers? In this DVD Tom will teach you his secret techniques for creating paintings that invoke emotions, which other artists often overlook. You will learn how to transmit actually feelings from your art instead of just creating a piece of art that will get passed by. This DVD is provides lessons essential for any artist.

Sections include, choosing a mood, exaggerating the mood, impact area, how to begin, four juice color, and the importance of sometimes avoiding certain details.

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