Richeson Cascade Adjustable Lyre Easel

Richeson Cascade Adjustable Lyre Easel
Go wild with large canvasses and the right easel to secure them.
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The list of great Richeson and Co. art equipment doesn’t seem to have an end. So for those seeking out a sturdy A-frame easel, the Cascade Adjustable Lyre Easel is an artist’s best friend. It has the right capacities to reflect various degrees of light with an impressive frame that will hold canvasses that are in sizes as wide as 49 inches. A superb adjustment features gives artists an extended but convenient reach to the top of large canvases without ever having to stretch on one’s toes. The Cascade Adjustable Lyre Easel is great for and when using acrylics, oils and pastels. It is made of the popularized Lyptus wood that has become a modern but environmentally friendly substitute for common woods like cherry, oak and mahogany. This can be a fantastic choice for artists with limited space and a small budget to keep their art living strong. With it’s light weight and easy-storage configuration, this easel can find itself in any room an artist needs and will be strong enough to do so.

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Customer Reviews

Richeson Cascade Adjustable Easel The Adj. Cascade Easel is perfect for artists who are looking for a solid A-frame easel that adjusts smoothly and tilts vertically. The vertical adjustment feature makes it easier to reach the top of the canvas and is great for pastels because it allows the dust to fall to the ground without smudging the artwork. Lyre easel

• Maximum Canvas Height: 49"
• Compact Easel Height: 67 inches
• Extended Easel Height: 85 inches
• Base Width/Depth: 35 x 31 inches
• Box Dimensions: 66 x 5 x 4 inches
• Shipping Weight: 17 lbs.
Assembly Required

Manufactured in Lyptus Wood.
Lyptus wood is an eco-friendly hardwood and a registered trademark of Weyerhaeuser.

{Oversize shipping: $39.95}


The Richeson Cascade Adjustable Lyre Easel is a superb choice for artists with limited budget and space. Featuring smooth operation and a sturdy construction, the varnished adjustable art easel features a vertical tilt and ratchet moving control system. The vertical tilt moves forward and back, which allows customizing the angle of canvas as per the artist’s choice and ease. The vertical adjustment also aids the user to easily reach the canvas top, and is suitable for pastel work. The A-frame design easel offers a stable base for the painting with its traditional three-legged triangular support. Commonly referred as Lyre easel, this versatile tripod easel is easy to carry and store. The rear leg can be folded flat, and carried on back with ease, being lightweight. Also, the single rear leg design of these painting easels allows for positioning in corners and tight spaces. In order to comfortably adjust the canvas height, the Richeson easel features a built-in non-slip ratchet system. It allows steadily moving the canvas holder up and down a notch and fixing it according to the canvas height. This wooden display easel is constructed with durable and environmentally friendly Lyptus wood – a eucalyptus hybrid comparable to the finish of cherry or mahogany woods.
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