TOM LYNCH Fun with W/C Lessons - set of 3 DVDs

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Discover how the art and beauty of professional watercolor painting can be learned an applied in the creation of masterworks and in preservation of existing paintings, in this DVD series by expert artist Tom Lynch.
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TOM LYNCH Fun with W/C Lessons - set of 3 DVDs The use of painterly techniques to create masterworks are demonstrated in the documentary film series TOM LYNCH Fun with W/C Lessons - set of 3 DVDs. Learn how to mix watercolors, use brush strokes, and refine perspective with simple yet effective methods employed by professional artists.

Tom show viewers how to produce fresh, exciting paintings with the same practical conventions used by well-reputed artists, as well as salvage techniques for restoring existing paintings back to their original fine quality.

Common errors made at the beginner level are discussed, offering solution to those mistakes with simple correction. On completion of the work, students have good insight into watercolor painting, as well as preparation and brushstrokes applied across painting mediums.

This tutorial of Lynch's WC methods is taught through watching Tom paint actual paintings.
Customer Reviews

Tom Lynch is a world famous watercolorist who has committed a great deal of his time to teaching his techniques to beginners and experienced painters alike. He is famous for his PBS series and his numerous best-selling books. But he's perhaps, best known, for his videos. Lynch has a unique personality and relies on unusual techniques, like spray bottles and electric erasers that appeal to a large and varied audience. He often touches on interesting topics like resurrecting old paintings that artists may have discarded as mistakes, or how to be relaxed while painting. However, underlying all of this are his solid, award-winning watercolor fundamentals. This video series is a perfect gift for the beginner watercolorist or the experienced artist who needs a fresh perspective.

Tom Lynch is a master watercolorist, renown for his ability to teach his methods and his style to other artists. This set of 3 DVDs is an excellent gift for anyone from the armchair painter, the interested beginner, or even the experienced watercolorist

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