Richeson BELMONT Collapsible Art Easel

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Get the flexibility and mobility you need for maximum creativity with this Richeson collapsible easel.
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If you’re looking for the ultimate in easel versatility and mobility, you’ll find it in the Belmont Easel by Richeson and Co. You get price and superior functionality in this environmentally sensitive and beautiful Lyptus hardwood styling. Whatever your needs for adjustments – horizontal, vertical, and tilting, you have it in this easel. Likewise, choose your medium, from watercolor to varnish to oils and acrylics, it accommodates them all.

You’ve been frustrated more than once when the lighting changes on you right in the middle of a masterpiece. No problem with the Belmont. The two wheels on the base make it easy to tilt and move to any room or area you desire. This is a functional artist’s tool that can double as a handsome display easel for your completed works. The overall extended height is 84 inches and it easily handles canvases up to 72 inches.

<strong>Belmont Easel</strong> by Richeson and Co. is unique in its versatility and mobility.  The Lyptus hardwood design is eco-friendly and beautiful.  Designed to meet the artist’s every need, it adjusts horizontally, vertically, and even tilts forward.  Watercolor, varnish, oil and acrylic paints, and pastels – this easel accommodates many popular mediums.
Not only is this easel designed to meet the artist’s angular demands, the two plastic wheels makes it easy to move.  You will not feel confined to working in one room; find the room that gives you the lighting you desire and discover portability of the Belmont


• Extended Easel Height: 84"
• Compact Easel Height: 45"
• Maximum Canvas Height: 72"
• Horizontal Table Height: 34"
• Base Width/Depth: 19" x 21-1/2"
• Box Dimensions: 52" x 18" x 6"
• Shipping Weight: 26 lbs.
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Richeson BELMONT Collapsible Art Easel
Number 886021

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North Carolina
January 01, 2014

I bought this easle for my wife as a... gift. Since art is not my thing I can only report on what I know about. The purchase and delivery went very well taking less than a week from online purchase to the front door. It arrived in good shape however the exterior box could have been of a better quality. It would not have survived much rough handling and it had in fact suffered some from the trip. While the easle is essentially assembled there was one wooden part and a couple pieces of hardware roaming around inside the box. Any more box damage and these loose pieces could have been lost in transit. Final assembly of the smaller parts took less than 10 minutes. It appears to be very adaptable to most any painting position. My wife was very pleased with it.
Toms River, NJ
December 04, 2012

It is a nice Easel and very versatile. Unfortunately it arrived with some of the wood cracked due to the way it was packaged at the factory in Brazil but I was able to glue the pieces together again so it worked out. Delivery was fairly quick. I would recommend it.
Wellesley, MA
August 18, 2011

I love this easel. Really easy to put together and very sturdy. Easy to move around and easily adjusts to any position I need.
New Mexico
January 31, 2011

This easel arrived in perfect condition and I had it put together in five minutes. Very stable. Not huge but big enough. It transports to various parts of my house easily and what I appreciate the most is its versatility -- pastel, watercolor and oil painting are all so easy on this easel. Madison was attentive and responsive to a post-order question and I will look to them the next time I need something.
Fort Worth, Texas
June 09, 2010

My art class used these easels and I thought they were very nice. Pretty durable also, as we wheeled them around all over campus and one of these easels endured an assault from a frustrated classmate with a short temper. They don't seem to get dirty easily, and the wheels don't squeak when you roll them around. All in all, I'd love to have one.
baltimore, maryland
July 26, 2007

i like the easel very much. i really wish i had purchased one a little larger. i attach paper to homosote and paint on it. the homosote seems to be a little to heavy for this easel. the price is good, and the customer service was good. if in the future i feel i can afford another easel, i will purchase a larger easel from them.
Los Angeles, CA
January 10, 2007

PERFECT DESIGN !!! I have used many easels in my career - there are so many out there, it is mind boggling. This is a GREAT EASEL - the very BEST features you could ask for. This is the most VERSITILE and sturdy ... and does not require too much floor space. The only easel you will ever need. Qulity you can trust! I LOVE IT!!

The stability of the easel, among other things, is vitally important for an artist. A good easel should be versatile and easily movable—therefore, we bring you the Belmont Easel from the house of Richeson and Co. This wooden art easel can be used for various tasks. You can easily mount your artworks on this easel in an art show, gallery or exhibition. Made of a eucalyptus hybrid, Lyptus hardwood, this portable easel can be easily adjusted according to your preferences. The Lyptus wood is a renewable, eco-friendly, and durable hardwood that provides finishes like that of mahogany wood. Set the mood with watercolours, oils, acrylics and varnish, because this art display is perfect for any medium.
It feels so irritating when you observe a change in the direction of light and you hesitate to move the easel even by a centimeter, lest any jerk might ruin your painting. Well, with the Belmont portable art easel will put an end to all your worries—thanks to the dual-wheel base that lets you shift your easel in seconds! You can easily shift to outdoors or room portions that have optimum lighting. Keep it horizontal, show it vertical or give it a tilt—the Belmont Collapsible Art Easel moves in all possible directions, quite literally! This superior quality art display easel can hold compact to large size canvases. The maximum height of this easel is 84 inches—even a 72 inch canvas will be a piece of cake for this one. What’s more, this easily is extremely lightweight—you can easily carry it in the trunk of your car, or just take it on your shoulders as you walk.
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