Burton Silverman "Drawing, the language of Vision " - DVD

 Burton Silverman  "Drawing, the language of Vision " - DVD

All great paintings start with excellent drawings. Learn integral aspects of drawing from a renowned contemporary master, Burton Silverman, and improve your drawing skills to create more realistic paintings. This instructional drawing DVD explores drawing in-depth, uncovering secrets and providing sound instruction to make better drawings. 

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In order to make great paintings and art, you must start with an exceptional drawing, and this DVD is the perfect way to improve your skills. Learn how to create more accurate drawings and bring portraits, figure paintings, and fine art drawings to life. 

Lead by Burton Silverman, a contemporary master who taught drawing for 45 years, this DVD leads you through the fine points of figurative drawing. Silverman shows you how to use gesture drawing, starting from the outside and working inward, carving out highlights, shading, and adding details until a live figure is etched onto the canvas.

A very experienced and highly accomplished artist, let his unique insights and perspective enrich your own talents and skill, so you produce clearer, more lifelike images.

Burton Silverman is a highly prolific artist. His work appears in major magazines like Time, Newsweek, The New Yorker, and on many postage stamps. Awarded the Geismann Memorial Invitational Retrospective Exhibition, his work appears in many exhibits around the country, and today he is considered one of the most important realists.

Silverman uses a unique technique to "sculpt" his pictures on the paper, using bright highlights, and carving deep shadows to support his drawings. The result: a deep, moving portrait capturing the essence of a figure. 

In this instructional video Silverman creates two separate figure drawings revealing secrets that bring a page to life. Through his instruction you will improve your own artwork and skills. Your paintings will feel more realistic because the foundation of the painting, the drawing beneath them, is stronger.

Take a tour through the world of figurative drawing today, order this instructional art DVD right now!

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