Studio Easels

Studio EaselsIt is challenging to compose a masterpiece when you lack the tools needed to complete the project. Although the vision may blaze in your mind, it takes paint, brushes, and a good easel to bring your thoughts to life.

We offer some of the best easels for artists of all skill levels. From easels that have storage space to stands that can be kept in the closet or under the bed, our selection will satisfy every lifestyle.

Art is a craft that is often pursued on the individual's free time. While some artists spend all of their days and nights crafting pieces, many discover the creativity within on the weekends or when they are not working at the office. It is for this reason that we offer easels that can easily be set up and taken down. You don't have to designate a space for artistry, but can rather paint anywhere in your home.

Full time artists will benefit from our large selection of an array of easels that can serve you best! See what style suits you!

No easel is created equal. We offer a variety of easel brands and styles that will fit into any lifestyle.

Studio Easels We have a wonderful selection of quality Art Studio Easels from some of the finest name-brand manufacturers in the business, including MABEF, BEST & Academy! With Savings of up to 40% - 70% off Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices. Buy Now and Save!

Choosing The Right Easel For the Job

If you’re a painter with a studio or a central place to create an artistic masterpiece, having different studio easels will help you paint portraits that capture attention and create emotion. However, having just one easel can be limiting, considering the fact that you are relying on just one easel to create a multitude of paintings. This is why many painters turn to various types and brands of easels. Because every easel is designed differently, depending on the manufacturer, different studio easels have the ability to benefit you in your artistic endeavors. Collapsible and wall mount easels serve different purposes and accommodate the different needs of painters.

By having the right studio easels, you can save room and make it possible for you to make the most of your studio space. Because they fold up neatly, collapsible easels can be easily tucked away in closets and other storage spaces. Wall mount easels are also unique in the sense that they can be give you space and make it easy to paint scenes that appear in the middle of the room. Wall mount easels also make proper use of lighting, and in many cases, give you a large amount of light.

Studio easels designed by different companies serve different purposes, including your weight expectations. Lighter easels are easier to transport, and many traveling painters find these more useful. Painters who choose water resistant easels have the ability to keep paint and water exactly where it belongs—on the canvas. Brands, such as BEST, Jack Richeson, Weber and Sienna are very popular with our extremely happy artists clientele. Choosing the right studio easel for you will depend on your particular needs, whether you need to make the most of your space or make hauling your easel easy. The Sienna Studio art studio Counterweight Easel or Weber Monster Amalfi Wooden Studio Easel are strong choices for studio work on large canvases.
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