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Safely hold your canvas in a locked position with this professional-grade easel from Klopfenstein.
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KLOPFENSTEIN Pro EaselThe Klopfenstein PE100 Steel Professional Easel is perfect for individual artists, art studios, and universities. The easel is made from a virtually indestructible Steel H-frame that looks sleek, modern, and will fit in anywhere. If you need an easel that will stand the test of time and years of use, this is the easel for you!

The easel is fully-adjustable and automatically locks your canvas in place with the one easy-to-use trigger. The trigger is also used to easily release the canvas.

The easel is fully adjustable, making it perfect for all types of artwork, including Acrylic and Oil painting, and can hold canvases up to 3 inches deep and 96 inches tall. An optional watercolor accessory gives artists the ability to work at a 180-degree angels.

Every easel comes fully assembled, and can be collapsed into a easy to store and flat package.

The total weight for the easel is 40 pounds, and is 58 inches high when the masts are not extended. The base is 29 inches by 33 inches.

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4.8 out of 5, Based on 8 Reviews.
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March 09, 2017

I have two of these easels.
The first one I purchased was around 2007. It is an excellent easel. Literally, I have painted on canvas that was nearly 12' wide and nearly 6' tall. My old easel held the canvas like a champ throughout the entire painting process and did not tip.
I purchased another (supposedly the exact same model) about 3 years ago. It is lighter weight, the tray (what you set your canvas on) is loose and wobbly. The rear leg that extends is so much smaller n diameter and lighter weight, that the easel is now front heavy (making it less balanced). My new easel is far less superior than my old one. Also, a weld broke on one of the adjustment nuts shortly after I purchased it (broke just sitting in my studio, not being used, due to poor weld penetration). Luckily, my husband was able to create a new sturdy weld. Overall, the newer easel demonstrates lesser craftsmanship and durability. I talked with the company about the issues my new easel has. They were not able/willing to make changes back to the old style. Bummer. Probably still the best easel on the market. Still a fantastic easel, just not what is used to be. Would gladly purchase another easel if they were go back to the old style. Just know, if you're used to the older easel and you're looking to get a second of the same quality, you won't. Again, even with lesser quality, still the BEST EASEL on the Market in my opinion.
Best Easel I Have Used
Salt Lake City
February 03, 2015

I bought this easel several years ago to use to paint on very large canvases. It is extremely durable, solid and high quality. The adjusting lever is awesome, quick and easy to use. It is adjustable in height and the angle at which you want the canvas to sit. I bought another for a friend who is getting into painting and he loves it. I needed it fast and Madison Art Shop was very responsive, friendly and made it happen. They were great to work with. This easel is the real deal and the price is very good for what you get. Don't waste your money on those fancy pretentious oak easels that will set you back more than a $1000.00. Go with this solid workhorse that will deliver--every time.
The Best
January 27, 2015

Well made, sturdy, and beautiful. Will last a lifetime and more. A heavy easel, a bit of a chore to move around but that just means that it will not tip over.
Malibu, CA
February 10, 2014

I have been looking for just this type of easel for years. No more wooden easels that break or tip for me! This one is sturdy, easy to adjust, and a breeze to set up. It handles all sizes of canvas. I am delighted.
San Diego
November 13, 2012

This easel was used throughout the art dept in my university - they took a lot of abuse and I remember them always being steady and reliable. Several years afterwards, having gone through a number of wooden easels that have broken or loosened, or were difficult to adjust or keep steady, I decided to buy myself a Klopfenstein. This is the first easel that I'm actually jazzed about owning and intend to use for many years to come. The only reason I'll ever need to buy another easel is if I need more than one! I ordered from Madison because they offered the best price when combined with online coupon codes, and it arrived within a week.
Brooklyn, NY
July 21, 2009

A fantastic easel. It is practical and sturdy and seems like it can handle just about any sort of painting.
bath, new york
June 28, 2009

I am just beginning to use it.It assembled easily.The operation is very simple.It seems to be virtually indestructible.I like that it collapses to store.I am not disappointed.
Sandy, Oregon
May 08, 2009

I am a professional artist and this is the best easel I have ever had. The canvas holder can adjust to the very bottom of the easel and holds the canvases with metal prongs instead of a flat bar which allows the artist to paint all the way to the edge without a buildup of paint along the bottom of the canvas. It is very sturdy and compact yet very strong. It is a really nice looking easel that can handle a larger canvas without being bulky and taking up alot of studio space. Definetly an easel designed by artists for artist. This is an easel for a fine art professional. It comes delivered almost totally assembled. A great product.

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